1910 to 1911

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale


Bath first trial held at Beechen Cliff.

A Possibles v Probables arranged for the Horse Show Field. (Lambridge) Players changed at the Britannia Inn.

Probables: E C Hartell, R Ascott, Chadwick, W Lewis, F M Edwards, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, E S Cambridge, A Ford, St. Clair Johnston, Lieut. E H Nicholls, C L Donaldson, R Hamilton, J Carpenter, J Dainton.

Possibles: J Hall, J Olds, A Bishop, H Cross, Clark, F Dixon, H Vowles, L Hatherill, F Blackmore, G Chivers, Isaacs, Froude, T Day, T Head, Glyn Griffith, C Parsons, J Heitzmann, Dauncey, and Hughes.



v Cheltenham, Away. Lost 0-10. Team: F Dixon, R Ascott, G Johnson, S E Brooks, W Lewis, A Hatherill, W Fear, E S Cambridge, W H Thomas, G St. Clair Johnstone, G Donaldson, Lieut. E H Nicholls, R Hamilton, J Carpenter and J Dainton.

Team lacked leadership and it was felt that Thomas should pass more freely, as a certain try was lost, by his inability: “to hand out the leather.”

Bath started with a decided reverse, Cheltenham scoring a goal and a try in each half.



v Taunton Albion, Home. Won 16-0. Team: V Warren, A F Kitching, S E Brooks, G Johnson, R Ascott, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, E S Cambridge, A Ford, R Hamilton, J Carpenter, G Donaldson and E Nicholls.

A deserved victory, but the scrummaging effort left room for improvement.

“In the first half Hatherill scored a try which Brooks converted, and in the second moiety Hamilton scored for Brooks to majorise, while Fear and Kitching added unconverted tries.” “But there were too many men who seemed impressed with the idea that they alone could score, and it was not part of the programme to circulate the leather.”



v Penarth, Away. Lost 3-16.Team: J Olds, Ascott, W H Irving (Canton, Cardiff club) for S E Brooks*, Powell, Johnson, Fear, Hatherill, Cambridge, Thomas, St. Clair Johnstone, Hamilton, Dainton, Carpenter, Donaldson and Ford.

*S E Brooks hailed from Weston-super-Mare, and had attempted to catch the steamer direct to Penarth for the match. Unfortunately he missed the boat! Following this match, the captain ruled that, in future, all the team should travel together.

To add to their troubles, Bath felt they suffered from indifferent refereeing, Ascott falling on the ball for a good try, only to be brushed aside for a 25 drop-out. Two of Penarth’s tries were felt to be from offside positions, but all protestations fell on deaf ears. Overall, Bath were well and truly ‘whipped.’ Hamilton got the one try.



v Bristol University, Home. Won 40-0. Team: Warren, Stevens, Powell, Brooks, Hartell, Fear, Ascott, Ford, Hamilton, Carpenter, Thomas, Head, Burgess, Russell, Johnson. The University were quite outplayed, Bath running in 5 goals and 5 tries.

Tries were scored by Stevens (3), Brooks (2), Ford (2), Hamilton, Powell, and Burgess. Goals from Brooks (5).



v London Welsh, away, on Wandsworth Common. Lost 0-3. Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, J Johnson, S E Brooks, G W Powell, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, R Hamilton, E S Cambridge, G St. Clair Johnstone, J Carpenter, A Ford, J Dainton and B Hurst.

Bath gave a good account of themselves, in a bright open game, on a nice ground in splendid weather, and with a good referee.


BATH CHRONICLE: “Some of the Bath forwards were wondering if Jenkins did not break the laws of the game in wearing a leather helmet instead of the orthodox maul cap. It is all very well for a player to protect his bald head, but not to wear a hard covering that almost rubbed his opponents’ ears off.



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 29-0. Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, G W Powell, S E Brooks, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, W Fear, E S Cambridge, W H Thomas, B Hurst, A Ford, J Carpenter, F Cashnella, J Dainton, and J Heitzmann.

There was a quick supply of ball from the forwards, and brilliant three-quarter play bewildered the “Brickies” Tries:- Ascott and Brooks (2each), Hatherill, Powell, and Kitching. Brooks placed four goals.

