1920 to 1921

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




Club Trial held at the Somerset Boys’ Home Field.

Probables:- C Whittaker, G Woodward, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, H Vowles, R West, W H Royal, R S Chaddock, L J Richardson, F Russell, E Hodges, J Pope, H Loader, and C Mannings.

Possibles:- W Moore, Chard, C Chapman, W Jackman, T Fry, H G Slade, G Watts, O Collings, S Horwood, P Sanders, N Blake, G Blake, D Clifford, R Harper, W Lambert and M G Hawkes. Absentees were S G U Considine, who was at Weston-super-Mare, playing cricket for Somerset, and Philip Hope, also at the seaside – on holiday!

The Probables won by 5 goals, 4 tries to a try.



2,000 people watched a further Club Trial held on the Recreation Ground.

Probables:- C J Whittaker, G Woodward, A Woodward, R West, J Pope, H Vowles, S G U Considine, R S Chaddock, H Gregory, L J Richardson, W H Sheppard, C Mannings, E J Hedges.

Possibles:- S A White, W Jackman, C Chapman, L Chard, Hogg, C Watts, H G Slade, G Collins, S Horwood, K Stallard, N Blake, F Richardson, D Clifford, R Harper, and P Sanders.

“A Woodward, S G U Considine, G Woodward, R S Chaddock and H Vowles caught the eye in frequent dashes and in the scoring. But the goal-kicking must have more attention paid to it.” Considine delighted the large crowd, having joined the trial 10 minutes from the start, after coming straight from a cricket match.

The trial was marred by an unfortunate accident to centre three-quarter Harry Jackman, having the misfortune to split his knee-cap in collision with J Pope.

A collection for the Schools Rugby Union raised £5 0s.2d



v Leicester, Away. Lost 6-37. Team:- C Whittaker, G Woodward, P P Hope, H Richardson, A Woodward, S G U Considine, H Vowles, L J Richardson, Royal, F Russell, R S Chaddock, H Gregory, J Pope, W H Sheppard and C E Lock.

Attendance 8000 in fine weather.

Bath got off to a disastrous start when Vowles left a ball to Considine, and Considine left it to Vowles, so scrum-half Wood of Leicester scored within two minutes!

Leicester were equally well served at outside-half, where Bates was “ubiquitous, clever, and resourceful.” He frequently dodged behind and between, shepherded by his own players. It may not have been legal – but Bath were baffled throughout.

The Bath forwards won their share of the scrums, but the ball frequently stuck in the back row.

“Considine’s try was a typical effort –he jumped clean over the outstretched arms of Wilkinson. George Woodward’s was the result of a short, straight, strong dash when handed the oval by his brother.”

Considine missed most of the second half with concussion, after a clash of heads with Royal: “but was almost himself again by the time home was reached early on Sunday morning.”



Detail of Bathampton v Stothert and Pitt’s Trial game, on the Hampton ground. Actually, Stothert’s new ground was in the same parish – on the other side of the G.W.R. railway line. Noticeably, Bathampton fielded three sets of brothers – the Blanchards, the Coles and the Goodings.

Stothert’s (nickname the ‘Cranes’), fielded a player named – Crane.

Apart from the obvious “Crane” connection, it is appropriate to pause, and identify this player as Harold Crane (Who was to become an important Bath Club and District personality). He began his rugby at St. Stephen’s School in 1907-08, and divided his allegiance between St. Stephen’s R.F.C. and Stothert and Pitt’s. During the War he was stationed in Ireland and played for the Irish Army XV; he rejoined Stothert’s in 1920-21 and switched to finish his playing days, again with St. Stephens. He captained Bath Combination against its Bristol counterparts on two occasions. He was a keen member of the Combination Committee and an untiring worker for the Ex Schools Union. He also gave long and meritorious service to the Bath Club Committee.

His other sporting interest was boxing and he was an instructor at the YMCA at Bath.



v Teignmouth, Away. Won 14-0. Team: C J Whittaker, G Woodward, H Richardson, A Woodward, G V Burt, H Vowles, S G U Considine,, W H Royal, F Russell, S J Richardson, W H Sheppard, C G Lock, J Pope, R S Chaddock, and C Mannings.

