Chairmen of the Club

by Brian Jenkins

During the amateur era of the Club the Chairman’s primary responsibility was to oversee the efficient running of the regular Management Committee Meetings and Special General Meetings. Doubtless there were a multitude of other matters that would require the Chairman’s involvement from time to time. With the advent of professionalism the post has effectively  been filled by the owner (for the time being) of the Club.



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From 1865 until 1897   The Captain of the Club acted as Chairman

1865-1874                 No records exist of the Captain/Chairman during these early formative years

1874-1875                  H. G. Fuller

1875 -1876                 H. G. Fuller

1876-1877                  A. J. D. Moger

1877-1878                  J. Petgrave

1878-1879                 To be Confirmed

1879-1880                 To be Confirmed

1880-1881                 To be Confirmed

1881-1882                  E. Digby

1882-1883                  H. S. Jacobs

1883-1884                  A. K. Cunningham

1884-1885                 To be Confirmed

1885-1886                  G. C. Helps

1886-1887                  G. C. Helps

1887-1888                  W. A. Walker

1888-1889                  W. A. Walker

1889-1890                  W. A. Walker

1890-1891                   F. Soane

1891-1892                   F. Soane

1892-1893                   F. Soane

1893-1894                   F. Soane

1894-1895                   F. Soane

1895-1896                   F. Soane

1896-1897                   F. Soane

1897-1901                   J.E. Henshaw

1901-1907                   T.J. Gandy

1907-1908                   A.F. Florian

1908-1911                   C.E. Williams

1911-1912                   R.R. Stephenson

1912-1915                   A.H.W. Taylor

First World War

1918-1926                   A.H.W. Taylor

1926-1928                   C.C. Wills

1928-1929                   F.J. Cashnella

1929-1930                   W.T. Davis

1930-1938                   Dr. R. Scott Reid

1938-1940                   S.L. Amor

Second World War

1945-1946                   S.L. Amor

1946-1950                   Bertram.C.Barber

1950-1952                   J.F. Bevan-Jones

1952-1953                   A.L. Cutler

1953-1954                   J.B. Hannah

1954-1956                   Bertram.C.Barber

1956-1958                   J.T. Tolman

1958-1960                   W.S. Bascombe

1960-1962                   C.R. Bailey

1962-1964                   H.Crane

1964-1967                   C.H.G. Beazer

1968-1969                   C.H.G. Beazer

1972-1973                   C.H.G Beazer

1973-1977                   J.W.P. Roberts

1977-1979                   A.J. Meek

1979-1984                   R.A. Berry

1984-1985                   C. Smith

1986-1989                   G Hancock

1989-1990                   B. Perry

1990-1993                   R.A. Berry

1993-1995                   J M. Gaynor

1995-1997                   R.M.Mawditt  Bath Football Club (Trustees) Limited

1997-2004                   R Berry Bath Football Club (Trustees) Limited

 2004 –





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