1887 to 1888

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




v Westbury Park, Home. Won 5 goals and five tries (20 points) to nil. Team:- F W Anderson, C B Moneypenny, E Rowland, C J B Moneypenny, T N Parham, A H Comber, F Soane, H Dring, L Swabey, W Sutton, H Lavis, R Stert, N P Anderson, H T Vincent and W Severs.

Tries by C B Moneypenny (3), C J B Moneypenny (2), T N Parham (2), E Rowland (1), H Dring (1), and H T Vincent (1). The visitors were greatly discouraged by Bath’s success, in particular, the form of the Moneypennys, who scored 5 tries between them. Praise was due to the whole of the Bath team, who were far superior and faster than their opponents.


There does not appear to have been a Bath game on the 5th November, although they were originally lined up to play Batcombe Rectory.

Most of the Bath squad were involved in a game, billed as Bath United Banks v Bristol Medicals on the 3rd October, or Rudloe College v Bath 2nd XV on Saturday October 5th. Certainly, Anderson, Parham, Soane, Pinch, Dykes and one of the Moneypennys played. These games appeared to highlight the casual manner in which players could switch clubs for a game of rugger.



v Bristol Medicals. Home. Won by 5 goals and 1 try to nil. (16-0) Team:- H T Vincent, back; C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, and G D L Chatterton, three-quarter backs; A H Comber and T A Parham, half-backs; N P Anderson, H Dring, F Hayward, R Stert, J Winkworth, F Soane, W Sutton, H Lavis and A Swabey, forwards.

“Some exceedingly good play was seen, and amongst those who were the most noticeable were – Parham, Dring, Hayward, the two Moneypennys and Soane.



v Batcombe Rectory, Away. Won by 3 goals and a try to nil ( 10-0) Team:- F W Anderson, C J Moneypenny, C Joy, C B Moneypenny, T N Parham, A H Comber, G Helps, F Soane, H Dring, H Lavis, J Stringfield, A Swabey, S Rossiter, P Anderson and T Ryan. The game was fast and well contested C J B Moneypenny scored the first try on the quarter hour. Bath’s F Soane scored Bath’s second try almost immediately after the restart. Both tries were converted by C B Moneypenny, but he failed at a third attempt, when Tommy Parham scored Bath’s third try. C B Moneypenny majored his brother’s second try late in the second moiety.



v Redland Park. Home (Kensington Meadows). Won by three tries to nil. (3-0) C J B Moneypenny scored a try in the first half. His brother’s kick at goal was declared ‘a poster.’ Bath played splendidly in the second half, scoring two further tries, one from a splendid run by Anderson. Bath missed the services of T N Parham, but it was an improvement on the previous draw.



v Bath College, Away. Won 11-0. Team:- F W Anderson, back; Rowland, Joy and C J B Moneypenny, three-quarter backs; C B Moneypenny and Chatterton, half-backs; F Soane, L Swabey, L M Swabey, Comber,

N P Anderson, H Lavis, H J Vincent, W Sutton and J Winckworth, forwards.

“There was exceedingly good play shown on the part of the College, on Saturday, on their own ground against a strong Bath team, which was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. During the first half of the game the club were playing with the wind, but failed to score more than one point. During the second half, however, they played up in fine style, and scored three goals and another try – eleven points in all – while the College failed to score at all. Both sides had to touch down in self-defence more than once. Rowlands dropped a goal, and the two Moneypennys also scored, their play being most noticeable.”



v Bristol Harlequins, Away.



Bath 2nd XV v Hermitage School, on Kensington Meadows. Won by 2 goals and a try to nil. The 2nd XV team was:- J Horsford, H J Vincent and C J B Moneypenny, three-quarter backs; H J Eddolls and H Marsh, half-backs; A V Murdoch, G Bailey, – Olive, J B Thomas, H Lavis, A Butt, Rossiter, and J J Goodwin, forwards.



v Bridgwater, on Kensington Meadows. Won 2g 1t to nil. (7- 0)

Team: F W Anderson, C J B Moneypenny, S Swabey, C B Moneypenny, T N Parham, A H Comber, F Soane, C W Hayward, A L Swabey, H J Vincent, H G Lavis, H Dring, F Winckworth, G Chatterton and F Soane.

