1981 to 1982

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




v Weston Super Mare, Home, Won 29-0. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, C Bird, M Sutton, J Davies, J Horton, D Murphy, G Chilcott, R Cunningham, C Lilley, A Marriott, N Williams, G Parsons, R Spurrell, R Lye

Ref – N Jones (GLOS) Replacements –C Stanley and J Beard.

New skipper, Damian Murphy, was satisfied with a win against the Somerset Cup holders, but Bath would have to improve against better opposition. The Florida Tour had taken its toll and there was an unfortunate crop of injuries, with Palmer, Martin, and Hakin already sidelined. A bone-hard pitch added to the players’ discomfort. However, the Bath pack opened in tearaway style; they were solid in the scrums and Williams put in an outstanding line-out performance. The Seasiders had no say in the proceedings for the first forty minutes, as the back row of Lye, Parsons and Spurrell rampaged over them. Ralston kicked a penalty. Horton looked to be on form and Ralston showed some nice touches; by half-time Bath had run in tries by Davies, Williams and Murphy for a 19-0 lead.

After the interval, Bath coasted home with a second try for Davies after Murphy’s blind side break. Finally, a powerful break by Chris Bird allowed Sutton to touch down.

Ralston kicked three conversions, including two from near the touchline.



v Pontypool, Home, Lost 19-22. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, C Bird, M Sutton, J Davies, J Horton, D Murphy (Capt), G Chilcott, S Luxmoore, C Lilley, A Marriott, N Williams, G Parsons, R Spurrell, R Lye

Another bone-hard pitch. Damian Murphy and Mark Sutton were first half casualties and Charles Ralston developed hamstring trouble later in the game. Collins replaced Sutton. England colt John Hall made his first team debut as a replacement, and had a storming game. Pontypool were also injury prone and lost the services of scrum-half Kim Nortek and hooker Steve Jones. It was a spirited performance against one of the Principality’s most renowned set of forwards. Robbie Lye had a particularly fine game, after switching to scrum-half to replace the concussed Murphy. John Horton was very much the general and crowned his efforts with a drop goal. Parsons and Spurrell scored Bath’s tries. John Davies converted one. Davies and Ralston also landed penalties. The Welshmen ran in five tries to Bath’s two.


v Newport, Away, Lost 10-24. J S Waterman, B Trevaskis, C Bird, J Davies, A Gunner, J Horton, S Lewis, G Chilcott, S Luxmoore, C Lilley, A Marriott, D Barry, G Parsons, R Spurrell (Capt), R Lye. Replacements – S Bird and J Roberts.                                                                                                                                   Oldfield O.B.’s winger, Tony Gunner, made his debut for Bath after just one game in the United. Stuart Barnes, a Welsh Secondary Schools Cap, played at full-back for Newport and looked an exciting prospect.

The team effort slumped at Rodney Parade, allowing Newport an uneventful win by two goals and three tries to a try and three penalties. Despite the absence of several first choice players, Bath tried to play their usual expansive game: “John Horton responded with a fine display of all his attacking attributes, wriggling breaks, astute tactical kicks and right at the end one of those pinpointed diagonal punts on to a sixpence which brought left wing Barry Trevaskis Bath’s only try.”

John Davies contributed two earlier penalties. Newport’s fiery pack had the Bath eight back-pedalling in the set scrums; at times it seemed that Horton was battling on his own, but for the tireless attendance of Roger Spurrell at his shoulder.



v Leicester, Away, Lost 6-44. A Janes, B Trevaskis, C Bird, J Davies, D Wyatt, J Horton, S Lewis, R Lee, S Luxmoore, G Chilcott, N Williams, D Barry, J Hall, R Spurrell, R Lye  Replacements – A Gunner and A Marriott – not used

Penalties by Andy Janes and John Davies were Bath’s discernible response to Leicester’s six- try onslaught, backed up by a twenty points kicking contribution from Dusty Hare. The England full back landed his first penalty after just three minutes. It was their biggest win over Bath for many years.

“And once they were on the move, Leicester were unstoppable. Even so, the first try came about more through a tragic mistake by Bath than by any brilliance from Leicester.

Bird dropped a long pass in front of his own goal line from Horton and Woodward was able to dive in to score. Hare converted.” In fact, had Hare succeeded with all the kicks on offer, the Tigers would have been well up into the 50’s! Four tries in ten minutes served to emphasise Leicester’s dominance.

Their try scorers were:- Woodward, Dodge, Merriman, Johnson, Williams and Wheeler. Hare converted four, kicked three penalties and added a 30 yard drop-goal for good measure.



v Plymouth Albion, Home, Won 20-0. A Janes, B Trevaskis, C Bird, J Davies, D Wyatt, J Horton, S Lewis, R Lee, S Luxmoore, G Chilcott, N Williams, D Barry, J Hall, R Spurrell, G Parsons. Replacements – R Lye and A Collins – not used.

Prior to this game, the Sick List had lengthened considerably. The Match Programme relayed as follows:-


Hopes to be fit


JOHN PALMER Progressing








CHRIS LILLEY 2 or 3 weeks


Horton rescued Bath’s sagging morale by masterminding a comfortable win. Roger Spurrell’s pack kept a firm grip on proceedings, while clever inter-passing between forwards and backs maximised opportunities. Gerry Parsons and John Hall were at the centre of the Bath effort, but it took a few Horton ‘party tricks,’ to open Bath’s try scoring. A typically well-judged diagonal punt sent in international Derek Wyatt for his first try. Davies contributed two penalties. In the second half, Horton clinched victory with more touches of brilliance: “After ten minutes, just to show it was no fluke, if anyone dared to believe that it was, he repeated his first half punt to the left wing and Wyatt once more was in position to score his second try.

