1905 to 1906

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




CLUB TRIAL on Recreation Ground.

Probables 29 points :- Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, Prosser, Lewis, Olds, Marshman, Brown, Hodges, Wyer, and Hobbs.

Possibles 3 points :- Sealey, Applegate, Simpkins, Rixon, Ross, Cleall, Baldwin, Dando, Fletcher, Holman, Biss, Hatherill.



v Taunton, Home. Won 12-0. Team:- G Parfitt, J Prosser, R Meister, Ralph C Thomas (Penarth), H Lewis, A E Cleall, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, F Marshman, A E Hodges, V Hunt, C Brown, R Hulbert and J Hobbs.

Taunton arrived for a 3pm start. Bath were not ready as: “……….their clothing was not complete-stockings had to be fetched from the town. The men looked very fresh and smart when they did arrive.”

Brown, Meister, Lewis and Cashnella scored tries.



v Pontypool, Home. Lost 0-22. Team:- G Parfitt, F Smith, M Saunders, R Meister, H Lewis, F Phipps (Bohemians), A E Cleall, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Brown, J Hobbs, L Hatherill, W Watts, A E Hodges and J Prosser.

Pontypool were well supported. “Reports of their numbers varied from 600 to 1200, but it must be taken as certain that the visitors outnumbered the home spectators in numerical as well as vocal strength.”

“There was no comparison between the sides, the visitors being lively and eager, while the homesters never got into their stride, and put up a most indifferent fight.”


v Penylan, Home. Lost 0-5. Team:- G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, T West, H Lewis, P Cox, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, A E Hodges, J Hobbs, J Prosser and R Holman.

“Bath were lucky to escape, not once but three or four times, for, as at the beginning of the game, there was only one team in it..” Penylan deserved their second half try, as Bath slumped to a second home defeat.



v Penarth, Home. Won 9-4. Team:- Dr. I C Keir, G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, H R Lewis, F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, J Hobbs, A E Hodges, W Watts, J Prosser, R Holman and C Brown.

Russell, Lewis and West got Bath’s tries. Penarth countered with just the drop goal.

“Williams, for Penarth, made a very pretty run, and punt, and then there was the prettiest try scored at Bath this season. Russell made the opening-one of many excellent things he did during the afternoon-and sending to Smith, the vice-captain pretended to pass, and did not in the cleverest fashion. Near the line he transferred safely to Lewis, and the Walcot man crossing at the corner, made his way behind the posts. In every way it was a perfect piece of passing work, and deserved all the enthusiasm it evoked.”

Later comment bemoaned Bath’s continuing inability to kick goals.



v Cheltenham, Away. Lost 3-16. Team:- I C Keir, H R Lewis, E Y Bate (Combe Down), R Meister, G Parfitt, T West, R A Gibbs (Penarth), T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Brown, H Holman, W Watts, J Prosser, A E Hodges and J Hobbs.

Bath were ahead at half time, with a try by Parfitt, after a fine run by Meister. In the second moiety, Cheltenham ran in for 2 goals and 2 tries.

The Cheltenham Examiner was impressed with Keir’s performance. “……….the Bath full-back ran away from his charge time after time and, picking up the leather in the loose, led the local men a pretty dance before they could stop him.”

In another portion of their report: “Both teams appeared to be in fine fettle, and as keen as razors to secure the deciding points. Perhaps there was undue anxiety among the home backs- this being, at all events, the most charitable interpretation to put upon some glaringly bad attempts both at offering and accepting passes.”



v Exeter, Home. Lost 3-8. Team:- I C Keir, G Parfitt, R Meister, F Smith, H J Lewis, T West, F Russell, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, A E Hodges, J Hobbs, H Holman, J Prosser, and W H K Adkins.

Played in bitterly cold weather, both teams started one man short. Exeter’s outside-half missed the train and Holman’s boots demanded repair or renewal.

“West was doubly tackled, and was blundered into touch in goal, but the referee rightly ruled that he had scored first.”

Bath were distinctly unhappy about the award of Exeter’s second try.

“It will thus be realised that the luck was dead against the home men, and by neglecting to collar low they also further prejudiced their chances. As I have indicated the game from a spectators’ standpoint was seething with excitement, and despite the tingling cold, everyone remained the game out.”



v Lydney, Away. Lost 0-12. Team:- I C Keir, W Rixon, R Meister, Simpkins, H J Lewis, T West, Padfield, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Hobbs, W Adkins, J Prosser, Bushnell and W Holman..

And now the excuses!

