Extracts from Meeting Minutes 1890 to 1900

by Mike Curling

12th December 1889

Our First Tiff!

At a General Committee meeting on the 12th December, Committee was informed that the Bath Captain had written to his opposite number in Bristol: “….asking him whether the report of the match Bath v Bristol which appeared in the Bristol Mercury of Dec 9th and which was possibly incorrect and misleading, had been published with his cognisance and approval, but he had not yet received a reply:- on the motion of Mr. F Soane seconded by Dr. Hardyman it was resolved that “If Mr Brown’s explanation were not perfectly satisfactory, no matches should be arranged with Bristol F. C. for the season 1890-91.”

Actually, it is on record that he did give a satisfactory reply, but just what he said – we might never know!

3 sandwich men to be employed to advertise home matches, instead of one as heretofore.

Resolved that at County matches, not more than six members should be provided with Committee badges to walk between the ropes and  touch-lines on either side of the ground in order to keep spectators from pressing the ropes forward was passed “nem con”.


24th September 1891

Management Committee Meeting held at Old Bond Street

Mr. F Soane in the Chair and Messrs Gilby, Sants, White, Pattinson, Batt and C H Clark.

Match Cards & Members Tickets. : It was decided to have 200 Match Cards and 150 Members Tickets printed, the arrangements for which were left to the Hon. Sec. 17 new members elected. It was decided to subscribe a guinea to the County Association Club. Resolved: “ That in future Members playing in out matches shall pay a shilling each towards expenses


19th September 1892

Annual General Meeting held at 13   Old Bond Street * (Messrs Soane’s music warehouse*) 

Sir R S Blaine re-elected President. Lord Weymouth and P V Alexander Vice Presidents. Amongst the patrons were the Mayor ( Mr J S Turner), Colonel Murray M.P. and Mr Wodehouse M.P.; F Soane Captain, Mr W Pattinson Vice Captain.

E T N Parham Hon Treasurer in place of G A H White.

General Committee elected: Messrs. H B Mundy, A E H Pinch, J Coles, B H Vincent, G H  White and C H Clarkses.”


6th April 1893

A General Committee Meeting was held at George Street on Thursday 6th April 1893. Resolved that Henrietta Park be taken for the season 1893 at £10 to include Ground and Pavilion.

Proposed that local Challenge Cup be subscribed for, for clubs within 5 miles of Bath. Mr Soane was requested to refer it to Mr. Fox the Hon. Sec. Somerset R F C. The meeting then terminated after it had been settled that the following clubs should be left out of the fixture list viz., Widcombe, Bristol Hornets, Oakfield and Swindon Rangers.


21st April 1893

COMMITTEE MEETING  at 9 George Street 21st April 1893.

Treasurer’s expenses increased by 15/- for sundry expenses incurred. e.g. tips etc.


Resolved: ……that it be printed on the fixture cards that all members wishing to play in any matches must enter their names in the book kept for that purpose at 9 George Street on or before Thursday at 6pm.


Resolved that all members of the 1st XV wear the City Arms on their Jersey and Blazers, any member who has played in not less than six 1st XV matches being eligible to wear the badge, but a written order from Hon Secretary to procure it. Also that a Club Blazer be selected by a Sub Committee.


9th May 1893

A GENERAL MEETING  was held at the Angel Hotel at 8-30 9th May 1893.

Local Challenge Cup – small sub committee to meet minor clubs.




  1. The Club shall be called the Bath Football Club and shall consist of Honorary and playing members.
  2. That both the Rugby and Association Games may be played.
  3. That the Association players shall consist entirely of amateurs, and that no paid members shall be allowed to play.
  4. That the General Committee shall consist of not more than 20 members and that the Match Committee shall consist of 5 members and that they be elected annually at the General Meeting held in September.
  5. The Annual subscription to the Club be not less than 5/-.
  6. All Members whether Honorary or Playing who do not send in their resignations in writing to the Hon. Sec. shall be liable for their subscriptions.
  7. That all subscriptions become due on the opening day.
  8. That two General Meetings be held annually, the first not later than the second week in April to pass the Accounts et., the second not later than the second week in September for the Election of Officers.
  9. That the Officers shall consist of the Captain, Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.
  10. The Colours of the Club to be Dark Blue and Black in 3 inch horizontal bars.
  11. That all members when playing in matches for the Club shall wear the Club Colours.
  12. That Members playing in out matches shall pay one shilling towards expenses.
  13. That no member be allowed to enter the Football Ground on Match Days without paying, or showing his Members ticket to the Gate-Keeper.
  14. That no Member be allowed to wear the Club Cap unless selected to play in not less than 6 matches during one season.
  15. That any proposed alteration to these rules must be brought forward at a general meeting and be carried by 2/3 of the members present.
  16. The Secretary to receive ten days notice of any proposed alteration or addition and state the same upon the notice convening the meeting. The Members to receive 3 clear days notice of such meeting


AGM 15/9/1893

Chairman announced that there had been negotiations with minor clubs regarding the possibility of forming a league in the City. This had not been well received, as if they were playing league games, they would still have the problem of Bath drawing on their better players.

