1899 to 1900

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




v Gloucester. Lost 0-21. Team:- Q Hillier, J E Long, E F Gooding, W Emery, E S Montgomery, A E Sheppard, W Fear, G Ruddick, C W Parkes, A J Billett, W Watts, S M Knight, H Merchant, S Duck, A E Wetten.


Bath Chronicle 28/9/1899

“There can be no gainsaying the fact that Gloucester possess a team of which any town might be proud. Their physique is splendid. They are all well proportioned men of fine dimensions, and every one looks hard and fit; there is not a small man, or a seedy one amongst them. Man for man they were quite a stone and a half heavier than the Bath fifteen.”

All the Bath forwards had stuck to their task and individual performances were praised: “Sheppard was also fearless in arresting the rushes of the home forwards, flinging himself on the leather, regardless of the danger.”

“The new rule which does away with the penalty for legs-up in the scrum will cause a deal of bother. Now that every player can lift either leg as often as he likes there is little chance of putting the ball into the scrum and none at all of putting it in straight. Such was the experience at Gloucester on Saturday

Newcomer, Hillier failed to field one ball, which allowed Cook to set off on his scoring run. “That Bath should have had to play a practically unknown custodian in such an important match was one of the disappointments to which the team is accustomed. Hillier was nervous, and admittedly out of his element. The only good thing he did, was to dash up and kick the ball dead when Hall, the Gloucester half-back was falling upon it. This saved another try.”



v Bridgwater, Home. Drawn 0-0. Team:- E F Gooding, J E Long (captain), W Emery, J T Timmins, E S Montgomery, W Fear, A E Sheppard, G Ruddick, C W Parkes, T B Timmins, S Duck, A Billett, S M Knight, W Watts and H Merchant.

A disappointing display, played in rain. Bridgwater played more methodically, whilst Bath’s movements frequently broke down, as the centres fumbled. “Sheppard’s dodge of ignoring the three-quarter nearest to him and throwing over him to the next man came off with good effect, but there should be a perfect understanding between the halves and the third line as to what may happen, and it looked as if there was a complete absence of this in Bath’s first home match.”



Bath ‘A’ v Cheltenham, Away. Won 6-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, F W Chedgzoy, W Gunning, W E Davies, G Parfitt, O Edwards, K Heath, A J Taylor (Capt.), A Osman, W Puddy, N Moore, J Dyer, W Bruton, A E Wetton and C Morgan.



Bath ‘A’ v Brighton House Old Boys. Won 24-0. Side included three Edwards brothers – LW, LG and O.



v Wellington, Away Lost by 2 goals to nil. 0-10. Team:- G Parfitt, J E Long, E F Gooding, J T Timmins, E S Montgomery, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, S Duck, A J Billett, H Merchant, C W Parkes, S M Knight and A E Wetton.

A local comment was the :”Bath had the best of matters, and lost through forward passing.” Actually, Bath were pretty aggrieved at some of the decisions and maintained that referee frequently called them back for adjudged forward passes, where, in their opinion – there had been no infringement.

The news comment was also a bit pointed! “I will say nothing stronger than describe him as weak and evincing a decided disinclination to offend the home crowd, and at Wellington the spectators are as one sided as you can find in these parts.”

Explaining a player’s non-availability:” Emery’s absence from the quartette is said to be due to pique at the advice extended to him after the Bridgwater Albion game not to wriggle so much on his own, but let the wing man have a look in. If this be so, it is to be regretted, but the Bath executive have learnt that men who easily take offence should not be pondered to. “



v Chepstow, Away. Won by 2 tries to nil. 6-0 Team: J Godwin, W Gunning, J T Timmins, E F Gooding, W Emery, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick (Capt.), C W Parkes, S Duck, E W Clark, J Billett, W Watts, E Merchant, and S M Knight.