Some 15 minutes later Horton side-stepped through the Plymouth defence which was left completely wrong-footed and full-back Andy Janes spurted up for the final try which Davies converted.”



v Moseley, Home, Won 27-16. A Janes, B Trevaskis, C Bird, J Davies, D Wyatt, J Horton, S Lewis, R Lee, S Luxmoore, G Chilcott, N Williams, D Barry, J Hall, R Spurrell, G Parsons . Replacements – C Stanley and S Jeffries – not used

Bath’s grandstand finish saw them home. Amid pouring rain, and with a slippery ball, they were trailing 9-16 some fifteen minutes from no-side. But Bath stuck at it, and a rush of 18 points saw them home, if not dry. Two late tries came from Derek Wyatt on one wing, and one by Barry Trevaskis on the other. John Davies converted all three to advance his career total to 1500. He had earlier kicked three penalties. Horton again steered Bath home, and Wyatt’s first try was a carbon copy of Horton’s magic against Plymouth- a pinpoint diagonal punt towards his racing wingman.

Spurrell led a fine forward effort, aided and abetted by Derrick Barry, Gerry Parsons and John Hall.



v Terenure, Home, Won 19-18. A Janes, P Simmons, C Bird, J Davies, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, G Chilcott, R Cunningham, J Jackson, S Jeffries, A Marriott, R Spurrell, G Parsons, R Lye. Replacements – N Cox and G Norman – Horton went off, to be replaced by Cox 14 minutes from end. (pulled hamstring )

This narrowest of wins was achieved after an astonishing late rally, after virtually throwing away 18 points. Bath advanced their cause, utilising nine-man rugby, with Steve Lewis’s fine touch-line kicking.

The Irishmen capitulated under a strong forward drive, with Lewis constantly sniping away in their wake. It was one of these drives that reached the opposing line, enabling Lewis to dive through his back row to touch down. Next Lewis’s short chip (Horton style?) ahead sent in Paul Simmons for another. Then, as the Exiles panicked, Lewis fed towards Trevaskis, who was shouldered aside and referee Jones had no hesitation in awarding a penalty- try. Davies slotted the second of his conversions and soon added the match-winning penalty. Fortunately for Bath, number 8 Declan Healy had missed with a long range penalty attempt. In truth, the Irish were mediocre opposition and it was lax play by Bath which had provided them early encouragement: “But generally it was Bath’s own lethargy which comprised woefully handling, bad passing and missed tackles, that led to the Irishmen scoring two tries through winger Paul Haycock and centre Barry Murphy.”


Colliding with Roger Spurrell, John Hall had damaged his knee ligaments playing for Somerset against Middlesex. It was an early start to his knee troubles that were to cut short his international career. It was many years since Bath had suffered so many injuries.



v Llanelli, Home, Lost 9-17. A Janes, P Simmons, C Bird, N Hunt, B Trevaskis, J Davies, S Lewis, G Chilcott, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, A Marriott, R Spurrell, G Parsons, R Lye. Replacements – J S Waterman and R Matthews

Bath managed just three penalties against the lively visitors. Davies landed two, but it was the effort from Andy Janes (Dorset and Wilts), that caught the eye. It was rated the longest penalty goal seen on the ground for many years – fairly wide out and a yard inside the Bath half. Bath were depleted in several departments and the visitors were able to swarm ahead in the final quarter. In bad weather, Bath had opted for a tight game, with Steve Lewis using the boot effectively. Bath had led with a Davies penalty, but the visitors gradually pulled ahead with Martin Gravelle’s hat-trick of penalties. Dereck Quinnell urged his forward charges on, and Llanelli’s backs started to handle well. Bath could find no effective answer to Llanelli’s crisp passing movements and were played out of the game.



v Aberavon, Away, Lost 9-46. A Janes, P Simmons, C Bird, N Hunt, B Trevaskis, J Davies, S Lewis, G Chilcott, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, A Marriott, R Spurrell, G Parsons, R Lye . Replacements – C Ralston and K Neale – Neale replaced Lye 30 mins. to go.

This was a humbling experience for Bath’s greatly depleted selection: “But no one could have expected Bath to give such a dismal display. It would not be too much of an exaggeration to report that they missed more tackles in this one match than they did in the whole of last season.”

“Aberavon, extravagant, arrogant and ruthless, played extremely well, but Bath made them look twice as good as they were by their woeful lack of teamwork.” Bath were outclassed in all departments. The side-stepping Welshmen had a field-day against players who could not cope, who were poor tacklers, or by others who did not tackle at all. For the second week running, Davies kicked two penalties and Janes one.

“Poor Bath were completely bewitched, bothered and bewildered and went home hoping desperately that some of their many casualties will return shortly.”



A Bath XV v Salisbury, (Not in statistics) Home, Lost 8-16. J S Waterman (Capt), P Simmons, N Cox, A Janes, C Martin, N Hopkins, C Stanley, C Lilley, M Ryan, B Price, A Pascoe, M Patching, J Norton, J Roberts, G Norman.                                                                                                                                             Another make-shift side travelled to Salisbury in a game staged to inaugurate the club’s new floodlighting. Salisbury piled on the points and Bath did not really settle until Paul Simmons and Andy Janes scored tries in the second half. Salisbury’s Jim Mason was the architect of Bath’s downfall, kicking a penalty goal, converting a penalty try and dropping a goal, after which Graham Morgan scored an unconverted try.

It was somehow fitting that Salisbury should enjoy their night. Bath seemed more than ready to oblige!


v Liverpool, Home, Won 7-6. A Janes, P Simmons, C Bird, N Hunt, J Davies, N Hopkins, C Stanley, C Lilley, B Price, R Lee, D Barry, A Marriott, G Parsons (Capt), J Roberts, M Patching. Liverpool was Michael Beese’ former club. (In later years, fortunes faded and it amalgamated to form the Liverpool St. Helens Club)

Bath scrum-half Chris Stanley stole the limelight, scoring a try and a drop goal for a narrow win over a previously unbeaten Liverpool outfit. It was otherwise a sub-standard battle of the reserves, which descended into mediocrity as a spectacle. Liverpool had landed two penalties, but skipper Gerry Parsons led the home effort. Bath’s depleted, short-of-pace, back division struggled throughout. Chris Bird managed a few breaks, but there was little real rhythm. To their credit, the Bath pack exerted heavy pressure and kept going to the end.


