1891 to 1892

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




TRIAL MATCH held on Kensington Meadows.

The opposing XV’s were designated Backs v Forwards.

Backs:- Crouch (Back), W Pattinson, G L Strachan, B H Vincent, E C Rogerson (three-quarter-backs),

M W Dixon and W R Mackay (half-backs), W Dawson, G Bryar, W A Coles, W Smith, F J Batt and W Marsden.

Forwards:- A D Ford (back), R A Dobbin, P A Dykes, H Luckman (three-quarter backs), G G Vincent and

H Hancock (half-backs), F Soane (Captain), F Derrick, G Hardcastle, A Waller, R T Dykes, Thompson and

C H Melsome (forwards)

Both teams looked a little rusty and it was Melsome, an ‘Association’ man, who scored the first try of the season

The ‘Backs’ won by two goals and two tries (14) to four tries and one penalty goal (11). Soane, Pattinson, Dixon, the Vincents, Hancock, Thompson and Mackay were prominent.



v Taunton, Home. Won 10-2. Team:- A D Ford (back), G L Strachan, W Pattinson, T C Rogerson (three-quarter backs), W R Mackay and M W Dixon (half-backs), W E Thompson, B H Vincent, F Derrick,

W A Coles, F Soane, V Soane, C Banks, F China, and E C Rogerson (forwards).

Play was an hour late due to trains delay. “Bath kicked off, and it was not long before Pattinson showed himself to be in his old form, and put in some useful runs. Following up one of these, G.G. Vincent took the ball close up to the Taunton goal line in the far corner, and Soane, always on the alert, rushed the ball over and falling upon it secured the first try. It appeared to be almost impossible to obtain a goal, but Vincent succeeded in putting the oval neatly over the cross bar, and the five points were registered amid loud applause. Strachan, Vincent, and Pattinson put in some conspicuous work, and Dixon, who played a magnificent game throughout, was always where he was wanted, and by smartly passing the ball to the three-quarter backs when it rolled out of the scrums rendered valuable aid. Erratic passing and mistakes on the part of Banks compelled the home club to touch down twice in self defence, and shortly afterwards the visitors also had to save. Just before half time a rush by Taunton forwards resulted in a try being obtained by Fowler, but Haslam’s kick proved a failure. Soon after resuming Taunton secured a place for offside and though a penalty goal looked inevitable the kick did not score. Close forward play near the touchline on the river side occupied considerable time and once or twice the visitors were dangerously near getting in. Pattinson, however, got away with a dashing run and the leather was taken into the Taunton 25. Here Vincent got possession and obtained a try which he converted into a goal. Nothing further was scored and Bath won a capital match by ten points to two. Of the Bath team F Soane, Vincent, Rogerson and China, were most conspicuous amongst the forwards, Dixon and Mackay were sure half-backs, the former as we have mentioned before being invaluable. Of the three-quarters Pattinson and Strachan were the best though Rogerson did well; Banks is hardly fitted for the position. Ford proved a fairly good full back.”



v Clifton (Oakfield), Home. Won 11-0. (1 goal and 3 tries to nil). Team:- A D Ford, D G Astley,

G L Strachan, W Pattinson, P A Dykes, M W Dixon, W R Mackay, F Soane, V Soane, E C Rogerson, R Dykes,

W C Thompson, F China, L Loy and B I Vincent. A capital game despite the slippery ground conditions.

Strachan obtained an early try, followed by Frank Soane after a forward dribble. (Bath 4 –0 at half time)

In the second half Strachan ran in from 50 yards for a converted try, followed by Vincent. Clifton rallied towards the close, but: “the Bath backs were too well on the alert…”



v Cardiff (2nd XV), Away. Lost 5-16. Team:- A D Ford, W Pattinson, P A Dykes, G L Strachan,

M W Dixon, W R Mackay, F Soane, E C Rogerson, B H Vincent, D G Astley, J W Hooper, F Derrick, W A Coles, W E Thompson and L Loy. Cardiff won by two goals and three tries to one goal. The Cardiff ground was in very bad condition, with some areas under water. In the heavy conditions, Bath were at some disadvantage against lighter and more skilful opponents. Cardiff scored three tries in the first 25 minutes, but Bath rallied and contained play in the home quarter. From the restart, Bath managed to hold the lively Cardiff outfit, until they got around full-back Ford for a converted try. Shortly afterwards, Pattinson picked up smartly and with a fine run, secured a try for Bath, for Vincent to convert. Cardiff scored another second-half goal.

