1908 to 1909

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




Trial Match. Whites;- E Holvey, H J Lewis, R Meister, G Johnson, R Ascott, A Hatherill, E Arnold, A Martin, A Ford, E W Cambridge, G Perry, A Wyer, and P Abraham.

Colours:- P Brooks, W Steven, J Olds, H Pow, T Cross, J Davis, F Phipps, Tugnett, Newman, Sharman, Davis, F J Cashnella and two others.

Touch Judges:- W England and E Simpkins. Whites won 38-6.



v Cheltenham, Away. Drawn 0-0. Team:- G Johnson, H J Lewis, T West, W Stevens, R Ascott, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F J Cashnella, E West, G Perry, E Cambridge, A B Morton, E Arnold, and E Hodges.

A no score Draw away at Cheltenham was regarded as an encouraging start to the season.

“For seven times in succession Bath went to Cheltenham without losing, but the last five visits prior to today ended in defeats-and substantial ones. Bath have only won 16 matches away from home in eight seasons, and only 10 in the last seven, so that the draw today was exceptional in every way.”



v Bridgwater Albion, Home. Won 16-9. Team:- G Johnson, A F Kitching, J Olds (Walcot), W Stevens, R Ascott, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F Cashnella, E West, G Perry, St. Clair-Johnston, E Hodges, E W Cambridge and E Arnold.

Bath scored four fine tries. Arnold and Ascott in the first spell. In the second half Ascott grounded the ball in style, after a Steven’s interception, and finally Kitching after a jinking run. Hatherill converted two



v Wellington, Home. Won 20-0. Team:- G Johnson, A F Kitching, T West, W Stevens, R Ascott, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F Cashnella, E West, G Perry, St. Clair –Johnstone, F Russell, E W Cambridge, E Arnold.

Two goals 1 drop gaol and 2 tries.



v London Devonians, Home. Won 5-3. Team:- G Johnson, J T Timmins, W Stevens, T West, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, E West, G St. Clair-Johnstone, E Cambridge, E Arnold, and F Russell.

“Stevens received at the centre, and by faultless passing at high speed, Meister and then West received, and the latter wheeled round prettily near the corner and proceeded all the way behind the posts for Hatherill to land a goal.”


“There was a marked contrast between the two halves of the game, and an unaccountable change came over the picture after lemons. It seemed rather due to the appreciation of the visitors than the depreciation of the homesters, and there was a sigh of relief when time expired………….”



v Plymouth, Away. Lost 0-27. Team:- G Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A E Cleall, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F J Cashnella, F Russell, E Cambridge, H Arnold, E West, C Moss and E J Hodges (Stotherts).

Only suitable train was the 8.18 a.m. out of Bath. Consequently, some first choice players were not available. In the event, the game was delayed, as it was preceded by a R.N. (Devonport) v Chatham match. In a sporting game, Bath had much of the play and were unfortunate to lose by such a wide margin.



v Wellington, Away. Won 16-0. Team:- J Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A E Cleall, R Meister, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, Moss, E West, G St. Clair-Johnstone, P Broadhurst and E W Cambridge.

Cashnella figured in the early forward rushes, and Wellington saved their line with stout defence. Then Timmins broke away from near the pack to score under the posts for Steven’s easy conversion. Timmins repeated his splendid effort just on half time, but the kick failed. The Bath three-quarters excelled in hand to hand passing, resulting in a try by Stevens wide out. Then Timmins was in again under the posts and Stevens converted. “The Bath team played a very fine game throughout, the back division showing some excellent passing. Good chances were, however, lost by the centres delaying their passes, and driving the outside men on to touch before they could get well away.”

“Prior to to-day Bath had only won 17 matches away from home in eight seasons, and only 11 in the last seven seasons, as follows:-

1907-08 None

1906-07 Clifton, Bridgwater and Taunton

1905-06 Clifton

1904-05 Old Edwardians, Sherborne and Bristol North

1903-04 None

1902-03 Weston, Knowle and Sherborne

1901-02 Old Edwardians

1900-01 Clifton, Cheltenham, Old Edwardians, Wellington, Weston and Knowle.”



v Dinas Powis, Home. Won 24-0. Team:- J Johnson, R Ascott, J T Timmins, W Stevens, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, H G Atkin (Kingswood School), F J Cashnella, E West, A Ford, G Perry, H Arnold, E W Cambridge, G St. Clair Johnstone and F Russell.