v Cardiff, Away, Lost 3-32. C Ralston, P Simmons, C Bird, N Hunt, B Trevaskis, J Horton, C Stanley, G Chilcott, P Knight, R Lee, D Barry, N Williams, R Spurrell, G Parsons   Replacements – A Janes and R Lye – not used

Cardiff inflicted a seven-try broadside, largely engineered by Welsh outside-half Gareth Davies. Even when he was off, deputy Mark Ring was a more -than-able deputy. Bath were left clutching at straws. Another change of hooker brought Paul Knight to face up to Welsh international Alan Philips. Horton’s tactical kicking was below his usual best; successive diagonal punts to his wingers brought off-side decisions. Elsewhere, hard-won possession was frittered away or turned-over. Ralston managed one penalty and showed some nice touches, otherwise, any constructive play was all Cardiff. Bath’s back row of Spurrell, Parsons and Patching could do little to stem the onslaught. Cardiff cruised home.



v Bristol, Home, Lost 6-19. C Ralston, P Simmons, C Bird, C Martin, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, G Chilcott, R Cunningham, R Lee, A Marriott, D Barry, R Spurrell, G Parsons, M Patching. Replacements – N Hunt and R Lye. Ralston kicked two penalties.

Fifteen minutes from the end, referee Clive Norling sent Gareth Chilcott off for alleged stamping at a ruck. Chilcott faced an automatic 30 days suspension for use of the boot. Bristol’s Peter Stiff and Bob Hesford had also received severe warnings. By normal local derby standards, it was not a dirty match.

The Somerset disciplinary committee subsequently banned the 25 -year-old Chilcott from rugby for a year. Chilcott was reported to be “absolutely shattered ” by the severity of the sentence.

Bristol won because their forwards adapted better to the very muddy conditions. Bath had made some early blunders when Horton and Ralston got in each other’s way and fumbled on their own line. Bristol shunted Bath backwards and Hesford touched down for Sorrell to convert. Bath’s misery was compounded when a player strayed in front of Horton’s kick: “From the subsequent scrum, Richard Harding, who looked extremely sharp throughout, shot round the blind-side and presented his skipper Alan Morley with an easy try on the right.” It left Bath with a hill to climb. Sorrell added a drop-gaol and a late drive allowed the powerful Peter Stiff to touch down for Bristol’s final try. Sorrell converted and the contest was virtually over, when Chilcott departed.



v United Services (Portsmouth), Away, Lost 10-23. M Tomany, P Simmons, A Janes, J Davies, A Gunner, N Hopkins, C Stanley, C Lilley, B Price, J Jackson, D Barry, A Marriott, G Parsons (Capt), J Roberts, R Matthews. Replacements – N Cox and P Turner. County calls again.

There were debut games for Mark Tomany and Roy Matthews as Bath fielded a practically all reserve side. The Services led 7-4 at the interval, Davies having touched down for Bath. The Services first try came from a miss-pass from Stanley, which fell between the fly half Hopkins and full-back Tomany. Price was quickly on to it, kicked on and won the race to the touchdown. He then kicked a penalty to give the Services a narrow half-time lead. Davies’s two second-half penalties had given Bath some flicker of hope, but the Services stepped up their game and Glen Woods crashed through from a line-out in the closing minutes.



v Clifton, Away, won 15-6. C Ralston, P Simmons, A Janes, C Martin, B Trevaskis (T), J Horton, C Stanley, C Lilley, P Knight, R Lee, N Williams, D Barry, R Spurrell, R Lye, M Patching. Replacements – A Rees and J Roberts – not used

Bath ended a miserable run, but could not relax until Mitch Patching dashed over for his first Bath try a minute from time. Bath were certainly the cleverer side, but were hampered by storm conditions and some “distinctly odd refereeing.” Trevaskis secured a second try. Nick Williams was particularly effective and was also rewarded with a try. Ralston landed an early penalty.



v Neath, Home, Won 21-18. C Ralston, P Simmons, A Janes, C Martin, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, B Price, R Lee, N Williams, D Barry, R Spurrell, R Lye, M Patching. Replacements – N Hunt and J Norton – Norton replaced Williams

Bath had lost in all five previous games with Welsh clubs. Neath were also hit with injuries and had short-listed a possible 17 players for this game. It was a big test for young hooker Berwyn Price. On the day, Ralston gave a confident performance under pressure and contributed a decisive 14 points, made up of 4 penalties and a conversion. Bath won with a spirited display and, for once, a modicum of luck, which came their way. Bath’s only try came when Paul Simmons was gifted with a lucky bounce. In contrast, Welsh winger Elgin Rees dropped the ball with the line at his mercy. There were spirited performances by Lee, Williams and Lye, ably backed-up by Horton, with some immaculate line kicking and a drop-goal. Chris Martin and Andy Janes looked comfortable in their centre roles.



v Harlequins, Away, Won 17-10. A Janes, P Simmons, A Rees, B Trevaskis, C Martin, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, S Price, R Lee, A Marriott, D Barry, R Spurrell, G Parsons, M Patching. Replacements – M Tomany and S Jeffries

It was a debut game for centre Alun Rees and a final game for Gerry Parsons, who was departing to London Welsh.

The match was played at Stoop Memorial Ground because London were playing the Australians at Twickenham. Bath nearly threw the match away, as a succession of penalties, some from easy positions, were missed by Martin, Janes and Lewis. They finally succeeded with Janes (2) (4 attempts) and Martin (6 attempts), but they could have been comfortably ‘out of sight’ in a better day with the boot. Fortunes changed in the second half as the Bath pack put in a commanding performance, conspicuously led by the departing Gerry Parsons. New boy Rees started a move, carried through by Horton and carried on by Janes, for Simmons to beat his opposite number in the corner. The contest was finally settled when prop Richard Lee crashed through for a second try from a tap penalty.



v Newbridge, Away, Lost 6-22. C Ralston, P Simmons, A Janes, A Rees, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, A Marriott, D Barry, R Spurrell, R Lye, M Patching. Replacement – J Hall