First occasion of playing this seaside club. Tries by Considine and Burt, the first converted by Woodward. In the second half Vowles fed to Considine for a simple drop goal. “Russell was in his glory and played a champion game, while I should say Mannings will keep his place, for he did well. Vowles and Considine always combine well, and the latter was in great form; his try was a beauty, as was his drop gaol.

A Woodward was easily the best centre on the field, and got in some splendid runs, while Harry Richardson was chiefly noticeable for good defensive play.”



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 6-9. Team: C J Whittaker, G Woodward, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, H Vowles and S G U Considine, W H Royal (Capt.), L J Richardson, F Russell, R S Chaddock, W H Sheppard, J Pope, G Wilkins and C Mannings.

Tries by Burt and H Richardson.

Bath could so easily have won, this exciting and enjoyable game. Their continuing problem is the inability to convert tries from simplest of positions. Bath gifted a penalty to Gloucester’s Voyce – after packing down with four men in the front row!



v London Welsh, Home. Won 26-3. Team: C J Whittaker, P Hope, A Hope, H Richardson, G Woodward, L V Burt, H Vowles, S G U Considine, W H Royal, F Russell, L J Richardson, R S Chaddock, W H Sheppard, J Pope and C Mannings.

The Flower Pot stands were in use for the first time, and the Comrades’ Band kept the crowd in good humour. Tries by H Richardson, Burt (2), P Hope (2) and Considine. Four conversions Whittaker. At last, Bath seemed to have found a kicker!



v Swansea, Away. Lost 5-6. Team: C J Whittaker, G Woodward, A Woodward, H Richardson, P Hope, L V Burt, (five eighth), H Vowles, S G U Considine, Boyd, L J Richardson, W H Sheppard, J Pope, C Mannings, F J Cashnella.

St. Helens – Attendance around 5000. A one point win for the All-Whites, but Bath made a splendid impression on the Welsh crowd, and the hosts were keen to extend fixtures for next season. Considine was the best back, with good support from Whittaker. Vowles played his best game of the season, although prone incur penalties for ‘off-side.’ “Cashnella proved that at 42 some players can render splendid service in a strenuous game.”

“The men came off the ground, proud of their achievement, and determined to do even better next time. They sang and cheered in the motor-bus all the way back to the Royal. It meant eighteen hours away from home, but not a man complained of the arduous journey.” Bath scored a second half try by Hope (converted Whittaker), after some delightful open football.



v United Services, Home. Won 9-0. Team; Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, G Woodward, Sheppard, Pope, Mannings.

Described as one of the best games seen on the Rec., with much credit to the visiting side: “What interested me most on Saturday was the dual between Vowles and Considine and Kershaw and Davies, who last year were the England halves.

I formed my opinion, and no doubt most of my readers did likewise. Harry Vowles was in capital form, and it was very seldom Kershaw got away from him.

The crowd were watching him, and his smothering of Kershaw evoked almost as loud applause as Philip Hope’s dashing tries.”

Oh Dear! – rough play?

Extract from the London Chronicle: “The visitors had all the bad luck, and if the report of the game which has reached me from a reliable source is as sound as usual, some of the Bath forwards will do no harm in taking a quite friendly hint in moderating their activities when an opponent has parted with the ball.”



v Weston-Super-Mare, Away. Won 21-0. Team; Whittaker, P P Hope, A Hope, H Richardson, A Woodward, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, G Woodward, Loader, Pope, Mannings

Bath had the extra pace on greasy pitch: “Considine was in a class by himself, both as regards attack and defence and his efforts gained the plaudits of the crowd again and again for the Weston folk were delighted with his exhibition of football.”



v Rest of Somerset, Home. Won 24-0. Team: A Hope, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, A E Morgan, H Vowles, S G U Considine, W H Royal, L J Richardson, F J Russell, J Pope, C Mannings, W H Sheppard, G Woodward. Tries by A Woodward, Russell, Burt, Hope and Considine, three converted by Woodward. Penalty by P Hope.



v Pontypool, Away. Lost 5-9. Team: C J Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, A E Morgan, H Vowles, S G U Considine, W H Royal, L J Richardson, F J Russell, R S Chaddock, W H Sheppard, C Mannings, and G Woodward.

