1886 to 1887

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




G HELPS – Captain



v Frome, on Kensington Meadows. Won 8g 3t 6 touches to 1g. (27-3) Team: A Porter, S Swabey, H Dunn, E Parker, H Foord, F Hill, A Parham, G Helps (Capt.), W Sutton, C Knight, F Soane, W Neave, A Helps, C Hayward and R Davies.

Tries by Swabey (3), Helps (2), Parham, Foord, Knight, Soane, Dunn and Neave. Porter converted 8.

Despite the high score, there was: “……….. a want of combination, and their passing showed a decided falling off from last year’s form.”

BATH F.C. 2ND XV v The Hermitage, played on Lansdown. Bath won by one goal and three tries and three touches to nothing. 2nd XV Team: A Tansey, W Severs, Church, J Parham, T Kirkpatrick, R Oatley, W Morgan, H Dring, S Rossiter, A Pike, B Roberts, K Dunn, A Lee, A Hill (Capt.), and J Cox.



v Clifton, Home. Played on Kensington Meadows, Bath Lost nil to 2g 1t. (0-7) Team: E Parker, S Swabey, H Foord (Capt.), F Anderson, W Dunn, A Parham, F Hill, H Lavis, C Hayward, J Stringfield, W Sutton, F Soane, C Knight, H Dring, and W Morgan. Knight, Lavis and Parker played well for Bath.



v Redlands Park, on Kensington Meadows. Won by 2g 2t to 1g 1t. (8-4)

Team: E Parker, Armitage-Jones, H Dunn, H Foord (Capt.), F Anderson, T Parham, A Parham, H G Lavis, J Stringfield, C Knight, F Soane, W Sutton, H Dring, A Helps and F Winckworth. Tries Parham (2), Dring and Dunn.

“T Parham, with a dodgy run, secured the first try for Bath, which was converted into a goal by Foord. Soon afterwards Dunn raced round the field and secured another try, of which the second goal was placed.” Dring and again, T Parham secured the other tries. Jones and Sutton played well.



v Gloucester, on Kensington Meadows. Lost 1-4. Team: F Anderson, G Helps (Capt), H Foord, T Blanchard, F Hill, T Parham, H G Lavis, F Soane, C Knight, J Stringfield, H Dring, W Sutton, R Hill, C Neave and A Helps.

There was “a large and enthusiastic concourse of spectators, among whom were more ladies than usual.”

“…….the best of Bath men were perhaps Dring and Stringfield, (forwards), Anderson showing well at back, while Parham worked hard at half back, but ought to pass more than he does.” Parham scored Bath’s try under the posts, but it was not converted.



v Bath College, Away. Won 7-0. Team:- F Anderson, T Blanchard, E Parker, H Foord, A Parham, T Parham, G Helps, H St. John, T Stringfield, H Dring, F China, C Knight, F Soane, W Sutton, and G Lavis.

St. John and Helps repeatedly brought the ball through the scrummage. Before half-time, Knight dribbled through for Bath’s first try, which Anderson converted. Early in the second spell, Parham crossed the line, and Anderson again added the points. Parker secured a third try. Soane and Blanchard were outstanding, and Anderson showed great promise.



v Bridgwater, on ‘Malt and Shovel’ Ground at Bridgwater. Lost 3-4. Team: F Anderson, E Parker,

T Parham, G Helps, W Sutton, J Stringfield, H Dring, F Soane, G Lavis, F Winckworth, A Helps, and C Knight.

A re-match, after a break of three years. The home side won another closely fought game, in very muddy conditions. Bath forwards more than held their own, but with the exception of Hill, were outplayed in the backs. Almost on time, Knight scored for Bath and Anderson converted. “For Bath the brothers Helps were very conspicuous in the scrummage, while Lavis did a lot of collering work.”



v Westbury Park, Home. Won 13-3. Team: F Anderson, C Jopy, T Blanchard, Armitage, Jones, H Foord, F Hancock, W Sutton, J Stringfield, F Soane, F Winckworth, N Pictor, A S Helps, H Lavis, C V Church, and A Tansey. Bath try scorers were: Joy, Foord (2), Soane, Church, Sutton. Conversions by Anderson.



v Bath College, Away. Won 1-0. Team: F Anderson, C Joy, E Rowland, H Foord, F Hill, T Parham, G Helps (Captain), H Lavis, J Stringfield, H Dring, W Sutton, F Soane, H St. John, C Knight and A Parham.

Bath had an obvious superiority in the pack, but a stout School defence kept Bath at bay through the first half. Then, after a series of scrummages, Joy scored the solitary try after a fine run.



v Clifton, Away. Won 1-0. F Anderson, C S Joy, E M Rowland, F G Parker, A Parham, T Parham, G C Helps (Capt.), E A McLorg, J Stringfield, W Sutton, C A Knight, H Dring, G Lavis, W Winckworth and C Church.

“At half-time no point had been scored, but soon after the resumption of the game, Rowland secured the ball at the half-way flag, and after a grand run through the Clifton men, obtained a try………… The Bath forwards deserve a word of praise for the way in which they more than held their own against the well known Clifton team, and those who take an interest in Bath football will be pleased to notice the prosperous condition of the Club, which this year is playing two teams and has a very fair record for both.”


11/12/ 86

v Swindon Rangers, Away. Won 4-0. Team: F Anderson, C S Joy, S Swabey, H Foord, (Captain), F Hill, F Handcock, E A McLorg, J Stringfield, C A Knight, W Sutton, H Lavis, H Dring, F Winckworth, F Soane, and H E Mayo. A winning encounter after four years of the fixture list. “………..Foord secured the leather, and eluding the opposing backs gained the first point for Bath…………….The Bath forwards showed better combination and soon forced the game back, Winckworth especially, following up well, and eventually securing a try close to the posts which Foord converted into a goal. The Bath outsides were decidedly superior to their opponents, but there was not much to choose between the two teams in the scrummage.”



v Weston-super-Mare, ‘Home’. Lost 0 – 6. Team: F W Anderson, C Joy, S Swabey, Foord, T Parham, Hancock, G Helps (Capt.), J Stringfield, Knight, Sutton, A Parham, F Soane, Dring, Lavis and Winckworth.