Bath were no match for the Welsh valley side who chalked up their fifth successive victory. They had a match-winner in the 21 year old fly-half Paul Turner, who was able to operate comfortably behind an aggressive forward display. Bath were confined to their own half for fully 35 minutes, as they were suppressed by the Monmouthshire side’s rolling mauls. Turner scored and converted his own try after eight minutes. He went on to stroke over two more penalties before the interval. Ralston countered with the first of his two penalties. Bath’s back row were unusually sluggish and there was too much reliance placed upon Ralston and Horton in defence. Lewis and Rees showed promise of hope for the future, but there was little else to enthuse over this particular game. Newbridge went further ahead when Bath’s defence was exposed, with a final total of three tries. There was no late challenge to their overall superiority.



v Coventry, Away, Won 22-18. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, C Bird, A Rees, P Simmons, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, R Matthews, R Spurrell, S Jones, R Lye. Replacements – J Roberts and T Carson

Bath had a comfortable interval lead, largely due to some brilliant touches by John Horton. Coventry went a long way towards reducing the deficit, but Horton again came to the rescue with one of his long diagonal punts, which Simmons just managed to grasp for the decisive try. Ralston and Rossborough had exchanged penalties. Then Horton jinked his way through for his first try of the season, for Ralston to convert. Horton continued to torment and four minutes later he broke from the 25, handed to Lee, whose well-timed pass sent Trevaskis haring down the wing, for Ralston to again convert.

Horton popped over a drop-goal and Coventry were in complete disarray.

Miraculously, Coventry pulled themselves together and a second-half revival put Bath to the test. Bath’s Bird and Rees were conspicuous for their tackling, but Coventry’s Malik scored their first try for Rossborough to convert. In a dramatic spell. Horton was adjudged to have high-tackled Rossborough and a penalty-try was awarded, which the full-back converted with ease. Bath’s lead had been whittled down to three points. Then came Horton’s kick to send in Simmons and Rossborough again reduced the gap in the closing minutes.



v Exeter, Away, Won 13-3. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, C Bird, A Rees, P Simmons, J Horton (Capt), S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, R Matthews, M Patching, S Jones, R Lye. Replacements – A Janes and T Sayer – not used

This was a South West Merit table win, played on a heavy ground in a gale force wind. Ralston’s three penalties and Horton’s try, to a penalty by Sumner, were enough to see Bath through. Bath forwards had dominated from the kick-off and had Exeter’s front row tied up in knots. Rob Cunningham led the pack and enjoyed taking several strikes against the head. Simon Jones and Mitch Patching provided much of the forward momentum. Chris Bird was added to the injured list, incurring a fractured wrist.



v Cheltenham, Home, Won 22-7. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, A Janes, A Rees, P Simmons, J Horton (Capt), S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, R Matthews, S Jones, M Patching, J Hall. Replacements – C Stanley and R Lye – not used

John Hall returned after a long spell out with knee ligament trouble. Much of this match was as cheerless as the weather. Jones and Hall proceeded to dominate from the back-row and Horton was left to orchestrate Bath’s scoring effort. Bath tries followed from Trevaskis and Simmons (2), and a well-taken tap penalty, provided a try for popular prop Richard Lee. Ralston converted three.



v London Scottish, Home, Won 19-10. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, A Janes, A Rees, P Simmons, J Horton (Capt), S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, R Matthews, S Jones, J Hall, M Patching. Replacements –N Hunt and J Norton – not used

Despite the muddy conditions, the Bath faithful were treated to some fine running rugby for Bath’s seventh win in their last eight encounters. “After half an hour the Scots trailed 16-4 and having just been hit by a three-tries-in-ten-minutes burst from the home side, looked positively punch drunk.”

By the second half, the Scots were dominating with a to -grade performance from their talented back division. But Bath’s first half forward aggression saw them through, and some of the tries were absolute classics: “John Hall, finishing off a drive from a tap-penalty, launched the surge, left wing Paul Simmons flew over again after a superb piece of handling involving Alun Rees and Andy Janes, and John Horton nipped over on the blind-side.” Ralston converted and at this stage the Exiles were rocked back on their feet. The Scot’s second-half revival was kept within bounds by the strong tackling of Simon Jones and John Hall. Bath try scorers were Simmons, Horton and Hall, while Ralston converted two and added a penalty.



v Clifton, Home, Won 31-0. A Janes, A Collins, A Rees, S Halliday, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, R Matthews, S Jones, J Hall, R Lye. Referee – A (Tony) Spreadbury (SOMERSET), former pupil of Beechen Cliff School, Bath.

Replacements – A Gunner and D Barry

It was Simon Halliday’s (Downside, Oxford University and Dorset & Wilts.)and Nigel Gaymond’s First XV debuts. Halliday was joined by his fellow Dark Blue, Derek Wyatt who made his first appearance since September. Simon Halliday was born 13/7/1960 and educated at Downside and Oxford University. He won his first Blue in 1979 and was also a Cricket Blue.


It was pleasing to be playing again after an enforced lay-off. Clifton put up a spirited display, but Bath’s plethora of quality players was too much for them. Halliday did not get amongst the points, but looked an exciting prospect. Tries flowed from Janes, Stanley, Horton, Collins and Wyatt. Janes converted 4 and added a penalty.



v Leicester, Home, Drawn 9-9. C Ralston (3pg), B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, M Patching, R Lye  Replacements – S Jeffries and N Munnings.

Leicester scored a thirteenth -minute penalty and later a try by Youngs a minute from half-time. Dusty Hare converted ‘majestically,’ from the touchline. Ralston followed Hare’s first half penalty, but his other two successes came in much more dramatic circumstances. In the final minutes, Ralston raised Bath’s hopes with a superbly struck penalty from 45 yards out. Then, just three minutes from time, came the all- important equalising opportunity: “It was only at a slight angle, and no more than 20 yards out but Ralston slammed his attempt against the near post. Fortunately for him, and Bath, it then bounced over the bar.” Earlier, Rees and Halliday contributed some enterprising play, but most credit was due to both sets of battling forwards. All things considered, a draw was a fair result.



v Havant, Away, Won 36-9. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, A Rees, S Halliday, D Wyatt, J Horton, C Stanley, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, N Gaymond, S Jones, M Patching, R Lye. Replacements – R Matthews and A Gunner.

