1913 to 1914

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale



CLUB TRIAL at Kensington Meadows.

Probables:- Whittaker, V Coates, J H R Freeborn, Dr. A Beck-Cluckie, A Blanchard, W Fear, R Husbands, F J Cashnella, G Power, E Cambridge, G Worger, S Head, F Froude, G Mayell and G Parfitt.

Possibles:- From – J Wescott, T Pyatt, Haggett, Hawkins, R Penley, J Russell, H Vowles, G Humphries, S Horsell, W Lock, C Gibbs, F Brewer, S Cox, F Shell, A Coates and T Fry and G G Powell.

The Probables side pressed from the start, but Pat Hawkins, Harry Vowles and G G Powell (Cambridge and Scotland) showed well in the Possibles side. However, it was Husbands, for the Probables who was the ‘find’ of the afternoon. Probables won 27-0.

“So engrossed was a baker’s boy in watching the trial last Saturday that his basket was dispossessed of two loaves by a couple of pigs before he was aware of it. What a snap-shot for a photographer!”

Training under lights commenced on the Recreation Ground. The Committee had stated that they would only select from players in regular training.



v Leicester, Away. (7000 crowd) Lost 5-19. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, N H Coates, A Blanchard, A F Kitching, W Fear, R Husbands, S Head, F Cashnella, D Fisher, E Russell, W H Royal, G G Powell, E Hodges and F Froude.

Bath were eight points down by half-time, despite minutes bombarding the Leicester line. In the second half there were scoring chances, but Bath did not get over until the last minute, when a fine try by Powell was converted by Norman Coates.

“It was a fine game to watch, the Leicester backs being very brilliant and the visiting forwards were not firm enough to get the leather back, and their threes got very few chances.

Husbands and Fear played a great game at half, the former tackling fearlessly, picking up and kicking beautifully.

Kitching and Vincent Coates had no chance of showing their worth, only handling the ball about three times.” This was the first occasion that Bath played Leicester.



v Penylan, Home. Won 18-5. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, R Husbands, A Blanchard, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head, F Cashnella, G Powell, D Fisher, E Russell, F Froude, W Worger and W H Royal.

Penylan played seven forwards and a ‘rover.’ Despite open play, a dry day and a new rugby ball, there was no score at half-time.

Hatherill scored Bath’s first home try of the season, but by then the new ball was apparently punctured. Although Penylan were somewhat resentful, the referee permitted Husband to convert with another one. Later, Hope broke away in splendid fashion, inter-passing with Husbands. The home captain skirted the defence to score under the posts, for Husbands to again add points. Coates obliged with a third try, for another success from Husbands. Coates again delighted the crowd with a good try after a touchline dash.


“It was good once again to return to the ‘Rec’ on Rugby football bent this afternoon. Since we last saw the handling code on exhibition there, some of us have watched county cricket, competition croquet, arduous athletics, and blithesome bowls, but personally I never step down Pulteney street so briskly as when I am going to see a ‘rugger’ match.”



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 29-3. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, R Husbands, A Blanchard, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, F Cashnella, W Royal, F Froude, E Russell, W Worger, and G Powell.

Coates scored an early try and conversion; he followed this with another ‘beauty,’ after all the Bath backs had handled. Blanchard converted with a wonderful effort to chalk up 2 goals and a try (13pts) to one try (3pts) at half-time.



v Exeter, Home. Won 9-0. Team:- C Whittaker, A F Kitching, Dr. A Beck-Cluckie, H Burt, T Pyatt, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head, A Ford, F Cashnella, G Powell, W Worger, E Russell, S Harris and J Froude.

Froude scored wide out, then Kitching after a typical ‘dodgy’ run. Finally, Hatherill gathered finely and: “sent out to Burt, who made for the line in rare style, and got there.”



v Devonport Albion, Away. Lost 6-15. Team:- C Whittaker, A Blanchard, P P Hope, H Shewring, H R Husbands, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head, F Cashnella, E Russell, D Hooker, G Powell, W Royal, F Froude and W F Warde.

“Hope rounded off a dashing bit of play by serving nicely and sending Husbands over.” Cashnella was often in the van of rushes. Hope, Husbands and Blanchard played with plenty of dash and were good exponents of modern football.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 0-5. (Crowd of 4000) Team:- C Whittaker, H Burt, H R Husbands, P P Hope, A Blanchard, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head, F Cashnella, W F Warde, D Fisher, W H Royal, G G Powell, E Russell and J Froude.