Upon re-election as captain, Soane called for serious training and a stronger fixture card. Players needed to practise passing and kicking etc. Re-elected as Vice captain, Pattinson mentioned the advantage of having an international forward to lead them, and he hoped the Club would have soon have an international back. He detected an enthusiasm for the coming season and players were impatient to “get at ‘em.”

The Chairman was pleased that the Club affairs were in order, and there was a balance in hand of £10.

Mr Parham urged every member to recruit three other members. Regrettably, he could not continue as Honorary Treasurer, and in the absence of a ready successor, Mr. Parham and Mr. J W Hooper were nominated to find a replacement.

It was decided that a uniform charge of 3d admission at the gate and 3d extra for the reserved side should be made at all matches with the exception of the Bank Holiday games, and it was agreed that a match for the benefit of the Hospital should be played if possible

Over 30 new members were elected


6th October 1893

GENERAL COMMITTEE convened at 13 Old Bond Street on Oct 6th 1893

The Selection Committee was Messrs. H J Davies, C Gilby, J W Hooper, H B Mundy and T N M Parham.

General Committee:- Messrs W A Coles, C H Clark, T J Gandy, , C Gilby, J E Henshaw, J W Hooper, H B Mundy, A H Melsome, G H Noke, T N M Parham, A E H Pinch, A Sants, B H Vincent and G A H White.

The Honorary Secretary J T Piper and joint Treasures Messrs Horton and Freeman


7th December 1893

GENERAL COMMITTEE meeting held on 7th December 1893 at 9 George Street.

Meeting called for 14th December to discuss the advisability of Insuring the playing members from accident.


11th September 1894

Management Committee Meeting 11/9/1894. Resolved to write to the W.R.U. re the non fulfilment of the Cardiff Harlequins F C to keep their agreement to pay the Club £3 as travelling expenses. Failing any reply to write to the English Rugby Union

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  at Angel Hotel 14th September 1894.

A F Horton unable to continue as Joint Treasurer. H E H Pinch forced to give up rugby on doctor’s advice.

Captain Forester one of additional Vice Presidents. Mr Freeman elected Treasurer and consented to act single- handed provided the Club would find him a room in a central position where they could meet once a week.

Drill Hall suggested for one night a week training.

  1.  COMMITTEE MEETING at the Angel Hotel17 Sept. 1894.Trial match 22 September.Use of Riding School one nig

    COMMITTEE MEETING 11/9/1894. Resolved to write to the W.R.U. re the non fulfilment of the Cardiff Harlequins F C to keep their agreement to pay the Club £3 as travelling expenses. Failing any reply to write to the English Rugby Union.


    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  at Angel Hotel 14th September 1894.

    A F Horton unable to continue as Joint Treasurer. H E H Pinch forced to give up rugby on doctor’s advice.

    Captain Forester one of additional Vice Presidents. Mr Freeman elected Treasurer and consented to act single- handed provided the Club would find him a room in a central position where they could meet once a week.

    Drill Hall suggested for one night a week training.


    COMMITTEE MEETING at the AngelHotel17 Sept. 1894.

    Trial match 22 September.

    Use of RidingSchool one night a week for training.

    GENERAL COMMITTEE at the Angel Hotel 11th Oct. 1894.

    Admission to Field 3d, with exception of Gloucester, Jesus Wanderers, Bristol, Wellington, Old Edwardians, Torquay Athletic and Penarth – which would be 6d.

    6d Reserved side throughout.

    GENERAL COMMITTEE 18TH October 1894 at Recreation Ground.

    Proposed new barrier be put from the NW corner of the ground as per plan up to the centre of the two gates.

    GENERAL COMMITTEE at AngelHotel21st Nov. 1894.

    As many players as possible to be insured for the remainder of the season for a sum not exceeding £10 10s.0, the members chosen at the discretion of the Hon Sec and Treasurer.


    GENERAL COMMITTEE Angel Hotel 30th May 1895.

    Bath Banks XV to rent Henrietta Park 1895-96.(Rent £10.10.0)

    Proposed meeting with junior clubs for the purpose of forming a District Rugby Union and that the Bath F C shall only join said Union on the condition of the said Bath F C having power to draw men from junior clubs.

    AGM 13/6/1895

    From the Chair, Frank Soane outlined a successful season, despite disruption through flood, frost and fog.

    Mr A J Freeman outlined the financial affairs which were in good order, leaving the Club with a balance in hand of £132 4s 2 1/2d. The season had seen the historic move to new quarters in the Recreation Grounds. He felt sure that the new ground was appreciated by players and spectators alike. He re-stated the Club’s aim in the advancement of Rugby Football, and in order to do so they must continue in their endeavours to popularise the Club.