The Bath ground was under water and the match was played on Mr. Browning’s field, Weston, Nr. Bath.

The Bath forwards did not play in their usual style, and with exception of Helps and Knight, made a poor effort in the scummages. In the backs, Swabey worked hard throughout the game, Handcock’s passing was very neat and T Parham put in some good tackles.



v Bristol Medicals, Home. Cancelled


v Cardiff Harlequins, Home Cancelled


v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Cancelled


v Gloucester, Away. Cancelled


v Bridgwater, Home. Cancelled

CANCELLED GAMES DUE TO FLOOD following 20% of Frost.



v Batheaston, on Lower Common (Victoria Park). Won 5-0. Team:- Anderson (back), C J Moneypenny, Jay and Priestley (three-quarter backs), T N Parham and C Moneypenny (Half-backs), G Helps (Captain), McLorg, Lavis, Sutton, Knight, Morgan, Hill, Stringfield and Soane (forwards)

Bath soon had the better of the play, with Batheaston being forced to touch down three times in self-defence.

“For the home team Helps, McLorg, J and C Moneypenny played well. C D Moneypenny and Sutton each obtained a try, neither of which was improved on. The third try was secured by Parham, who converted it into a goal. For the opponents, T. Blanchard, Couch and Lavington played well. The collaring of the Batheaston men was very good.”

Batheaston Team:- Eyles, Couch (Captain), T Blanchard, H Blanchard, W Lewis, W Rogers, J Lodge, Hooper, Lavington, Smith, Durman, Shell, Stone, Rhymes and Towrer.


29th January 1887

Competitive College F.C. v Bath Club (2nd XV)

Played on Kensington Meadows, this well contested match ended with a win for the College by two tries to one.

The College side contained a number of players which we associate with the Bath Club.

Competitive College: G Horsford, D Protheroe, B Helps, A O’Donoghue, Pictor, E Protheroe, Roberts, Rideout, Doveton, Mitchell, Dykes, Davies, Codrington, and Nutt.

Bath Club:- A Tansey, H Dunn, F Parker, S Pritchard, F Handcock, S Lander, T and A Hill, A Hart, A Pike, M Eddells, K Dunn, S Whiteford, J Cox and B Thomas.



v Westbury Park, Away, (Clifton). Drawn 8-8. Team:- F Anderson, Rowlands, F Hill, Blanchard, C Moneypenny, F Parham, Helps, Rossiter, McLorg, Lavis, Knight, Sutton, Raikes, Soane and P Anderson.

Although the play had been even, Bath were one try down at the interval. Upon resumption, Blanchard scored under the posts for Anderson to improve. Soon afterwards Rowlands, dodged in for another try, which was not improved upon. Near the end, the home side came back with a converted try. Thus the game ended in a draw. Helps, McLorg and Sutton played well in the forwards, whilst Parham and Rowlands did good work behind the scrimmages.



v Swindon Rangers, Home on Kensington Meadows in fine weather, but in front of a very small crowd. Drawn 1-1. Team:- Green, F Anderson, G Helps, Parker, C Moneypenny, T N Parham, McLorg, Sutton, Soane, Lavis, Winckworth, Kingsford, Stringfield, F Hill, and Rossiter.

“Both sides played well and hard; the passing of the Swindon Rangers was good, while the rucking of Bath was grand. Parham, whose play was by far the best on the ground, made some good dodgy runs, and but for his want of pace would have secured a try. McLorg and Stringfield played well for the home team.” “Parker secured a try for Bath and Bewley one for Swindon.”



v Batheaston, Home. Won 2-0. Team:- Protheroe, J Trask, F Anderson, C B Moneypenny, A Parham, T N Parham, G Helps, McLorg, Stringfield, Sutton, Kingsford, Rossiter, Soane, Lavis and Winckworth.

Helps, McLorg and Stringfield were conspicuous in the forwards. Kingsford and Stringfield scored Bath’s tries.


5th March 1887

Bath 2nd XV v Redcliffe House, played on Kensington Meadows. Won by two goals and three tries to nothing.

Bath were strongly represented by C Tylee, T Parham, H Dunn, C Moneypenny, A Parham, F Handcock, F Soane, W Sutton, F Hill, S Rossitter, R Davies, B Roberts, P Anderson, A Pike, and A Hill (Capt.).


In the annual Oxford and Cambridge Sports, Bath’s Moneypenny (Cambridge) was in a dead heat with Ramsbotham (Oxford) in the 100 yards event.



v Widcombe Institute, on Kensington Meadows. Won 10-0. (2 Goals, 4 tries to one touch-down)

Team: C Davies, Moneypenny, Mould, Blanchard, T Parham, F Hill, Lavis, F and V Soane, Stringfield, Winckworth, P Anderson, Waller, Roberts, A Hill (capt.) The Reverend B Burton acted as Referee.

Played on Kensington Meadow, in ‘Bank Holiday weather, the conditions were far too tropical for devotees of “the leather.” Bath tries from Blanchard, V and F (2) Soane, T Parham, F Hill. Blanchard converted two. Parham’s try was after “A capital dodgy run.”

“For the Club Stringfield, Lavis, Soane and Winkworth were perhaps the pick of ‘the squash’, while behind J Parham and Blanchard figured conspicuously.


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