Honorary Secretaries

Brian Jenkins

Eddie Simpkins Secretary, Life Member

Honorary Secretary

During the amateur era of the Bath Club the Honorary Secretary of the Bath Club Management Committee was responsible for recording the Minutes of Management Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings when required. Other duties included dealing with correspondence and general enquiries.



Bath Secretaries – Names, Years and Details

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1865-1868    T.J. Gandy

1868-1882    W Sants

1882-1883    W Sants

1883-1884    T.J. Gandy

1884-1887    C. Hensley

1887-1888    E.W. Anderson

1888-1889    C.J.B Moneypenny

1889-1890    D R Hardyman and A.E.H. Pinch

1890-1892    J.T. Piper

1892-1893    E.C. Rogerson

1893-1896    J.T. Piper

1896-1898    J.T. Piper and J.W. Hooper

1898-1900    J.T.Piper

1900-1906    J.T. Piper and E.F. Simpkins

1906-1911    J.T. Piper and C.C. Clement

1911-1915    J.T. Piper and E.F.Simpkins

First World War

1918-1940    J.T. Piper and E.F. Simpkins


1945-1946    J.F. Wass

1946-1948    V. Smith jointly with J T Piper

1948-1950    E.F. Simpkins and H.J.F Simpkins

1950-1957    E.F. Simpkins

1957-1958    E.F Simpkins and H.J.F Simpkins

1958-1960    H.J.F Simpkins

1960-1970    H.J.SImpkins

1970-1980    H.J.F. Simpkins

1980-1983    H.J.F Simpkins

1983-1984    H.J.F. Simpkins

1984-1990    C.D. Howard

1990-1993    C.D. Howard

1993-1996    J. Quinn






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