Gunning of Walcot was a late replacement at centre, and the ‘ever-faithful’ Godwin, the Post Office captain stepped in as replacement for Parfitt. Parfitt, an army reservist had been called-up for Boar War service. Also, H Edwards, a Bath ‘A’ regular, a fourth member of the Edward’s family, had been called to the colours and were wished ‘Good Luck’ for a speedy return. Tries by Duck and Cashnella.



v Old Edwardians, Home. Won. 6-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, F W Chedgzoy, J T Timmins, E F Gooding, J E Long, W Fear, K Heath, T B Timmins, C W Parkes, G Ruddick, S Duck, A J Billett, H Merchant, S M Knight and W Watts. The first try by J T Timmins after clever work by Long “whose wriggling and jumping cleared several opponents.” His brother, ‘T B’ got the other try.



v Exeter, Away. Lost by a goal and 3 tries to a penalty kicked by Long. 3-14. Team:- G Ward, F W Chedgzoy, J T Timmins, E F Gooding, J E Long, W Fear, K Heath, T B Timmins, S Duck, S M Knight, F Cashnella, H Merchant, G Ruddick, W Watts and W Gunning.

The complete match report is recorded hereunder, as it gives a rich insight into how the game was played, and how players re-acted to set-backs. “We was robbed”, seems to be a fair summary of this Exeter v Bath epic.



v Wellington, Home. Won 11-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, AW Shorland, J T Timmins, E F Gooding, J E Long, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick, A J Billett, T B Timmins, C W Parkes, S M Knight, W Watts, H Merchant and F Cashnella. Sweet revenge on the away fiasco. Chief honours to the Bath octette, whilst the team was admirably served behind the scrum by, Fear, impregnable in defence, and Heath – full of dash and wriggling like an eel. T B Timmins, Billett and Fear scored the tries and Bigwood converted one.


“The disagreeables of the contest were almost forgotten in the joy at the result, but for a club of Wellington’s history and standing to act in the spoilt child fashion displayed last Saturday is pitiable. This, coupled with the unmistakable wilful roughness of some of the side, which brought down upon them the cautions of the referee, proves that there is a marked deterioration in the tone of the team.

To show off such temper at the second try awarded to Bath was ludicrous. At first they argued that T B Timmins who took the ball over their line was off-side. Then finding that contention futile, they argued that Billett when he grounded the leather was beyond the dead ball line. Both points were ruled against them, and they had not the good taste to yield to the inevitable.

It has been my pleasure to watch many an out-of-town Bath match, and to the credit of our men it should be said that though they have had most unfair tries ordered against them, they have never created a scene, but always bowed to the referee’s ruling. This is as it should be. At Exeter, only a week previously, as fully described in this column last Tuesday, they had great provocation, but they played on like men, and did not whimper like whipped babies.

While there must be a falling off in character on the part of Wellington, there is also a pronounced diminution of football skill. They played with nothing like the combination exhibited on their own ground when Bath went there. This was not pleasant to contemplate, for we want an all-round improvement in Somerset clubs if the County is to maintain its reputation.”



v Knowle, Away. Lost 3-6. Team: A W Shorland, A Osman, E F Gooding, J T Timmins, G Parfitt, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick, A Billett, S Duck, T B Timmins, W Watts, S M Knight, F Merchant and Cashnella. Bath were without five regulars, but had been expected to win, and the backs – very much the heroes in previous weeks, were now to shoulder the burden for losing, and described as “unaccountably slack.”

Parfitt scored Bath’s try. Goodall scored two tries for Knowle.

Praise indeed for J. Long (Doctor Jim): “Only on Saturday last, when returning from Weston, a G.W.R. employee on Bristol platform thanked him for his services when the Bath three-quarter was at a Bristol hospital, the young medico’s attentions enabling the man to resume work on the line.”



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 0-20. Team: M S Bigwood, J E Long, E F Gooding, J T Timmins, E S Montgomery, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick, A J Billett, T B Timmins, S M Knight, C W Parkes, W Watts, F Cashnella and H Merchant.

A thumping loss, but no fault of the forwards who were the equal of the visiting eight throughout. Gloucester backs were clever and classy, and the Bath three-quarters showed up feebly by comparison.

“Bath must be content to always take a back seat when a club of any calibre is met. The want has been sadly felt for several seasons, but was perhaps never more vividly impressed upon the mind on Saturday.”

Only Gooding and the half-backs had reasonable games, and it was reported that the forwards were “frightfully disgusted.”



v Clifton, Away. Won 19-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, J E Long, E F Gooding, J T Timmins, E S Montgomery, W Fear, K Heath, C W Parkes, T B Timmins, H Merchant, S M Knight, A J Billett, F Cashnella, J Dyer and W Puddy. Tries by Parkes, T B Timmins, Fear (2) and Long.

