Extracts of a meeting 1889

Half Yearly meeting at Christopher Hotel July 26th 1889.

C J B Moneypenny stated that he was very sorry to have to resign the secretaryship.



President.           R S Blaine Esq., Summerhill, Lansdown

Vice President.   General Benson, 15 Lansdown Crescent.:-(


Patrons: Lord Weymouth MP, Longleat Warminster,

E R Wodehouse, Minley Grange Farnborough, Hants,

Colonel Laurie C.B.  M.P., Mystoke, Canterbury,

Revd. T M Bromley,

General Burn, 19 Lansdown Crescent,


Capt. Lysaght, R.M., The Whins, Sion Hill,

Capt. T P Fitzgerald, Johnstone Street,

A G D Moger, Waines,

E W Mitchell Esq.,Tohmian Club, Piccadilly,

C Hensley, The Circus,

R B Cater Esq., St. Margaret’s Buildings,

W Pratt Esq., Gay’s House, Camden Place,

C W Radway Esq., Grand Pump Room Hotel,

Rev. L Fish, 5 Camden Crescent,

A K Cunninghame Esq.,

The Mayor of Bath.


Club Captain – W A Walker

Vice Captain – F Soane

Hon Secs – Dr. Hardyman and E H Pinch,

Hon Treasurer – T I Gandy.

‘A’ Team Captain – J R Dawson (later A D F Ford as Dawson in ill health)


Match Committee – W A Walker, F Soane, T N Parham, H T Vincent, Dr. Hardyman, E H Pinch and G White.

General Committee – W A Walker, F Soane, T N Parham, H T Vincent, Dr. Hardyman, E H Pinch, G White, T I Gandy, I Doveton, W Pattinson, B C Helps, S Horsford, G Bailey, I W Hooper and T Alexander.


General Meeting 9/8/1889 at George Street. C J B Moneypenny in the Chair.

The following players received (distinction ) badges:

Backs- W A Walker, C J B Moneypenny, F S White, T N Parham, C B Moneypenny. Forwards- F Soane, V Soane, W Alexander, H T Vincent, I T Thompson *, A Clerk *, C W Hayward.       * Left for India after Christmas.

October 5th 1889 the following members played in the CountyTrial at Bridgwater: D G Astley, T Alexander, C J B Moneypenny, T N Parham, F Soane, H T Vincent,

October 19th C J B Moneypenny played ¾ in Cambridge Varsity Trial.

Oct 19thS Swabey played ¾ for Blackheath.


18/9/1889 marked the foundation meeting of Referees Society, held in the ClarenceHotel, Bridgwater.


17/10/1889 A Bath SCRATCH TEAM played BATHCOLLEGE, on the College Ground. Rogerson and Doveton obtained early tries for the Scratch XV, but neither was improved upon. At half-time the Scratch side led by two tries, plus two or three saves. In the second half the College side looked dangerous but did not score. Rogerson again scored for the Scratch, and Vincent ran in from half-way, both kicks failing. Therefore the Scratch team ended with a win by four tries and several saves to one save. The Scratch selection was:- Walker, Pinch, J Dykes, Helps, Axford, Horsborough, Lloyd, Dykes, J H Doveton, C W Doveton, Rogerson, H T Vincent, Neave, Carey, Brinkworth, and Swabey.


19/10/1889 Bath v Batcombe Rectory The Bath F C season was opened this afternoon in Kensington Meadows, and the weather cannot be said to have been favourable. The play was very one-sided, the visitors being altogether outclassed. The score at half time was: Bath five goals, three tries, and several saves, to nothing. The big advantage thus gained, was maintained throughout, and the final score was : Bath 11 goals and 10 tries (43 points) to nil. Parham gained five tries, Pattinson four, and Walker, F Soane and Astley three each, and Clark and Doveton (1 each).

This was possibly a record score, which held until 28th January 1905. (Bath 40 – Bristol North 0)

Batcombe Rectory was a side of students, coached by the Rev. Baker.


26/10/1889 Bath v Bristol Medicals not played as Medicals unable to r

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