Tries by Stevens, Kitching(3), Cambridge, and Ascott. Hatherill converted three.

Bath showed much improved form. “Most of them (tries) were the result of fine bits of play, while opportunism also accounted for some, the crowd had their fill of cheering.”



v Old Edwardians, Away. Won 11-3. Selected Team:- J Johnson, A E Cleall, J Olds, W Stevens, Popham, R Meister, A Hatherill, A Ford, F Cashnella, E West, G St. Clair Johnstone, G Perry, H Arnold, F Russell, and E W Cambridge.

“The chief factor in the visitors’ success was the sterling work of their forwards, the veteran, Cashnella, and Johnstone especially showing up well. Meister and Hatherill were a pair of smart halves, while the three-quarters improved as the game progressed.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Lost 0-3. Team H G Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, P Cox, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F J Cashnella, J Dainton, G Perry, J Thomas, E W Cambridge, H Arnold and F Russell.

Bath failed to adapt to wet conditions and a heavy greasy ball. Forwards’ flying-kicks were ineffective, and here Weston gained the upper hand with controlled dribbles.

“It may be said that they are a fair weather team, but if that is the case the sooner they alter their tactics the better, for Old England possesses a curious climate, and footballers must be prepared for mud-larks as well as dry grounds. To-day, with intervals, the team seemed to lack life and cleverness. The players let the Westonians push them off their game, and the first home defeat is the penalty.”



v Pontypool, Home. Lost 3-6. Team:- J T Timmins, R Ascott, W Stevens, Morgan, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G St. Clair Johnstone, G Perry, E W Cambridge, H Arnold, F Russell and E J Hodges.

The Welshmen were dominant from the start and the Bath struggled to get out of their 25. “The home side seemed impotent before the brilliant hand play of the Welshmen, and the Recreation Ground has never seen one side getting more of the ball and handling it cleverly yet scoring no tries.” Inevitably Bath were three points down at half time. In the second spell, Kitching intercepted, outstripped the covering defence and crowned one of the finest solo efforts ever seen on the Rec. “The cheering was remarkably prolonged.” In fading light, Pontypool won the game with a second try; there was no time for a Bath revival, as less than 25 minutes of the second half was played.

“In conclusion, I need only say that the game was one in which good hard play was a predominant factor, and in its way one of the best. It is hardly likely we shall see a match this season in which science plus energy plays a bigger part. It was quite a treat to see the energy of both sides.”



v Mountain Ash, Away. Lost 0-8. A much weakened side travelled to the Rhondda. Ascott and Timmins were on County duty. Kitching could not travel and W Stevens was not available. Johnson turned out at full back, and the back line was composed of Fear (now playing soccer), Olds, Phipps and G Parfitt. Meister and Hatherill were the usual half backs, but only five of the regular forwards – Ford, Cashnella, Perry, Arnold and Cambridge. W Watts, Gunn and B Hurst completed the scrimmages. The result was not surprising, and Bath did well to contain the homesters’ score to one try and one goal.



v Devon Albion, Away. Lost 0-28. Team:- G Parfitt, J Olds, R Meister, W Stevens, Gerrish, A Hatherill, W Fear, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry,

G St. Clair-Johnstone, C Moss, A B Morton, E Arnold, and E W Cambridge.

Bath’s first appearance at the Rectory Field. They were unfortunate to lose by so wide a margin, but the home backs were “infinitely cleverer” than the Bath reserve line-up.



v Stroud, Home. Won 11-0. Team:- W Fear, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, J Olds, R Meister, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, H Arnold, E S Cambridge, G St. Clair Johnstone, W Watts, and C Wyer.

CHRONICLE COMMENT: “There has seldom been a match so different in character before and after change of ends as was Bath’s game with Stroud. Spectators were congratulating themselves on being present to see the open clever back play in which Bath indulged before half-time. After wards they had to bemoan a complete absence of the finer and more attractive points of the game.