Conversions by Long and Bigwood.



v Knowle, Home. Won 3-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, W Crisp, J T Timmins, G G Vincent, E F Gooding, W Fear, K Heath, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, H Merchant, A J Billett, W Watts, S M Knight, F Cashnella, H Goodman.

George Vincent returned to the side and scored a try. W F Long was hoping to make a come back, but handicapped by a long term knee injury.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost by a gaol and two tries to nothing. 0-11. Team:- M S Bigwood, F W Chedgzoy, K Heath, S W Crisp, E S Montgomery, G G Vincent, W Fear, T B Timmins, H Merchant, S M Knight, F Cashnella, Rev. S Swabey and N Haigh.

Bath took a weak side to the ‘brickyard town.’ In this case, only thirteen players, and it was regrettable that more players could not be found – particularly at a holiday time. Haigh, a Lennox forward, helped out in the front row and played well, whilst the Reverend Stephen Swabey “turned out once more, and went into the fray with a light heart.”

Dyer, an ‘A’ team player had been selected and declined to travel. Meanwhile the ‘A’s had a massive 51-3 win against Eversley on the Rec.

The reluctance of others to travel for the 1st XV, was not taken well by the thirteen that travelled to Bridgwater.



v Abertillery, Home. Won 3-0. Team:- M S Bigwood, J E Long, G G Vincent, S W Crisp, F S Montgomery, W Fear, K Heath, J and G Ruddick, A J Billett, H Merchant, S M Knight, W Watts, F Cashnella and T B Timmins. Crisp got the try.

Victory by a single try to nothing, did not greatly enhance the holiday enjoyment. “.. and altogether it was a sorry spectacle, as the forwards were slack in the lines out and a lot of winging was carried on.”



v Penarth, Home. Won 5-3. Team: Bigwood, Long, G G Vincent, Crisp, Montgomery, Fear, Heath, J and G Ruddick, Billett, Knight, Timmins, Cashnella, Godwin and H Merchant.

Watts did not turn up, and Godwin, the Post Office captain played in the pack. G Ruddick – try. Long- conversion.

Chronicle comment: “Bath went to within a few feet of Penarth’s line by grand forward rush, but at the critical moment lost the ball. Bath had to save, but the forwards went at it again finely and Billett scored a try amid great cheering, which was increased when Long converted. Penarth made strenuous efforts to get ahead again, and there were some anxious moments for Bath who, however, had the better of the remaining play, the forwards playing with rare dash, Timmins being conspicuous in brilliant dribbles. There was much enthusiasm when the whistle sounded with Bath winners by a goal (5 points) to a try (3 points).”



v Stroud, Home. Won 8-4. Team:- M S Bigwood, J E Long, W H Walker, S W Crisp, E F Gooding, W Fear, K Heath, T B Timmins, S M Knight, F Cashnella, A J Billett, C Williams, E A Wetten, S Duck and N Haigh. Walker and Duck scored Bath’s tries. Bigwood converted one.

“A dreary affair in damp and cold weather. The visitors were late arriving, and the only spectator distraction was watching ‘Robert the Policeman’ trying to keep ‘urchins’ from running through the back gardens of Pulteney Street Villas, and then dropping over the walls, to enter the ground. Eventually, he collared all but one, and dispatched them, with the same indignity with which they had arrived.”



v Cinderford. Home, Drawn 0-0. Team: M S Bigwood, JE Long (Capt.), E F Gooding, S W Crisp, W H Walker, W Fear, K Heath, T B Timmins, A J Taylor, S M Knight, F Cashnella, A J Billett, W Puddy, N Haigh and W Watts.

“Rain fell at the commencement and made matters somewhat disagreeable.”

“A pointless draw was a result in keeping with the blank character of the play.

Only 103 sixpences were taken at the gate.”



v Old Edwardians, Away. Lost 4-7. Team:- M S Bigwood, E F Gooding, C Williams, W H Walker, H Hignell, W Fear, W E Davies, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, A J Billett, F Cashnella, S Duck, S M Knight and N Haigh. W H Walker dropped Bath’s goal.

