1966 to 1967

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




Bath finished 24th and last in the overall English/Welsh table, and 14th in the English table. However, this season was a milestone in Club development. The Sibley and Hall combination were evolving a handling game, with a more open style of play. There was more continuity in selection, and a general improvement in performance.



v Zummerzet Barbarians, Home. Won 25-8. Team:- A Gay, J Donovan, B Fry, P C Sibley (2T), J Cousins (2T), Bryn Jenkins (C, P), J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, D Gay, R Orledge (T), T Martland (T), G W Hines (C), P R Hall.

.A Good opener, but heavy rain made the ball difficult to handle. Despite this, there were encouraging signs of Bath’s ability to move the ball at speed, and create chances out of meagre opportunities. In contrast, the pack would have to improve their performances, when they came up against sturdier opposition. There were good individual performances from the forwards with a back row of Martland, Hall and newcomer Hines.

Full back, Allen Gay, seemed to have lengthened his touch kicking ability, with close season practice.

Sibley’s determination to play positive, flowing rugby, was very much in evidence.



v Llanelli, Away. Lost 0-14. Team:- A Gay, J Donovan, B Fry, P C Sibley, J Cousins, B Jenkins, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, D Gay, R Orledge, T Martland, G W Hines and P R Hall.

In an ill-tempered game, Bath were well and truly beaten at Stradey Park. After sustaining 20 minutes unrelenting pressure, Bath’s misery was compounded with the loss of Fry with a shoulder dislocation. After this, the visitors seemed unable to mount any serious challenge to the rampaging ‘Scarlets.’ “Nonetheless Bath’s front row of Parfitt, Collins and Peter Jenkins came out with much credit, and it spoke well of them all, not least Hines and Hall in the back row, that Llanelli did not get much time to think.

For Bath’s back division, however, it was frustrating afternoon, spent mainly on defence, for it was seldom that they got the ball where it did them much good.

Their fate was mainly one of chasing and tackling, and this they did well, not least fly-half Bryn Jenkins, and full-back Allen Gay, who nonetheless, was not quite as safe as usual.” (BATH CHRONICLE)



v Broughton Park, Home. Lost 3-6. Team:- A Gay, J Donovan, B Jenkins, P C Sibley (T), J Cousins, V Williams, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, D Gay, R Orledge, T Martland, G W Hines and P R Hall.

A rather featureless game, for Bath’s giant winger John Cousins; he probably did not realise that it was his 100th game for the 1st XV. Pete Parfitt was just 15 games short of his personal tally of 300! Sibley got the solitary Bath try. Another early set-back served to highlight inherent weaknesses. Sibley was anxious to generate positive football, but there was a lack of drive up front, which was hindering quick possession.

Bath needed fast mobile forwards, but at the same time needed to balance this with solid scrummaging. Heindorff was shortly to be recalled, which would allow David Gay to pursue his career at number 8.



v Leicester, Away. Won 14-8. Team:- A Gay, P C Sibley, R Stevenson, B Jenkins, J Cousins, V Williams, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, P Heindorff, R Orledge, F C Hicks, G W Hines and P R Hall.

A superb performance up front, particularly the back row of Hicks, Hines and Hall, coupled with brilliant flashes from outside-half Vaughan Williams. Bath gained all their points in the first half, with an early penalty from Jenkins; tries flowing from Sibley, from 40 yards, then Bryn Jenkins with a try converted by Williams, and another spectacular effort from Sibley. Competent teamwork produced an unexpectedly comfortable away victory.


Bill Carling, who was a regular member of the Bath side a couple of years previously, had lately been stationed at Maindy Barracks, Cardiff and had appeared at prop, in the Cardiff R.F.C. team sheet.



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Won 13-6. Team:-_A Gay, P C Sibley, R Stevenson, B Jenkins, J Cousins, V Williams, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, P Heindorff, R Orledge, F C Hicks, G W Hines, and P R Hall. Tries by Sibley, Galley and Hines, with Jenkins converting two.

“With Thursday’s brawl with Weston vividly in mind, it is perhaps pleasing to note that cases where players are sent off don’t happen very often on the Recreation Ground.

When Weston’s John Coulston was given his marching orders, he was the first for many years in a first class match. The last time? No-one seems to know for sure, but it could have been that famous occasion in the 1920’s when London Welsh captain Michael was sent off, and his team went off with him.

Thursday’s game, however, was a very bad example of what can often happen when one team sets out to spoil at all costs – and invariably does when Bath meet Weston.

The players cannot have enjoyed it, spectators certainly did not, and one must ask whether there is any point in fixtures being maintained.”

Bath’s Vaughan Williams was carried off following foul play, and was to be out of action for some time.



v Ebbw Vale, Away. Lost 8-24. Team:- A Gay, P C Sibley, R Stevenson, B Jenkins, J E Cousins, J Thomas, J M Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, F C Hicks, G W Hines and P R Hall. Bath could not match the home side’s speedy and inventive play. Their hosts held forward dominance, and it proved somewhat foolhardy for Bath to throw the ball about after a sluggish heel, or slow availability from a line out. Bath invited this crushing defeat, by failing to build up forward supremacy in any phase of play. Peter Parfitt and his men had experienced better days!

Bath replied with a goal and a try. John Cousins scored his third try of the season. It was a day when Peter Sibley’s declared aspiration for fluent handling play, was not appropriate to the strength, style and spoiling ability of the opposition.



v Clifton, Away. Won 19-3. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, T D Martland (T, P, 2C), D Taylor, J E Cousins (T), J Thomas (2T), J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, F Hicks, G W Hines and P R Hall.

Perhaps Bath were bent on playing in the fast and open fashion espoused by Peter Sibley. In the event, they over-elaborated, and put on a lack-lustre and careless display. There was a plentiful supply of ball, but the back row of Hicks, Hines and Hall, did not combine well. Lack of decisive teamwork in the forwards put Galley into some difficulty and in turn, the whole of the back division seemed to stutter, and dropped passes were numerous. Martland’s 15th minute try opened the scoring, but it was 3-3 at half time. There had been a catalogue of missed opportunities from Jenkins, Hicks, Orledge, Hines, Thomas and even, skipper Sibley. Bath picked up in the second half, although there were ill-tempered incidents amongst the forwards. Tom Martland’s versatility was tested, as he was tried out at centre. As usual – he got amongst the points! Martland’s all round talents were too good to be wasted in second team football.



v St. Mary’s Hospital, Home. Won 15-13. Team:- A F Gay, J Donovan, R Stevenson, T Martland, J Cousins, J Thomas, J M Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge (T), P Heindorff, F Hicks, G W Hines and P R Hall.