Bath were delighted to play in good weather conditions after a week of inactivity. Fluent rugby against modest opposition, led to a glut of tries by Wyatt (2), Trevaskis, Rees, Horton, Stanley and Cunningham. Ralston converted four. Havant battled on manfully, and were rewarded with a try by Watts, converted by Castle, who also kicked a penalty.



v Marlow. Away. Won 24-4. Team:- C Martin, B Trevaskis, A Rees, S Halliday, D Wyatt, C Ralston, S Lewis, R Lee, R Cunningham, C Lilley, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, J Patching, R Lye. Replacements C Stanley and J Hall.

A hurriedly arranged fixture, in order to give the team much needed match practice before the Cup tie with Rosslyn Park. It was Martin’s first senior game since breaking a thumb in November.

It was an extraordinary run-out.


Floodlighting was a problem, as a fused generator delayed the kick-off until 9-10pm and no-side was blown at 10-40. “It was a 100 minutes and two trips to Maidenhead for spare parts later before the game started, but within 13 minutes it began to look as if all hospitable Marlow’s efforts would be in vain, as a third of the lights went out again.

The game continued in semi-darkness until the interval before the second fault was rectified and the second half was played in what many spectators, well fortified from a lengthy stay in the bar, considered was the light of dawn.

So in the end it was a case of all’s well that ends well, and not least for Bath centre Simon Halliday who, because of a mix-up in travel arrangements, was left stranded at Oxford.” He arrived very late at the ground – only to find the game had not started!

Bath tries were scored by Halliday, Lewis, Lye and Wyatt. Ralston converted one and landed two penalties. Marlow got a consolation try when Paul Reed found the Bath defence lacking.

Despite the late finish, the players tucked into a meal, before the long trek home.



v Rosslyn Park, Home, Lost 9-11 Third Round John Player Cup. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, M Patching, R Lye. Replacements – C Martin and J Hall.

The visiting pack were bigger and better organised. Paul Ackford dominated the line-out from start to finish, and their rucking and mauling was the more effective. Bath were tactically naïve, in that they should have shortened their own line-outs, in an effort stretch their visitors across the field. Ralston had given Bath a good start, with two penalties in the first 20 minutes. An intercepted pass allowed Rosslyn Park to score just before the interval. A drop goal followed as the visitors took the lead ten minutes after the interval. From that point, Bath were out of it: “Thornton, picking up an untidy pass, shot round the blind-side. Mitch Patching was still packed down, Derek Wyatt had drifted infield and Thornton had a clear run through a narrow space for the deciding try. Bath never looked like scoring. Ralston managed a third penalty, but that was as near as they came.”


v Northampton, Home, Won 27-0. C Ralston, B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, J Hall, M Patching. Replacements – N Hopkins and R Lye

Bath brushed Northampton aside by a fine team display and running rugby. Mike Patching led the forwards well, enabling Chris Stanley to provide a fast and accurate service

Tries flowed from Trevaskis, Halliday, Rees, Wyatt and Jones. Ralston converted two and Horton added a drop goal for good measure.



v RAF, Home, Won 47-4. C Martin, P Simmons, A Rees, C Ralston, B Trevaskis, J Horton, C Stanley, J Jackson, C Legg, R Lee, R Matthews, D Barry, S Jones, J Hall, M Patching  Replacements – A Collins and N Gaymond

This was Bath’s highest score of the season in a classic display of running, handling and support work. It all stemmed from front-five dominance in the set scrums, and the mobility of Jones, Hall and Patching. Chris Stanley and John Horton provided the platform for a full portfolio of three-quarter ploys, giving free reign to Chris Martin’s forays from his full-back position.

Bath try scorers:- Hall, Simmons, Rees, Horton, Stanley, Jackson and Jones. Ralston converted five and added a penalty goal. Horton kicked two smart drop goals.



v Rosslyn Park, Away, Lost 3-7. C Martin, B Trevaskis, A Rees, C Ralston, P Simmons, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, J Hall, M Patching. Replacements – A Janes and S Jeffries. Paul Ackford was not in the visiting line up.

This was an opportunity to avenge the Cup defeat of two weeks earlier. Sadly, Charlie Ralston had an off-day with the boot, succeeding with one penalty attempt out of five. His state of mind was not best served by an earlier car accident on the motorway. So it was a double over Bath, with winger Steve Tiddy scoring a try midway through the second half and Mike Greenhalgh kicking a penalty.

Nevertheless, it was a better performance by Bath, and the ball was thrown about effectively, as they refused to get involved in ten-man rugby.



v Gloucester, Home, Lost 6-12. C Martin, B Trevaskis, A Rees, C Ralston, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, S Jones, J Hall, M Patching. Replacements – N Hopkins and R Matthews.

It was a pretty tame encounter, by previous local derby standards. Both Chris Martin and John Horton must have impressed England selector, Derek Morgan. Unfortunately, Bath foundered on the continued poor kicking form of Charlie Ralston, who came in at centre. For Gloucester, Paul Taylor got the try, which Ford converted, and Ford also added two penalties. John Gadd and Mike Longstaff were very effective in the back row. Mitch Patching enjoyed line-out success in the second half, and Horton produced some clever touches. However, the game hinged on penalty opportunities, and the off-form Ralston succeeded with only two.



v Bridgend, Home, Won 9-4. A Janes, B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, R F Hakin, R Matthews, S Jones, R Spurrell, J Hall  Replacements – N Hunt and R Lye – Irish International Ronnie Hakin was injured after 30 minutes and was replaced by Lye. John Hall moved up to Lock and Robbie Lye stepped in as the back-row replacement.

This combination proved to be masters on a slippery pitch, and Bridgend had no answer to their tearaway rushes. Horton backed their effort with a fine tactical kicking performance. Bridgend did score the only try of the game, but Andy Janes steered Bath home, with three penalty successes.

Seldom had the Bath pack played with such spirit.



v Maesteg, Away, Lost 3-20. C Martin, B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton (Capt), C Stanley, C Lilley, G Bess, R Lee, D Barry, N Matthews, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall   Replacements – C Ralston and N Gaymond – Ralston replaced Martin.

