1889 to 1890

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale


Note scoring:- Goal 3, Try 1, DG 2.




A Bath SCRATCH TEAM played BATH COLLEGE, on the College Ground. Rogerson and Doveton obtained early tries for the Scratch XV, but neither was improved upon. At half-time the Scratch side led by two tries, plus two or three saves. In the second half the College side looked dangerous but did not score. Rogerson again scored for the Scratch, and Vincent ran in from half-way, both kicks failing. Therefore the Scratch team ended with a win by four tries and several saves to one save. The Scratch selection was:- Walker, Pinch, J Dykes, Helps, Axford, Horsborough, Lloyd, Dykes, J H Doveton, C W Doveton, Rogerson, H T Vincent, Neave, Carey, Brinkworth, and Swabey.



Bath v Batcombe Rectory The Bath F C season was opened this afternoon in Kensington Meadows, and the weather cannot be said to have been favourable. The play was very one-sided, the visitors being altogether outclassed. The score at half time was: Bath five goals, three tries, and several saves, to nothing. The big advantage thus gained, was maintained throughout, and the final score was : Bath 11 goals and 10 tries (43 points) to nil. Parham gained five tries, Pattinson four, and Walker, F Soane and Astley three each, and Clark and Doveton (1 each).

This was possibly a record score, which held until 28th January 1905. (Bath 40 – Bristol North 0)

Batcombe Rectory was a side of students, coached by the Rev. Baker.



Bath v Bristol Medicals not played as Medicals unable to raise a team.



Bath A Team v Redcliffe House, at Clifton. Won by a goal and a try to nil.

Bath A Team:- B Horsbrugh, F Swabey, B C Helps, A E H Pinch, G Bryan, C Doveton, S Goodland, V Soane, A D Ford, W Purnell, F MaManns, J Doveton, A Haines and R H Dykes.



v Weston-s-Mare. Away. Lost by 2 goals (1 dropped) to nil. (0-5)

Team:- C Horsford, Walker, Helps, Pattinson, Parham, Mackay, Rogerson, V Soane, Vincent, Swabey, Alexander, Wilson, F Soane, Lloyd and Ford.

Perfect weather failed to attract a large crowd, and no more than 100 people attended. Bath were near full strength and the passing of the forwards merited warm applause. Weston also did their best to play an open game. Their collaring was superior to the Bath team, and a fast game concluded in their favour.



v Cirencester Royal Agricultural College. Selected team:- A E H Pinch, W A Walker, W Pattinson, S S Clark, T N Parham, W R Mackay, T H Vincent, V Soane, B H Lloyd, T Alexander, E C Rogerson, A S M Swabey, A W Ford, W S Wilson and F China.

Bath won by 3 goals and 4 tries to nil.(13-0). Just before the call of time Gresson, while running, was collared by one of the Bath men, and unfortunately sustained a dislocation of the shoulder. Dr. Hardyman, who was on the field, attended to the injury and set the limb. The visitors played well, though they were one short, and Bath made to touch down once. The Cirencester men complained of the partiality of the referee. Bath tries scored by Clark (3), Parham (2), Pattinson and V Soane.



Bath v Bristol, Draw 0-0. (3rd Bath v Bristol game)


09 November 1889 Bristol v Bath at County Ground, Horfield, Bristol

Bath v Bristol- A match between these teams was played on Saturday at the County ground in the presence of a fair number of spectators. The game was very evenly contested, neither side scoring a point and the match resulted in a draw. The following were the teams


Bath: Horseman, Back: Pattinson, Clark and Walker: Three-Quarters: Helps and McKay, Half Backs: Vincent, V Soane, Doveton, J.H China, C China, Wilson, Rogerson and Cunninghame, Forwards.