Around 6000 spectators appreciated a hard and fast game, and Considine scored a delightful try after Harry Richardson had run half the length of the field. Woodward converted. Vowles stemmed several attacks with valiant tackling, against one of the strongest packs of forwards in the country.



v Penylan, Home. Drawn 0-0.The County trial claimed no less than 11 Bath players, so the senior club relied heavily on help from the district. Team: S A White, E A Anderson, A Hope, G Woodward, L F Burt, L V Burt, R West, A F Morgan, F J Cashnella, F Russell (Capt.), E Hodges, G Wilkins, H V Kyrke, N Blake and H Loader.

The crowd were restless after a delayed start: “The game however, did not atone for the long wait, for it was a very moderate one, with scarcely anything spectacular about it.”



v Bristol University, Home. Won 5-0. Team: T A White, R Richardson, L V Burt, A Hope, G Woodward, H Vowles, A E Morgan, H S Chaddock, W H Royal, G Wilkins, C Mannings, Blake, Cashnella, F Russell, H Loader. Try by Morgan, converted by Vowles.



v Cross Keys, Away. Lost 0-11. Team: Whittaker, L V Burt, H Richardson, A E Morgan, P P Hope, H Vowles, Considine, Royal, Russell, Mannings, Loader, Cashnella, G Woodward, J Pope and E Tellyn (a Cross Keys substitute, as Kyrke did not turn out).

“There was a great crowd on the mountainside as Bath commenced operations.”

Principle credit to the Bath forwards as they stood up to an unbeaten side. Considine nursed a damaged hand throughout the second half. Vowles was playing well, but missed the last 20 minutes through injury, and pack leader Billy Royal cracked a bone in a tackle. Loader had a fine game in the forwards and Whittaker kicked in remarkable fashion. It was a truly valiant performance against a top Welsh outfit.


Bathonians were pleased to learn that Greenslade, the Cross Keys player had recovered sufficiently to have a game with ‘Keys 2nds the previous week.

Greenslade, was the unfortunate player who collided with Bath’s Cliff Walwin on the Rec. on 27th December 1919, with fatal result.



v Coventry, Away. Won 9-6. Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, Considine, Anderson, Vowles, Morgan, Russell, Richardson LJ, Cashnella, Woodward G, Loader, Sheppard, Pope, Mannings.

Bath won a splendid game, with Whittaker and Vowles outstanding behind the scrum.

It was announced that Considine had been selected as reserve for England.



v Clifton, Away. Won 15-0.Team: C Whittaker, A Anderson, A Woodward, H Richardson, P P Hope, S G U Considine, H Vowles, F J Russell, L J Richardson, C Mannings, W H Sheppard, J Pope, H Kyrke, G Woodward, and H Loader.

Tries by Mannings (2) and A Woodward, with Woodward converting all three.



First visit from Old Blues. Bath won 28-9. Team: C J Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, A Anderson, A E Morgan, H Vowles, S G U Considine, L J Richardson, F Russell, C Mannings, G Woodward, J Pope, H Kyrke, N Blake and H Loader.

In a rousing game, Bath scored six tries. Scorers – G Woodward, Hope (2), Morgan, Kyrke, and Anderson. Again, Whittaker’s kicking prowess was a feature, as he contrived to convert five of the six excellent tries. H V Kyrke had proved to be a splendid acquisition, and was arguably the best forward on view.



v United Services, Away. Lost 0-9. Team: C Whittaker, A Anderson, A E Morgan, A Woodward, Hatherill, H Vowles, S G U Considine, J Richardson, C Mannings, S Thompson, H Kyrke, J Pope, G Woodward, W Clifford, and Commander Power (sub from United Services).

The host side were without Davies and Kershaw. It was a surprising reversal, bearing in mind the outstanding win in October.



v Coventry, Home. Won 33-0. Team: C J Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, N Coates, L V Burt, H Vowles, S G U Considine, F Russell, L J Richardson, C Mannings, G Woodward, H W H Considine, N Blake, H V Kyrke and J Pope.