This was an ‘unlucky’ match. Coates had been injured the previous Saturday, and Head was off the field for the most part of the first half. Harold Burt took a nasty kick in the ribs and was off for most of the second half.

“When he returned on the match line for the last five minutes he could hardly stand, and Kingston being opposite him scored a try which in all probability Burt would have stopped had he been fit.”

“Then Fear, who put in a splendid game right through was badly damaged just after half-time and had to play stand-off half.”

“It was not a brilliant game of football as there was a good deal of feeling shown; this no doubt accounting for the many injuries.”

The match collection of £12 0s 6d was to provide relief for the Senghenydd Pit mine disaster.



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 0-6. Team:- C Whittaker, Pyatt, A Blanchard, G Johnson, L Burt, H Vowles, Dr. Beck-Cluckie, S Head, F Cashnella, W Worger, G Powell, E Russell, F Russell, J Froude and Saunders (Coldstream Guards).

Bath’s depleted side played valiantly, and the final score somewhat flattered Bridgwater. Blanchard carried an injury for most of the game. Cashnella and Fred Russell were prominent throughout.

“The Bath backs got very few chances, but Vowles deputised well and several times gave out the ball in clever style to Beck-Cluckie.”



v Wellington, (nickname – the Sergemen) Home. Won 33-0. Team:- C Walwin, A F Kitching, J Moffatt (Kingswood School), Johnson, T Pyatt, H Vowles, B Simpson (Kingswood School), S Head, F Cashnella, W F Warde, E Russell, H Hamilton, J Froude, W Worger, and G M Thomas.

Bath scored within three minutes, when schoolboy Moffatt fed schoolmaster Kitching, for a good run-in. Bath scores followed from Kitching, Pyatt(4) and Cashnella. Moffatt converted four and Harry Vowles kicked a smart drop goal.

Cashnella had delighted the crowd with a characteristic run along the touch-line. Both schoolboys were prominent throughout. Walwin had a fine game at back.

“Vowles had quite a day out, and his drop goal was a beauty. He must not be lost to Rugby. Kitching started strongly, and how strongly he still runs, while both Johnson and Pyatt added to their reputations as sound players, the last named going for the line finely.”



v Llanelly, Away. Lost 8-15. Team:- Whittaker, Pyatt, Hope, Blanchard, V Coates, H Vowles, Husbands, Head, Cashnella, Royal, Powell, Froude, Hurst, Russell and Warde.

Bath started strongly in grand weather, but after a number of near scores, found themselves 0-5 down at the interval. In the second spell, Hope brought off another of two great runs and later, Cashnella was just kept out. Then Blanchard fed for Pyatt to cross, but it was not converted. Russell then scored for Husbands to majorise. However, the home forwards gradually took the ascendancy, and the Bath backs saw little of the ball. Llanelly won, with a final tally of 3 goals – to Bath’s 1 goal and 1 try. In the forwards, Cashnella, Royal and Russell were always prominent.

It had been a splendid game to watch.


v Abertillery, Home. Won 10-5. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, J Johnson, A Hatherill, R Husbands, S Head, F Cashnella, D Fisher, E Russell, G Powell, A F Warde, B Hurst and J Froude.

Abertillery included B Jones, Jim Jones and Will Jones.

In front of a large crowd, Husbands scored and converted amid great enthusiasm. Honours were even by half time. “The forwards however, soon came away and Blanchard got to touch at halfway. Again the home forwards went away in irresistible style, getting over the rut in a dribble and Head notched a try. Again there was immense cheering and again Husbands converted, so Bath were five points up (10-5).”

“I think the excitement of the County match last Saturday was outdone by the club match to-day, for I have rarely seen the interest maintained at such a high pitch throughout. Although there was not a great deal of passing there was plenty of open play, and the sides were evenly matched; they could not have been more so.”

Takings £35.



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 0-19. Team;- C Whittaker, Dr. Beck-Cluckie, R H Husbands, T Pyatt, A Blanchard, H Vowles, A Hatherill, F Cashnella (Capt.), D Fisher, E Russell, A Ford, G G Powell, A F Warde, F Froude, and Ben Hurst.