Bath led by a goal to nil at half time, but a second half fight back by St. Mary’s, made for a close run thing by full time. In fact, Bath found themselves behind ten minutes from the end. Bath were without Sibley, who was suffering from torn ligaments, and in the absence of Phil Hall, Pete Parfitt led the pack. Bath’s early goal came when Fred Hicks pounced on a defensive fumble for Martland to convert.

St. Mary’s looked dangerous with ball in hand, and Bath had a double reverse within a two minute interval, as the visitors scored two converted tries. However, they managed to fight back and from a loose maul Stevenson grounded between the posts for Martland to level the scores. Level terms did not last long, as visiting fly-half Fletcher crowned a lengthy handling movement, with a smartly taken drop-goal. Bath stepped up the pressure, Heindorff charged down a kick, and Orledge was in with a third Bath try. Martland clinched the game with conversion. Martland’s kicking prowess was impressive.



v Bridgwater, Away. Won 21-6. Team:- D F Dolman, W Davidson, R Stevenson, T Martland, J Cousins, J Thomas, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, F Hicks, G W Hines and P R Hall.

Match was Floodlit. Referee’s name was Sq. Ldr. M V Black (Northants)

Tom Martland was certainly making an impact since his restoration to the 1st XV. In three games he had amassed 25 points – all but three of them kicks. In all, he had 28 points to his credit in six games. They could not afford to leave him out! Scorers:- Tries by Hall, Cousins and Heindorff. Three conversions Martland, and penalties by Hicks and Martland. Bridgwater replied with two penalties. An all-round polished performance produced a convincing win. Thomas dictated terms, holding the back division together in a fine performance outside-half performance. Davidson showed promise on one wing, and Dolman ‘had his moments’ on the other.

“Taking a firm grip from the start, they quickly built up a commanding lead, faltered for a while against a good Bridgwater forward revival, but then regained their momentum to pile up the points.”



v Aberavon, Home. Lost 11-18. Team:- A Gay, W Davidson, R Stevenson, T Martland, J Cousins, J Thomas, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, F Hicks, G W Hines, P R Hall (Captain).                                                                                                                                           Bath were 11-6 up at the interval, and then their scoring stopped. From thereon, Aberavon gradually overhauled the home team, with a commanding half-back performance from Gareth Thomas and Locke. A barging offence had let in Hicks with a penalty. Later, a strong run by Cousins brought play close to their opponents’ line, and an untidy tap-back allowed Phil Hall to pounce on the ball for a try. Hicks added the extras. Cousins scored Bath’s second try after Jack Thomas had punted over the defending three-quarters; Stevenson continued the race for the line and his kick ahead left Cousins to win the sprint to the corner.



v Newbridge, Away. Drawn 16-16. Team:- A Gay, J Donovan (T), P Hillyard, R Stevenson, J Cousins, J Thomas, J Galley (T), P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, T Martland (P, 2C), G W Hines (T), and P R Hall.                                                                                                             Bath were without Sibley, who had a foot injury. In the first half, Bath were outrun and outthought by the speedy Usk-siders, and trailed 3-11at the changeover. The second period, brought better fortune. After some unlucky misses: “Another fine burst by Thomas split the Newbridge defence, and after Hall had forced his way to within a yard of the line, the ball came back neatly for Martland to send Donovan over for an easy try, which was not improved.”

Newbridge came back with a converted try.

“Bath staged a grandstand revival near the end and were rewarded a try by Hines, which came from a mistake by the home fly-half, after which Martland converted.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 3-6. Team:- A Gay, P Sibley, G Mobley, R Stevenson (T), J Cousins, J Thomas, J Galley, P Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, T Martland, D Gay and P R Hall.

Bristol team:- R W Hosen, J V Coles, J Glover, A D Watson, M R Collins, A T Nicholls, B W Redwood, A J Rogers, J V Pullin, B A Dovey, D J Watt, B Nelmes, T E Base, D M Rollitt and N R Mayne.

In a typically dour struggle; scoring was completed in the first half, with Collin’s try and a Roger Hosen penalty for Bristol, in response to Bob Stevenson’s eleventh minute try for Bath.. Roger Hosen loomed large in this game, frequently sending Bath back on their heels, with a dominating kicking performance. Hosen repeatedly foiled Bath’s tactic of high kicks ahead. On the one occasion that he fumbled – there was adequate cover at hand for Bristol to clear the line.



v Devonport Services, Home. Won 24-8. Team:- D F Dolman, P C Sibley, R Stevenson, J E Cousins (T), J A Thomas (2T), M Lloyd, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, D A Lewis, T D Martland (3C), G W Hines (T), P R Hall (2T).

Much of the early game was played out in mid-field, with neither side in the ascendancy. Then Martland and Hines moved the play into the visitors’ half. Further pressure brought a try for Phil Hall from Lloyds ‘up and under.’ Next, Cousins, and then Thomas, were in for Martland to convert both. Bath were 13-5 up at half time. Then good forward work brought a try for Hall, converted by Martland, and unconverted tries from Thomas and Hines. Both forwards and backs, had plenty of opportunity to show their paces, with Bath very much in control.



v Bridgend, Away. Lost 0-21. Team:- A F Gay, I Duckworth, G Mobley, R Stevenson, P Hillyard, J Thomas, M Lloyd, P J K Parfitt, B Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R Orledge, T D Martland, G W Hines and P R Hall.

Bath were given a lesson in handling skills and were rarely in the picture. However, Thomas had showed early promise with a good touch finding kick, taking Bath into the Bridgend half. However, the opportunity was squandered by poor handling in midfield.

Bath defence held out for the first quarter, and then Morgan was over for the first of Bridgend’s five tries, three of which were converted by Bradshaw. “But for the good hooking of Collins, who had now taken three heels against the head, Bath might have been in worse trouble still. They now looked a well beaten side, which had been literally run off its feet by the home threequarters.” (BATH CHRONICLE)



v Neath, Home. Played at Norwood, as Rec. was under flood. Lost 5-19. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, J Donovan (T), G Mobley, I F Duckworth, J Thomas, J Galley, P J K Parfitt, B Collins, P Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R Orledge, W Lye, D Gay and T D Martland (C)


Strong pack lays foundation for dominance.