Of course, Bath had eight forwards to seven the better part of the first portion, and afterwards the boot was on the other foot, as Parfitt came on as a substitute and made up Stroud’s compliment, while the retirement of Hatherill necessitated a rearrangement of the Bath team, which left them a man short forward and the best hardest worker in the pack was missed, Johnston going back in place of Fear, who took Hatherill’s place as a scrum worker.

This was the cause of the complete change which came over the game. Bath’s backs could not get the ball, and the Stroud rear division was not clever enough to show any effective passing and running. They kicked every time, indeed , more futile and foolish booting of the leather has rarely been witnessed.”

Tries :- Timmins (2), and Olds. Hatherill converted one.



v Bristol, Home, played in thick fog, the game was largely a forward melee. Drawn 0-0. Team: G Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, R Meister, A Ford, F Cashnella, G St. Clair Johnston, G Perry, C Moss, H Arnold, A B Morton and E S Cambridge. Brothers Johnstone and Johnstone were in opposition.

Bath fancied a long awaited win for this derby game. “Old Judge” wrote in the Bristol Evening Times: “ ’Ware(Beware) Timmins and Ascott, Bristol when you go to Bath. They are two of the pluckiest three-quarters of the West.” However, he forecasted that Jack Spoors would be a bit too good for them.


Bristol had lost 6-9 to Newport the previous Saturday and had been impressed by the performance of a Bath born player:

“The man of the side who surprised most people was Phillip Dudley Waller. This young Newport engineer – he is yet in his apprenticeship, for he is only 19 years of age- has been a rather lucky find for Wales.” “ So says the ‘Athletic News’ in describing the Australians’ defeat at Cardiff, and the note proceeds: “He is by birth an Englishman, being a native of Bath, and he played for Somerset under the birth qualification against the Australians, at Taunton the other week. Waller was that day the best forward on the county side……..”

(P D Waller, capped 6 times for Wales between 1908 – 1910.Toured Australia and New Zealand with Anglo-Welsh squad 1908)



Christmas Day match Bath v Rest of Bath, played on Kensington Meadows, to start a fund to help Junior Rugby organisations.

There was an encouraging attendance of around 800 people. £10 was taken at the gates and with pre-sale of tickets, the clubs benefited by about £20. A Triumph bicycle was generously donated for a raffle, with tickets at 6d; the lucky winner, Mr. Hughes of Fairfield, obviously enjoyed his Christmas! Incidentally, he was the Hon. Sec. of St. Stephen’s R.F.C.

Bath put together a side comprised of: P Brooks, R Ascott, W Stevens, A Richards, J Olds, R Meister, J C Davis, G Perry, E S Cambridge, A B Morton, C Moss, E Arnold, B Wakefield, C Brown and Leo Hatherill.

Rest of Bath XV selection is recorded as: G Green (Stothert and Pitt), W Rummings (Stothert and Pitt), F Dixon (St. Stephens), G Hales (Walcot), E Smith (Stothert and Pitt), A Brinkworth (Combe Down), C Hales (Walcot), F Cook and S Harris (Stothert and Pitt), F Blackmore (Walcot), S Head (St. Stephens), H Trew (Combe Down), H Taylor (Stothert and Pitt), C Newman (Walcot).

W G Stone, G Green, E Smith, D Dixon, W Rummings, with the brothers Hales at half-back. Although the pack is not listed, we know that Sid Bristow filled one of the vacancies.


There was difficulty in providing a representative side as, unfortunately the game was boycotted by the Batheaston and District Club. This followed a successful approach by the Bath Captain, to secure the services of W Gerrish for a previous Plymouth match. Batheaston were unhappy that he was asked directly, and showed their disapproval by returning their tickets. With hindsight, it was a pity that they took this particular action, as the event was staged for the betterment of local rugby, and the Bath Committee had devoted considerable time and effort to stage this Christmas Day event. Stothert and Pitt RFC found a number of extra players.