“Titch Fry was on the platform to see off his old friends from Bath, He had had no football this season, being in a place where work encroaches too far into Saturday afternoon to render footer possible.”

S W Crisp just missed the train at Bath Spa and the team went away one short. Nevertheless, Bath had most of the play, but were frustrated at many of the referee’s decisions.

CHRONICLE COMMENT: “Whatever the issue may be, the visit to the Old Edwardians is always an enjoyable fixture. They are such a cheery set of ‘sports.’ Nothing could have exceeded their kindness and hospitality, and the multitude in New-street Station probably concluded that soldiers were starting for the front when they heard the rousing cheers given by the homeward-bound Bathonians for the Old Edwardians. There is too little of this spirit nowadays in modern gate-money football, more’s the pity.”



v Neath, away. Lost 0-30. Team:- W Rixon, W Bruton, E F Gooding, S W Crisp, W Holmes, W Fear, K Heath, A J Billett, T B Timmins, S M Knight, N Moore, N Haigh, F Cashnella, W Watts and Lever.

Bath took an extremely weak side to South Wales and suffered accordingly. They were “a badly beaten lot.”

CHRONICLE COMMENT: “It is curious to note how many absentees there are when a crack team of this kind has to be faced in its own enclosure: there is generally a prolific crop of excuses for failure to participate in these games. They may all be genuine enough, but the coincidence is remarkable.

With Bigwood, Long, Hignell, Ruddick, Parkes and Williams of the selected team all cried-off, there was the accustomed scouring for substitutes. Combe Down came to the rescue and fifteen men were obtainable. With the treasury in its present state, perhaps the executive would not have been grieved had only twelve or thirteen travelled to South Wales.”



v Cheltenham, Home. Won 5-3. Team W F Long, J E Long, E F Gooding, S W Crisp, W E Davies, W Fear, K Heath, S M Knight, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, W Watts, A S Billett, F Cashnella, C Williams, and C W Parkes.

A goodly crowd braved the bad weather and were rewarded with a win for Bath against a strong Cheltenham outfit. In the first half : “………..Knight and Cashnella were conspicuous for brilliant individual play” “A sudden break-away by the home forwards quickly changed the venue, and following up the ground gained, Fear put in a tricky kick, and Timmins, rushing up, picked up and galloped over, scoring a good try for Bath.” J Long converted to give Bath a lead of 5–0 at half-time. In the second spell Cheltenham scored in the corner, following a forward rush. Towards the end, Bath had the best of matters, but could not improve on their score.



v Penarth, Away. Lost 3-8. Selected Team: J Godwin, J E Long, E F Gooding, S W Crisp, W E Davies,

K Heath, W Fear, T B Timmins, W Watts, S Duck, F Cashnella, A E Wetten, N Moore, Shier and Hamilton.

The Penarth ground was in dreadful condition, “the field was about as difficult as if it had received a coating of bird lime by the time the footballers had churned up the surface.”

“………….a man got stuck in the mud and helpless, while the condition of the ball was something too awful for words to describe.”

Bath travelled 2 men short and Penarth made up the deficiency with Shier and Hamilton. It was another example of players crying off a few hours before departure.

Again the players complained about the referee. “As one of the Bath side remarked, you are inclined to be suspicious when you hear the opposing side call the gentleman with the whistle ‘Fred’ or ‘Bill’ in the most familiar terms.” Davies got a Bath try under the post. The conditions were so dreadful, that even in this proximity, it could not be converted.



v Exeter, Home. Lost. 0-9. Team: J Godwin, J Long (Capt.), E F Gooding, S W Crisp, W E Davies, W Fear, Leonard Edwards, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, N Moore, S Duck, S M Knight, W Watts, F Cashnella, and H Merchant.

A feeble exhibition by the Bath three-quarters, with the skipper off-form. Davies twisted and dodged to make some progress and Long gave similar acrobatic displays. However, the ball passed along all the Bath three-quarters to little overall effect.

“Leonard Edwards is more of a Briton than a Boer – in other words, he is better in dashing attacks than in stubborn defence.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 0-35. Team: J Godwin, S W Crisp, E F Gooding, F E W Venning, J E Long, W Fear, L G Edwards, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, S Duck, F Cashnella, N Moore, H Merchant, C Williams, and W Watts.