“Seldom has the Bath Club been more unfortunate over their players than today. Russell was unable to play owing to a bad leg; Hodges has an abscess in the hand, which has produced an extraordinary swelling; and Fred Smith has an abscess in a tooth, which has produced one of the worst swelled faces T B Timmins says he has ever seen.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 6-20. Team:- I C Keir, H J Lewis, T West, A J Logan, Parfitt, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, H Hobbs, J Bushnell, W Holman, J Prosser and W K Adkins.

Lewis Russell got Bath’s tries, but their rivals chalked up a goal, 4 tries and a penalty; Bath were well and truly outplayed. Nevertheless, our friendly match commentator was impressed in one particular respect: “It is many a long day –15 years to be exact-since Bath scored two tries on the Bristol ground, and most of the satisfaction to be got of the game rests with this fact.”



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 0-16. Team:- I C Keir, H J Lewis, S W Crisp, J Prosser, J Olds, R Meister, Brinkworth (Combe Down), T B Timmins, W Watts, A Moore, W K Adkins, J Hobbs, H Holman, J Bushnell and Bristow. Gloucester scored 2 goals and 2 tries in a one-sided encounter.



v Neath, Home. Lost 3-6. Team:- I C Keir, W C Dainton (ex Widcombe), T West, R Meister, H R Lewis, F Russell, A E Cleall, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, J Hobbs, J Prosser, H Holman, J Bushnell and W K Adkin.

Cleall scored after: “ a very pretty bit of football.”

“The game does not call for prolonged comment, as although it was very even and exciting, rough and tumble work predominated. The chief cause of the absence scientific work was the difficulty of accurate play, owing to the surface of the ground being slippery, and the ball hard to hold. This led to forward work being in the ascendant, while kicking was freely indulged in by the backs.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost 0-11. Team:-W Thomas, E Venning (RN College), R Meister, T West, H J Lewis, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Wyer, J Williams, M Morgan, C W Hopkins, J Hobbs and W Fletcher.

Bath left Bath Spa on the 1.35, but owing to heavy Christmas traffic, did not arrive at the seaside until 4pm.

“It was a very weak team that went away in good spirits, but with the certainty of defeat before them, and on the whole the side had more of the game than might have been expected. It was more or less a farce all through, owing to the late start, and it is to be regretted that the desirability of leaving by an earlier train did not occur to the authorities, for today corresponds to Christmas Eve, and there were bound to be delays on the line.”



v Mountain Ash, Home. Lost 13-16. Team:- G S Parsons, F Smith, J T Timmins, R Meister, H J Lewis, F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, C Wyer, J Hobbs, J Prosser, F J Cashnella, Adkins, L Hatherill and J Bushnell.

West scored the first try.


“Prosser took the straight kick and had the satisfaction not only offered by Mr. Moore (of Cash and Co.), for the first kicker of a goal for Bath this season-for sad to relate this was their first goal.”

Prosser again figured, this time with a smart try, initiated by Timmins and Lewis. “Even the yellow capped Mountain Ash spectators cheered one of the most perfectly composed tries seen this season.” West scored in the second spell, converting his own try. However, the visitors clinched the match with a late penalty, after countering Bath’s effort with 3 goals and a try.



v Old Edwardians, Home. Drawn 3-3. Team:- J Prosser, F Smith, G S Parsons, Pullen (Mountain Ash), H J Lewis, F Russell, T West, C Wyer, J Hobbs, F J Cashnella, Adkins, L Hatherill, J Bushnell, Hiscox and Trew.

Russell scored for Bath after the O.E.’s conceded a five yard scrum. The homesters had the majority of the play, until near the end, when Cook got clear on the right wing and ran three quarters of the field to “pull the game out of the fire.”



v Clifton, Away. Won 3-0. Team:- J Prosser, F Smith, S W Crisp, A J Logan, H J Lewis, T West, F Russell, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, J Hobbs, W H K Adkin, F Bushnell, H Holman, Trew and W Watts.

Cashnella got the try 20 minutes into the second half. “The Bath forwards played one of their best games of the season. No man was more prominent on the field than Cashnella, and he, with Timmins, Bushnell and Adkins, made up a very industrious quartet.”

Bath were well pleased to get a win, and an away win was an added bonus at the year end.



v Bristol, Home Lost 8-9. Team: S W Crisp, H Lewis, R Meister, T West, F Smith, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, Trew, C Wyer, W Watts, J Prosser, H Holman, J Hobbs and J Bushnell.

