1890 to 1891

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale


The Chronicle Summary of the season records 95 For, 53 Against. Every effort was made to match these figures, but the task was compounded when interpreting the Points Scoring system. In the interests of clarity, the actual Goals and Tries are recorded. At least we got the Wins, Draw and Losses right!

We have worked to Try 1 point, Kick 2 points, Penalty 2 points, Drop 3 points.

To complicate matters, we note from the Bristol R F C Centenary Book, that they were quoting Try 2 points, Kick 3 points, Penalty 3 points. Drop 4 points. This new system was thought to be effective from the 1892-93 season.

The Football Annual 1891 – POINTS FOR – Goals 22, Tries 30. POINTS AGAINST – Goals 13, Tries 15.



Bath v J W Gibb’s Scratch (Widcombe Institute) at Kensington Meadows. Bath won by 4 goals (one penalty) 1 try and 5 saves (12 points) to 2 saves. Bath Team: Purnell, Scott, D Vincent, Pattinson, Mackay, Parham, M W Dixon (flying half), F Soane, V Soane, Alexander, Hooper, Rogerson, Mundy, Blyth and A.N.Other. “A noticeable feature was the introduction of a flying half, as played by the Maori team when in England, which appeared to be successful.”



Taunton v Bath Lost 3 by goals to 1. Team: W.Purnell, W. Scott, W T Vincent, W Pattinson, T N Parham, M V Dixon, W R Mackay, F Soane (capt.), V Soane, T Alexander, H T Vincent, E C Rogerson, G Bailey, C W Hayward and F China.

Bath’s try was secured, after W T Vincent had received from Dixon and passed on for W Scott to outpace his opposite number. H T Vincent converted.



Bristol v Bath at County Ground Horfield. Lost by 1 try, to 1 goal, and 1 try

(6th game Bath v Bristol)

After opening the season with a try at Weston-super-Mare and a reverse at the hands of Cardiff Harlequins, the Bristol team played their first home match on Saturday on the County Ground, and gained a decisive victory over Bath. There was a fair number of spectators, and both clubs playing their full strength, a very interesting game was witnessed. Bath, on kicking off, endeavoured to dribble the ball up the field, but the rush was soon stopped by Thompson falling on the ball. After a series of scrums, in which Davis was very conspicuous, a fine dribble by Pearce was seen, Vincent eventually sending the ball into touch. Parham was very prominent, and but for the fact that he was marked so well, would have been dangerous. On one occasion he succeeded in crossing the line, but no point was scored in the first half. On the ends being changed, Bristol started well down the field, and after a time penned Bath in their 25. By the aid of Parham and Soane, the ball was worked into neutral ground, where there was a scrum. Parham got possession, and made a very good run which was only stopped by the Bristol back, Luffman. He then transferred to Patterson, who actually crossed the line, but lost possession of the ball. Turner picked up the leather, and, smartly bringing it out, dropped it into touch. After a series of scrums Lowther got possession and made the run of the day, passing four or five of his opponents. This enabled him to land a try, from which Thompson kicked a goal, amid loud cheers. After this both sides played with renewed energy. When Bath started again a good kick sent the ball over the goal line, and Luffman wisely touched down, thus securing a kick out from 25. Thompson, picking up the ball, made a good run, and though hard pressed, he succeeded in landing a second try, but he failed at goal. Bath then pressed Bristol, and Patterson (sic), by a splendid run, secured a somewhat doubtful try, the Bristol captain appealing for touch in goal, but the referee, after some moments’ consideration, decided in favour of Bath. The place kick at goal a very difficult one failed. Bath continued to press Bristol, and when the whistle sounded they were close on the home team’s goal line. Bristol thus won a well earned victory by one goal and a try to one try. With regard to the merits of the players, Luffman should release more than he does that when he gets possession of the ball he should kick and not try to run, for it is certainly not the business of the back to run. As threequarter Turner showed remarkable speed, but he should try to pass his men instead of running round them. Hughes, though seemingly rather raw, displayed some good collaring power as well as pace. Marchant is hardly heavy enough for central threequarters. Pearce has improved very much on last year’s form, and now plays a very good game. On the other hand, Cruikshank is somewhat weaker; probably for want of practice. The forwards are an improvement on last year’s pack and were quite able to cope with their weightier opponents, but seemed rather loath to pick up the ball, a disposition to leave it to others being too apparent. Of the Bath men, Parham was very conspicuous, and had a hand in almost everything that happened. The following were the teams:- Bristol – Luffman, back; Turner, Lowther, Merchant and Hughes, threequarters; Pearce and Cruikshank, half backs; Edbrook, Davis, Lockey, Thompson, Hassell, Tweddler, Jarman, and Winter, forwards.