Bath were boosted by the inclusion of Norman Coates at centre, and H W H Considine in the forwards. L V Burt marked his return with three tries. Other tries by L J Richardson (2), S G U Considine (2),

H W H Considine, C Mannings, and H Vowles. Whittaker converted two. It was one of the “hottest” sides Bath had ever put out on the Rec.


Kensington Meadows witnessed an interesting local game on the Saturday morning.

WALCOT R.F.C. –Married v Single. The Mayor kicked-off and the proceeds went towards the Royal United Hospital. The ‘Single’ Team was victorious by two points. (5-3)



v Cross Keys, Home. Won 15-4. Up to that time, Cross Keys shared with Newport, the honour of being the only unbeaten team, and had just beaten Cardiff 3-0 on Christmas Eve. It was a titanic struggle in front of a very large and excited crowd. Bath tries came from Russell, Vowles and Burt, all converted by Whittaker.

Team: C Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, L V Burt, G Woodward, S G U Considine, H Vowles, F Russell, L J Richardson, C Mannings, N Blake, H V Kyrke, H Loader, H W H Considine, W H Sheppard.

“Crosskeys left their unbeaten certificate in Bath, who have received warm congratulations on the result.”

“There was a great cheer when the final whistle was sounded, with Bath’s ground record still intact and Keys’ record gone.”



v Pill Harriers, Away. Lost 0-11 Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, L V Burt, G Woodward, H Vowles, S G U Considine, F Russell, Cashnella, Kyrke, Thomson, Blake, Sheppard, Pope and Mannings.



These were the Chronicle headings following a disappointing defeat by the Newport local side.

However, Pill were a resolute outfit and on home ground, were able to adapt to the “vile conditions prevailing.” “It required enormous energy to keep going on the boggy ground, with your feet sinking into the mud at every step. But the Harriers scored three tries, and they deserved to win. Most of the forwards are hefty, brawny Irishmen. There was no foul play, but it was a hard game-extremely strenuous.”

“……the Harriers handled the slippery leather with astonishing accuracy, and this, together with the better sustained footwork of their forwards, gave them the verdict.”



v Penylan, Home. Won 10-0. Team: White, Basden, A Woodward, H Richardson, Fry, West, L V Burt, F Russell, Chaddock, Bisgrove, Loader, N Blake, Sheppard, J Pope and Bascombe.



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 20-3. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, Kyrke, G Woodward, Blake, Sheppard, Mannings.

“Bath received Bridgwater last Saturday, and won by 1 goal, 5 tries (20 points) to 1 try (3 points)

A Woodward (2), L J Richardson, S G U Considine, L V Burt and P P Hope, obtained the tries for Bath, who reverted to the New Zealand formation.”



v Clifton, Home. Won 20-0. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, Kyrke, G Woodward, Blake, Sheppard, Mannings.

“One of Bath’s regular “old brigade” was watching the Clifton match last Saturday – Teddy Seers up from Newton Abbot, spending a few days in his native city.

Clifton played just the type of game always associated with those jolly good sports, but did not shape nearly so well as they did on their own ground.

A match more devoid of anything like rough play it would be impossible to desire, yet two or three of the visitors were rendered hors de combat.

Curiously enough, both scrum working halves were put out of action for today. Evans was unable to appear against Cheltenham College and Vowles had to miss the London Welsh engagement.”

(Bath Chronicle 29th January 1921)



v London Welsh, Away. Drawn 3-3. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, H Vowles, A E Morgan, J Russell, L J Richardson, Kyrke, Sheppard, Mannings, Blake, G Woodward and H Loader.