A sizeable crowd had transhipped to Norwood to see Bath take on unbeaten Neath. An offside decision gifted the visitors a Hodgson penalty within five minutes. Allen Gay was obliged to stand up manfully to several Neath forays. Ten minutes later, a long throw to the lineout caught Bath totally unawares and fly half Evans raced through to score. Hodgson converted. Two Neath tries followed, Ball and Morris storming over for unconverted tries. Loosing 0-14 at half time, Bath were beginning to disintegrate. “Allen Gay did contrive one more fine save, and staunch forward play helped to turn the tide for a while.

Orledge’s lineout work was a good feature of an otherwise sub-standard Bath display.

Neath continued to play fine football, switching the ball dangerously and almost scoring several times.”

“In a decisive second half, Neath forwards were soon hounding Bath again. This time the defence was solid. Bath, in fact, had fought back well, and after Mobley had failed with a penalty, Martland tried to force his way through. Neath found Bath forwards hard to subdue, and their efforts deserved a score.”

Mobley failed with another penalty attempt.

“They were not to be denied though, for after a fine footrush by D Gay and Lye, Donovan dived between the posts for Martland to convert.”

Bath continued their spirited performance, but two minutes from the end, Reed outpaced the Bath cover to score a try, which Hodgson converted.

Upon reflection, it seemed a rather flattering margin of victory.


v Saracens, Home. Won 6-0. Team:- D Dolman, P C Sibley, J Donovan, F C Hicks, I Duckworth (2T), J Thomas, J Galley, P J K Parfitt, B Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R Orledge, W Lye, G Hines, P R Hall.

Bath beat a poor Saracens side, but generally speaking their handling was almost as bad as their visitors. However, the new winger, Ian Duckworth excelled. A former Royal Marine Officer, he came to Bath having played for Combined Services. His speed and ability to find an opening was soon apparent, and he scored tries in each half. Pete Parfitt was unlucky to have a try denied after a great effort. Bath had an off day with their kicking attempts. Saracens rallied in the second half, but were kept off the Bath line “…. When David Dolman, Bath’s deputy full-back, brought off some remarkable fielding feats and kicked almost three-quarters the length of the field.”



v Pontypool, Away. Won 3-0. Team:- D Dolman, P C Sibley, J Donovan, F C Hicks, I Duckworth, G Mobley, J Galley, P J K Parfitt, B Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R Orledge, T D Martland, G W Hines, P R Hall (T)

Just the one try, scrappy and full of mistakes- but nonetheless an historic win – seven years a’coming! Thomas was out with laryngitis, so Gordon Mobley stepped up from the United. Play commenced on this dismal afternoon; Mobley tried a drop at goal. Both scrum halves kicked for territory, with the result that play tended to settle midfield, with little significant progress. The occasional scoring chance was wasted by bad handling, until Hall got the only score of the match. Both Dolman and Galley played well in defence, and coped well when Pontypool put in a number of high kicks. Duckworth made a number of threatening runs, and Hall, Hines and Orledge were always in the thick of the action.



v United Services (Portsmouth), Home. Won 14-0. Team:- D J Taylor, P C Sibley (T), P Hillyard, B Fry, I F Duckworth (T, C), J A Thomas, M Lloyd (T), P J K Parfitt, C W E Buckle, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, D A Lewis, T D Martland (T), G W Hines and P R Hall. Peter Parfitt’s 300th game and Bath’s third win in a row on the Rec. It was Parfitt who led the team on to the field, through a line up, sportingly provided by the United Services side, and it was Pete Parfitt’s break from the line-out, that sent in Tom Martland for an early try. Sibley wriggled over for the second, closely followed by Duckworth, with a spectacular run, starting in the Bath 25. Thus, a demoralised Services side changed ends 0-9 down.

“With four minutes top go, Bath scored their fourth try following an interception on halfway by Sibley, who sprinted up the middle of the field and then kicked ahead.

Gibson had the ball covered but was swamped by a mass of attackers, and the ball rolled out on to the Bath side for Lloyd to dive over the line, and Duckworth added the first conversion of the afternoon.” (BATH CHRONICLE)



v London Scottish, Away. Lost 9-10. Team:- D Dolman, P C Sibley, P Hillyard, B Fry, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, C W E Buckle, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, D A Lewis, T D Martland, D J Gay, P R Hall.                                                                                                                        Tries by Duckworth and David Gay, Duckworth kicking a penalty. It was a game thrown away for lack of a place kicker!

As in recent games: “To see a whole succession of relatively simple penalty and conversion kicks ‘fluffed’ has been as irritating for the spectators as it has been morale-destroying for the players themselves.”



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 11-16. Team:- D F Dolman, I F Duckworth (T), P A R Hillyard (2T), B J Fry, P S Sibley, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, J S Parsons, R J Orledge, T D Martland (C), D J Gay and P R Hall.

Bath were actually leading 11-5 at half time, following a try by Hillyard, converted by Martland, a smart opportunist try from Duckworth, and a second try for Hillyard. Thereon, a sound performance from Gloucester full back Ainge managed to keep Bath pinned down for long periods. In the second half, Gloucester’s Booth was well placed for a drop at goal, and then drew level with a penalty. After a number of near misses, Bath seemed to have accepted that it would be a drawn game. Then disaster, in the shape of Gloucester centre Pitt, who cut through for Ainge to convert. Bath could consider themselves somewhat unlucky, particularly as there had been so many promising passing movements, which just fell short of a score. The Bath pack were not lacking in avoirdupois. Bob Orledge was no lightweight, but John Parsons was weighing in at 19 stone 8 lbs.!



v London Irish, Home. Won 14-6. Team:- D F Dolman, P C Sibley, P A R Hillyard, B J Fry, I F Duckworth(T), J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, C W E Buckle, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, J S Parsons(T), T D Martland(C), D J Gay and P R Hall(2T).

Both the visitors’ tries in the first half (0-6) and all four Bath tries and a conversion in the second half! (14-6) The Bath pack staged a revival early in the second half, and David Gay was just short in his surge for the line. Then, following two missed penalties, it was Hall who fielded a cross-kick for the first try. A very few minutes later, Sibley joined a break from half-way, set up an overlap and sent Duckworth on a 40 yard gallop to score in the corner. Martland added the points with a fine touchline kick. “With Buckle now complete master in the scrums and Orledge hardly less so in the line-out, the Irish were very much on the receiving end, but covered well in the face of repeated threequarter attacks.