Following success against Bridgend, this was a lethargic, muddled and thoroughly disappointing display. Martin missed a first half penalty chance, and from the re-start, Bath were hustled and hounded out of their normal composure. John Horton dropped a goal, before retiring with a leg injury.

Hooker Gregg Bess had a testing debut against a physically stronger pack. Mitch Patching persisted in the line out, and Halliday got in a couple of strong runs. Fly-half Ian Hall was the mainspring of the Maesteg attack. His performance highlighted an alarmingly wide variation in commitment and ability between the two sides.



v Wasps, Away, Won 20-13. C Martin, P Simmons, S Halliday, A Rees, D Wyatt, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, F R Hakin, N Gaymond, R Spurrell (Captain), S Jones, J Hall . Replacements – N Janes and J Patching.

This was easily Bath’s most impressive away performance of the season, including three glorious tries by Halliday (2) and finally, Simmons. Horton dropped a goal and Martin contributed a conversion and a penalty goal. Chris Martin put in a fine performance and was instrumental in Halliday’s first try and also that of Paul Simmons. Halliday outshone both his international centre opponents. “They went ahead for the first time when Alun Rees made the crucial half-break in midfield and Halliday knifed through the defence to score and Martin, having converted, soon joined a left wing attack before switching a pass inside to Halliday who raced away again.”

For Wasps, Andy Dunn had scored a first half try and Mark Taylor dropped goal. After the interval, Bath tired visibly and Wasps began to find gaps in defence. Sustained effort brought them a try by O’Reilly, which Alan Jones converted.


v Ebbw Vale, Home, Lost 12-14. C Martin, P Simmons, C Ralston, A Rees, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, A Mason, R Lee, F R Hakin, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall. Replacements – C Stanley and J Roberts.

Ebbw Vale fielded seven reserves and a borrowed hooker. Bath had only themselves to blame: “They spent most of the time threatening to score a hatful of tries at any moment, but somehow managed to take every imaginable wrong option and eventually frustration turned to desperation with tragic results.” Ebbw Vale simply rode their luck to grab a shock victory. Bath tries by Simon Jones, Charlie Ralston and Chris Martin. At the very end, Chris Martin was left to convert his own try for the draw.. At this, he failed dismally.



v Camborne, Away, Won 16-0. C Martin, P Simmons, N Hunt, A Rees, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, F R Hakin, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall . Replacements – C Bird and R Lye – Lye replaced Jones 2nd half. South West Merit Table.

Bath ensured a place in the following season’s JP Cup, with an impressive win in the mud, rain and gales of Cornwall. Cornishmen, Trevaskis, Spurrell and Martin, also came in for their fair share of barracking from the partisan locals. John Hall’s 20th minute try, from John Horton’s break, and Martin’s conversion, took the first half honours. Lye, Hall and Spurrell tore into the opposition, while Hakin put in a fine line-out performance. Trevaskis and Simmons scored the other tries and Martin, still the hub of local anger with the home fans, completed the scoring with a superb touch-line conversion.



v Swansea, Away, Lost 0-41. C Martin, P Simmons, S Halliday, A Rees, B Trevaskis, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, F R Hakin, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall  Replacements – N Hopkins and J Patching. A disastrous visit to a stormy St. Helens ground.

Swansea were arguably the best side in the U.K., and had already chalked up substantial wins over major English and Welsh Clubs:- Cross Keys 73-3, Moseley 29-16, Ebbw Vale 42-9, Harlequins 24-12, Llanelli 28-9, Bridgend 19-7, Neath 34 -3, Maesteg 46-6, London Welsh 47-8 and Ebbw Vale again 54-3. Swansea’s giant forwards monopolised possession and the result was a positive performance by one of the outstanding sides in the country. The ‘All Whites’ scored 7 tries against very little resistance.

In the early stages, the back row of Spurrell, Jones and Hall gave Swansea problems, but after half an hour, Hall was forced to limp off with knee ligament trouble. The impetus was lost henceforth and the hosts moved into a 19-0 lead by the interval. In the second half  they dominated. Their right wing was none other than Tony Swift, destined to join Bath. He scored two tries and was unlucky not to get a hat trick.



v London Irish, Away, Won 7-0. C Martin, P Simmons, S Halliday, A Rees, B Trevaskis, J Horton, C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Hall, R Hakin. Replacements – A Watkins and S Jones – not used

Amid the quagmire, John Horton remained the general, with an object lesson in tactical kicking from his trusty, if muddy, right boot. Full-back Chris Martin was also a class act, with his fine defensive kicking, under all sorts of pressure. The Exiles had only lost two games and, although weakened by international calls, deployed their usual fiery pack. For Bath, Paul Simmons and Simon Halliday provided the cutting edge and, if things went awry – Horton and Martin were behind them with their siege-gun kicks.

Trevaskis scored Bath’s try and Chris Martin slotted a penalty.



v Exeter University, Home, Won 10-6. C Martin, P Simmons, N Hunt, A Rees, B Trevaskis, Alun Watkins (ex Newport), C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, I Davies, A Marriott, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Patching, R Hakin. Replacements – C Bird and J Hall

The University side included Richard Hill and David Sole, destined to captain England and Scotland respectively. (Bath First XV debut:- Hill – March 1983, and Sole 18/1/1984.)