Approximately 1600 people watched this extra game, arranged on a date when it was anticipated that there would be County demands for players. In the event, Bath were the least affected, lacking only Cashnella – absent with an injured hand. Bath had high hopes of winning. They did take an early lead with a well worked try by West, and he scored another in the second half, converted by Timmins. However, after resolute tackling in the early stages, Bath allowed Bristol to take the upper hand, and the visitors eventually ran in three easy tries for a narrow victory. Meister was the safest player in defence, and Curtis did some good work – Russell showed poor form at half-back. Of the forwards, Timmins, Wyer, Holman, Trew and Watts played strongly, and Prosser at back, had a good second half.

Bath could gain little comfort in that Bristol were under strength.



v Cheltenham, Home . Lost 0-3. Team:- J Prosser, F Smith, R Meister, T West, H Lewis, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, W Watts, E J Hodges, H Hobbs, J Bushnell, H Holman, V Biss and W Fletcher.

The ground was soft and treacherous after heavy rain and the ball was difficult to handle. Prosser’s drop kick attempt drifted left. It was a bad day for constructive rugby and mistakes abounded throughout. In the final minute, Cheltenham’s try was hotly disputed – the general impression was that a Bath player had kicked the ball dead. However, the try was allowed and Bath were left disappointed, after a long and “dogged defence.” Meister, Prosser and West heroically performed their tackling duties.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 3-14. Team: J Prosser, F Smith, T West, E Williams (Oldfield Park), H Lewis, Brinkworth (Combe Down), F Russell, T B Timmins, Sully,

W Watts, J Hobbs, E J Hodges, J Bushnell, H Holmes and Jones.

Bridgwater scored a goal and two tries in the first half, but Bath steadied themselves at the restart by adding Bushnell to the three quarter line. Hodges got a try under the posts, but Timmins made a poor effort at the conversion. For Bridgwater, Sealy added a late try to compound Bath’s miseries. Bath forwards played well in the tight, but allowed themselves to be bustled in the loose, by a heavier Bridgwater pack.



v Clifton, Home. Lost 6-8. Team: J Prosser, H Lewis, T West, F Smith, W C Dainton, R Meister, W Curtis, T B Timmins, W K Adkin, E J Hodges, J Bushnell,

E Williams, C Perry, G Parfitt, and H Holman.

“In the first few minutes Bath scored a brilliant try. The ball was sent out to West, who put on magnificent pace and reached the Clifton 25. Here he gave to Smith who transferred to Dainton, the last named getting over in the corner. Hodges made a capital but in-effectual attempt to convert from the touch-line.. It was a sensational opening to the match.”

Dainton repeated this effort with another try in the corner, but again no success with the conversion attempt. In the second half Clifton ran in for a gaol and a try, and Bath were “Pipped on the post!” “A more disappointing finish to a bright start was never seen in any Bath match.”



v Exeter, Away. Lost 0-19. Team: J Prosser, H Lewis, T West, E Simpkins, A.N.Other, W Curtis, R Meister, T B Timmins, W K Adkin, E J Hodges, J Bushnell,

H Holman, E Williams, A Jones, and A.N.OTHER. With some players unable to travel, Bath could not reply to Exeter’s 2 goals and 3 tries. E Simpkins went off following a kick on the head.



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Won 8-3. Team: J Prosser, H Lewis, T West, G Parsons, F Smith, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, Hales, Clark, Biss, E J Hodges, C Perry, and Adkin. Bath started two men short as Watts and Hopkins did not turn up, and with this handicap Bath conceded an early try. Parsons then Hobbs provided Bath’s scores, and the second effort was converted by Hodges.

“The game, though so closely fought, was not rough, and there was no ebullition of feeling. It was too damp for anything of the kind.”



v Penarth, Away. Lost 3-17. Team: Parfitt, P J Cooling (Kingswood School), West, Smith, Bushnell, Curtis, Treleaven *, Timmins, Watts, Cashnella, Hodges, Williams, Biss, Francis, and Yonde.

George Parsons missed the train and the team were indebted to Combe Down’s Francis, who stepped in at Bath Spa station. Both teams changed in a room 12ft. by 6ft.

* Treleaven, Kingswood School, came in for Meister, at age 19. Formerly of Marlborough, he had just been selected for Somerset against Surrey on 1st March 1906.

Timmins scored Bath’s solitary try.

“Things grew animated now and then. The home supporters spoke of their team playing a ‘fine earnest’ game.