Bath less than pleased to learn that St. Clair Johnston was picked to play for Bristol: “The relations between the Bath executive and Johnston have always been of the most pleasant and friendly description, and therefore it was rather surprising to get the first intimation from the ‘Times and Mirror’ that the Silver King was playing for Bristol this weekend.” A telephone enquiry then elicited the following message: “Shall not play Saturday; having a canter with Bristol.” Relationships were strained.



v Abertillery, Away. Lost 0-11. Selected Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, S Brooks, G W Powell, Evans, A Hatherill, W Fear, E S Cambridge, W H Thomas, R Hamilton, J Carpenter, J Dainton, B Hurst, J Heitzmann and T Head.

Bath took a disorganised back division to the Monmouthshire Champions, and took some comfort in keep the losing margin to 11 points. Bath were well beaten forward and on several occasions, pushed right off the ball, thus leaving the Abertillery scrum half free to circulate among his backs.

Nevertheless, Bath’s scrum-half – Fear, had a splendid game, harassing the opposing backs with good effect. His efforts did much to keep the score within reasonable bounds.



v Bridgwater Albion, Home. Lost 0-4. Team: Hartell, Ascott, Powell, Brooks, Kitching, Hatherill, Fear, Cambridge, Thomas, Carpenter, Hamilton, Hurst, Dainton, Ford and Cashnella.

‘Official’ opening of the new grandstand, attended by the Mayor and various dignitaries. The game was well supported, and it was a pity that the play did not rise to the occasion. Perhaps the comment at the time was: “ Bother the onlookers as long as we have a keen and good game.” There was plenty of hard tackling, but the forwards failed to win the ball and the backs had little chance to shine. There were several solo efforts but for certain players failing: “to part with the ball promptly.”

Cambridge went off with a knee injury which was to keep him out for the rest of the season, and to add to their woes, the County Selectors were present to witness their indifferent performance! Albion won by a drop goal to love.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 3-7. Selected Team: E C Hartell, A.N.OTHER, S E Brooks, G W Powell, G Johnson, A Hatherill, G A Spoors (ex Bristol), R Hamilton, J Carpenter, J Dainton, R Hurst, F J Cashnella, A Ford, T Head, and R G Griffith. Bath were depleted by County calls. W H Thomas gained his County Cap.

Bridgwater won by a hotly disputed ‘drop-goal.’ The ‘oval’ apparently missed as it sped past the left upright. The Bridgwater players were equally sure it had failed, and duly lined up on the 25 line……and no one was more surprised than the kicker when points were awarded. The referee’s decision was described as an ‘egregious blunder,’ and there were several post-match remarks as to his powers of perception!

Spoors scored Bath’s try.



v 1ST Battalion Somerset Light Infantry, stationed at Portland. Home. Won 25-0. Team: S E Brooks, R Ascott, G Johnson, G W Powell, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, W Hamilton, J Dainton, B Hurst, J Carpenter, F J Cashnella, A Ford and T Head.

Kitching scored wide out, but Brook’s kick failed to rise. A grand bout of passing followed and Hamilton went over unopposed. In the second half there was a brilliant move down the right wing, Kitching got away, handed to Powell and Cashnella, and then Kitching again only to be pulled up on their 25. Ascott gathered a loose ball magnificently, handing to the speedy Johnson to score. Hatherill then gaoled an Ascott try. Kitching scored again, which Hatherill gaoled then a dazzling run by Johnson to score under the posts. The final tally was 2 goals and 5 tries to nil.



v Clifton, Away. Lost 0-3. Selected Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, G Johnson, Gibson and A N OTHER, A Hatherill, G A Spoors, A Ford, R Hamilton, F Cashnella, B Hurst, J Carpenter, J Dainton, T Head and J Heitzmann.