Bristol: Webb, Back H.B Turner, Cox, Thompson and Lambert: three-quarter Backs: Pearce and R.D Cruickshank Half Backs: Davis, Edbrook, Pearson, Brown, Lockey. Sloper, Adams, Williams and Luffman, Forwards


Mr W.C Chandler and Mr Piper Umpires and Mr H.G.M Hurst referee


The Bristol captain won the spin and elected to defend the upper goal. The visitors started the leather and sent it into the hands of Webb, who returned it with a big kick and it travelled to mid ground, where a scrum took place out of which Cruickshank took possession and broke away, but he was collared after gaining a few yards, The ball being taken from Cruickshank, Horseman got it and returned it over the 25 line near the home goal, Turner picked it up, but was soon collared and a scrum took place out of which Cox took possession and was making off when Doveton threw him over the touch line. From the throw in Cox again got the leather and this time he made a dashing run getting near the visitors 25 line. He was closely followed by his opponents, but was not backed up by his own side and in attempting to pass he lost the ball, which was nicely placed in the mid ground by Helps.


Shortly afterwards Bath had a free kick for offside, but no ground was gained as Webb punted into touch about halfway down the field.

The ball was again brought into play and Walker getting possession had a drop at goal, but the leather went wide of the mark. Webb next made a pretty run across the width of his goal and dodging well he gained some ground, but he was eventually thrown on the touchline. Half time was soon afterwards called when neither team had scored. In the second half some pretty runs were made by, Cruickshank, Turner and Cox for the home team and by Pattinson, Clark, Walker and McKay, for the visitors. The Bristolians got very near the goal line several times, but Horseman was very clever with the Ball by punting into touch.


At the call of time the game stood: Bath Three Minors; Bristol Nil.



Bath v Bath College. Won 15-0. Selected Team:- A E H Pinch, Battye, G Horsford, S S Clark, W R Mackay, B C Helps, E C Rogerson, W S Wilson, J H Doveton, A W Ford, B Dykes, A L M Swabey, B H Lloyd, V Soane and T Alexander

“Bath played by no means their full strength against the College on Saturday afternoon, but nevertheless won by 2 goals and 9 tries to 0. Several hundred spectators witnessed the match. In the first half however, the College played a good game, although the Club scored three times through Rogerson, Battye and Doveton. In the second half Dykes, Rogerson, Ford and V Soane each scored, after which Pattinson ran in four times in succession.”



Gloucester v Bath: Bath lost by two goals, three tries and six minors to nil. (0-9)

Team: Pinch, Walker, Battye, Helps, Horsford, McKay, T Parham, F Soane, V Soane, Vincent, Alexander, Lloyd, Wilson, Ford and Doveton.



Bath v Bridgwater at Kensington Meadows. Bath won a well contested match by a goal and 2 tries to a dropped goal. (5-2) Team:- A E H Pinch, W A Walker, R Battye, W Pattinson, W T Mackay, T N Parham, A H Goodwyn, F Soane, V Soane, T H Vincent, E C Rogerson, W S Wilson, T Alexander, A W Ford, and R H Lloyd. Lovibond kicked off for the visitors and Bath were barely in motion, before Bryant dropped a smart goal for Bridgwater. Parham improved matters with a smart pick up and run to the line. Vincent failed to majorise. Bath forced Bridgwater to save twice, then just before half time, Parham again got possession. After a good run he passed to Pattinson and on for Battye to score. This time Vincent improved on the try. After the interval Bridgwater pressure saw then camped in the Bath quarter. However, the ball was worked away and Walker had a smart run in for Bath’s third try. After the kick-out, Bridgwater made a fine attempt to score, but the player was stopped by a splendid collar by Pattinson.



Bath v Bristol on Kensington Meadows. Bath won 4-1. (4th Bath v Bristol game)

Team:- G Horsford, R Battye, W Pattinson, B C Helps, T N Parham, W R Mackay, T Alexander, F Soane, V Soane, H T Vincent, E C Rogerson, R H Lloyd, A H Goodwyn, A W Ford and W S Wilson.