A weak Bath side just scraped home against the Exeter Students

Debutante fly-half, Alun Watkins, showed some neat touches and contributed two penalties, while Roger Spurrell tried hard to raise the tempo of the forward effort. Ronnie Hakin crossed for a try after good work by Marriott and Patching. Ten minutes into the second half, Rob Cunningham withdrew with a badly cut eye and although he returned after stitching, Bath were strangely out of sorts in the face of their opponents’ destructive tactics. The emerging David Sole and Richard Hill might have had something to do with Bath’s discomfort. The students scored two penalties.



v Richmond, Away, Won 29-14. M Greenhalgh, P Simmons, S Halliday, A Rees, B Trevaskis, C Ralston, S Lewis, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Hall, R Hakin. Replacements – N Hunt and R Matthews

The heavy London forwards pushed the Bath pack about in the early stages, but they never used the ball to any advantage. The Bath forwards gradually took over proceedings and soon dominated in the rucks and in the loose. Halliday had an outstanding game, with a fine display of determined running. He scored two tries and had a hand in a third. John Hall weighed in with two more and Steve Lewis also scored after selling a neat dummy and grounding the ball under the posts. Greenhaigh took over the kicking duties and landed a penalty and three conversions.



v Cheltenham, Away. Won 33-3. Team:- C Ralston, B Trevaskis, M Greenhalgh, S Halliday, N Munnings, J P Horton, S R Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, D Barry, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, J Hall and R F Hakin.                                                                                                                                                                      On his debut appearance, Nick Munnings, from Kingswood School, was Bath’s try scoring hero and his performance merited him being retained for Saturday’s clash with Newport.



v Newport, Home, Won 21-6. C Martin, B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, Nick Munnings, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, C Legg, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Hall, S Jones. Replacements – M Greenhalgh and R Lye.

It was a thoroughly deserved victory. Bath broke the Gwent side’s early stranglehold when Nick Munnings intercepted a blindside pass and raced on for 40 yards. From the ensuing line-out Rees worked a scissors with Horton: “The ball was quickly won from the maul and scrum half Steve Lewis fed Simon Halliday on the blind.” He cut through for the opening try which Martin converted. Halliday continued to cause havoc in the Newport ranks and, after another penetrating run and more pressure, Newport collapsed a scrum for Martin to kick a penalty. The Bath back row dominated. Two penalties each from Martin and Goldsworthy brought the interval score to 15-6. Newport could find no way through Bath’s defence, in which Martin was outstanding. As the game approached injury time, smart work by Hall robbed Newport’s number 8 as he braced up for a back row break-away. Hall then charged 40 metres before handing to Spurrell, who sent prop Richard Lee over for a fine try, which Martin converted.

Programme Notes:- “The game against Newport was a tonic to our supporters and, although Newport are possibly not the force they were, it was certainly a good win.”



v Metropolitan Police, Home, Won 11-6. A Watkins, P Simmons, C Bird, N Greenhalgh, N Munnings, J Palmer, C Stanley, K Neale, R Cunningham, I Davies, A Marriott, R Matthews, M Sayer, J Roberts, R Lye (Capt) . Replacements – J S Waterman and L Lark.

Hooker Rob Cunningham celebrated his selection for the Scottish tour to Australia, by comfortably winning the hooking battle. Alun Watkins, Nick Munnings and John Palmer all enhanced their reputations. Palmer initiated a thrilling try and after handling by Watkins and Bird, Paul Simmons was left clear to run in from half way. Greenhalgh missed the conversion, but made amends with a penalty ten minutes later. The Police came back determinedly, but Bath increased their lead. A long run by Simmons led to a scrum. Palmer looped around centre Greenhalgh and forced his way over for another unconverted try. Another surge by the Police brought a try for skipper Brian Ford, and P.C. Alan Dickson (from Dock Green?) added the extras. Despite heavy pressure, Bath held out the final whistle.



v Bristol, Away, Lost 14 – 28. C Martin, B Trevaskis, S Halliday, A Rees, N Munnings, J Palmer, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Cunningham, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Hall, S Jones

Replacements – A Watkins and R Lye – not used.

Bath’s aspirations for participation in the John Player Cup took a severe knock, as lack of power in the front five was exposed by the Bristol outfit. It was a good spectacle for the supporters; seven tries were scored, of these Bath’s contributions came from Munnings, Lee and Trevaskis. Simon Halliday launched the best try of the afternoon. Breaking from his 25, he raced on for 50 yards before linking with Chris Martin, who sent winger Nick Munnings speeding to the line. Halliday must surely have had England selectors Davis and Morgan scribbling in their note books.

At one stage, John Palmer was stretchered off with an ankle injury. However, he returned and was fit enough to convert one of the tries. Bristol’s Richard Harding prospered from the swift service from his pack. He scored one try himself and set up others for Morley, Cue and Carr. Sorrell converted three and added two penalties.



v Otley, Home, Won 14-8. C Ralston, P Simmons, S Halliday, C Bird, A Collins, A Rees, S Lewis, K Neale, G Bess, R Lee, N Gaymond, D Barry, R Spurrell, J Hall, A Brooks . Replacements – C Brook and S Jeffries – Jeffries replaced Barry with 5 minutes remaining.

Ralston opened Bath’s scoring with a penalty, closely followed by a neat drop goal by Alun Rees.

From restart, Steve Lewis, Roger Spurrell, John Hall and Simon Halliday handled, to put Andy Collins over in the corner. Collins scored a second try after the interval. Otley then penetrated some weak tackling, to put winger Midgeley over. They followed this with another unconverted try by scrum half Paul Male. Bath’s second half effort was inhibited by the loss of Simon Halliday with a ligament problem, and Derrick Barry was replaced after dislocating a finger.



v Llanelli, Away, Lost 15-57. J S Waterman, B Trevaskis, A Watkins, A Rees, N Munnings, J Davies, S Lewis, K Neale, G Bess, C Lilley, A Marriott, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall. Replacements – N Cox replaced Watkins and R McCarthy replaced Marriott.

Disorganised by late team changes, Bath were in no shape to take on an in-form Llanelli selection. “Attacking full-back Martin Gravelle had a fine match, contributing 23 pts to his team’s victory with two tries, six conversions and a penalty goal, while scrum-half Mark Douglas was another player who showed immense power and resource.”

Veteran full-back Jim Waterman came in for his last senior game and generated some positive moves. Roger Spurrell worked particularly hard in the forwards and the Bath pack generally established parity with their opposite numbers. Llanelli’s distinct edge was in the back division, where greater flare and inventiveness was altogether too much for Bath. To compound Bath’s problems, they lost Watkins and Marriott through injury. Trevaskis produced a second-half try, John Davies converted and added three penalties – a fitting end to an illustrious career.



v Gloucester, Away, Wednesday. Lost 15-33. C Martin, B Trevaskis, A Rees, S Halliday, N Munnings, J Horton, S Lewis, C Lilley, R Gay, R Lee, D Barry, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, J Patching, S Jones. Replacements – M Greenhalgh and R Matthews

Bath played well and the score was perhaps not a fair reflection of the game. The Cherry and Whites pack were in full flow and denied Bath any good possession. Halliday’s try was the high point in Bath’s performance. Martin converted and added 3 penalties. Bath played well and it was felt that Gloucester’s winning margin was not a fair reflection of the game.