County calls weakened Bath, who put up a sturdy fight. “Not scientific, but distinctly hard was the game. A match is generally harder when science is left out of it.” Curiously, Andy Hatherill crossed the Clifton line, but made no move to ground the ball. Most unfortunately, the Bath captain thought he had just crossed the 25!



v Stroud, Home. Won 13-0. Team: Hartell, Kitching, Brooks, Johnson, Ascott, Hatherill, Spoors, Dainton, Cashnella, Hurst, Heitzmann, Griffiths, Parsons, Carpenter and Hamilton. The locals were much too good for the Gloucestershire men. Tries by Kitching, Hamilton and Spoors, and a splendid drop-goal by Ascott.



v Penylan, Home. Won 9-6. Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, G Johnson, S E Brooks, G W Powell, A Hatherill, G A Spoors, F Cashnella, A Ford, B Hurst, R Hamilton, J Dainton, FJ Carpenter, G Griffith, E Trapnell. Bath had the better of the Welshmen on the Rec. Tries scored by Johnson, Hatherill and Spoors.



v Neath, Away. Lost 0-22. Selected Team: Hartell, Ascott, Johnson, Brooks, Powell, Hatherill, Fear, Hamilton, Hurst, Cashnella, Carpenter, Dainton, Donaldson, Trapnell and A N OTHER.

Bath fielded a strange side, as only ten selected players were finally available. The vacancies were enthusiastically made up from Penylan players. The hybrid team was duly beaten by two goals and four tries to nil.

Carpenter played his typically tough game: “When he laid low an ‘all-black’ forward, the exasperated Welshman said: ‘If you do that again you’ll not go home.’ The Bathonian knew what was meant, but smilingly replied: ‘ Do you mean to find me a job here then?” Ascott had an outstanding game, defending heroically.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 0-3. Played at Bristol owing to a flooded Recreation Ground. Bristol just got the verdict by one try to nil.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 3-9. Team: E C Hartell, R Ascott, S E Brooks, G Johnson, N H Coates, A Hatherill, W Fear, R Hamilton, J Carpenter, J Dainton, G Donaldson, B Hurst, F Cashnella, S Head and E Arnold. Played at Ashley Hill as the Rec. was flooded. At was agreed that Bath would take half of the net gate.

Bath’s G Donaldson had been penalised for ‘foot up’ in the scrum. It was alleged that he was impudent at referee Pollock’s decision. The Somerset Committee suspended Donaldson for just one match, as the offence was not regarded as serious. Ascott was the Bath try scorer. Bristol scored a try and two penalty goals.



v Mountain Ash, Home. Won 3-0. Bath were lucky to win a poor game, by a Penalty Try (F. Russell) to nil.



v London Welsh, Home. Won 8-3. “With the brothers Coates in partnership on the three-quarter line Bath had a fine side out, and won deservedly by a goal and a try to a try. The scorers were Norman Coates and Arnold, Hatherill placing the goal.”



v Leicestershire, Home. Drawn 6-6. Team:- Hartell, Dixon, Brooks, Johnston, Powell, Hatherill, George Spoors, Thomas, Hamilton, Arnold, Dainton, Carpenter, Cashnella, Hurst and Donaldson.

This was an unusual fixture against a county team not in the championship competition. Cashnella scored an early try after scrambling play. Hurst added a second. Bath were leading 6-3 at the change over, but the county side intercepted as Powell fumbled a poor pass. Flude snapped up the ball neatly and ran in near the posts to square the game.



v Stroud, Away. Lost 0-6. Team:- Hartell, Dixon, Brooks, Johnson, Burden, Hatherill, Fear, Hamilton, Thomas, Cashnella, Carpenter, Hurst, Donaldson, Head and Arnold. Bath took a weakened side to Stroud and gained some comfort in that their line was only crossed on one occasion. They lost by a try and a penalty.


Included a ‘Dissertation’ as to why the Stroud team were called ‘GOTHAMITES.’ “They had a reputation for roughness some years ago, and were, perhaps, a bit Gothic in their play.

But ‘Gothamite,’ according to the dictionary means ‘A person deficient in wisdom,’ and you would hardly expect its own friends and supporters to describe a team in this way. It don’t seem very complimentary on the face of it.

They certainly did not appear deficient in wisdom in their match with Bath last week.”



v Neath, Home. Lost 0-4. Team from:- E C Hartell, V Coates, N Coates, S E Brooks, H G Burder, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, R Hamilton,

F Cashnella, J Carpenter, A Ford, E Arnold, G Donaldson, B Hurst, and J C Dainton.