More interest than usual attached to the return Bath v Bristol fixture, at Kensington Meadows, this afternoon, from the fact that the first encounter ended in a tie. The ground, owing to the snow, was in a filthy condition, and only suitable to a forward game, and the local forwards certainly distinguished themselves greatly. The backs, however, with the exception of Parham and Mackay, and now and then Battye, made a shocking display, and more than once through their bad play Bristol looked very dangerous. Brown kicked off for Bristol from the town end, and the Bath forwards at once settled down, taking the play into the Bristol 25, and from the 25 flag Parham got across the line. He was, however, brought back for going into touch, after which a splendid rush by Brown, Proutt and Turner transferred play to the Bath territory. The home forwards again came to the rescue, and Battye “screwed” into the Bristol 25. Webb shortly saving. After good forward play, Lowther dribbled grandly down the ground, and when stopped by Battye in the Bath 25, Turner obtained possession and got in behind the posts. Tomson made a bad kick, however, and failed to convert. Play after this was mostly in favour of Bath, but at half-time the score was Bristol, 1try, Bath the same. Directly after resuming Goodwyn and Parham dribbled over the Bristol goal line, and the former obtained a try. Vincent’s kick was not quite successful. Parham made a “cork-screw” run round, and the forwards followed this up by dribbling over, and Webb again saved. Tomson soon after the drop out looked like scoring with an excellent dribble, but although Horsford at first mulled, he eventually stopped the rush, immediately afterwards having to save. Then followed the most exciting feature of the match. Goodwyn dribbled right down the ground, but Webb saved and Turner, getting possession, ran across the ground, finishing up by kicking. Pattinson, however, charged down, and Helps, picking up, ran through the greater part of the Bristol men, grounding behind the posts. Vincent kicked a splendid goal, and no side was then called. Bath winning on the call of time by 1 goal, 1 try, and 2 saves, to 1 try and 1 save. The Bristol team was as follows:- Webb, back; Lowther, Cox, Turner and Proutt, three-quarters; Pearce and Hill, halves; Brown, Tomson, Adams, Williams, Lockey, Davis, Luffman, Edbrooke and Sloper, forwards.

(Unable to attribute which newspaper origin)


Bath v Old Bathonians (Bath College) (Proceeds devoted to Royal United Hospital)) Bath won 13-1.

Bath’s selected team:- A E H Pinch, W Pattinson, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, W R Mackay, T N Parham, F Soane, V Soane, R H Lloyd, A H Goodwyn, J H Doveton, E C Rogerson, F J Allen, W S Wilson and T Alexander.

The Bathonian’s selection:- Monk-Mason, Horsford, Storrar, Helps, Little, Mossop, Strachan, H L Barlow, T H Vincent, C W Doveton, Denbigh, Meade, Gaine, Gardiner and Walker.

“Helps and Strachan are from the Hermitage School, and Doveton from Competitive College, the remainder being “Bathonians” proper.”

A late change brought in Helps in place of Little at half-back. Goodwyn soon followed up a run by Parham for the first score., but Moneypenny just missed with the kick. The Collegians had slightly better of the play at this stage, but C B Moneypenny regained a lot of ground with a clinking run. Goodwyn followed with a splendid dribble, and the Bathonians lost the ball over their line. Lloyd touched down, but only a ‘save’ was allowed. Two further minors followed, both due to C J B Moneypenny, and he soon succeeded in scoring a try, but C B again failed to convert. Next, Parham took a splendid pass from Mackay and C J B got in behind the posts, this time C B converting. Half time, Bath 1 goal, 2 tries and several minors to nil. The Moneypennys, Parham and Soane were in the picture from the re-start, and the match resulted in a win for Bath by 3 goals and 4 tries to 1 try.

Gate money of £3-15-0 was forwarded to Royal United Hospital.



Weston-super-Mare v Bath. Draw 3-3 – Weston scoring 1 goal and Bath 3 tries. 700 spectators watched an interesting match. Bath tries from F Soane, T N Parham and Strachan.

Bath had the better of the exchanges, their passing being superior to that of their hosts.

Patterson touched down for Weston, and the point was majored with a splendid conversion by Aldridge.

Team detail not published.



A Bath XV v Cardiff Harlequins (A) Bath lost by 2 goals (1 dropped), 5 tries to nil. (Probably 2nd XV game)



Cardiff Second v Bath at Cardiff Arms Park. Cardiff 1 goal 4 tries and 1 minor, Bath nil. (0-7) Team: Pinch, Gwyn, Strong, Miller, Horsford, T. Rogerson, Bryar, E Rogerson, Ford, Soane, China, Doveton, Goodland, Dawson and Barlow.