Tries by Parham, Swabey and Hayward. C B Moneypenny converted two.

“All the Bath forwards played well, especially Hayward, Soane, Swabey and Vincent. The backs had very little to do, and rarely had a chance, Swabey playing a sound game, and Anderson, back, playing splendidly.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost by 3 goals, 5 tries to 1goal 1try. (4-14)

“The Bath team met the Weston-super-Mare men at Weston on Saturday, and played a good game. For the first quarter of an hour it seemed as if the visitors were going to have it all their own way, for they scored a disputed goal and a try before their opponents could gain a point. After this, however, the home team warmed up , and the visitors could do little or nothing; they did not, in fact, gain another point, whereas the Westonians secured three goals and five tries. The match was witnessed by a large number of spectators, and it afforded considerable pleasure.”



v Carlton, Bristol. Match was cancelled after receiving a late telegram advising that Carlton could not raise a team. A large number had already paid for admission.



v Clifton, Away.



Bath 2nd XV v Clifton 2nd XV, Kensington Meadows.



v Gloucester, Away. Drawn. Team:- T W Anderson, S Swabey, B S Cave, C J B Moneypenny, T H Parham, C B Moneypenny, F Soane, Sutton, Rossiter, Lavis, Eddolis, Hayward, Vincent and Murray.



v Old Cliftonians, Home. Won 5-0. Team:- T W Anderson, S Swabey, B S Cave, C J B Moneypenny, T H Parham, C B Moneypenny, F Soane, Sutton, Rossiter, Lavis, Eddolls, Hayward, Vincent and Murray.

The visitors were strongly represented, but the encounter ended in a victory for Bath by a goal and two tries, the goal dropped out of play by Swabey to nil.



v Batheaston, Home. Won 15-0. F W Anderson, back; C J B Moneypenny, B S Cave and S Swabey, three-quarter-backs; C B Moneypenny and T N Parham, half backs; F Soane, H T Vincent, W Sutton, H Lavis, S Rossiter, M J Eddolls, W A Waller, N P Anderson and J Bailey. Batheaston bowed to Bath’s pressure and were forced to touch down after ten minutes play. Parham commenced to torment his opponents and soon cut through for a fine try, which was converted by C B Moneypenny. Batheaston’s Blanchard saved, after a rush by Swabey and Cave, but Cave then sent a perfect pass to C J B Moneypenny, who ran through all opponents for the second try, which was converted by C.B. In the second half, Bath monopolised play, tries being gained by Parham (2), C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny and Sutton. “C B Moneypenny kicked splendidly, three of the tries being very hard ones. For Bath, Soane, Vincent, Sutton and Lavis were the best forwards. The backs all played well, their passing being very good. The collaring on the other side being excellent or the score would have been much heavier.”



v Westbury Park, Away, on Clifton Downs. Won 4g 1t to 1t (“Kicked under protest”) (13-1) This was the second crushing defeat, despite efforts to reinforce the Westbury side. Bath team: A Horsford, C J B Moneypenny, C W Trask, F W Anderson, C B Moneypenny, T N Parham, G Helps (Capt.), F Soane, A L M Swabey, R H Hare, H G Lavis, W A Waller, S Rossiter, J A Barffe, and N P Anderson.

“Very soon after the start one of the Westbury’s three-quarters getting the ball ran behind the Bath backs, being utterly unable to stop him owing to the crowd of spectators who were all over the field.”