Personally, I should describe their tactics in far more emphatic language. Before the match was five minutes old the referee had to caution the Penarth left wing three-quarter for striking Bushnell. Watts, who played a champion game once had three Welshmen on him ‘playing the man’ with vigour. Bushnell was cautioned for retaliation in the second half, and altogether it was not the happiest of games.”



v Taunton, Away. Drawn 0-0. Team: Parfitt, W C Dainton, Prosser, Lewis, West, G Perry, Treleaven, Meister, Timmins, Cashnella, Watts, Hodges, Bushnell, Williams, and Cooling.

“How to arrange the back division was a point that had to be discussed as the G.W.R. express was doing its sixty miles an hour through the Somerset moorland. For the inability of Curtis to play had put things out of gear. It meant Meister operating at half as scrum worker, and there was a vacancy at three-quarters to be filled. Prosser was very wisely put into this place, and it proved a capital move, for it wanted a powerful keen tackling man at centre to check the Taunton rushes, for all the homesters are built big and beefy.”



v Neath, Away. Lost 8-19. Team: George Parfitt, , D Francis, F Smith, R Meister, H Lewis, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, E J Hodges,

Joe Prosser, J Bushnell, A Baverstock (Post Office), and J Wakefield.

Both Meister and Timmins scored midway through the second half, and the last try was converted by Hodges. It was a rough and tough exciting game, much appreciated by the home supporters. Some of the more “vigorous” play was not checked by the referee, but Bath ended pleased with their efforts against such strong opposition.



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 12-0. Team: P Cooling, H Lewis, R Meister, F Smith, W C Dainton, W Curtis, W Treleaven, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, J Hobbs, J Prosser, J Bushnell, E J Hodges, E Williams, and W Watts.

Lewis (2) Timmins, and Smith scored Bath’s tries, which was some retribution after their three points to fourteen drubbing on the ‘Malt Shovel’ enclosure in January.



v Pontypridd, Away. Lost 3-14. Team: D Applegate, G Wheeler, R Meister, F Smith, T West, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Wyer, E J Hodges, E Williams, J Hobbs, J Prosser, and G Bushnell. Played in fine weather at Ynysangharad Park.

West scored Bath’s sole try just on half time, but overall, Bath were beaten by some splendid handling, as Pontypridd ran in four tries.



v Pontypool. Away. Lost 5-17. Team: E F Gooding, H Lewis, F Smith, R Meister, T West, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, Hales, Bristow, J Bushnell, J Prosser, RE Williams, and R Hodder (Batheaston).

The game finally kicked off at four o’clock in front of a large and knowledgeable crowd. Lewis scored for Bath after a good kick and run, and “Hodges put the leather between the sticks with a well directed shot.” The effort was sportingly applauded by the home spectators. Nevertheless, Pontypool were victorious in crossing the visitors’ line after five incursions.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 3-6. Team: A E Harris, H Lewis, F Smith, R Meister, T West, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, E J Hodges, E Williams, W Watts, J Hobbs, G Perry and J Rowe.

Cashnella followed up keenly for Bath’s early score and in an exciting session, held Bristol

3-3 at half time. But the pace quickened in the second spell and the Bristol backs had most of the play.



v Mountain Ash, Away. Lost 8-20. Team: E F (Freddie) Gooding, W C Dainton, F Smith, R Meister, H Lewis, Tom West, W Treleaven, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, G Perry, E Williams, E J Hodges, G Parfitt, and C Wyer.

Bath arrived late and the game kicked off at 4pm. The allotted Referee did not turn up and, rather unsatisfactorily, the Mountain Ash Secretary officiated. “The ground was extremely hard, like a macadam road, and it was a wonder nobody was seriously hurt.” Gooding was actually injured in the first two minutes and Parfitt took over at back. Gooding came back to full back duties when, in turn, Parfitt twisted his knee in a tackle. Parfitt had played splendidly and his touch-finders elicited applause from the crowd. West got Bath’s first try and Meister the second, with Hodges converting.



v Lennox, Home. Won 17-0. Lennox had just succumbed to Bristol by 20 points to nil, so Bath expected a win. Ideal weather for cricket, the ground was dry, but many players found the conditions hard on their knees. “Considering the magnificent weather, a larger crowd might have been anticipated, but with the tramcars and hiking so much patronized, the club were perhaps fortunate to take £20 at the gate.”

Tries by West (2), Cashnella, Meister (Converted Brown) and Lewis.



v Lydney, Home. Lost 6-7. Team: C Brown, H Lewis, R Meister,

Percy Cox (Walcot), F Smith, F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, E J Hodges, H Hobbs, G Perry, E Williams, and W K Adkin.