The pressure told in the end though, and when a clearance kick by Cunningham went astray, Parsons picked up and bulldozed over from 15 yards.” It was all one way at the end and Hall got a second try.


v Rugby, Home. Won 17-6.

The first of the festive rugby, with the Bath pack in dominating mood. Collins won the hooking dual, Orledge cleaned up in the line-out, and the back row trio of Hall, Hicks and Martland dominated the loose play. Hillyard opened the scoring with a try in the fifteenth minute, followed by Hicks and Duckworth by half time. In the second spell, Rugby’s fortune revived briefly with Taylor’s penalty, then: “An electrifying burst by Williams led to Duckworth scoring his second, which Williams converted, and finally Sibley finished off a glorious combined move with another try.” Near the finish, Rugby narrowed the margin with a push-over try.



v Old Blues, Home. Won 30-3.

Bath threw the ball about with such gay abandon, that they may have missed as many points as they scored! Robson and Parsons made up the numbers for the Old Boys, Parsons being particularly prominent. Despite an indifferent service from Lloyd, Williams had a superb game, opening up the game at will. Martland opened the scoring spree after 15 minutes, for Williams to convert. Further Bath tries followed from Cousins, Heindorff, Hillyard, Lloyd (2) and Martland (2). Williams converted once more, and Dolman added points to Hillyard’s try.



v Northampton, Away. Lost 6-11. Team:- D Dolman, I F Duckworth, V Williams, B Fry, P C Sibley, J Thomas, J M Galley, C Hughes, B Collins, P S Jenkins, R Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland, F C Hicks and P R Hall.                                                                                                                      Vaughan Williams scored two unconverted tries; a couple of conversions would have, at least, brought us close!

Unfortunately, the best goal kicker in the Club, Gordon Mobley, was unable to hold a 1st XV place.



v London Welsh, Home. Lost 13-20. Team:- G Mobley, J E Cousins, P Hillyard, B Fry, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P B H Heindorff, R J Orledge, W Lye, F C Hicks and P R Hall (Capt.).                                                                                                                        All the London Welsh three-quarters scored a try. A penalty try was awarded to Bath – a rarity in those days. Duckworth scored his ninth try in 11 games. Unfortunately, he sustained a shoulder injury which was to keep him sidelined for nearly a month. Mobley looked after the conversions and a penalty.

JOHN STEVENS WROTE: “This was rugby football at its best, and the fine crowd that watched the match in spite of counter attractions, went away very satisfied with their choice. They saw five beautifully executed tries, a penalty try which might well be described as resulting from another fine movement, and some grand place-kicking which resulted in seven successful kicks out of eight attempts, the sole failure being a kick from the touchline, which dropped a foot or so to the right of the posts.”



Rugby’s one-time long haired, self styled beatnik yesterday launched an attack on the British game-from his new home in France.

Twenty-six-year old scrum half Jeremy Spencer-he won a cap for England against Wales at Twickenham last season-is now teaching at a school on the Basque coast and playing for the local side St.-Jean-de-Luz.

Says Spencer: “Rugby is played far more seriously in France, because clubs are in a league and there is something at stake every weekend. The British play for prestige.

In France too, team spirit is far better- and there’s a big difference between English and French Rugby when the play is tough.

English players are hypocrites. When thy punch you in the face, they say sorry.”

Spencer has certainly made the grade in France. Critics regard him as second only to Jean Lasserre among the French scrum halves.

Spencer’s remarks are unlikely to get him into trouble with England’s Rugby authorities.

About returning home he says: “To hell with playing for glory in England. I like my life here, and I wouldn’t leave for anything in the world.”




This encounter certainly needs recording in the annals of Bath History. Bath’s David Dolman played at full-back, and saved a certain try with a flying tackle on right winger Moore. He described the match as “a great experience.” Geoff Frankcom, then a Bedford player, was at centre and played well. The Counties won by a try and two penalty goals to nothing. (9-0) It was the Australians’ tenth defeat of their tour. Nevertheless, it was an outstanding result from a mixture of Gloucestershire and Somerset players. Capaldi got the try and Hopson kicked two penalties.



v R.A.F.  Home. Won 6-5. Team:- D F Dolman, P C Sibley (T), B J Fry,, J R Donovan, J E Cousins, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland, D J Gay (T) and P R Hall.

Bath, without Hillyard and Duckworth, played with a lack of drive and discipline and wasted several opportunities. On the credit side, Collins took eight heels against the head, and Orledge, Jenkins and Hall showed well in general play. Elsewhere, some of the backs looked out of touch and ponderous, despite solid performances from Galley and Thomas. The Services side got on top with a converted try, and it was into the second half before Bath’s scores materialised. “The first from a significant heel against the head, saw Donovan make a half-break which Fry carried on and though Sibley on the right had to pick up off his boots he did so cleanly and spirited away to score.

A few minutes later Thomas did much the same, again Donovan carried on to just short of the line where Gay only partially redeemed an otherwise patchy performance by swallow diving over when he could have gone round behind the posts.” Both conversions were missed from comparatively easy positions. Bath had made hard work of it.



v Metropolitan Police, Home. Lost 18-21. Team:- D Dolman, J E Cousins, P Hillyard, B Fry, P C Sibley, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland, D J Gay and P R Hall.

The boys from the Met turned the scales on their hosts in the final quarter. Bath led at half time with three unconverted tries, scored by Hall, Cousins and again, Hall. The Police had countered with a converted try, after several lively movements. (Half-time 9-5)

In the second half Sibley scored a fine try in the corner, after Dolman had fielded a wayward clearance kick. Hillyard was on target with two penalties. However, Met Police snatched victory with two tries, one converted and a penalty. Pete Heindorff was deputed to take on the pack leadership from Peter Parfitt: “Bath’s aim, clearly, is to find a stern and respected disciplinarian who can sum up a tactical situation on the spur of the moment and deploy his resources accordingly.”



v St. Mary’s Hospital, Away. Won 20-0. Team:- D F Dolman, P Sibley, P Hillyard, J Donovan, J Cousins, J Thomas, J Galley, C Hughes, B Collins, P Jenkins, R Orledge, P Heindorff, T Martland, D Gay and P Hall.