Bath – W Pattinson, back; W Scott, W T Vincent, and J Miller, threequarters; T N Parham, and W R Mackay, halfbacks; F Soane, V Soane, H T Vincent, C E Rogerson, T Alexander, C W A Hayward, M W Dixon, A D Ford, and H R Moule, forwards. The referee was Mr C J Satterley.

(Unable to attribute newspaper source)



Bath v Bristol Harlequins at Kensington Meadows. Selected team:- Crouch, Pattinson, Vincent, Helps, J Miller, Parham, Rogerson, Alexander, F Soane, V Soane, Hayward, Purnell, Bailey, A L M Swabey and China.

Bath won by 4 goals, 3 tries and several saves to 1 goal, 1 save. New player Crouch was tried at ‘back’ and had a promising game. Parham got in four times, Pattinson twice and Alexander once, Vincent kicking the goals.



v Vauxhall Rangers, at Kensington Meadows. Team:- Crouch, Pattinson, Helps, Vincent, Barlow, Miller, C W Hayward, F China, A D Ford, E C Rogerson, W P Haydon, A L M Swabey, L J Fry, Bailey, and H Knee. Won by 4 goals and 6 tries to nil. Described as an absurdly easy win. Pattinson got in 5 times, Vincent and Rogerson 2 each and Hayward one try. Pattinson was in great form and play was almost entirely confined to the visitors’ half. Hayward and Rogerson were conspicuous in the forwards.



Bath v Bridgwater , Home. Bath won by 1 goal, 2 tries and 3 saves, to 1 try. Bath team: Crouch, P Dyke, Helps, Mackay, Parham, Barlow, V Soane, A W Ford, E C Rogerson, China, Alexander, Fry, Hayward, Haydon and A L M Swabey.

It was an excellent match watched by a large number of people. Play was of an end to end nature. A rush by the home forwards led to a try by Alexander, but the kick at goal failed. Almost immediately, Alexander scored again, with a similar kicking disappointment. Soon Mackay and Alexander featured in another capital dribble right down the ground. Crouch was a reliable back and saved the home team on a number of occasions. After the lemons, loose play by the Bath halves, enabled H Culverwell to score for the visitors. This stimulated the Bath team to greater effort and Barlow had an excellent run from half-way for a fine try, which Crouch converted to secure the game.



Bath Scratch v The Hermitage (Hermitage School) at Kensington Meadows

Bath won by 4 goals, 3 tries to Nil. Team: Horsford, Vincent, Scott, Cunninghame, Haydon, Barlow, Ford, A D Ford, Fry, Mundy, Rogerson, Johnson, Bailey and A.N. Others. Mr. T J Piper acted as referee.



#Bath v Bristol at Kensington Meadows. (7th Bath v Bristol game) Team:- Crouch, Pattinson, Scott, Taylor, Parham, Fuller, W T Vincent, H T Vincent, F Soane, V Soane, Alexander, Rogerson, Hayward, Hooper and A D Ford.

Bath won by 2 goals, 3 tries and several minors to a minor.

Supporters of the Rugby game in Bath were treated to a capital match at Kensington to-day, between Bath and Bristol. Play, timed to commence at 3 o’clock did not begin until 25 minutes to 4, when Bath kicked off, and at once play settled down in the Bristol quarters. Two free kicks were quickly secured, from the latter of which Gunnery nearly dropped a gaol. The Bristol men retaliated, and after some good play upon both sides, scored a minor. Scrimmage followed scrimmage rapidly, Bath continuing to get the best of the game, and after some capital passing Parham secured the ball, passed to Vincent, who gained a try. A protest was raised, but was overruled by the referee, and H T Vincent kicked the goal. Upon the ball being again started, Pattinson and Scott nearly got in, but Beake relieved. Before half-time, however, Bath gained two more tries, secured by Scott and Hooper respectively, and although in each instance H.T. Vincent failed to convert, Bath crossed over with much the best of the match, the score standing at 1 goal, 2 tries, and several minors to a minor. In the second half Bristol played up much better, but could not get in, although Turner made several brilliant attempts. Bath continued to show capital form, and two more tries were obtained by Scott and W.T. Vincent, the latter of which was converted into a goal by the last named player’s brother. Nothing further was scored, and Bath accordingly won by 2 goals, 3 tries, and several minors to a minor. The home fifteen played a grand game, the passing by the halves and threequarters being especially good, and although individual pieces of good play were noticeable, especially by F Soane, Parham, Pattinson and Vincent, the success of the team was principally due to the unselfish play, the good passing, and the hard work done by them as a whole. With the exception of E. Gunnery at threequarters in place of Taylor, Bath played the same fifteen as advertised. The Bristol team was as follows: Beake, back; V Davis, Lowther, Turner and substitute, threequarters; Rev. Cruikshank and Pearce, halves; Thomson (capt.), Lambert, Tweddler, Winter, Lockey, Jarman, Hughes, and substitute, forwards.