The Avonvale R.F.C. Centenary 1883-1983, by George Atchison commented: “It was apparent that Batheaston and Districts relationship with the Combination and the senior club Bath was not all sweetness and light-somewhat like a mother with a recalcitrant son-in-law! Looked at objectively, there were faults on both sides, Bath with its direct approaches to junior players instead of through the respective club’s officers, causing junior club committees to become more and more irritated by those tactics. And, of course, Batheaston’s method of retaliation was quite wrong.

A Club’s strength and character depends on its governing officers and Committee and quality of its players. The Batheaston management committee were patently an uncompromising bunch of strong-willed and independent characters, unwilling to be made use of or pushed around. Perhaps a little inflexible but nevertheless pursuing the Club’s own self-interests as a good committee should. Or put it down to sheer cussedness! These local differences, however, were usually transitory affairs, rather like domestic quarrels, and memories of them fade with the passage of time. Batheaston and District F.C. continue to encourage its promising players to make the grade in senior rugby.”

CHRONICLE COMMENT: “Though the Rest were often dangerous, and Rummings put in several likely dashes on the left wing, they could not score, while for bath Charlie Brown obtained a try. Ascott dropped a goal, and Meister scored a try. One of the tries was goaled, so Bath finished up twelve points to the good. It was bitterly cold on the ground, with a nipping east wind blowing, and it speaks well for the game that interest in it was maintained to the end.”



v Mountain Ash, Home. Won 17-3. The game attracted one of the largest Boxing Day crowds for several years. With Kitching away, J Olds filled the right wing spot and had an outstanding game.

Home tries came from Hatherill (2), Ascott, Stevens and Moss, with Hatherill converting one.

Skipper Ford was unable to play owing to the pressures of the Christmas rush at the Post Office. His place was filled by Jack Chilcott*, an Ogmore Vale forward staying at Bath



v London Welsh, Home. Lost 8-15. Team:- G Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J Chilcott, R Meister, A Hatherill, T Davis, A Ford, F J Cashnella, E Arnold, C Moss, A B Morton, G Perry, E W Cambridge, and G St. Clair Johnstone.

On the run of play, a draw would have been a fairer result. Bath badly missed J T Timmins, but their forwards played well and deserved a fairer reward for their efforts.



v Clifton, Away. Lost 0-19. Team:- G Johnson, A E Cleall, Gerrish, J Olds, H Woollen, A Hatherill, J Phipps, A Ford, G St. Clair Johnson, C Moss, G Perry, E Arnold, E S Cambridge, Chivers and “An old un” – who shall be nameless. (He was actually recorded as ‘Williams.’

Bath fielded only eight or nine of the regular side due to cry-offs and County calls.

Bath were just three points down at half time. “Bath had all the best of the game and if hostilities had ended then we should most certainly have claimed for Bath one of the most decisive moral victories ever known.”

However, with no Ascott, Morton, Cashnella, Stevens, Timmins, Meister or Kitching, their line was crossed no less than five times – come the final whistle.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost 0-6. Team:- G Johnson, R Ascott, J T Timmins, J Olds, E Ashby Neate (Old Bohemians), Hatherill, A E Cleall, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, G St. Clair Johnston, A B Morton, E Clarke (a Glenamond Collegian), E Arnold, and G Chivers.

Weston, the current holders of the Somerset Cup, were held for the first half, then, with heavy forwards controlling the scrum, ran off winners by two tries to nil


v Taunton, Home. Lost 3-4. Team:- J Bushnell (ex Bridgwater Albion), R Ascott, J T Timmins, S Ashby-Neate, W Rummings, A E Cleall, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, “Thomas,” C Perry, E Arnold, G Chivers, W Watt and L Hatherill.

Ascott scored in the first half. “So far Bath had territorially much the better of the game than one try suggests, but recurrent disappointments befel the crowd, who were expecting points all the time.” They had to wait until the very last kick in the game – but it was Weston’s turn to score. In the last action of the match Msimang gave to Doble, who dropped a gaol, “and Bath were robbed of the victory which was legitimately theirs.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 3-6. Team:- G Johnson, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, R Meister, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, E Arnold, “Thomas,” L Hatherill, W Watts and G Chivers.