Bath’s heavier outfit stood up well, to complete the ‘double’ against the lighter medical students in very muddy conditions. In a clean sweep, the Bath scorers were:- tries: Hall (2), Sibley, and Cousins (2). Hillyard converted one and scored a penalty. Bath’s forwards responded well to Heindorff’s leadership, and their power in all departments was too much for St. Mary’s.



v Rosslyn Park. Away. Won 8-6. Team:- G F Mobley, P C Sibley, J R Donovan, P A R Hillyard, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P S Jenkins, B J Collins, P J K Parfitt, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland, D J Gay, and P R Hall.

Bath nearly lost this one as the forward effort subsided. The saviour was Ian Duckworth, who made a remarkable try-saving tackle. Two minutes from time, left wing Tolhurst appeared to be clear away: “….but they reckoned without Duckworth, who having started half-way to the other side of the field, showed an amazing burst of acceleration which ended in a block-busting tackle which mowed down Tolhurst and shook the ball from his grasp three yards from the try-line.” Donovan and Sibley got the tries and Mobley converted one of them.



v Gloucester, Away. Won 19-4. Team:- G Mobley, P C Sibley, J Donovan, P A Hillyard, I Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, J S Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland, D J Gay and P R Hall.                                                                                                                  Bath tries by Hillyard, and Duckworth (2), with Mobley converting 2 and adding 2 penalties.


“Here was a classic example of where safety-first tactics can get one. Gloucester played unambiguously and got nowhere. Bath were always trying something new or to move the ball about. In the end Bath ran them off their feet – a fact which was borne out by various national newspaper reports. How long is it, I Wonder, since everyone unanimously agreed that Bath were cleverer and faster outside the scrum?

Sibley has every reason to feel more than satisfied. His cheerful optimism that in time, his methods would pay off, have been more than adequately fulfilled.”



v Cheltenham, Away. Won 9-6. Team:- R Goff, P C Sibley, J Donovan, P A R Hillyard, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland, D J Gay, P R Hall.

Roger Goff, R.A.F. Lyneham, made an unexpected debut at full-back, after previous appearances for the ‘A’s. There was news that Allen Gay was coming back to form after injury, and was running out with the ‘A’s this day. David Gay scored the try, and Paddy Hillyard 2 penalties. Notably, Bath had won four away games in a row.



v Wasps, Home. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Mobley, P C Sibley, J Donovan, P A R Hillyard, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland, D J Gay and W K Lye.

A solitary, scrambled try was enough to scupper Bath two minutes from no-side. In appalling conditions, Wasps just about deserved their victory, as a reflection on their more committed forward effort. Despite the conditions, Gordon Mobley and his opposite number Parsons, distinguished themselves as last lines of defence, as the ball started slippery and progressed to slippery and heavy. David Gay started a good kick and chase, but Parsons did well to save his side. At the end, forward

J Blewitt belied his name and scored the winning try for Wasps.



v Leicester, Away. Lost 3-11. Team:- G Mobley, P C Sibley, J Donovan, P A R Hillyard, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland (T), D J Gay and W K C Lye.

Martland got Bath’s first try when he  stole around on the blind side, but the lead was negated fifteen minutes later when Raine burst over for the Tigers. Thereon, Bath’s adjusted target was holding on for the draw and they almost succeeded. Just five minutes from the end, Bath were without full back Mobley, who had gone off with suspected concussion. In the event, it turned out that he had fractured his jaw. It was almost the last straw in the full-back department. Bath had started the season with three capable full-backs, and had now lost the services of Mobley and Dolman, and Allen Gay was only just working his way back from injury. Also, back row ‘affluence’ had turned to relative poverty, with Fred Hicks (hand trouble), newcomer Keith Richardson (chipped bone), and Phil Hall (damaged shoulder), all out of consideration.

Now back to the game: “But then Leicester at last slipped into gear with a devastating move started near half-way with a blind-side break by scrum half Allen.

He found Matthews up in support who, after interpassing with Brownhill, cross-kicked to the Bath 25 where Berry picked up smartly and finally Bedgood just managed to force his way over

Allen converted, and seconds later kicked a simple penalty goal for off-side to ensure that the home supporters went home.”



v Bristol, Home. Lost 6-24. Team:- R Goff, P C Sibley, P A R Hillyard (T, P), J Donovan, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, R K Weiss, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, J S Parsons, T D Martland, D J Gay and W K C Lye.

Another game where Bath scored the first try and lost the game. Galley was forced to cry-off, as he was committed to referee a school Hockey match. Weiss came in as substitute scrum half. From the start, Bristol swarmed into the attack, and Bath were hard pressed to keep them at bay. Bristol’s Nelmes figured prominently in the early play. Almost on the half – hour, Bath combined well: “It began when Duckworth burst through on the open side of a scrum and an orthodox move in mid-field. A clearance kick was charged down, Martland moved the ball from a loose ruck and suddenly Bath’s threequarters were clear with an overlap. The ball slipped quickly to Sibley who went down the right to Colston, who then gave an inside pass to Hillyard, who scored a fine try which he could not convert.”

Bath were 3-0 up at the interval and Hillyard added three more from a second half penalty. Bristol then struck back with tries by Collins, Tyler (2), and Rollitt (2). Redwood converted three and dropped a neat goal. Bristol’s superior staying power had seen them through.



v Moseley, Away. Lost 9-19. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, P A R Hillyard, J R Donovan, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, H J Orledge, T D Martland, D J Gay and P R Hall.

This game again highlighted Bath’s need for a consistent goal kicker. Bath matched Moseley try for try, but failed miserably with kicking opportunities. Oh for a Sam Doble! He contributed 13 of Moseley’s points. Collins had won several strikes against the head and David Gay and Hall had worked well from the back of the line-out. Jim Galley enjoyed one of his best games of the season: “His threequarters contrived all manner of changes of direction and dummies, with Hillyard running resourcefully. Duckworth looking as dangerous as ever with his sudden sorties into the middle and Sibley side-stepping through gamely.”