“For a little time Westbury held their own, but C B Moneypenny getting the ball to Trask, who, being collared, made a beautiful pass to C J B Moneypenny, who made a splendid run right through the Westbury team and gained a try, which his brother converted into a goal.”



Carlton v Bath Banks, Away. Moneypenny and Battye, the Bath threes, made dashing attempts to score and Parham, Moneypenny, Walker and Battye were recorded as playing splendidly together, and gaining much ground. “Besides those mentioned, Anderson, Helps and Soane did yeoman’s service for the Banks.”



v Bridgwater, Away in front of 700 spectators. Lost by four goals and five tries. (0-17)

It is puzzling that this game was only sparsely reported, whereas Friday’s match between Carlton and Bath Banks, on the Bristol Downs, merited a full report.

It was indeed, more puzzling, as several of the Banks’ team were regular selections for Bath at this time.



v Gloucester, Home. Lost by 3 goals 5 tries to nil. (0-14) Team:- S Horsford (back), E Rowland, C J B Moneypenny, F W Anderson, H T Vincent (three-quarter backs), T N Parham, C B Moneypenny (half-backs), S Helps, F Soane, A L M Swabey, H Dring, R H Hare, F Winckworth, W Sutton, H Laves (forwards0.

“For the first quarter of an hour the play was very even till George, getting the ball from touch gained a try for Gloucester. The kick failed. After the drop out Gloucester were soon in the Bath 25. However, runs by Rowland and C J B Moneypenny carried the game to the centre. Gloucester soon forced thie way back to the 25, and Ball gained a try which was converted by Hughes. At this period of the game Horsford (back) played very brilliantly, making several good runs. Three other tries were gained by Coates, Brown, and Tandy, before half-time. After half-time Bath, who during the first half of the game had only been playing three three-quarters to Gloucester’’ four, put Vincent back to three-quarters. Gloucester gained three points before the ending of the game, but it continued very fast. Helps, Dring, Soane, Hare, and Lavis Forwards, and C B Moneypenny, Parham, Vincent, and Anderson behind, for Bath, played well.”



v Bristol Medicals, Away.



Bath 2nd XV v Widcombe Institute at Kensington. Won by two tries to one. B Helps, G Horsford, and J Marsh were most conspicuous outside, while Moneypenny, Eddolls, and G Bailey played well up in the forwards.



v Weston-s-Mare, Home.



v Widcombe, Away. Switched to Widcombe ground, as Kensington was flooded. Unfortunately, several Widcombe players were not aware of the change of venue, and Widcombe being short, the fixture was downgraded to a ‘scratch’ game.

Bath team:- G Horsford, W A Walker, E Rowland, F W Anderson, E Bailey, C J B Moneypenny,

T N Parham, S Helps, F S Dane, H T T Vincent, A L M Swabey, F Winckworth, W Sutton, H Lavis and N P Anderson.

“Parham brought the ball back to the half-way flag, and C J B Moneypenny getting the ball from the scrummage ran right through the Widcombe team and grounded the ball behind. Sutton failed with the kick. Soon after the kick out some good passing between the Bath three-quarters enabled Rowland to gain a try near the touch line. After the kick off the play continued in the Widcombe ground, Rowland taking two unsuccessful shots at goal. Eventually more good passing between the Bath three-quarters resulted in Walker getting behind, after a good run. Sutton kicked a goal. Half time was then called. When Bath kicked off the forwards following up hard, charged down the return, and Helps getting the ball, ran right behind. Sutton kicked another goal. Soon after the kick-off good passing between Bailey and Anderson resulted in the last named getting a try. Sutton failed with the kick. Soon after Rowland gained another try, Sutton again failing. After the drop-out Widcombe for a time held their own till good passing among the backs enabled Walker to gain another try. Money penny failed with the kick. Soon after, Rowland again got in, Parham this time failing with the kick. Widcombe now broke way, and for a time seriously threatened the Bath goal till the Bath forwards eventually rushed the ball back to the centre.












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