”Bath were hopelessly outclassed at Bristol on Saturday, and such was the disparity between the form of the two teams that we should be thankful a heavier total was not amassed at the expense of the visitors. The improvement in our neighbours’ play which had become so famous and had been proved by their brilliant victories over teams of the highest standing, was strikingly apparent. They have learnt the Welsh three-quarter game almost to perfection, and every man in the team is a clever exponent of the Rugby code. Nothing was left to chance, and the hypocritical could find little to point out as a defect, either in their attack or defence.”

“…………..It has been more pleasant to dilate on the excellencies of the winning side than to lament the deficiencies of their opponents.”



v Croydon, Home. Won 5-0. Team: M S Bigwood, J E Long, F E W Venning, E F Gooding, J T Timmins, W Fear, G G Vincent, G Ruddick, S Duck, T B Timmins, S M Knight, H Merchant, F Cashnella, N Moore and J Godwin.

Bath deserved to win by more than 5 points, as they were attacking for three parts of the game. J T Timmins was in fine fettle as the best of the backs. His tackling was always low and effective in preventing his man playing the ball. “Then a magnificent attack was made by the Bathonians. Fear got the ball out at the centre and gave to Venning. The latter covered a deal of ground and Gooding by a run and a punt reached the Croydon line. The ball was sent out to the Bath three-quarters, and there were several determined attempts to score. They were all frustrated until J T Timmins wriggled through and planted the ball right behind the posts. Bigwood had no difficulty in goaling. ‘At Lemons’, Bath had their winning lead of one goal to nil


“As was only natural, there was quite a gathering of the Helps family on the field, and Mr. J W acted as touch judge for Croydon, whose hon. Treasurer, I believe he is still. The last time yours truly saw him sprinting over the turf was at Weston-super-Mare many years ago, in the days when the seasiders could polish off Newport, and Wiveliscombe teaming with the Hancock were the most formidable rivals the Westonians had to tackle. Even paterfamilias braved the intermittent blizzard to watch the doings of the team which his son so long led to victory.”



A Bath XV v Old Crocks. K.O. 5 p.m. teams raised by G G Vincent.



v Cheltenham, Away. Won 11-8. Team: M S Bigwood, J E Long (Capt.), J T Timmins, F E Venning, E F Gooding, W Fear, Leonard Edwards, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, S Duck, C Williams, F Cashnella, F Merchant, N Moore, and P J Cooling.

Bristol had only managed a draw with Cheltenham, and then drubbed Bath 35-0! This raised the CHRONICLE COMMENT: “Truly, football form, though art a worthless charlatan, and who trusteth to thee risketh a heavy fall.”

“The referee, Mr. W G Roberts, of Gloucester was undeniably lenient in the matters of forward passes, knocks-on ,etc., but he was deliciously impartial, and did not please the Cheltenham crowd in consequence.”

Cashnella scored his second ever try for Bath, ten minutes into the game. “He got home on Saturday not by any cheer-producing dash, but through following up keenly, gathering the ball quickly and cleanly, and racing over the line. It was a chance and he took it; and as you know, chances are very often blundered away.”

After the interval Venning scored under the posts and Bigwood converted. Finally J T Timmins added to the tally, after a thirty yards dribble by Edwards. Venning was again in fine form. It was encouraging to observe an improvement in the Bath tackling.



v Stroud, Away. Lost 0-5. Team: W Macarthy, J E Long (Capt.), J T Timmins, E F Gooding, Wilson,

W Fear, L G Edwards, J Ruddick, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, R Meister, Lever (Combe Down), Carwardine (Argyle) and Lansdown (Oldfield Park).

Bath held the “Town of cloth and flour mills” at no score up to half time. Stroud were stronger at forward, and the Bath relied on a number of ‘imports’ and the available eight were unable to give their backs any chances. They were therefore confined to a brave defence. In the second half: “Bath made several attempts to score, but were just kept out.”



v Clifton. Home Won 32 – 3. Team: M S Bigwood, J E Long, F E W Venning, J T Timmins, E F Gooding, Leonard Edwards, Owen Edwards, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, S Duck, W Watts, F Merchant, F Cashnella, C W Parkes, and C Williams. Bath tries from Parkes, Cashnella (2), Long (3), Timmins and Venning. Bigwood had a good day with the boot!