    “How far we have succeeded in doing so is evident by the fact of our having been elected by that champion touring team, the Barbarians, as one of the very few clubs who opposed them during the season (applause). Many of the old players of the Club who recollect the time when they had to pay their own expenses to out matches are somewhat inclined to cry out against so much attention being paid to the convenience of our teams, but they should reflect that whereas they were wont to disport themselves before some 20 spectators our XV, have once this year played before a £70 gate, and I think the present team should receive proportionate respect (hear hear). In conclusion gentlemen, I feel sure that with plenty of money, plenty of patrons, and plenty of merit amongst our players the Bath Football Club will continue that quick march of progress which has characterised its movement in recent years (applause).”

    In questions from the floor, there were some quibbles on expenses, but agreed that the expenditure of 1/6d per head for players teas was acceptable.

    The following new Vice Presidents were elected:- Mr. A G D Moger, Dr. Brabazon, Colonel Perkins, Sir Martin Conway, Mr. J Fuller and Mr. S. Fussell.


    Management Committee 5/10/1896

    Letter asking for free admission for postman during the time that football matches were being played. Referred to Recreation Ground Co.

    Letters from Mr Farwell and Mr Mundy complaining of the nuisance caused by spectators in Johnston Street, and the Secs. instructed to reply at their discretion.


    Management Committee 19/10/1896

    Hon Sec reported no communication re postman admission, received as yet from Recreation Ground Co. Mr D’Aguilar reported that the postmen were mainly not in favour of it.

    Proposal that a new scoreboard be made.

    60 new footboards to be purchased @ 9d each.

    Bath to second a proposal to admit Swindon R.F.C. to the Rugby Union.

    Teas to be provide for all teams coming from 10+ miles.


    1st November 1896

    At a General meeting held Thursday Nov. 1st at 9 George St. the following were present:- W A Walker, F Soane, F W Anderson, T H Vincent, H Lavis, T N Parham, T G Gandy.

    It was decided to write to Cardiff 2nd XV and scratch both our matches with them. Write to the “Maoris” and try to arrange a match with them for Dec. 27th, and to wait till we had their answer before we decided about Boxing Day match.

    W A Walker was to write to E W Mitchell Esq. To see if he could get a team for Boxing Day.

    Also that the College match for Dec. 1st should, at the request of the College, be arranged for Nov. 15th – Thursday – and the Secretary should do his best to arrange matches for the vacant dates.

    That instead of B.F.C. in front of the caps, a substitute in ‘1899-91’ could take place according to the wish of the individual.

    To wait until we hear from the New Zealanders before we decide Boxing Day Match.


    Management Committee 2/11/1896

    Executive Committee to do their best to stop the crowd from shouting at the Referee and that the Press be spoken to re the spectators, suggesting quieter tactics.

    3pm kick-offs, visiting teams must change on the train.

    The ‘Wandering Minstrel’ must be stopped from going on the Reserved side of the ground.


    15th November 1896

    At a general Committee Meeting, held Thursday Nov. 15th it was decided to play Cardiff, under ‘A Cardiff Team’. Also to play Chedder on Dec. 1st at home, and Jan 5th away if possible.

    Hon. Treas.             T J Gandy

    Match Committee:-

    G C Helps, F Anderson, C Moneypenny, F Soane and S Swabey.

    General Committee:-

    A Hill, H G Lavis, W Sants, J Stringfield, S Swabey, T N Parham, W Sutton, W A Walker and E W Mitchell.

    Retiring captain, H S Jacobs chaired the meeting, attended by  T S Gandy (Treasurer), Messrs. G Helps, Everitt, H Barrett, J E Trask, A K Cunninghame, Protheroe, W F Gould, W Sants, Menzies, C H Clark, Walker and others. Lieut.-General Mundy had resigned his Presidency and Mr. Bagnall Wild commenced his term of office.

    The following gentlemen were appointed to act in Committee:- Messrs. J H Fuller, G Helps, C R C King, G H Noke, E Noke, E Baldwin, C H Clark, W Sants, E Sants, – Walker, – Protheroe, and J E Trask (ex Somerset College man).

    Subscriptions were to be reduced from 10/- to 5/- forthwith. A deputation to wait on Mr. Dyer, with a view to getting the annual rent of Dyer’s field reduced from the present £10 per annum.


    Management Committee 16/11/1896

    Estimate: Scoreboard 25/-. Presentation Caps 6/3 each.

    Recreation Ground Co declined request for Post Office officials’ free admittance to matches.


    Management Committee 7/12/1896

    Mr Davis spoke as to the necessity of having a urinal on the reserved side of the ground.

    No 1st XV games to be arranged on same dates as County.

    Disorderly Crowds-

    50 notices to be printed as a result of spectators shouting at home matches


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