Soane, Vincent and Coles were outstanding in the forwards, and Pattinson was Bath’s best back.



v Swindon Rangers, Home. Won 20-0. (Two goals, five tries). Team:- A D Ford, W Pattinson,

W R Mackay, G L Strachan, F A Dykes, J Miller, G G Vincent, F Soane, J Timmins, L Loy, F China, J W Hooper, F A Coles, E C Rogerson, and B H Vincent. Tries by Vincent, Pattinson (2), Strachan, Mackay, Dykes and Rogerson. Swindon were outmatched and spent most of the game on the defensive.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Won 20-0. Team:- Ford, Strachan, Pattinson, Ashley, Mackay, Dixon, Parham, Soane, Rogerson, Coles, Alexander, Hooper, Thompson, Vincent and China.

Another one-sided first half: Bath scored following a free kick. After lemons, Bath scored a second after loose Weston play and again two minutes later for a try which was goaled. “The visitors, continuing to play pluckily and dextrously, in a short space of time again increased their score with a try, which, however, was not improved upon. Strachan, for the visitors, distinguished himself by dropping a goal, and just before the call of time, after some unique passing by the Bath men, another goal was added to the score.”



v Bath College, Away. Won 14-2. (2 goals and 2 tries to a try) Selected Team:- Ford, Coningham, Astley, Pattinson, Mackay, T Parham, Dixon, V Soane, China, Alexander, Vincent, Coles, Rogerson, Hooper and Thompson. Astley had a splendid game and Tommy Pareham made some of his typical dodgy runs. The College boys put up a creditable performance. (Dykes actually played, but it was not recorded who dropped out.)

In fact, Dykes scored an early try, but Vincent failed with the kick. “The College re-started, and Pattinson picked up in mid-field, but was collared. Mackay scored (secured), however, and passed to Vincent, who crossed the line. The kick was a difficult one, and the attempt to convert was unsuccessful. Play was then of a very give and take nature, until the College dribbled away from a scrum in mid-field, and Bernard got in. Taylor failed to secure the major point. Bath then pressed and the College touched down. The game still continued most exciting, but the College cleared their lines several times in succession capitally, and nothing further was scored until half-time, the teams changing ends with Bath leading by 4 points to 2. Upon resuming, Vincent got in, and kicking the goal as well, put his side 7 points ahead. From this point, however, the collegians played with re-doubled energy, tackling grandly, passing well, and giving Ford plenty of work to do. The Bath men, being much heavier than their opponents, were considerably handicapped by the state of the ground, but ultimately Astley broke away from a scrum in mid-field, and again got in, Vincent converting.”

“Just before the close of the match Mackay received an injury to his knee, and was assisted from the field. The collegians played well throughout, Ford doing especially well at half-back.”


On the same afternoon, The Hermitage School beat Bath 2nd XV 40-0. Bath played two men short.

Bateman scored five tries for the school, who fielded an outstanding XV, several of whom were, or were to become, Bath players: Swabey (Captain), Bateman, Perreau, Strachan, Fanshawe, B Bateman, Robinson, Dufton, Carey, Rogers, D’Aguilar, Graham, Applegate, Muster and Northey.



v Widcombe Institute on Claverton Down. Won 42-0. (6 goals and 6 tries)

Bath Team:- A D Ford, W Pattinson, G L Strachan, A Perreau, T N Parham, G G Vincent, F Soane, J W Hooper, F China, T Alexander, E C Rogerson, J L Fry, G Bryar, B H Vincent, and H G Sheldon.

The Institute XV:- J Fry, A Canning, C Crouch, W England, C Banks, A Turvey, J Ascott, J Gibbs (Captain),

H Lavis, T Hancock, H Uphill, W Lane, C Williams, E Dyke, G Trobridge and J Ruddick.

The Bath three-quarter backs had a field day.

Bath tries were secured by Strachan (4), B H Vincent (3), Perreau, Pattinson, Parham, China and Soane. Widcombe’s Crouch and Williams were injured during the play, and the Institute were considerably weakened by their absence.



v Clifton, Oakfield, Away. Won 7-0. (a goal, a try and 3 minors to nil (1 minor).) Team:- Ford, G L Strachan, Pattinson, Burt, Clarke, G G Vincent, Bryar, E C Rogerson, V Soane, W A Coles, L J Fry, F China,

J W Hooper, Fletcher and L Loy.