“Cashnella, by a marvellous bit of work, scored amid cheers. He dashed down the left touch-line, and pushing off the full-back, scored in the corner. His jersey was torn off his back in the run.” In a storming finish, Cashnella went over for another grand try, again in the corner, but Hodges attempt was unsuccessful. Excitement was running high until the end, but Bath were unable to add to their score.



v Pontypridd, Home. Lost 0-10. Team: C Brown, Cashnella, Meister, J T Timmins, H R (Bert) Lewis, Bushnell, T West, T B Timmins, Watts, Adkin, Hobbs, Hodges, Williams, Perry and Trew.

The hard ground had necessitated the services of the Bath Fire Brigade, who pumped gallons of water to soften the surface.

Ten minutes into the game and Pontypridd had scored a try under the posts, and the visitors scored again in the second spell. Bath missed Cashnella in the forwards and the ‘Ponty’ backs were far too clever to let the Bathonians get clear.



v Clifton, Home. Won 6-0. Team: G Parfitt, Simpkins, Lewis, Brown, Lowe, Meister, Russell, Cashnella, Hodges, Perry, Loader, Baverstock, Ford (Walcot and Post Office), Hatherill, and Wheeler. This was a special fixture in aid of the Rugby Schools Union.

In a fast and open game, Ford scored an easy try within the first few minutes. The second score was after a grand effort starting from the home line, and ending when Lewis: “…dribbled in a pretty try.” Brown sent his conversion attempt over the cross bar, but it was touched in flight – no extras resulting.



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 0-3. Team: G Parfitt, C Brown, R Meister, J T Timmins, H R Lewis, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Ford, J Hobbs, W K Adkin, E J Hodges, G Perry, and L Hatherill.

“Gloucester forwards got away, but they bungled the ball on the right wing, Whacker Smith overunning the leather.” Meister knocked on at least twice in the first half, as promising situations were spoilt with poor passing. There was no score at half time. Lewis had a grand opportunity to score, but again came the offending knock forward.

For Gloucester, F Smith raced past Parfitt for the solitary try. Bath lost this game by their own mistakes. “When clean handling would have insured a try the oval was always bungled and grand chances were lost.” ”Nothing but warm praise can be allotted to the Bath forwards as a whole. They played a solid, hard, slogging game, and it was irritating to see their fine work so often thrown away by the mistakes of the backs.”



This was a particularly disappointing season, upon which the final points tally and results table, bares ample evidence.

Tries:- Tom West 10, Lewis and Cashnella 8, Meister 4, T B Timmins, W C Dainton, and F Russell 2 each, G Parfitt, A E Cleall, J Prosser, E J Hodges, J Hobbs, G Parsons, F Smith and W Ford 1 each.

Only eight tries were converted:- E J Hodges 4, J Prosser, T West, T B Timmins and C Brown 1 each.

No drop goal, penalty goal, or goal from a mark was credited, in a whole season!



Full Backs:- G Parfitt 8, J Prosser 7, L C Keir 7, C Brown 3, E F Gooding 2, F Smith, S W Crisp, P J Cooling, D Applegate, G Parsons, and A E Harris once each.

Three-quarters:- H R Lewis 31, R Meister 22, F Smith 20, T West 15, W C Dainton 5,  J T Timmins 4, J Prosser 4, G Parfitt 4, E F Simpkins 3, H B Logan, G Parsons, C Brown, and S W Crisp 2, RC Thomas, J Pullen, T M Saunders, J Olds, P J Cooling, E Y Bate, G Wheeler, E Williams, D G Francis, Llewellyn Edwards, W Venning, P Cox, W Rixson, J Bushnell, and F Cashnella once each.

Halves:- F Russell 19, W Curtis 16, T West 10, R Meister 6, W Treleaven 4, A E Cleall 3, A Brinkworth 2, J Bushnell 2, P Cox, F Phipps, R A Gibbs, and T Padfield once each.

Forwards:- T B Timmins 31, F J Cashnella 30, W Watts 25, J Hobbs 25, E J Hodges 23, J Bushnell 17, W K Adkin 14, J Prosser 13, E Williams 11, G Perry 9, C Wyer 8, H Trew 5, C Brown 5, L Hatherill 5, V Biss 3, W Fletcher, G Parfitt, C Hales, A Baverstock, S Bristow 2, A F Marshman, R J H Hulbert, A Hiscox, A J Clark, A J Rowe, P J Cooling, Hewer, Francis, Jones, Sully, J B Wakefield, W Ford, G Wheeler, R Loader, and Youde once each.

In all, 70 individual players were utilised for First XV matches.



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