Played in freezing cold weather, the first half try scorers were Averill for Bristol and Arnold for Bath. “He (Arnold) seemed to lose grasp of the ball and Ford to make sure, sat on the ball with beaming face, but the first man may have scored for all that.” At the end of the second spell, Moore landed a long range penalty goal to save the match for Bristol.

Somewhat ironically, Norman Moore was a Bathonian!

“Language is hardly adequate to express the feeling of the 200 Bath people present.”

“Two more unrepresentative results than those of the last two Saturday afternoons have rarely befallen a club, but if the day has been postponed again when Bath will beat Bristol, it will surely come.”



v Combe Down, Home. (1st Round of Somerset Cup) Won 38-0.

Bath Team:- G Johnson, J Olds, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, R Meister, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, Thomas, Perry, E Arnold, G St. Clair Johnstone, L Hatherill and W Watts.

Combe Down:- Charlie Brown*, E J Bate, G Russell, G Fisher, C Brinkworth, A Brinkworth (Capt.), F Brinkworth, Harry Trew*, F Jordan, Ernie Williams*, G Nowell, T Ruddick, B Rousell, F Fisher and W Hill. * Three ex Bath 1st XV men.

Tries:- Kitching(3), Hatherill, Stevens, St. Clair Johnstone, Cashnella (2), “Thomas,” and Olds. Hatherill scored four conversions.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 0-16. Team:- G Johnson, Holvey, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A S Neate, Trevor, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, C Perry, E Arnold, Thomas, W Watts, L Hatherill, and G St. Clair Johnstone.

Splendid weather prevailed, but a far from splendid performance from Bath. Their line was crossed four times, and with two conversions, and they were well and truly out played.



v Plymouth, Home. Won 6-0. Team:- Green (Stotherts), A F Kitching, J T Timmins, G Johnson, J Olds, Atkin, W Fear, A Ford, F J Cashnella. G St. Clair Johnstone, C Perry, E Arnold, W Watts, E J Hodges, and E W Cambridge.

Olds and Cashnella did the scoring. Both were described as “clinking tries.”

“One needed a rousing game to keep out the cold this afternoon, and, by Jove! We got it. When the game was over most of the spectators were tingling hot, and it was the excitement of watching the match which had caused it. It is only true to say that no more exhilarating exhibition of Rugby has been seen on the ground for years.”


v Weston –super-Mare, Home. (2nd Round Cup) Won 9-6.

Team:- G Johnson, A F Kitching, J T Timmins, W Stevens, R Ascott, F Russell, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G St. Clair Johnstone, Moss, Morton, C Perry, E Arnold, W Watts.

Some discontent was recorded because this was an ‘all pay’ match. In fine weather, the ‘Seasiders’ brought between 200 to 300 supporters and were considered a tough proposition; the writer’s exhortation was: “Keep cool, Keep going, and keep winning from start to finish.” It was rumoured that the team had taken their preparation seriously: “…….and indulged in sea baths and other forms of training for the hot encounter.”

“There was a smart incident when Kitching, taking a flying kick (which fell just by the bar), the kicker followed up and chased Saunders all round the 25, and eventually legged him about his own 25.” Then, Bath’s try came a quarter of an hour into the game. “Kitching after a rapid volte face found himself able to get away, and getting off the mark with the speed of a squirrel ran as far as he dared in the direction of Stradling. On encountering the back he passed to Timmins who crossed at the extreme corner.” Perry and Timmins added tries in the second half.

“The enthusiasm was simply too intense for words, and what with the rival exhortations of the contending partisans, the keenness of the players, and the tough struggle for supremacy, the excitement was at boiling point throughout.” “As a spectacle the match was of the usual Cup-tie order, plenty of vim, tons of energy, heaps of pluck, and desperate endeavours, but mighty little science.”

The attendance was 1700 and receipts totalled £49.

At a subsequent Somerset County hearing in Bath, Weston lost out in their protest that Bath’s Russell, Moss and Morton were not qualified to play in the tie. However, it was acknowledged that the competition rules needed amendment, and Weston’s protest fee was returned to them.