F Soane, C J B Moneypenny and T N Parham played for Somerset.



Bath v Swindon Rangers. Lost by 1 drop goal to 1 goal and 2 tries. (2-5)Team: A E Pinch, G Horsford, P Dykes, L Stracham, R P Gyn, B C Helps, H T Vincent (Capt.), T Alexander, G Bailey, W S Wilson, G Doveton, E Rogerson, R Dykes, A L M Swabey and F China. Pinch off with injury for second half. “The kicking and tackling of the Bath backs was very good, and their forwards were smart on the line out of touch.” Dykes got the drop goal. Pinch was injured and had to be carried off.



Bath v Bristol Medicals at Henrietta Park. (Kensington in marshy state) (26-0)Team:- G M O B Horsford, W Pattinson, R M Battye, R W Fanshawe, R P J Gwynn, W R Mackay, H T Vincent, Barlow, V Soane, A W Ford, A H Goodwyn, F China, Lloyd, Pinch and T Alexander.

Bath Won scoring 10 tries, eight converted. Six by Vincent.

F Soane played for Somerset.



Bath v Bridgwater (A) Team:- G M O B Horsford, E H Gunnery, J Miller, R M Battye, R P J Gwynn, B C Helps, T Alexander, F Soane, V Soane, A E H Pinch, G Bailey, R H Lloyd, F China, W WS Wilson and A W Ford.

Lost by 1try and 2 minors to 2 minors. (0-1). The game was very fast and stubbornly contested throughout and should have ended in a draw, the try gained by Bridgwater being palpably a most unfair one, the man who gained it falling on the ball fully two yards from the goal line (thereby rendering the ball dead) and coolly wriggling over the line with the ball underneath him.


“Miller, Battye, Gunnery and the Soanes were most conspicuous for Bath, though the whole team worked hard as well.” Parham was injured and unlikely to play again that season.



Bath v Gloucester at Kensington Meadows. Team:- Horsford, Fanshawe, Helps, Battye, Pattinson, Mackay, Miller, F Soane, V Soane, Alexander, Wilson, Lloyd, Vincent, Strachan and Goodwyn.

Bath lost scoring 1try to 4 goals and 4 tries by Gloucester. (1-16) Bath’s sole try came from a take by Battye, Goodwyn and V Soane for Alexander to touch down wide out. They were evenly match at forward, but the Bath backs were outplayed.



W-S-M unable to raise a team. Their captain telegraphed the Bath Club well into Saturday morning.



Bath v Cardiff Reserves Drew 5-5 at Kensington Meadows. Bath had previously lost to Cardiff on three consecutive occasions. A Draw- each side a goal, 2 tries and a minor. Bath team: A Pinch, G Horsford, W Pattinson, F Ready, T H Vincent, W P Mackay, B C Helps, F Markham, F Soane, V Soane, T Alexander, A W Ford, E C Rogerson, W S Wilson and R H Lloyd. (N.B. S Biggs playing for Cardiff.)

Bath were not at full strength but proved an exceedingly keen and plucky team and the determined manner in which they pressed their opponents towards the close of the game, when they had to obtain a goal or be beaten, was particularly noticeable, W Pattinson got his try after a great run. It was converted and so the result was a draw of a goal, two tries and a minor each. Lloyd and Alexander got the other Bath tries. Some splendid passing was put in by the Cardiff halves and threes, which the Bath team do well to imitate. Towards the close there was a great deal of tumbling about and perhaps in addition to being very fast, the game was also a little rough, but nobody was hurt, the ground being exceedingly soft.