“A capital struggle resulted in a win for the Welshmen by one drop goal to nil.”



v Clifton, Home. Won 6-3. Selected Team:- Hartell, Ascott, Brooks, W Rumming, Powell, Hatherill, Fear, Thomas, Hamilton, Carpenter, Hurst, Dainton, Ford, Cashnella and E Hodges (Stotherts). Ascott and Hatherill scored Bath’s tries.

“As usual the Bath and Clifton match provided a splendid sporting game, and one in which the fortunes of the fray varied most pleasantly for the interests. The pace was too hot for combined play to be in the ascendant, but for pure exhilarating work it would take a great deal of beating.”



Match was to have been against Jesus College, Oxford. Their Hon. Secretary wrote to Bath advising that there were College regulations restricting the number of away games for each club per season, and they had already listed their full quota. The College suggested that Bath switch to visit Oxford, but this solution was not thought likely.

Thankfully, Penylan stepped into the breach.

Bath v Penylan, Home. Won 6-0. The selected team was:- Hartell, Powell, Brooks, Burder, Ascott, Hatherill, Fear, Thomas, Hamilton, Carpenter, Hurst, Dainton, Donaldson, Cashnella and Watts. Tries from Hatherill and Fear.



v Bridgwater Albion, Away. Lost 0-14. Team:- T Blanchard, A Blanchard, Brooks, Olds, Hall, Ascott, Spoors, Ford, Carpenter, Donaldson, Hurst, Russell, Parfitt, Harding and Cashnella. “Only a weak side made the journey, and were well beaten by 1 goal 3 tries to nil.”

“Fourteen points should not have been scored, for Bath were far better than the score indicates. The forwards did splendidly especially in the second half when they penned the Albion in but could not score. Ascott was easily the best of the halves and Spoors did well.”



v Abertillery, Home. Lost 0-6. Team:- E J Hodges, R Ascott, S E Brooks, G H Burder, J Johnson, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, A Ford, F J Cashnella, B Hurst, J Dainton, A Carpenter, H (Bert) Harding, and Fred Russell.

“Bath were again beaten, this time by 2 tries to nil.” “It was a good, hard game, of that there was no doubt. Play of the old-fashioned sort in the main, but plenty of incident, and much good tackling. There was, little in the shape of science, save on the Welshmens’ side.”

“What worried me was that so much energy on the Bath side was employed to so little purpose.”

“For Bath Hodges played resolutely at back, and his sang froid was commendable. The Club owe him a debt of gratitude for turning out in an unaccustomed position. Much of his kicking was well directed, and he saved the citadel well on at least three occasions.”

There were additional congratulations to Alby Hatherill, as he arrived in the dressing room. He had just married a Miss Sutton of Bathwick. – and he played on his wedding day!



v Clifton, Home. Won 11-6. Team:- A Warren, R Ascott, H Burder, C W Walwin (Gloucester Old Boys), A F Kitching, A Hatherill, W Fear, A Carpenter, F Cashnella, J Dainton, G Donaldson, W H Thomas, A Ford, L Hatherill and B Harding. Bath try scorers:- Kitching, Cashnella and Hatherill, with Hatherill placing one goal.

“It was a rare ding-dong for supremacy for three parts of the game. But in the closing stages the Cliftonians appeared to have shot their bolt, and they were certainly lucky not to have had at least another score on the debit side in the last five minutes.”

The Bath forwards “rallied like demons in the closing stages.”



v Old Edwardians, Away. Won 9-8. Selected Team:- G W Powell, A F Kitching, S E Brooks, H G Burder, R Ascott, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, A Ford, F Cashnella, R Hamilton, E J Hodges, J Carpenter, G Donaldson and J Dainton. Bath travelled to Birmingham one player short, and played one short throughout.

The Old Boys scored a goal and a try in the first twenty minutes, and Bath’s prospects looked poor. As the game progressed, the Bath forwards began to dominate. This was all the more remarkable as Bath were playing seven men in the pack. For much of the time Cashnella was operating as an extra back, thus reducing the scrum to six. The Old Boys were beaten “most conspicuously” in the loose rushes. “….. and for players who have graduated at a public school; their lack of ability in dribbling was remarkable.”