It was a break by Galley which sent Thomas in for Bath’s first unconverted try. Doble put paid to Bath’s euphoria when the Bath front row failed to bind to the Ref’s satisfaction. On half time Hale showed his impressive speed for Moseley’s first try, which was converted by Doble. At the restart Hillyard landed a penalty and Bath seemed to be in with a chance: “But not for long, Doble had soon completed his hat-trick of penalties when a centre strayed offside.” Almost immediately afterwards they added a rather lucky try by Hale, when Sibley fumbled a pass. Doble converted. Bath kept plugging away and were rewarded when Martland touched down wide out. By then, Doble had done the damage.



v Harlequins, Home. Lost 5-13. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, J R Donovan, P A R Hillyard, I F Duckworth, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B Heindorff, T D Martland, D J Gay and P R Hall.

Harlequins started two men short, but Bath were unable to press home any advantage, and allowed themselves to be bogged down by six courageous Quins forwards. Wrench and Yeabsley arrived with the score standing at 5-5. (Collins try, converted by Hillyard) Then Hiller gathered a wayward Bath clearance and cross-kicked to Coker, who flew in for the touch down, for Hiller to convert. Bath forwards were in all sorts of trouble with the Harlequins eight, and the line came under heavy pressure. At this stage Allen Gay was the lynch- pin in Bath’s defensive system, with an impeccable performance. Irritatingly, Bath wasted their few attacking opportunities, with indiscipline in the Quins 25. Duckworth, a potential match winner, was neglected out on the wing. To the end, Bath’s pressure came to nought and their misery was compounded when Hiller went in for a blind-side try.



v Liverpool, Home. Won 11-6. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, J R Donovan, P A R Hillyard, (T, C) I F Duckworth (T), W Davidson, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland (T), D J Gay and P R Hall.

Strangely inconsistent in their pattern of play, Bath piled on all the points in the first half, and played indifferently for the rest of the game. The first try had the Bath faithfuls on their feet: “The ball went to Martland, who set off on a breathtaking run down the touchline and, with the defence waiting for him to pass, dived over himself for a fine try.” Later Donovan made the break, transferred to Hillyard and smoothly on to Duckworth, who tore over in the left corner. Heindorff, and the back row, initiated some dangerous forays. Then Hillyard charged down a kick, swerved past the full back, scored and converted his own try. At this stage Martland was having a particularly fine game. Then, a setback as Galley left the field with a gashed head. He resumed at the re-start, with his head swathed in bandages.

Parfitt was caught barging in the line-out and Lynch kicked a 40 yard penalty. This heralded a Liverpool revival, and it was the battle-scarred Galley, who bore the brunt of their aggression. He was knocked out at the feet of oncoming forwards and Martland deputised at scrum half. Galley later returned – this time, with a scrum cap added to his bandage. The Bath pack stood up to a period of sustained pressure, and isolated break-outs almost brought tries. Scurfield scored a late penalty for Liverpool, but Bath held on, battered, bruised and exhausted.

Tom Martland had an outstanding game, frequently spearheading attacks and it was totally fitting that he should score the opening try. He later initiated another break to send in Duckworth, for Hillyard to convert.



v Old Merchant Taylors, Home. Won 25-0.

It was wholly appropriate that Peter Sibley was able to score Bath’s 100th try of the season. He had done so much to encourage a positive approach, and the team spirit was on an all time high under his leadership. It was Clive Buckles’ 4th appearance for this particular season, but his 100th senior appearance for the Club. David Dolman made a welcome re-appearance at full-back. It was his first game since damaging his knee in January. Bath fielded seven reserves, but were still too strong for their Easter Monday visitors. Orledge opened the scoring when he peeled away from a line-out and Hillyard converted. Next, Russell ran determinedly to send in Duckworth in the left corner. Duckworth was on the score sheet again, taking a quick tap down from the front of a line out. Next, Sibley began a glorious move, involving Russell and Martland for Hillyard to touch down. After a fairly quiet period, Dolman came into the line to send in Sibley for the Club’s 100th try of the season.

“Lye and Gay, bursting away from a line-out, inter-passed neatly before the former scored for Hillyard to convert.

And finally Duckworth completed his hat trick with another devastating piece of acceleration after picking up a loose ball some 30 yards out.”



v Sheffield, Home. Won 14-9. Team:- A F Gay, J R Monahan, P A R Hillyard, J R Donovan, I F Duckworth, W Davidson, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, J D Monahan, P B Heindorff, D A Lewis, W K C Lye, F C Hicks and P R Hall.

Peter Jenkins was rested for this minor game, and a chance given to Jamie Monahan, the young Cambridge University forward. Unfortunately, Ian Duckworth sustained a hairline fracture to the jaw, and was unlikely to add to his try count this season. Bath made hard work of it and were trailing 0-6 at half time. They enjoyed plenty of possession, but for 40 frustrating minutes everything had gone wrong. Forward dominance had been negated by abysmal handling in the back division; Galley and Davidson had a less than harmonious partnership at half-back. Bath were “all at sea,” as the opposition were lying up so effectively, that Hillyard, Donovan and Co., were getting man and ball together. Sheffield’s lively young forwards roamed at will, buoyed up by a score after only eight minutes.

Bath, with 20 times the chances, threw them away shamefully. Wall added a drop goal to Bennison’s earlier try.

Bath pulled themselves together and Hillyard landed a penalty 10 minutes from the re-start. Next, a heel against the head allowed Donovan to get away and feed a perfect pass to John Monahan, who ran in from the 25. Bath were revitalised and continued pressure was rewarded when Hillyard kicked a penalty. The Sheffield backs were tacking a battering and just reward came when Jamie Monahan charged down a clearance kick: “The back row drove through en bloc, tearing the defence to pieces, and it was Hicks who picked up to force his way over for the try converted by Hillyard.”

Herbertson got Sheffield’s consolation try late on.



v Sale. Away. Won 16-3. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, J Donovan, A Russell, J R Monahan (2T), J A Thomas (DG), J M Galley, Jamie Monahan, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B H Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland (2C), D J Gay (T) and P R Hall.

Bath backs had a plentiful supply of ball, and apart from Thomas’s drop goal, failed to capitalise on their possession. Just before the interval, Allen Gay left the field with a thigh injury, and this time, Martland deputised at full back. Gay later returned but was largely a passenger, and eventually was forced to withdraw from the game. (Half time 3-3) In the 55th minute, his brother David, grabbed the ball in a line-out and forced his way over for a try. Later, Hall intercepted and sent in Monahan for his first try, and near the finish, it was Monahan again, who beat three defenders to score in the corner. Bath fielded two sets of brothers in John and Jamie Monahan and Allen and David Gay.