Bath v Swindon Rangers (A) Bath won by a goal and 2 tries to a Penalty. Attendance 500.

Bath team: Dykes, Pattinson, Helps, Mackay, Parham, Barlow, Alexander, Ford, Hooper, Hayward, Rogerson,

F Soane, V Soane, Vincent and H T Vincent. Bath scorers were Parham (2), and Hayward. Vincent converted Parham’s second try.



Bath selection for proposed game against Bath College: Pattinson, Mackay, Scott, Parham, Barlow or Helps, W S Vincent, H T Vincent, F Soane, V Soane, Alexander, Hayward, Rogerson, Hooper and Ford. Reserves: Swabey, Fry and A D Ford. There is no report or result extanct.



Bath (Scratch) v Bath College, Bath won by 1 goal and 4 tries to nil. Despite the poor weather a large number of spectators witnessed a capital game on the College ground.

Tries scored by Parham, W T Vincent (2), Pattinson and Hayward. H T Vincent converted one. “It was not one of the regular fixtures of the Club, and will not count in their record.”

Pattinson and Vincent were in brilliant form, and Crouch, at back, was reliable.



Weston-s-Mare v Bath. Bath enjoyed a 7th successive win, by 2 tries to nil.

Bath team; C Crouch, W Pattinson, W R Mackay, P Dykes, T N Parham, H Barlow, T Alexander, F China, A D Ford, C W Hayward, J W Hooper, F Soane, V Soane, W T Vincent.

“Just before half-time, however, Parham, after a splendid run, obtained a try, but the kick by Crouch failed. Almost immediately afterwards Alexander obtained a second try for the visitors. The kick by Crouch was again a failure. It was a fast forward game in which Weston missed many opportunities.


Matches with the following Clubs scratched on account of frost:


Clifton at Bath


Gloucester (A)


WSM at Bath


Bristol at Bath


Vauxhall Rangers at Bristol


Highbridge at Bath



v Bristol, away at County Ground, Bristol. Lost. Team:- C Crouch, Dyke, Rogerson, Pattinson, Phillimore, McKay, Vincent, Rogerson, F Soane, China, Alexander, A D Ford, A W Ford, Fry and Doveton.

The going was very heavy, as the County ground was almost completely covered in water. It was a welcome return to rugby after an enforced five week lay off.

“In the first half Bath had all the best of it, but on changing ends the Bristolians buckled to and eventually won by 3 goals and a try to Bath’s one goal.”



v Swindon Rangers, on Bath College Ground, Pulteney street. (By permission of Mr. T W Dunn) Team:- C Crouch, W Pattinson, P A Dykes, W R Mackay, J MacTier, Miller, W M Dixon, R C Rogerson, F Soane, T Alexander, F China, V Soane, H T Vincent, A W Ford and J H Doveton.

Bath Lost by a try to nil.