The Exciles fielded their strongest available side at Herne Hill, and Wales Reserve, Graham Davies wasted no time in scoring a try in the opening seconds. “Where Bath suffered most was from having no one accustomed to the stand-off situation to operate there. L M Basden is a centre three-quarter, and he did many fine things. His kicking to touch was splendid, and he brought off a brilliant run near the finish, but there was no combination with the third line, and that was that let Bath down. With their regular halves playing, the visitors would have got home comfortably. Burt, who was scrupulously fair at the base of the scrum, was terribly hampered by his vis-à-vis, who came round the pack ahead of the ball many times. Dr. Russell Cargill, who refereed very ably, spotted it more than once, and it was the penalty for this offence that enabled Philip Hope to drop a goal and secure the points which prevented Bath from being beaten. The visiting forwards were up against a sterner lot of opponents than they bargained for, and the home front rank men tackled determinedly. They had a severe testing in the second half when Bath were continuously in their 25, and often extremely near the goal line for fully twenty minutes. It was then that victory should have been secured, but, unfortunately for Bath, it was not their fast men who got the chances near the line, and several likely dashes for a try were stopped. Albert Woodward was never allowed to move far, and got few chances, but his penchant for dropping at goal when he should carry on was again in evidence. Harry Richardson made several brave struggles to get clean away, but was borne down by numbers. This was due to the tardy service of the ball when heeled out. It was desperately heavy going on that field, encircled by a cycle track; the mud had the clinging consistency of bird-lime. On a moderately fast turf Hope would have scored at least one try, but the sticky ground retarded his pace. Clarence Whittaker had very little to do, owing to the pressure on the goal line not being at his end. On the run of the game, the London Welsh were lucky to escape defeat. It was thoroughly pleasant game, and the Bath team vastly enjoyed their trip to Town. A motor char-a-banc was chartered for the day, the party lunched at Simpson’s in the Strand, and dined at Pinoli’s, whence they proceeded to the Coliseum.

At dinner, the Chairman, Mr. Arthur Taylor, expressed the thanks of the club to Mr. H E Cant, formerly of the “Bath Chronicle” staff, and still a keen follower of Bath Rugger doings, for having made the arrangements for the comfort of the party. Mr E O’Brien, another old Bath journalist, and now Editor of the Exchange Telegraph Company was also presented at dinner, and spoke of the days when he watched the Bath XV, on Kensington Meadows and Henrietta Park.” (Bath Chronicle)



Chaplet Placed on Whitehall Cenotaph.


“The visit of Bath Rugby team to London to play the London Welsh on Saturday was made the occasion of a tribute to the memory of the gallant men of the Bath Rugby club who gave up their lives on the field of battle, a handsome laurel chaplet being placed on the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

From Paddington Station the Bath team motored to Westminster, and the chaplet was deposited by Alby Hatherill, the old half-back and present trainer, who lost a brother Loo Hatherill, one of the Bath forwards at Cambrai. The chaplet was tied with the blue, white and black colours of the club. Among those present were Mr. Arthur Taylor, Mr. C C Wills, Mr. Harry Bowen, Mr Harold Burt, an old Bath player. Mr G A Roberts, Mr Alf Richardson, and several friends.

All the party dismounted from the charabanc and stood with heads bared while the trophy was being laid among the many others at the base of the Cenotaph. They remained standing for a few minutes before re-entering their charabanc. The little ceremony was witnessed with great interest by a large number of spectators.

On the chaplet was a card bearing the following inscription:-

“In proud memory of those members of the Bath Rugby Football Club who laid down their lives in the Great War. They played the game-they crossed the line.”

(Bath Chronicle 31st January 1921)



3. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Morgan, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, Kyrke, Loader, Blake, Sheppard, Woodward and C Mannings.

The weather was delightful and there was a large and vociferous crowd, either – fervently rooting for ‘Pooler,’ or hoping Bath could reverse a narrow 4 points defeat at Pontypool. After a series of rushes by the forwards, Considine was unlucky as his drop kick drifted off from the right hand post. Again, Considine made an effort to break away, but was hampered by his fellow players. The game continued at a fast pace and Considine was prominent with relieving kicks. It was into the second half before Pontypool’s Probert got the winning try. Bath made a final effort, but they were denied the services of Loader, who went off injured at a critical time. Upon his return, Bath continued to press and have the better of the play; but they were unable to score. Pontypool took Bath’s ground record and went on to do likewise at Llanelly on the following Monday.



v Teignmouth, Home. Won 29-4. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, Kyrke, G Woodward, Blake, Sheppard, Chaddock. L V Burt was injured and did not play again.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 4-10. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Basden, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, L J Richardson, F Russell, Kyrke, G Woodward, Chaddock, Sheppard, and C Mannings. Many travelled to the sister city by G.W.R. train. In addition, the Bath Tramways ran at least four special charabancs, which were lined up around 1pm at the Guildhall. A crowd of around 5000 was ready and waiting in the Bristol sunshine.