Bath sent a weakened side to Clifton, where the ground was in very bad condition; play was largely confined to the forwards. Oakfield had slightly better of the early exchanges, but there were no first-half points. “On changing over Bath began to press, and after several attempts Pattinson, with a dodgy run, scored behind the posts, Strachan converting. Shortly afterwards Pattinson again got in, but no goal resulting…”



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Cancelled as Weston were unable to raise a team.


Clifton telegraphed to say they could not raise a team.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 0-27. Team:- A D Ford, W Pattinson, T C Rogerson, G L Strachan, J MacTier, M W Dixon, T N Parham, E C Rogerson, J W Hooper, T Alexander, W A Coles, F China, Derrick, R H Lloyd and V Soane. Frank Soane was playing for South v North, England Trial.

There was a large concourse to watch a particularly strong Bristol side. The encounter was of an “exceedingly fast description.” They were said to have provided the finest exhibition of three-quarter play seen in the West of England. Bath played a good, but uphill game, in which Pattinson, Strachan, MacTier were prominent.



v Cardiff cancelled due to frost.



v Bridgwater, Away. Won 19-0. Team: F Swabey, Strachan, Perreau, Dobbin, McTier, M W Dixon,

G G Vincent, F Soane, B H Vincent, E G Rogerson, E Dixon, China, Kemble, Doveton and Barnes.

On a dull day, and short of several first choice players, Bath had easily the best of the game, winning by three goals and two tries to nil. Actual scorers not recorded.



Bath provided three representatives for the Somerset v Yorkshire clash, in Strachan, Vincent and Soane. Bath felt that they would particularly miss Soane, for their proposed fixture with Clifton: “If Soane does one thing more than another, he keeps his men well together, and never relaxes a single effort until the game is finished, which, as every football player knows, are valuable qualities in a captain’s composition.”

Bath v Clifton. Selected team:-F Swabey, W Pattinson, J MacTier, T C Rogerson, B Hodge, T N Parham, G G Vincent, E C Rogerson, F China, E C Barnes, T Alexander, J H Doveton, J L Fry, S Carey and W A Coles.

This game appears to have been cancelled.



v Bristol, Away at Kingswood. Lost 7-10. Team:- F Swabey, Pattinson, T C Rogerson, A Perreau, Strachan, Parham, Vincent, F Soane, E C Rogerson, J W Hooper, A W Ford, F China, T Alexander, W A Coles, and C E Barnes.

Bath tries by Ford and Pattinson, with one converted by Strachan. Bristol tries by Lockyer and Flowers, converted by Ashford.

Bath were leading at the close of the game, but the referee allowed extra time, and in those additional minutes Bristol won. Bath appealed that the pass to Ashford was forward – but it was all to no avail!



v Cheltenham at Henrietta Park. Bath won this first encounter by 2 goals and 6 tries, 22 points to a try, 2 points. It was the first fixture between these two clubs.

Team: Pinch, B H Vincent, Pattinson, Helps, Clarke, G G Vincent, T Parham, F Soane, (Capt.) Coles, Fry,

R Dykes, P Dykes, T B Timmins, Melsome and Roberts.

“The ground was heavy and slippery and on the whole the match cannot be described as exciting. For only a brief period-in the first half- was Bath hardly pressed and then Cheltenham brought the attack to a successful issue with a try obtained by Bennett, but Cooke failed to convert. For Bath Pattinson got in twice, Soane twice, Parham, B H Vincent, G G Vincent and Fry once each. The play was remarkable for repeated exhibitions of clever passing on the part of the Bath backs who had matters pretty much their own way. The try by G Vincent was particularly popular as he has played capitally in several matches, B H Vincent converted one of the goals and Pattinson the other.”



v Swindon Rangers, Away. Drawn 5-5. Team:-E B Peacock, W Pattinson, G G Strachan, T N Parham,

Smith, C H Melsome, F Soane, C Rogerson, J W Hooper, T Alexander, F China, Tope, A D Ford and another.

Far and away Bath’s weakest side of the season, and played one man short. Parham scored the try and Strachan converted.



v Highbridge, Home. Won 37-0. Team:- A D Ford, Pattinson, Walker, Mackay, Parham, Miller, F and V Soane, Rogerson, Hooper, Alexander, China, Coles, Melsome, and Doveton.

A large company of spectators visited Kensington Meadows to see Bath overwhelm their visitors.

“Walker eventually got hold of the leather, and with a smart run secured the first try for the home team. F Soane failed to convert. Parham again grounded the ball, which was splendidly placed by Miller. Parham was soon behind the posts again, but the try was not converted. From an admirable pass by Pattinson, another point was recorded by the home captain, and splendidly placed by Millard. At the call of half-time, Bath led by 2 goals, 3 tries.