”Both teams were well represented. Swindon winning the toss, Soane kicked off for the home fifteen, and play settled down in the centre of the ground. Bath, however, soon commenced to press, and Miller at half was active, a clever pass by him out of a scrum enabling McTier with a tricky run to carry the ball into the Swindon 25. Adopting a loose game, however, the Rangers soon retrieved their position. Off-side was given against the home team, but Wainwright failed in his kick at goal. Both fifteens now worked their hardest. Swindon certainly obtained a slight advantage by their loose tactics, and after 25 minutes play Warner got in. The kick at goal, however, was a difficult one, and Wainwright failed to secure the major point. From the kick out a series of capital runs, in which McTier and Pattinson were conspicuous, took the ball again into the Swindon quarter, but nothing further was scored until half-time, when the teams crossed over, with the Rangers leading by 1 try to 0. On the ball being restarted Bath soon obtained a free kick for a claim of off side. Pattinson failed in his try at goal, but playing with capital judgement, Bath pressed their opponents hardly, and were extremely unfortunate in not scoring. McTier, Miller and Pattinson were loudly applauded for their brilliant play, while Soane captained his forwards admirably. Again, however, the loose tactics adopted by the Rangers, together with the clever passing out from the scrum by their halves, enabled the visitors to change the aspect of the game, and play settled down dangerously near the home goal, Alexander at length relieving. From this point to the close of the game, both teams worked their hardest, but no addition to the score was made until the call of time, the Rangers winning a most evenly contested game by 1 try to 0. The home team played capitally, Crouch was very safe at back. Mackay might have passed more frequently with advantage. Miller was in capital form, while the forwards did their utmost. The passing of the Rangers was accurate, and their half-backs were very sharp.” (BATH HERALD)



v Bristol Harlequins, Away at Horfield. Lost by 2 minors to 3 tries and 5 minors.

Team:- Purnell, Cattell, P A Dyke, Crouch, A D Ford, F China, Hooper, Dawson, Mackay, V Soane, R H Dykes, Phillimore, E C Rogerson, Pinchin and another.

Neither side was at full strength but a good game ensued, the Quins firwards playing a particularly fine game. Their loose play led to three scores, but none was converted. Bath tried hard in the closing stages, but good licking by Cox and Ham kept the Bristol line intact. Vic Soane, Dykes and Crouch were prominent for Bath.



v Clifton, Away. Drawn. Team:- Ford, Pattinson, Whiteside, Dykes, Mackay, Dixon, China, F Soane, V Soane, Fry, Vincent, Hooper, A D Ford, Cattell and E C Rogerson.

“A more interesting game than any that has been played at the Westbury ground for some time was played between Clifton and Bath on Saturday, and , after a tough struggle, resulted in a tie, each side having registered 1 goal 3 tries. The game was characterised by much evenness throughout, the advantage gained by one side being quickly equalised by the other.” (Bath Herald)



v Weston-super-Mare at Kensington Meadows. Team:- A D Ford, W Pattinson, P A Dyke, J McTier, W M Dixon, H B Phillimore, F Soane, V Soane, H T Vincent, F China, E C Rogerson, A W Ford, Cattell, L J Fry and Dawson.

Bath won by one drop goal by Pattinson to two tries. This was the only drop-goal of the season. It was appropriately scored by Pattinson, who had played consistently well throughout the season.

On this day England Rugby lost to Scotland at Richmond by three goals to one, watched by 14,000 spectators. Somerset beat Dorset 2-1 at ‘Association’, played on Lambridge.

A commentator described the Bath play as of the worst description and victory undeserved, with the seasiders constantly threatening the Bath line. Phillimore was tried at half back in place of McKay, and was ‘not at home’, and Dyke gave a sorry exhibition at three-quarter. Weston were one short throughout.



Bath’s fixture with Gloucester cancelled in view of County match. Bath Association (Soccer) were due to play Eastville Rovers on Lambridge, but ground under three inches of snow.



v Taunton, Home. Lost. Team:- A D Ford, J McTier, W Pattinson, Mackay, J Millar, Dixon, F China, A L M Swabey, H T Vincent, J Alexander, F Soane, E C Rogerson, V Soane, L J Fry and J W Hooper.

“Played on Saturday at Kensington Meadows before a fair assemblage of spectators. Soane for the home team kicked off, and Bath at once pressed their opponents. China secured, and made a good run, but failing to pass, the advantage was lost. McTier then nearly dropped a goal, but the ball went wide. Taunton went away with a rush, and Anderson got in, but Haslam failed at the place kick, which was a difficult one. Pattinson equalised immediately afterwards by a grand run the whole length of the field. Vincent failed to convert. From the kick off Bath retrieved ground by a little rapid dribbling. Haslam scored, however and gained a capital try, from which a goal was easily kicked. Both teams then played up vigorously. Taunton increased their lead however, from another try gained by Haydon, McTier and Ford mulling the ball badly. Changing ends two goals to the bad, the home team exerted themselves to their utmost. Pattinson, McTier, and Mackay made frequent and tricky runs, and twice Boucher had to save. Pattinson, however, again got in, but Vincent failed in the kick. Play still remained in the Taunton quarters, and all their efforts to clear their lines failed. Neither side increased their score, however, and the game ended in a victory for Taunton by two goals and a try to two tries. The home men played capitally, and had all the best of the game during the second half” (Bath Herald)



v Highbridge. Team:- Ford, Strachan, Mackay, Dykes, Miller, Dixon, F Soane, V Soane, Rogerson, China, Alexander, Doveton, Phillimore, Fry and Purnell.