Ascott scored two of Bath’s tries, Cashnella one.



v Cheltenham, Home. Drawn 3-3. Team:- A Warren, J Johnson, S E Brooks, G W Burder, A F Kitching, W Fear, R Ascott, W H Thomas, F Cashnella, A Ford, H R Hamilton, A Carpenter, G Donaldson, S Head and L Hatherill. This was a disagreeable game. “Loo Hatherill, who came into the Bath team at the last moment, scored for the locals, and Talbot for the Garden City Brigade.”

Bath started one man short, until Hatherill stepped in for the absent Dainton. They were to be short again when Cashnella was sent off, along with Cheltenham player Cossens. Thereafter Bath missed his leadership.



v Pontypool, Home. Drawn 11-11. Team:- Warren, Kitching, Brooks, Burder, Ascott, Fear, A Hatherill, Thomas, Ford, Hodges, Dainton, Donaldson, Cashnella, Carpenter and L Hatherill.

Bath started one man short and during this period Cashnella “nipped over with a try.” Later: “Hatherill and Cashnella worked the short line-out wheeze, and sharp passing and sharp running saw Cashnella rattle in with another try.” Kitching got a third try and Hatherill converted one.

“Pontypool had a rare fright on their visit to Bath, and only equalised in the final move of the day with a doubtful try



v Lydney, Home. Won 9-3. Team:- A Warren, F Dixon, A F Kitching, C Walwin, A E Cleall, R Meister, R Ascott, Ford, Cashnella, Carpenter, Thomas, Dainton, Donaldson, E Hodges and Hatherill. Tries by Kitching and Donaldson, and Ascott kicked a penalty.


“In view, however, of the fact that Bath obtained a moral victory over Pontypool last week I went to the ‘Rec’ this afternoon with an always merry and bright sort of feeling presaging, I was sure, a glorious victory. But when en route the rain began to drench me, and the light began to gave out, my thoughts turned in other directions than football, but I persevered, and made one of the select attendance.”


Why Bath Won (A dissertation on the ‘tri-coloured ups.’)

“The value of forward play is ever being impressed upon me, and the older I grow the more certain do I become, that it is in that department that the dominating influence of the side lies. The possession of eight good lusty hardworking forwards is a prize every Rugby club must cherish; let the Bath Committee see to it that solid workers are preferred to the winging variety. That was the lesson of the Lydney match.”



v Bristol, Home. Won 13-0. Thursday, 6pm kick-off. It replaced the 17th December Home fixture, which was switched to Bristol due to Bath floods. Considering the biting wind and a snowstorm, the attendance was fairly large. An estimated 800 people paid for admission, in addition to Club members. Gate money totalled £18.

Bath Team:- Hartell, V Coates, N Coates, Brooks, Ascott, A Hatherill, Fear, Thomas, Carpenter, Cashnella, Ford, Hodges, Donaldson, L Hatherill and Russell.

Bristol Team:- Bateman, Pocock, Kingston, Ryall, Spoors, Wookey, Hall, Nott, Harris, Carey, Percy, Preddy, Bright, Jowett, and Meyer.

“Cashnella made a grand burst into the Bristol quarter. Here the ball was thrown out from touch to N Coates, who handed smartly to his brother, Vincent. The left wing made a splendid run; he shook off several men who attempted to tackle him, and scored. It was a fine try, and Brooks converted with a grand kick.”

Later: Norman Coates took and sent off his brother, who made a strong run. He was forced into touch, but got rid of the ball smartly to Thomas, who scored. Bath led 8-0 at the change over.

“Then V Coates made a brilliant run on the left, dodging and sprinting grandly. He tried to drop a goal when a few yards away, but the ball did not rise. He seemed to have a try at his mercy had he gone on. Bath were doing all the attacking, and one of the forwards seemed to be over, but the whistle had gone. Then the ball was passed to the left near the Bristol line, but went into touch before V Coated could gather it. But just after, Vincent Coates was over with another try, amid deafening cheers and Brooks goaled. Bristol had a fair share of the game after this. But Bath were attacking at the finish, and Hodges appeared to score in the corner, but the referee did not allow a try. The close of the game was contested in semi-darkness.”