Bath v Swindon Rangers at Kensington Meadows. Selected Team:- A E H Pinch, W A Walker, W Pattinson, G Horsford, W R Mackay, B C Helps, W S Wilson, A W Ford, T Alexander, F Soane, H T Vincent, F D Markham, V Soane, R H Lloyd and E C Rogerson. R H Dykes (Reserve)

Swindon won by 2 goals and 2 tries to nil (0-8).”Among the many bad games that Bath has played this season none has been so wretched as that on Saturday at Kensington Meadows…..” “The home team displayed wretched form.” For Swindon: “Biggs and Hassell scored in the first half, while Lovelock ran in and Wainwright dropped a goal in the latter portion of the game.”



Bath v Maindee called off as the Cardiff club cup tied.



Bath v Clifton at Kensington Meadows. Draw – each 1 goal and 2 tries. (5-5)

Team: Pinch, Horsford, Miller, Pittmann, McKay, Helps, Rogerson, Dykes, Vincent, F Soane, Ford, V Soane, Goodland, Boyce and China. Frank Soane got the first Bath try for Vincent to convert. Pattinson and Soane scored the other unconverted tries. Clifton played one man short and were also weak at full-back.



v Cirencester scratched. …..the service of trains being so inconvenient as to render it impossible for us to send a representative team.



Bath v Wiltshire Wanderers at Chippenham. Bath won by 3 goals and 4 tries to 1 goal. Last game. “A dinner was subsequently held at the Great Western Hotel, at which about eighty sat down.”

No team or other detail extant.



Bristol v Bath, at County Ground, Horfield. (Lost 0-3) (5th Bath v Bristol game)

The numerous spectators of the Rugby match on the County ground on Saturday must have thoroughly enjoyed the game, for since the Huddersfield fixture the home team have never been seen to better advantage. Bath brought a very good forward team, but their backs were rather weak, though the full-back on one or two occasions played a very fair game. Bristol started considerably after the advertised hour, but the visitors nicely returned, play settling down near the half-way flag. After some fluky passes on the part of the Bristol three-quarters, Bath commenced to press, and a series of rushes resulted in a scrum near the home goal-line. When the ball came out, Hill secured and afforded much relief by a clever kick. From a bad pass by one of the visitors, Turner obtained possession, and a really pretty bit of passing ensued between him and Lowther and Cox, play again settling down ion neutral territory. Bath, however, continued the aggressive, and rushed the leather towards the Bristol 25, when Thompson took the ball, and gained some distance for the home team, a good deal of which was lost just afterwards by an injudicious run of Turner’s. Bristol then commenced a more offensive game than they had hitherto been playing, and Davies and Johnson getting hold, sent the ball near the Bath goal, and being well followed up, the home forwards compelled the visitors to touch-down in self defence. Bristol for some minutes afterwards showed passing capabilities which we have not seen in previous matches, Turner and Lockey being prominent in this respect, and just after Lowther, though somewhat hotly pursued managed to dodge his opponents, and secure the first try for the home team. The kick by Thompson was a good one, but the major point was not scored. Continuing, Bath had again to touch down, and at half-time the score stood –

Bristol…………………1 try, 2 minors,


Resuming, Bath played up well at first, and compelled the Bristolians to save twice, but after this the tables was again turned, and Davies nearly got over the Bath line, but was not quite successful. Turner, however, was more fortunate, and following the advantage up scored the second try for Bristol, which was also not converted by Webb, though there was a very good attempt made. Bristol played up remarkably well, and Turner putting in a smart run, sent the ball to Brown, who got over, and the third try for the home team was scored, but like its predecessors did not result in the major point being obtained. Bath had to save once or twice, and when no side was blown, the scores were –

Bristol…………………three tries, four minors,

Bath……………………two minors.

The teams were:- Bristol – Webb (back), Turner, Lowther, Cox, Stephens (threequarters), Hill, Pearce (half-backs), Brown, Thomson, Lockey, Williams, Edbrooke, Platnauer, Johnson and Davies (forwards).

(Unable to attribute newspaper origin)

Bath Team; A H Pinch, Scott, Ready, Helps, E Rogerson, W Mackay, F Soane, V Soane, R Dykes, F Markham, A W Ford, J Alexander, W S Wilson, F China and H J Vincent

Umpires, W A Chandler and T N Parham. Referee J Nicholls.




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