Considerable animosity was to follow, with Bath intent on cancelling fixtures with the Weston-super-Mare club.

Paraphrasing the sentiments of a writer: “if this is football which Weston play, I renounce any claim to football instinct.” “It cannot be denied that Weston play a game unattractive to watch, unpleasant to participate in, and calculated to lead to incidents.”



v Penarth, Away. Lost 0-5. Team:- P Brooke, R Ascott, W Stevens, Dixon (St. Stephen’s), J Olds, F Russell, Fear, A Ford, F J Cashnella, C Perry, E Arnold, W Watts, E Cambridge, Bernard Wakefield, and Lye.

Bath went down by 1 goal to nil, despite enjoying much of the play.


v Stothert’s & Pitt, (3rd Round Cup).Won 28-0. Bath Team:- P Brooke, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, F Russell, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, E Arnold, W Watts, G. St. Clair Johnstone, E Cambridge, and L Hatherill.

Stothert’s Team:- G Green (Capt.), F Ascott, E Smith, T Padfield, S Ascott, H W West, B Shellard, G Archard, E J Hodges, F Cook, W Clissold, H Waring, H Walker, G Padfield, and S Harris.

This game is noticeable as it contained three Ascott brothers, Bath’s Dick facing F and S Ascott in the Stothert’s line up.

Kitching, Russell, Timmins, Ascott, Arnold and Cashnella scored Bath’s tries, and Hatherill converted five of them. The game highlighted a wide gulf between senior and junior football.



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 34-0. Team:- P Brooke, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, F Russell, W Fear, A Ford, F J Cashnella, C Wyer, C Perry, E Arnold, W Watts, Lye and E Cambridge.

By coincidence Bath and Bridgwater were to play each other in the Final of the County Cup, at Weston-super-Mare on the following Saturday. Headlined as A FARCICAL ENGAGEMENT, Bridgwater rested their entire Cup team. Bath played eleven of their probable Cup selection.

A poor sort of a game was inevitable. Tries from Arnold, Ascott (3), Stevens (3), Russell, Kitching(2), Ascott, and Kitching got the conversions.



v Bridgwater. Final Somerset Cup. Played at Weston-super-Mare.

Lost 0-9. Team:- P Brooke, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, F Russell, A Ford, F J Cashnella, C Perry, W Watts, Moss, Morton, E Arnold, and G. St. Clair Johnstone.

Some 900 Bath supporters sporting Lily-white hats with Bath Buns attached, were outnumbered by about 2-1, despite the 2/- excursion concession from Bath Spa.

Bath were fairly beaten. “The packs had a great duel, but Bath could not claim any advantage, and in the loose they were inferior. “



v Bridgwater Albion, Away. Lost 0-17. Bath fielded only five of the previous week’s Cup selection, calling upon five of the Stothert and Pitt’s players.

Team:- G Green (Stotherts), R Ascott, E Smith (Stotherts), J T Timmins, Johnson, W Fear, Brinkworth (Combe Down), A Ford, Lye, and E W Cambridge. G St. Clair Johnstone, C Perry, and Clissold, Cooke, and Archard (Stotherts).

Predictably, Bath lost by a goal and 4 tries to nil. The Albion had only failed to win three home games that season.


v Penarth, Home. Won 11-5. Team:- J Olds, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, J Johnson, A Hatherill, W Fear, A Ford, H Moss, M Morton, G St. Clair- Johnston, E Arnold, C Perry, B Wakefield, and E W Cambridge.

Tries – Timmins, Johnson (2) and a conversion by Hatherill.

It was a good afternoon for cricket! “The play was generally of a holiday and rather lackadaisical description, and despite the conditions there were few of those exhilarating bouts of passing one might have expected from such teams. Knocks-on galore, dropped passes, and other infringements of the regulations led to promising movements being nipped in the bud.”


v Leytonstone, Home. Won 12-0. Team: J Olds, G Johnson, J T Timmins, W Stevens, R Ascott, A Hatherill, W Fear, G St. Clair Johnston, M Morton, S Moss, E W Cambridge, E Arnold, Perry, Archard and S Bristow.