“Vincent Coates was the hero of the match, and whatever else the Cantab. may do for Bath, and I trust his achievements may be many and brilliant, he will never do anything more popular with Bathonians than putting the winning spirit into the side as he did on Thursday.”



v Catford Bridge, (Kent Champions) Home. Won 23-3. Team:- J E B Heads (Kersal), R Ascott, R Meister, N R Wilkinson (Kersal), V Coates, W Fear, A Hatherill, W H Thomas, A Ford, G Donaldson, F Bright (Kersal), W H Dodds (Kersal), F Russell, A Carpenter and E J Hodges.

The scorers were V Coates (2), Ascott (2), Thomas, A Hatherill and Meister. Hodges placed one goal. “Pantlen scored for the visitors, who were actually ahead at the interval.”



v Penarth, Home. Won 12-0. Team:- Hartell, R Ascott, Stevens, Meister, Johnson, Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, A Ford, E J Hodges, J Dainton,

J Carpenter, G Donaldson, Bright and F J Cashnella.

To avoid a colour clash, Bath played in Oldfield Park jerseys. Ascott(2), Meister and Cashnella scored Bath’s tries.

This was a creditable wind up to the 1st team’s home matches. It was the best gate of the season, with over £38 being taken.



v Pontypool, Away. Lost 0-23. Team:- Warren, Hartell, Lewis, Holmes (Combe Down), Irving (Penarth), Bryant(Penarth), Ascott, Fear, Cashnella, Ford, Dainton, Carpenter, Harding, Watts and Jenkins (Pontypool). Bath relied upon several replacements to complete a makeshift side. It was little wonder they faced a heavy defeat by 1 gaol and 6 tries to nil.

“Now came a regrettable incident in the game. The Pool forwards were dashing down the field, and Hartell caught a sharp kick, and marked. But disregarding this a burly Welshman swung the little man over with such force, that he performed a double somersault. It was a dirty a bit of football as ever marred a match. Hartell was carried off by the ambulance men in an unconscious state, and took no further part in the game.”



v Taunton Albion, Away. Lost 3-9. Team:- A Warren, R Ascott, S Brooks, H Meister, G Johnson, A Hatherill, W Fear, W H Thomas, J Dainton, B Harding, B Hurst, T Harris, E Sutton, D Carpenter and England (Albion).

Bath were beaten by three tries to one, and played in a ‘lackadaisical manner.’

“………no one did anything brilliant.”

Taunton Albion were considerably reinforced with Taunton players.

For Bath: “From a scrum on the line Thomas obtained and bullocked over.”

PLAYER APPEARANCES:- F Carpenter 31, R Ascott 30, F Dainton 29, F J Cashnella and A Hatherill 27, W Fear 26, W H Thomas and S E Brooks 25, G Donaldson, H Hamilton and B Hurst 22, A Ford 21, R C Hartell 19, G W Powell and G Johnson 14, A F Kitching 11, C head 10, A Warren and F Russell 9, G Spoors and H G Burder 7, E J Hodges, E S Cambridge and A Arnold 6, E Harding, V Coates and L Hatherill 5, F Dixon, J Heitzman, J Hall, C Parsons, G Griffiths, J Olds and R Meister 4, N Coates, W Lewis, and St. Clair Johnston 3, R W Nicholls, W Stevens, S Evans, W Cleall, C W Walwin, F Bright, B Irving and W Watts 2, S Blanchard, Burgess, W Gerrish, Gibson, S Ascott, Trapnell, W Lewis(Penarth), Fox, Fisher, J Davies, Samuel, R Lewis (Penarth), W Ward, Baker, T Blanchard, G Parfitt, G Archard, J Heads, H R Wilkinson, W H Dodds, Bryant, Jenkins, Holmes, T Harris, E Sutton and England once each.


R Ascott 11, A F Kitching and A Hatherill 8, F J Cashnella 6, H Hamilton, S E Brooks and V Coates 4, W Stevens, G Spoors, G Johnson and W H Thomas 3, A Ford, W Fear, G W Powell, and R Meister 2, Burgess, F Russell, N Coates, E Arnold, B Hurst, L Hatherill and G Donaldson 1 each.


Dicky Ascott dropped a gaol and placed a penalty. S E Brooks converted 13 tries, A Hatherill 5, and Hodges 1.

Bath’s points were made up of 21 goals (including 1 dropped goal and 1 penalty goal), and 54 tries.



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