News that Cheltenham wing-forward, Ian Holmes was joining Bath. In common with Phil Hall – he was a farmer.



v Llanelli, Home. Won 11-3. Team:- T D Martland (C), J R Monahan, B J Fry, J R Donovan, M Bull (T), J A Thomas, J M Galley (DG), P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge (T), W K C Lye, D J Gay and P R Hall.

Llanelli included the legendary Barry John, who generated much of their early play: “His beautifully controlled kicking and sudden weaving bursts often had the defence going the wrong way, and it seemed only a matter of time before Llanelli forged ahead.

Bath, however, covered and tackled tigerishly to block almost all John’s inspired moves, and then ensured that the vital flow of possession dried up altogether.

In the second half the home forwards really got to grips with themselves, and there was little that Llanelli could do about it.

Right from the start, Hall, Gay and Lye in the back row had torn around tidying up the loose ends and, after the interval, the gradual wearing down process paid dividends.

Collins asserted his complete authority with several heels against the head, and yet another side were bemused by Bath’s withdrawal tactics in the line-out.

Bath, though, did have to play a rather tighter game than usual in order to win, for neither Donovan nor Fry in the centre had the pace to force a break.” (BATH CHRONICLE)

The Bath half-back pairing performed well and Barry John’s forays were contained by excellent cover-tackling. It was almost half-time, before John was able to send in Robert Morgan for Llanelli’s only try. Ten minutes into the restart, John Monahan got away, cut inside and sent Orledge in under the posts, for Martland to convert. Then after sterling work amongst forwards, Jenkins, Heindorff and Orledge, Galley took a quick pick up and dropped a snap goal.

“Ten minutes from the end Bath made sure of victory with an absolutely textbook try, for which the initial credit went to Parfitt. He peeled away gloriously from a midfield line-out and linked up with Thomas, whose diagonal punt could not have been more perfectly placed behind the threequarters, and away from the full-back.

Young Michael Bull, the schoolboy international, playing his first game for the side, instead of the injured skipper Sibley, raced up, gathered neatly, and rounded Jenkins to score wide out.

That was the end for Llanelli, and they were lucky not to concede another score in the last minute when, once more, Parfitt thundered away from a line-out 30 yards out, and was brought down only inches short.” (BATH CHRONICLE)

The Rag Doll strip was expeditiously changed from Scarlet to Blue, White and Black!



v Stroud, Home. Won 24-3. Team:- T D Martland (T, 3C), P C Sibley, J R Donovan (T), C Miller, J R Monahan (2T), J A Thomas, J M Galley, J D Monahan, B J Collins, P J K Parfitt, J S Parsons, D A Lewis, F C Hicks (2T), D Gay and W K C Lye.

There was near parity in the scrums, but elsewhere, Stroud were outthought and outpaced. Martland, playing at fullback, opened up the score sheet after ten minutes. Next, Parfitt broke away to send away Hicks, who scored from 35 yards, after an excellent, dummying run. Then, a short penalty saw the ball moving along the line, to where John Monahan’s speed left the opposition standing. Stroud’s only response was a 35 yard penalty by Hillier. Donovan crashed over for another, following a line-out, and Martland obliged with the extra points. Hicks got over following a wheel, and finally Monahan chased his own kick ahead, to re-gather and chalk up his second try of the afternoon, which Martland converted.


“Biggest cheer during last night’s game between Bath and Stroud on the Recreation Ground was for the visitors’ full-back and captain Russell Hillier.

Midway through the second half, he gathered a kick ahead and tried to run up the field. Two Bath players closed on either side and tried to tackle, at the same time.

Hillier shook off both, found his touch-kick – but then discovered that he had lost his shorts which were ripped off in one piece. Another pair was hurriedly brought from the dressing room.”




v Exeter, Home. Won 14-3. Team:- T D Martland, D C Sibley, J R Donovan, A A Russell, J R Monahan, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, D J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge, F C Hicks, D J Gay P R Hall.

Bath’s 25th win of the season – but they made hard work of it! Martland scored a penalty in the first half, to match a try by Exeter’s Vinnicombe. Five minutes into the second half, Bath won a scrum just outside the Exeter 25. Gay’s attempted break-away was blocked, but he slipped the ball to Phil Hall, who promptly dropped a remarkable goal – his first in 200 appearances! In a by no means, one sided contest, tries eventually followed from Monahan and Thomas, with Martland converting one.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Won 11-5. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, G P Frankcom, C Miller, J Donovan, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B H Heindorff, T D Martland, D J Gay and P R Hall.

Letters were later received from Mr P Buckland and Life Member Arnold Ridley, complaining at the type of rugby played by Weston-super-Mare. After full discussion at Management on 19th April, it was resolved that all fixtures would be cancelled.

There was precious little seaside fun in this game: “It was a scrambling, ill-tempered encounter, typical of so many over the years between the two clubs, and afterwards Bath complained bitterly about Weston’s tactics.” Bath took exception to the spoiling tactics, interspersed with what they perceived as clear instances of late tackles. One ‘purple patch’ of ten minutes established an 11-point cushion and thereafter, Bath played with “an air of almost arrogant indifference.” Galley played the general throughout, and he initiated the first try for Martland. It was the 118th try of season and established a new club record. Galley did it again, minutes later, this time sending in Frankcom. Martland converted. The third try was not long in coming and this time it was Bob Orledge, who gathered a wayward drop-out and went like a bomb to score wide out. Weston came back with a converted try following uncharacteristic fumblings by Gay and Monahan. There was no ‘grand-stand’ finish, as the game subsided into an uninspiring scramble



v Combined Services, Guttersloh. Won 52-3.

On German Tour, Bath ran in 14 tries – all of them shared by three wingers! Monahan scored eight and Sibley five. John Cousins, normally a wing, was pressed into service in the second row, and got one try. Conversions by Frankcom, Davidson, Donovan, Monahan and Robson. “Bath’s pack laid the foundations for the runaway victory with a cohesive and fast moving display in support of their halves, Lloyd and Fry. The latter, in his first game at outside half proved an admirable link and his centres Frankcom and Donovan, given the ball on the burst, tore the defence to pieces, before setting up easy tries for their wings.