The gate was poor and the game mediocre. Several regular forwards had dropped out, including Ford and Watts. Once again Sid Bristow stepped in, despite having played for the ‘A’s in the morning. The Essex men were short, so Alf Cleall turned out on their left wing. Although it was undoubtedly a fine sporting guesture, he was a thorn in the flesh to the Bath three-quarters and he saved the Leystonstone line on at least three significant occasions, including twice bundling Dicky Ascott into touch. Bath’s tries came from Johnson, Timmins and Stevens (2). Notwithstanding the high score, there was an element of holiday lethargy about this game, which frequently descended into a forward scramble.



v Cheltenham, Home. Won 14-0. Team:- J Olds, R Ascott, W Stevens, J T Timmins, G Johnson, A Hatherill, W Fear, A Ford, M Morton, G St. Clair Johnstone, E Arnold, C Perry, W Watts, E W Cambridge, and F Cashnella.

Tries by Timmins, and Johnson(3), with Hatherill converting the final one to bring Bath’s points up to 301, with two games remaining.

“Like the Curate’s egg, the match was good in parts.”



v Taunton, Away. Won 11-6. Team:- J Olds, G Johnson, J T Timmins, H Cross, R Ascott, W Fear, J Phipps, A Ford, F J Cashnella, E Arnold, S Bristow, W Perry, E J Hodges, Clissold, and E W Cambridge.

The Bath eight were far superior than their opponents, in a game of rushes and kicks. Ascott was the pick of the backs.



v Pontypool, Away. Lost 0-13. Team:- J Olds, Cross, Gooding, J T Timmins, G Johnson, R Ascott, W Fear, A Ford, F Cashnella, Harris, E Arnold, C Perry, E W Cambridge, G St. Clair Johnstone, and Hodges.

Bath were overrun at the conclusion of a lengthy season. They had held the Welsh side to half time, and in the second spell, Pontypool crossed the Bath line three times and dropped a goal.



Full backs:- (8); G Johnson (19). P Brooke (4). J Olds (5). Green (2) J T Timmins (1). G Parfitt (1). W Fear (1). And J Bushnell (1).

Three-quarters (24):- W Stevens (25). R Ascott (26). J T Timmins (24). A F Kitching (13). J Olds (11). G Johnson (7). A E Cleall (3). T West (3)’ R Meister (3). S Ashby-Neate (3). W Rummings (2), P Cox (2). Gerrish (2). H J Lewis (1). Morgan (1). W Fear (1). G Parfitt (1). F Dixon (1). T Smith (1). H Woollen (1). E Holvey (1). H Cross (2). Chilcott (1). And Gooding (1).

Halves (10):- A Hatherill (29). R Meister (14). W Fear (10). F Russell (5). H G Adkin (2). J Phipps (3). A E Cleall (2). T Davis (1). E W Trevor (1). Arthur Brinkworth (1).

Forwards (28):- A Ford (32). G Perry (32). E Arnold (31). F J Cashnella (31). E Cambridge (27). St. Clair Johnstone (25). W Watts (15). A B Morton (11). C Moss (10). E West (7). E J Hodges (8). J “Thomas” (6). F Russell (5). G Chivers (4). Loo Hatherill (4). B Wakefield (3). H Lye (3). C Wyer (2). J Dainton (2). Archard (2). P Broadhurst (2). Clissold (2). Cooke, Hurst, S Bristow, G Parfitt, J Chilcott and E Clarke (1 each).



A F Kitching 12, J T Timmins 11, Dicky Ascott 10, W Stevens 10, F J Cashnella 6, G Johnson 5, Albe Hatherill 4, Jimmy Olds 4, E Arnold 4, Dicky Meister 2, F Russell 2, Tom West 2, and E Cambridge, P Cox, W Rummings, H Moss, A Ford, G St. Clair- Johnstone, T B “Thomas,” C Brown, H Cross, and G Perry one apiece.


Albe Hatherill 23, D Ascott 2, W Stevens, P Cox, E J Hodges, and A F Kitching one apiece.


G Johnson and J Olds.


Not one success!






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