1883 to 1884

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale

There appears to have been no regular reporter at these early games. As with Junior Rugby, it was up to the team officials to send in their results and match reports in time for the print deadline. The Bath Argus contained frequent reminders to this effect.

Consequently, there are reporting gaps.




v Gloucester, Home.



v Weston-super –Mare, Away, Lost. By nine goals, 2 tries and 6 touches to one touch down.

Bath:- Hodgson (back), W Brabazon, Protheroe, and W Walker (three-quarter backs), G Helps and Glass, half back, D’Aguilar, Barrett, Sillery, Vachell, Harrison, Orme, and Butler – forwards.

“Bath played two men short, and though they played an extremely plucky game were quite overmatched – the Weston players being in wonderfully fine form. Bath won the toss and kicked off, for the first five minutes keeping their opponents in their own 25, until a fine run by Sid Smith took the ball into the visitors’ territory where, from some loose play, in which Walker played well for Bath, Wansbrough got possession and passing to Sid Smith enabled that player to gain the first try, which Banwell converted into a goal. After the kick off, H Paterson, Sully, and Warner showed good form, and Dyer making a good dribble passed to Minchin, who got behind, and Banwell once more scored a goal. Some good play by Sully and D Helps followed, and a good run by Bartley was stopped by Hodgson and a good rush by Dyer aused Bath to touchdown. The ball, on being kicked out by Glass, was caught by R Duckworth, who running clear through his opponents, scored another try, Banwell being again successful in his shot at goal. Some good play followed, in which Warner, J Banwell, and Dyer were conspicuous, and Bartley, getting hold, dropped an exceptionally fine goal. Brabazon, D’Aguilar and G Helps now strove hard to turn the tide of affairs, and took the ball into the Weston 25, and a good rush by Walker and Protheroe caused Weston to touch down. Some very fine dribbling by H Smith and Warner, Dyer and Minchin brought about half time.

On the ball being restarted, some good forward play took place, Minchin again scoring for Weston, and Banwell once more kicked a goal. A good run by Duckworth was put an end to by Hodgson, and a bit of good play by Dyer, Helps, and Wansborough enabled the latter to gain a try, Banwell this time failing with his attempt.

Tries by Dyer, S Smith (2), Bartley, and Warner followed, and at the call of time the game stood as above stated.

For Bath, Walker, Protheroe, and G Helps, Glass, Hodgson, and D’Aguilar did their utmost to avert defeat.”



v Widcombe Institute, Home, Won by a goal and two touches down to a try and two touches down. An exciting and closely fought game. Bath team: G B Hodson, C E Greenway, E A Everett, W Brabazon, A Bagshawe, G C Helps (Capt.), Captain D’Aguilar R.E., C C Sillery, P Menzies, E Broadhurst, T Vachell, E Sants, A Glass, W Brinkworth and H Harrison.



v Westbury Park, Away.



v Westbury Park, Home.



v United Banks played on Lambridge Meadows (Thursday) Banks won by two goals to one goal and two tries (One disputed). Bath tries from Cunninghame, Baggs and Moneypenny, Messrs Walker, Greenway and Glass also doing good service.

Team: O’Donoghue (back), Walker, Greenway, Glass (3 threequarters), Moneypenny, Baggs (half), Cunninghame (Capt.), D’Aguilar, Brinkley, Vachell, Brinkworth, Buller, Harrison, Hall and Foord (forwards).



v Bridgwater, Home. A very fast and well contested game ended with a draw.

Bath team:- W Harrison, Moneypenny, F Glass, J Trask, G Helps, J Hoskins, Capt. D’Aguilar, A R Cunninghame (captain), W Brinkley, W Mitchell, H Huntingdon, A Woodham, J Vachell, P Menzies and A Butler.



v Oldfield Park, Home.



v Bristol Medicals at Clifton, Bath won by a goal, a disputed goal, and a try, to three tries. Tries from Walker (2) and Hodgson. Stringfield, Hamilton and Woodham played well for Bath.

Team: E Jones, W A Walker (Capt.), Moneypenny, G B Hodson, J Foord, F Glass, A Butler, F Chandler, F China, J Cox, J Coombes, W Hamilton, W Harrison, J Stringfield and W Woodham



v Gloucester, Home. Lost by 5 goals and 12 tries to nil.



v Bridgwater – Bath travelled up with only twelve players, but three stand-ins were obtained among the spectators. “The game was a very fast one, and the passing of the Bath backs was remarkably good. Eventually, after a very even struggle, Bath scored a win by a disputed goal to a try.” Team: F Chandler, B Hodson, J E Trask, C W Trask, G Helps, J Foord, W Woodham, J A Cox, A M Butler, F Glass, E Broadhurst, A F Williams, and three others.



v Weston-Super-Mare, Home. Lost by 2 tries and 2 touch downs to nil. The play was fast and exciting. Early play near the Bath line was cleared after good work from Cunninghame, Vincent, Menzies and D’Aguilar. The first of Weston’s tries came after some very pretty passing by the Duckworths, F R Smith and Hastie. Further good passing by brothers W and F Duckworth were rewarded by a try for the latter, but Bartley failed to major. Much of the lay took place on the centre ground with Hodson, Simmonds, Vincent, Cunningham, D’Aguilar and Menzies playing splendidly for Bath



v Widcombe Institute, Home. Won. 1 goal and 3 tries and several minor points to nil.



v Clifton, Home. Won 3 goals and 2 tries and several minor points to 1 minor.

Only 11 Clifton players turned up, another one was recruited from the spectators, but they remained 3 short throughout.



v Oldfield Park, Home.



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 2 goals and 6 tries and one touchdown to nil.



v Bath United Banks, Away. Lost by 1 try and 1 touch down to nil. This was the return match played at Bathwick meadows. “Both sides were in good form and played up well, the Bank’s forwards in particular. Ashford kicked the ball, and following it up closely, succeeded in gaining a try before the call of half-time, but failed to convert it into a goal. The Banks kept the ball well in their opponents’ territory, despite the plucky attempts of the Bath backs to break through and at the call of half time had the ball close to the Bath touch line. The second half of the game was contested wholly in the territory of Bath, who defended their ground well, but were unable to act on the offensive; indeed, the services of the Bank’s back were not called into requisition once owing to the excellent play of Ashford, Crowden, Rodway, Adams, and King. For Bath, Swabey, Ford, Mansell and Broadhurst, played well.”



v Bristol Medicals, Home.



v Clifton, Away.


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