Regrettably, Bath could not now qualify for the next season’s John Player Cup competition.



v Bedford, Home, Won 28-14. C Martin, B Trevaskis, A Rees, M Greenhalgh, N Munnings, J Palmer, C Stanley, C Lilley, C Legg, K Neale, J Patching, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, S Jones, J Hall   Replacements – E Bird and L Lark – Lark replaced Lilley

John Palmer made a welcome return after a long-term shoulder injury. His silky skills were soon utilised and he contributed two particularly fine breaks, scoring a try from the first and setting up Chris Martin for the second. The back row of Roger Spurrell, Simon Jones and John Hall were in irrepressible form, destroying most of Bedford’s meagre possession. Chris Stanley sparkled at the base of the scrum and the final try count came from Legg, Palmer, Martin, Munnings, Jones and Rees. Martin and Palmer added conversions. Bedford responded with three tries and a conversion.



Monday evening kick-off 7-15pm. This might be termed a ‘Players’ game,’ to commemorate Jim Waterman’s departure to Minehead.

COLOURS:- A Collins, A Gunner, C Bird, N Dakin, B Trevaskis, J A Palmer, C Stanley, T Collins, G Bess, A Davies, Peterson, A Marriott, G Norman, J Roberts and R Spurrell. Replacements:- S Richards and P Simmons.


J S Waterman, Simmons, M C Beese, J Donovan, P Sibley, B Perry, M C Lloyd, J M Meddick, A G Parfitt, N Carter, B J Jenkins, P H B Heindorff, G Pillinger, R J Wheeler and Phil Hall.



v South Wales Police, Home, Won 24-13. C Perry, P Simmons, C Book, N Dakin, B Trevaskis, A Jenkins, C Stanley, R Lee, G Bess, J M Meddick, A Marriott, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, J Hall, J Patching. Replacements – A Collins and G Norman

“An improved second half performance where Bath scored 21 points with young Chris Stanley kicking three excellent penalties gave Bath a well-earned victory……”

Clive Book enjoyed his first game in scoring two tries and landing a penalty goal. Chris Stanley kicked three penalties.

“With John Hall and Roger Spurrell running well and Stothert’s skipper Bert Meddick making life difficult for Roper in the front row, Bath began to dominate.

Simmons made a good blindside dash and from his high cross kick Dakin re-gathered and put Book over for his second try. Noble and McAllister tried hard to rally the Police but Bath were now in rampant mood and further scores were bound to come. Paul Simmons after smart handling from Jenkins, Hall and Perry, crossed for an unconverted try.”

Brinkworth secured a consolation try for the Police near the end.

It was Chris Perry’s final game, in a career which had seen him play with distinction, in a wide assortment of positions for a grand total of 197 games.

There were debut 1st XV games for Clive Book, Nick Dakin and Alun Jenkins.



v New Brighton, Away, Lost 19-22. N Hopkins, B Roberts, C Book, S Jones, A Gunner, D Newport, T Moon, R Lee, G Bess, K Neale, J Morrison, N Gaymond, R Spurrell, A Marriott, R Lye. It was Terry Moon’s debut game

Replacements – P Trott and G Norman – George Norman replaced Gaymond in the 2nd half.

Bath tries by Moon, Lee and Marriott. David Newport converted two and added a penalty.



This was a low key end to a season of fluctuating fortunes. The principle disappointment was failure to qualify for the John Player Cup. Honorary Secretary Jack Simpkins announced that Bath would re-enter the Somerset Knock-Out Cup the following season, in order to ensure J P Cup qualification. However, following previous upsets, he was seeking to avoid perceived anomalies in the qualification process.


TRIES:- (110) Trevaskis 13, Simmons 12, Halliday and Wyatt 9, Horton and Lee 6, Hall 5, Jones, Munnings, Rees and Stanley 4, Collins, J Davies, Janes and Lewis 3, Book, Martin, Palmer and Williams 2, Cunningham, Hakin, Jackson, Legg, Lye, Marriott, Moon, Murphy, Parsons, Patching, Ralston, Spurrell and Sutton 1, plus a penalty try.

CONVERSIONS:- (53) Ralston 23, J Davies 9, Martin 7, Greenhalgh 6, Janes 4, Newport and Palmer 2.

PENALTIES:- (75) Ralston 30, J Davies 18, Martin 9, Janes 8, Greenhalgh and Stanley 3, Watkins 2, Book and Newport 1.

DROPPED-GOALS:- (10) Horton 8, Rees and Stanley 1 each.

APPEARANCES:- Trevaskis 43, Lee 40, Lilley 36, Horton 35, Spurrell 34, Barry 33, Rees 30, Lewis 29, Simmons 27, Hall 26, Patching and Ralston 24, Jones 23, Gaymond and Lye 22, Cunningham, Martin and Stanley 19, Halliday 17, Bird, Janes and Marriott 16, Parsons and Wyatt 13, J Davies and Matthews 12, Chilcott 11, Legg 10, Hakin and Williams 8, Bess and Munnings 7, Hunt and Neale 6, Luxmoore 5, Price and Greenhalgh 4, Collins, Gunner, Hopkins, Jackson, Jeffries, Palmer, J Roberts and Watkins 3, Book, Brooks, Cox, I Davies, Murphy, Sutton and Waterman 2, Dakin, Gay, A Jenkins, Knight, Lark, Mason, McCarthy, Newport, Norman, C Perry, R Roberts, Sayer and Tomany 1 each.


CAREER APPEARANCES TO DATE:- Lye 441, Waterman 416, Meddick 335, Horton 291, J Davies 211, C Perry 197, Palmer 158, Parsons 146, Barry 119, Mason 109, Wyatt 107, Simmons 106, Jones 101.

Bath finished 8th in the English Table and 15 in the English-Welsh Table.


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