Most were spectacular efforts and particularly those of John Monahan whose pace was altogether too much for the opposition.”



v West Germany. Lost 5-9. Team:- A F Gay, Sibley, Donovan, Frankcom, Monahan, Thomas, Galley, Robson, Collins, Jamie Monahan, Parsons, Carter, W K C Lye, Heindorff and Hall..

Pete Heindorff played against the German side in Hanover. Both Monahan brothers played.

“Skipper Peter Sibley got Bath’s try which Niail Carter converted, but that apart they were unable to shake the close German marking and hard forward play.” Bath could have won, but failed to take their chances.



v Victoria Club of Hanover, Away. Won 9-3.

“The Victoria Club played hard, spoiling rugby reminiscent of Welsh valley football and so successfully that it looked like earning them a draw.

For most of the game the sides were level, Fuhrman having kicked a penalty for Victoria and Carter scored a try for Bath.

In the closing stages, however, the class of English international Geoff Frankcom won the day for Bath. Having been closely marked throughout, he made two splendid breaks.

Both led to tries, one by himself and the other by wing threequarter John Cousins.”


Bath had won two matches out of the three, and there was general agreement that German rugby had improved since their last encounter, on the Rec. in 1963.



v Coventry, Away. Lost 3-32. Team:-A F Gay, P C Sibley, C Miller, B J Fry, J E Cousins, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P S Jenkins, B J Collins, P J K Parfitt, D A Lewis, J S Parsons, T D Martland (T), D J Gay and P R Hall.                                                                                                                                                                               Played on a bone hard pitch, Bath had a bad day, and at times, nothing would go right. Coventry were ably led by P E Judd, and the home side played a man short, from ten minutes into the second half.

“This was now Bath’s heaviest defeat of the season by far, and yet for all their limitations and inexperience they kept trying and were rewarded with a consolation prize. Following a scrum on the left, a neat blind side move brought an unconverted try for Martland.” (BATH CHRONICLE)



A Bath XV 39, Bath Combination 3.

A plethora of tries served to reinforce the Club’s changing image. Peter Sibley’s side including only five regulars, gave a superb exhibition of handling skills, frequent changes of direction and splendid backing-up.



v Taunton, Home. Won 24-8. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, J R Donovan, B J Fry, R Abel, J A Thomas, J M Galley, P J K Parfitt, B J Collins, P S Jenkins, P B Heindorff, R J Orledge, T D Martland, F C Hicks and P R Hall.                                                                                                                                                                 Bath ended the home season with an exhibition of positive, attacking rugby, which had been the hallmark of Sibley’s captaincy. The pack was strong and well drilled up front. Heindorff and Orledge generated an enormous shove which made hooker Collins’s task an easy exercise. Phil Hall was terrier-like in the loose and Hicks had one of his best games. Outside, Bath were always trying something different. It was all too much for Taunton. Martland opened the scoring with a penalty taken from the right hand touchline and the first try followed from Hicks. Martland was equally impressive with the conversion kick – again from the touchline. It was his 100th point for the season. Taunton responded with a try by Robinson, which Beer converted. Again, Bath lapsed and Beer finished off a good run by Robinson. That proved to be Taunton’s final fling and Bath had further success with tries by Sibley, and finally, three by Donovan (two converted by Martland).



v Bedford, Away. Lost 6-9. Team:- A F Gay, P C Sibley, B J Fry, J R Donovan, J E Cousins, J A Thomas, M Lloyd, M Haskins, B J Collins, T S Jenkins, R J Orledge, P B Heindorff, K Richardson, F C Hicks and P R Hall.

Bath foundered at Goldington Road, largely, for want of a kicker. Oh! for a Gordon Drewett to keep up the points tally. Bedford’s Philbrook set Bath behind with two early penalties, but Allen Gay reduced the deficit with a penalty in the 15th minute. Play was littered with handling errors, aimless kicking and poor finishing. Later Gay was off target from an easy position, Hicks failed to find points from a touchline attempt, and both Frankcom and Hall had missed in drop-goal attempts. D P (Budge) Rogers was a continual thorn in the Bath flesh and then Frankcom, playing for Bedford, shook off a tackle by Cousins and sent Boult in at the corner. Bath revived in the closing minutes and after Donovan had made the initial break, Sibley scored an unconverted try. A fine run by Cousins brought no reward.



Collins 46, P Jenkins 45, Hall 43, Galley, Parfitt and Sibley 42, Heindorff and Orledge 41, Martland 40, Thomas 39, Donovan 28, D Gay 27, A Gay 24, Cousins, Duckworth and Hillyard 22, Fry 18, Hicks 18, Hines 16, Dolman and Lye 14, Mobley and Stevenson 10, Parsons 9, J R Monahan 8, B Jenkins, Lewis, Lloyd, J D Monahan and Williams 6, Davidson 5, Buckle and Frankcom 4, Miller, Robson and Russell 3, Goff, Carter, Hughes, Haskins, Taylor and Weiss 2, Bull, Abel and Richardson 1.

145 Try scorers were: Sibley 21, Duckworth 15, John Monahan 14, Cousins 13, Martland 12, Hall 11, Hillyard 8, Donovan 7, Hicks and Thomas 6, Orledge 5, Hines, D Gay 4, Frankcom, Galley, Heindorff, Lloyd, Stevenson and Williams 2, Bull, Carter, Collins, B Jenkins, Lye, and Parsons 1.

Penalty Try v London Welsh.

56 Conversions:- Martland 27, Hillyard 6, Mobley 5, B Jenkins and Williams 4, Carter, Davidson, Dolman, Donovan, Duckworth, Frankcom, Hicks, Hines, J D Monahan and Robson 1.

24 Penalties:- Hillyard 9, Martland 6, Mobley 5, B Jenkins and Williams 4, Carter, Davidson, Dolman, Donovan, Duckworth, Frankcom, Hicks, Hines, J D Monahan and Robson 1.

3 Drop Goals:- Galley, Hall and Thomas.

Tom Martland scored the most points – 105. Comprised of 12 tries, 27 conversions and 5 penalty goals. Peter Sibley was leading try-scorer with 21.

97 of the 145 tries were scored by backs.

The Selection Committee could claim considerable success, in keeping a consistent side together.

45 players were used in 50 matches, inevitably including a number of irregulars on the German Tour games. Significantly, 10 of the side played in more than three quarters of the matches.


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