Bath forwards improved in the second period. “When they did send out the ball they could not complain that their labour was in vain, for the outside men were in a most aggressive mood, and rarely was there a conspicuous blunder.” There was great praise for the backs: “ for the profitable use made of the chances which came their way.” “Cashnella increased his reputation for smartness in the loose by a couple of tries.”

Bath provided Shorland to make up the numbers for Clifton, and he ‘obliged’ by scoring Clifton’s solitary try!





v Cinderford. Away. Lost 0-8. Team: W Macarthy, J E Long (Captain), J T Timmins, E F Gooding, H Bonham-Carter, W Fear, Leonard Edwards, J Ruddick, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, C Williams, W Puddy, F Merchant and N Moore.

This match remembered for the fractured collarbone sustained by skipper Jim Long. “As all games with Cinderford are, it was unpleasantly rough, and the Bathonians may be thankful that only one of their number was placed hors de combat.” With only seven in the pack, Bath were on the defensive for most of the game.


Bath ‘A’ XV v Post Office, on Recreation Ground. Team: Phillips, Chedgzoy, Llewellyn Edwards, S W Crisp, W Emery, Owen Edwards, W E Davies, A J Taylor, W Puddy, Jordan, Wetten, Hannay, Merchant, Lever, and

H (Bob) Edwards.



v Portsmouth, Home. No score, in what turned out to be a tragic Monday evening game.

Team: W Macarthy, H Bonham-Carter, J T Timmins, F E Venning, E F Gooding, W Fear, L G Edwards, J Ruddick, F Cashnella, C Williams, N Moore, F Merchant, J Godwin, W Watts and S Duck.

Bath’s F C Belson (British Isles Tourist 1899) had gone to War as an Imperial Yeoman, but his brother B H Belson played in the visitors’ pack.

Trerise, the Portsmouth Vice-Captain was at wing-forward.

Almost at the end of the game………”The ball, however, went into touch. After Merchant had been disabled by a kick on the head and a visitor had also received a nasty smack, the end came with the game in the centre. A pointless draw, of which Bath had a full share of the honours.” (BATH CHRONICLE)

Committee Vote of Condolence on death of George Trerise, aged 27 (Portsmouth vice captain), who was fatally injured on Rec., on Easter Monday afternoon 16th April 1900.

A sailmaker, employed at Portsmouth Dockyard, stemmed from his parents’ home in Falmouth. His father Joseph Trerise was described as ‘a letter carrier’.

The incident occurred about five minutes from the end of a match: “conducted in a fair and manly fashion”. Witnesses had observed that Bath forward Merchant had been injured and stayed out of the scrum in a dazed condition. As it happened, the ball came his way – he tried to catch it and failed. After a loose scrum which followed, Trerise lay on the ground and may have collided with Merchant or other Bath men. However, he appeared to recover and played out the game. Afterwards he walked to the Pavilion and on to the Angel Hotel to change, where he collapsed in the yard, and died at the Royal United Hospital. At the City Coroner’s Inquest, it was concluded that a skull fracture had caused a brain haemorrhage. A verdict of ‘Accidental Death was recorded.

A handsome marble and granite monument is placed in Falmouth Churchyard. The inscription records how Trerise died, and mentions that the stone was erected jointly by the Portsmouth and Bath Clubs-the money subscribed in the City.



v Neath. Game cancelled in sympathy with the tragic accident on Monday evening.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 0-9. Team: W Macarthy, J Godwin, J T Timmins, W Emery, E F Gooding, W Fear, L Edwards, G Ruddick, T B Timmins, N Moore, A J Taylor, S Duck, F Cashnella, W Watts, and C W Parkes.

Less than £40 in gate money for this re-arranged match. Bath had tightened up their defence, but nevertheless gifted the first two tries after brief lapses. George Parsons ran in Bristol’s third try, and Bath seemed content to contain after that score. The pack played a sound game and Leonard Edwards occasionally delighted the Bath crowd “by beating his opposing halves and centres, and bringing off punts of splendid length when he had covered as much ground as he could traverse with safety.”

The Post Office band played on the ground and a collection raised for the War Fund.”



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