Match result unknown.


Bath ace C J B Moneypenny (Cambridge) tied with Ramsbotham (Oxford) in the 100 yards event in the annual Oxford versus Cambridge competition.



v Lennox, Home. Lost by 2 goals and a try to nil. “Against this team Bath will put a strong combination in the field. Ford will play back; MacTier, Pattinson, C J B Moneypenny, the Cambridge crack, and probably G L Strachan, an old Hermitage boy, will be the three-quarter backs; Mackay and Dixon, half backs; and V Soane, F Soane, Rogerson, Alexander, Hooper, Fry, China and Doveton, forwards”.

“Bath were without the assistance of C J B Moneypenny, who telegraphed at the last moment stating his inability to come, but otherwise we were well represented. There were one or two slight alterations in the Lennox team that was beaten so badly at Taunton on Saturday. Shortly after the advertised time Bath started the ball, and a scrum took place in mid-field. Dixon secured, and passed out to Strachan. Strachan was collared, however, but MacTier gained possession and made a tricky run, being hauled down close by the touch line. From the throw out Lennox rushed away, and retrieved some of their lost ground, but Pattinson again took the ball back into the Lennox twenty-five. Several scrimmages then took place, the forwards on both sides playing splendidly, and gradually play settled down in mid-field. F Soane put in some capital work, but the ball was charged away from him, and Roberson securing, a capital try run by this player getting in, amid loud applause. Dodson was successful with the place kick. Restarting, Lennox continued to press, but V Soane checked a rush and gained ground a bit for the home team. Pattinson further improved the Bath position by a brilliant dribble, but the efforts of the home team to get over the line were fruitless. Further scrummages, in which neither side gained much advantage, took place in rapid succession, but half-time arrived with the score standing at –Lennox, 1 goal; Bath, 0. Resuming play, a pretty piece of combined play between Strachan and MacTier was noticeable, but the latter was collared, and a scrum formed. Dodson secured, and rushed away, but was collared by Strachan. Lennox still forced their opponents, and a stubborn game ensued, the Bath forwards working vigorously, and Pattinson, MacTier, and Strachan making the best use of their opportunities. Gradually the ball was worked into the home twenty-five, F Roberson at length getting in. Dodson took the place kick but failed to convert. Shortly after the kick off Lennox again pressed the home team, and from a series of stubbornly fought scrums in front of the Bath goal Lindsay-Smith secured the third try for Lennox, and Dodson kicked an easy gaol. From this point to call of time the game was of a most exciting nature, and although Bath could not hope to win, their play lost none of its dash and brilliancy. Pattinson was loudly applauded for several capital runs, but the Lennox back was very safe, and kept his charge intact. Nothing further was scored, and the game ended with the score standing at – Lennox, two goals and one try; Bath 0.

For the home team the three-quarters played capitally’ Dixon was very good at half, while F Soane captained his forwards with admirable judgement, and played with rare dash. The visitors played a capital all-round game, F Roberson being the best of the three-quarters.” (Bath Herald)


Bath Herald 10/4/1891

“The Bath Rugby Club have concluded their matches for the season, and the returns, prepared by Mr. J T Piper, hon. sec., show a distinctly favourable result. Altogether 26 matches were arranged, of which 18 were played. In these the total points gained by the club numbered 95, against which 53 were obtained by their opponents. The only dropped goal throughout the season was kicked by Pattinson, who has played a capital and sometimes brilliant game at three-quarter back. There has been one penalty goal obtained for the club, and one against. Fifty tries were scored, 20 of which were converted into goals, against 27 tries, 12 of which were converted into goals.



The Official report of the 10th April is set out above. As mentioned at the beginning of this record, the researchers found it impossible to reconcile to Mr. Piper’s statistics. Reading of the dedication with which he approached his work – he was probably right! OUR APOLOGIES.



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