A Quick Try

Then disaster for Bath, as Wring sent in Quick after about a minutes play. The Bath pack found it difficult to contain Bristol’s Sam Tucker, and Bath’s cause was not served when A Woodward fumbled on two occasions. He made amends at the next heel, breaking through smartly. Unfortunately Basden could not hold his long pass. Philip Hope made a characteristic break along the right wing, and Bath fortunes looked like reviving.

A Set-back

Kyrke then went off with a knee injury, only to return as a ‘limping’ wing man. Then Chaddock fell off-side, enabling Pickles to institute a drop goal, to put Bristol 6-0 ahead at the break.

Into the second half, Budd improved Bristol’s position with a clever drop goal


Bath’s reply followed as they pressed towards the Bristol line. The ball came out to Hope, who dropped a smart goal.

Kyrke Off

Kyrke still looked uncomfortable, and he finally decided to withdraw. (He was out for the rest of the season). An especially good opportunity went begging, when Vowles made a fine break, only for the forwards to miss the ball. Russell, Mannings and Richardson were noticed in the forwards.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 3-9. Team: Whittaker, Morgan, A Woodward, H Richardson, Basden, F Russell (Captain), Considine, Chaddock, Cashnella, Pope, Blake, G Woodward, Bascombe, Padfield, Mannings. Bath travelled with a much weakened side and were a try down at half time. Considine then levelled after a smart follow-up, but first, Jarvis (penalty drop goal), and then King secured for Bridgwater, in a strenuous game. G Woodward sustained a fractured rib and was treated at Bath R.U.H.



v Pill Harriers, Home. Won 10-8. Team: Comm (St. Stephen’s), PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Basden, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, Blake, Pope, Loader, Sheppard, Mannings.

It was the first visit of this Monmouthshire side, who had often been a feeder club for the more illustrious Newport outfit. They had been unbeaten during the season following the War. Indeed, the visitors went ahead with a Channing drop goal. There was an apparent repeat by Baker, a minute or two later. However: “There was no doubt that the ball went under the crossbar, but the referee gave a drop goal, and so Bath were 8pts. down.” In the second spell, Bath were determined to make amends; a reply was not long coming – but again in doubtful circumstances. The ball came to Basden, who kicked a goal on the turn and was awarded 4pts. Many thought the ball went under. Dare we suggest that the referee was trying to even things up! More legitimate scoring followed with a galloping try from Philip Hope. “Then Bath got the try of the game after great passing, in which Vowles, Considine, Morgan, Woodward and Basden handled, and the last-named went over in great style.”

Unfortunate Finish of the Bath Match

“There were regrettable scenes on the Recreation Ground on Saturday, during the last 10 minutes of Bath’s match against Pill Harriers. The beginning if the trouble was when the linesman, Cashnella, gave touch for a ball which bounced over the touchline and rebounded into play. Apparently a visiting player did not realise what had happened, and following Bath’s try which followed the line out, assaulted the linesman, until restrained by other members of his team. After this there were a series of incidents. Russell was struck, and just at the close Woodward came in for rough handling by some of the Pill Harriers, who were taking their 11th hour beating badly. The spectators had been exasperated by the visitors’ conduct and worked up to a point that looked exceedingly dangerous. Happily the situation was very judiciously handled and the danger passed. Just as Woodward was seen struggling the referee blew his whistle for ‘no side,’ the full time having expired. The crowd immediately swarmed all over the ground, jeering and shouting, but it fortunately proved that their intention was to show their good sense by surrounding the players and officials to prevent further trouble. The players were got to the pavilion without mishap, and with the exception of just a few the big crowd rapidly dispersed in good humour.”



v Llanelli, Away. Lost 0-16. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, Basden, H Richardson, Pope, Vowles, Considine, Russell, Cashnella, Coles, Boley, Bonny, Loader, Sheppard, and Mannings.

A generally poor performance against one of the best teams, Bath were considerably weakened in the forwards. The Rag Doll was introduced following this game.



v Bristol, Home. Drawn 3-3. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Basden, Morgan, Vowles, Considine, Russell, L J Richardson, G Woodward, Pope, Loader,

W H Williams, and C Mannings.