Play being resumed, the visitors became weaker than ever and very rarely crossed the centre line. The home team, however, continued with renewed vigour, and succeeded during the second portion of the game and adding 8 extra tries and another goal thus winning by 3 goals and 11 tries to nil. Bath, who were strongly represented, played an admirable game throughout, and their passing was excellent.”



v Taunton, Away. Won 10-5 ( 2 goals to 1) Team:- F Swabey, W Pattinson, Bateman, A Perreau, G L Strachan, T N Parham, W M Dixon, F Soane, E C Rogerson, F China, W A Coles, J W Hooper, T Alexander,

C H Melsome and Carey. In a well contested match, Bath obtained tries from Tommy Parham and Frank Soane.



v Hermitage, (Not included in Official Fixtures) Home. Lost 2-7 Team:- A. N. Other, W Pattinson, T Miller, T M Parham, W M Dixon, F and V Soane, E C Rogerson, J W Hooper, T Alexander, F China, W A Coles and P Walker.



v Highbridge, Away. Won 19-2.Team:- Swabey, Strachan, Perreau, Waterman, Fanshawe, Parham,, Dixon, F Soane, B H Vincent, Rogerson, Alexander, China, Coles, Carey and Doveton.

G G Vincent, Strachan and Parham shared Bath’s tries.



v Widcombe Institute. Home. Won 19-0. Team:- Swabey, Doveton (senior), Perreau, B H Vincent, Pattinson, Parham, G G Vincent, Carey, Rogerson, Hooper, Coles, China, Alexander, C Doveton and Melsome.

Played at Kensington in front of a large company of spectators: “For some time the game was very even, neither side scoring, but after Pattinson obtained a try for Bath and B H Vincent converted, the Widcombe men fell off somewhat in their play, though they still stubbornly fought their opponents. The match resulted in a win for Bath by 19 points (three goals and two tries to nil).

Parham obtained three tries, B H Vincent one and Pattinson one. Widcombe several times looked like scoring, and once took the ball over the Bath goal line as a result of a capital run by Canning, but the referee upheld an objection on the ground of “off side.” The Widcombe forwards played with plenty of vigour and often forced the Bath ‘pack,’ but they lacked pace in their backs. The tackling of the visitors was very good. Bath played the team announced with the exception of Strachan and Soane, whose places were taken by Doveton se., and Carey.”



v Cardiff Rangers, Home. Won 18-2.Team:- Swabey, Strachan, Pattinson, Perreau, B H Vincent,

G G Vincent, T N Parham, F Soane, Alexander, Coles, Carey, Melsome, C Doveton, W Downton and Hooper. Tries by Parham (2), G G Vincent, B H Vincent, Soane and Pattinson.

The visitors were the first to score with a try by Wilding. “Cardiff did not hold the advantage long for the home team soon secured a series of tries. Pattinson got behind from a pass out and after an ineffectual attempt at goal by Strachan, Pattinson nearly went over the Cardiff line again, and Soane succeeded in scoring a try. Parham and the Vincents also got in and in one instance a goal was obtained, Bath leading at half-time by a goal and four tries to a try. Upon resuming the visitors played up with more determination and for a considerable period were within the home 25. Just before call of time, however, the ball was worked down in close proximity to the visitors’ goal and Parham getting possession slipped in between the posts. A goal resulted, Bath thus winning by two goals and four tries to a try.”



Bath concluded a very successful season, as out of 26 matches arranged 18 were played, 14 won, 3 lost. 1 drawn; the three lost being with Cardiff once and Bristol, the draw taking place v Swindon Rangers (return). The Club scored 38 goals (one dropped), 49 tries, and 285 points as against 9 goals, 14 tries, and 73 points. The following obtained the tries: G L Strachan and W Pattinson 13 each, B H Vincent 12, F Soane and T N Parham 10 each, E C Rogerson 5,

D C Anstley, V Soane and G G Vincent 3 each, W A Walker, T C Rogerson and

R A Dobbin 2 each, F Bateman, S Carey, J Miller, W R Mackay, A Perreau, A W Ford, F China and C H Melsome 1 each; total 86 tries. G L Strachan dropped the goal and placed 24 goals out of 50 attempts. B H Vincent 10 out of 21 attempts, F Soane 2,

J W Cooper 1 and the other 3: total, 38 goals (one dropped). The average number of points scored in each match was 15.



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