Bath contemplated revenge, following defeat at Bristol. Bath had Kyrke, Chaddock and Burt on the injured list. Bristol played Tom Spoors at five-eighth, so there were seven forwards in each side. Previously glorious weather gave way to a steady downpour as the game started.

Len Corbett scored after Quick had made a spectacular break away. In a hard fought second half: “A fine bit of passing by the Bath threequarters to the left and then another to the right started by Vowles and Morgan carried the ball to Hope, who raced for the corner in great style. He raced round Quick, and carried Hartell over with him to score a great try.” Play remained exciting to the end, and both sets of spectators had enjoyed a fair result.


v Sheffield, Home. Won 39-5. Team: Whittaker, PP Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L V Burt, Vowles, Considine, Dr. Meine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, W H Sheppard, G Woodward, H W Considine, C Mannings. It was the Yorkshire tourists’ first visit to Bath.

H W H Considine, beat S G U to the first try, which Whittaker converted. Tries followed from S G U Considine (5), Joe Richardson, Philip Hope, A Woodward, Fred Burt, and Dr. Meine. Amid cheers, Hope converted Meine’s try, and H W H Considine majorised on his brother’s final effort.



v Tredegar, Home. Won 6-0. Team: B Comm, L F Burt, A Woodward, H Richardson, L M Basden, P Hope (5/8th), H Vowles, S G U Considine, W H Royal, F Russell, N Blake, G Woodward, H Loader, J Pope, C Mannings. The visitors started well, but in the end, Bath proved to be too good, in a hard and rather unattractive game.

“Play was fast at the start, the Welshmen being active forward and clever in finding touch. Bath were put on the aggressive by a clinking run on the part of H Richardson, who made a lot of ground and then passed out to the right. Hope could not take the ball, but play was seen in the Tredegar 25, and the ball getting loose, Hope slung out to the left wing. Burt picked up neatly and went over in the corner.” “Another try came from a dash on the left, H Richardson scoring.”



v Leicester, Home. Lost 14-20. Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Basden, Meine, Vowles, S G U Considine, F Russell, L J Richardson, H W H Considine, G Woodward, Loader, Sheppard, Mannings.

The touring Tigers had beaten Bristol, but suffered a surprising defeat at Plymouth. Leicester played Norman Coates as an extra back, leaving both teams – seven to a pack. Leicester were the first to score. Vowles replied, winning a rush for the line, and Whittaker converted. Then it was Leicester who regained the lead with a penalty. (5-6) Again it was Bath’s turn as H W H Considine dribbled over for Hope to ground. (8-6) Bath initiated another rush, which took them into the Tigers’ territory for H W H to touch down. In a ding-dong struggle, Leicester’s Day went over just on half time to square the points tally 11-11. Then from a line-out 10 yards from the Bath line, Leicester’s Lawrie stole a well intentioned throw, and galloped off to plant the ball under the Bath posts for Day to convert. (11-16) Bath’s scoring effort was completed when S G U Considine wriggled through the opposition and dived spectacularly under the posts (14-16). Nevertheless, the conversion attempt failed. To compound Bath’s disappointment, Day scored a smart drop goal.



v Llanelly, Home. Won 24-5. Team: Whittaker, Morgan, A Woodward, H Richardson, Pitman, Meine, Vowles, Considine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, G Woodward, Loader, Sheppard, and Mannings. I J Pitman came in for the injured P P Hope.

Llanelly took the field with three internationals, with the famous inter-club Mascot, decked in Scarlet, pinned to the Johnston Street goal posts.

Things had been going nicely, until Whittaker’s miss punt sent the ball backwards over the Bath line, allowing Thomas to score and Albert Jenkins to convert.

Later: “From the next scrum the ball came out speedily , and travelling the three-quarter line in capital style via Vowles, Considine, Richardson and Woodward, Pitman received capitally and went over in the corner.” With inspired play, Bath added to their points with an unconverted try from Harry Richardson, and amid loud applause, was followed by a beautiful drop goal from Harry Vowles. (Half time10-5)

Bath make it a Picnic!

“The first half had been a great one and the players must have been pleased when the interval arrived, during which they sat round in groups in picnic fashion. The sun was bringing out the best from them and the referee looked as if he had gone through a proper Turkish bath.”


In the second spell, Russell and Sheppard did well with their feet. A scrum followed, and when Woodward was checked, he fed Vowles: “who dropped over another 4 pointer.” Then it was Pitman’s turn to score as he shook off Thomas. “……and then Considine got a real great try off his own boot. He raced through the centre and when opposed by Evans punted. Following up at great speed he took the ball nicely on the bounce and romped over. Vowles hit the upright with the kick.

Bath were rubbing it in, for within a minute Vowles had put over another 4 pointer, making the score 24-6.” Bath’s amazing tally was 3 drop goals, 4 tries to Llanelly’s 1 goal. Amid ecstatic cheers, Vowles was shoulder-carried off – and deservedly so.

The Rag Doll’s regalia was changed to Blue White and Black!



v Weston Super Mare, at home – evening game. Won 33-0. Team: Whittaker, Morgan, A Woodward, H Richardson, Pitman, Meine, Vowles, Considine, Royal, Russell, Blake, G Woodward, W Boley, Pope, and F Bonny. Bath tries:- Meine (2), G Woodward (2), H Richardson, Pitman, Vowles, Considine and Blake. Conversions:- Vowles (2), and H Richardson. A scoring bonanza!



v Old Edwardians, Home. Won 23-6. Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Pitman, Morgan, Vowles, Meine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, G Woodward, Blake, Sheppard, Mannings.

It was the Old Boys first visit since pre-war days, and they had been remembered for their open style of play. Unfortunately they were not at full strength: “injuries and the industrial unrest preventing some of their players from getting away, but today they had hopes of extending the Bath players.”

However, the homesters were in fine fettle and tries flowed from Pitman, Hope (3), H Richardson, Sheppard, and Vowles. Vowles converted one



v Swansea, Home. Lost 0-3. Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, Dr. Meine, Vowles, S G U Considine, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, Loader, C Manning, Blake, Sheppard, Pope.

This was Swansea’s third game in a week, but they were nevertheless, very formidable opposition. From the start they attacked strongly. Vowles left the field for treatment, after a heavy fall. Russell went to scrum half and Bath struggled on with six forwards, until his return. There was no score by half time and intense end to end play featured in the second spell. Following Morgan’s miss kick, Swansea’s Wilkie scored in the corner. Bath had one last chance, when Morgan, Vowles and Meine handled, but Hope could not gather the final pass.



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 0-8. Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L F Burt, Vowles, Morgan, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, Loader, Blake, Sheppard, Pope, Mannings.

Gloucester had been unbeaten at Kingsholm and had defeated such teams as Leicester, Northampton, Guys Hospital, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Llanelly. They were the only club to have defeated the four leading Welsh club sides. Considine was still injured. Vowles, Morgan and Richardson played well but could generate no response to the Cherry and White’s 1 goal, 1 try.



v E. Hammett’s XV, Home. Won 21-5. Team: Whittaker, P P Hope, A Woodward, H Richardson, L F Burt, Vowles, Morgan, Royal, Russell, L J Richardson, Loader, Blake, Sheppard, Pope, and Mannings. Match proceeds went to the Mayor’s Fund for the Royal United Hospital.

The pre-match entertainment was provided by Prior Park Industrial School Band. Bath try scorers were:- Loader, Pope, Hope, Woodward, and Vowles. Loader dropped a goal and Vowles managed one conversion.


48 players appeared for the Club, of whom 12 once only.


I J PITMAN  4   
F A MEINE  3   




P P HOPE1   


P P HOPE                            87 POINTS

S G U CONSIDINE             60 POINTS

C J WHITTAKER                  50 POINTS

H VOWLES                         48 POINTS

L V BURT                            45 POINTS

A WOODWARD                 41 POINTS


P P HOPE                           5 (ALL)

S G U CONSIDINE             4

L J RICHARDSON               3

C MANNINGS                    3

C J WHITTAKER                 3

A WOODWARD                 2

H VOWLES                         1

W H SHEPPARD                1

H V KYRKE                         1

H RICHARDSON               1

L M BASDEN                     1

F J RUSSELL                       1

H LOADER                         1

G WOODWARD                 1

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