“The Bath three-quarter line was very weak, especially the left wing, Beck-Cluckie and Pyatt being very shaky at the start, but Beck-Cluckie improved as the game progressed.

“Husbands and Blanchard did well, as also did Vowles and Hatherill, although the former half back was often pulled up for off-side.

The backs had plenty of chances, which were not turned to fruition.

The Gloucester crowd were delighted with the result, and certainly their reserve men played a good game.

Whittaker, at full-back, played a fine game for Bath, and it was not his fault that the score was so heavy against his side.”



v Pontypool, Away. Lost 0-11. Team:- C Whittaker, A Blanchard, W H Warde, Dr. A Beck-Cluckie, James Kew (Machen), H Vowles, H Shewring, S Head, E Russell, D Fisher, G Powell, A F Marshman, J Froude, B Hurst and W Worger.

Husbands missed the train at Bristol, so Kew was a last minute replacement.

“The ground was practically a swamp, it having rained at Pontypool for three days and it was still pouring this afternoon.”

Bath kicked off at 3.25 in front of a sparse crowd. Every man did his best in the dreadful conditions.

“The Bath forwards were great and easily beat the Pontypool pack. Their dribbling was fine, and Russell, Head, Marshman and Fisher were always in the picture.”

It was felt that the eleven point loss, did not reflect the quality of the Bath side’s performance.



v Machen, Home. Won 15-7. Team:- E Whittaker, F Cashnella, E C MacBryan, Dr. Beck-Cluckie, A Blanchard, W Fear, A Hatherill, S Head (Capt.), E Russell, W F Warde, F Froude, G Powell, W Worger, A F Marshman and Ben Hurst.

Russell , Fear and Worger got the tries, and Blanchard converted all three.

The game was not a great spectacle, being of a ‘rough and tumble’ nature.



v Cheltenham, Home. Won 6-3. Team:- C Whittaker, R H Husbands, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, E Russell, D Fisher, G Powell, F Froude, A F Marshman, B Hurst and W F Warde.

There was an early penalty to Husbands. In the second half: “Bath went off with a bang, and after a fine forward rush from a short line-out Vowles went over in the first minute, but it was right in the corner, and Blanchard could not convert.”

Later: “There were tremendous cheers from the 6d. side when the home forwards again went away in splendid fashion, but they were pulled up for touch.”

A typical Bath-Cheltenham game: “Plenty of exciting incidents, plenty of heat imported, and very little scientific play.”

“It is a pity that there is such a tendency to ill-feeling in the game between the Garden City and the City of Hot-Water, and Mr. Harris had a difficult task to prevent too many outward and visible signs of the ebullition of feeling, but no one got ‘marching orders,’ and that is something to be thankful for.”


v Crumlin, Home. Won 3-0. Team:- C Whittaker, A Blanchard, C Walwin, P P Hope, F Cashnella, H Vowles, J W C MacBryan, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, W F Warde, W H Royal, Ben Hurst, J Froude and A F Marshman.

Blanchard just evaded his marker in an exciting race for the line and touched down under the posts.

“Blanchard took the kick and ‘no charge’ was ordered, but Blanchard touched the ball again and therefore though the visitors charged, no goal could be allowed.”



v Penylan, Home. Won 6-3. Team:- C Whittaker, R G Perkins (Surrey), J C W MacBryan, C Walwin, A Blanchard, H Vowles, P P Hope, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, W F Warde, B Hurst, F Froude, A F Marshman and G G Powell.

Perkins and Vowles scored Bath’s tries.



v Clifton, Home. Won 16-3. Team:- C Whittaker, A Blanchard, H E Shewring *, Dr. A Beck-Cluckie, R Penley, H Vowles, P P Hope, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, F Froude, B Hurst, G G Powell, A F Marshman and F J Cashnella.

Vowles, Cashnella and Blanchard got Bath’s tries. Shewring kicked two drop goals (one from a mark).

*International 1905-1907, and former Bristol player.

Bath largely dominated the game on a slippery surface. However, Clifton were a poor side on the day and Bath should have widened the margin. Bath’s attacking efforts were very haphazard. Blanchard scored the best try of the day, after testing the full back with a kick, rounded on the defender, and was able to dribble the ball across the line. Vowles and Shewring combined well.



v Old Edwardians, Away. Won 11-6. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, F Froude, A Jenkins, G G Powell, B Hurst, A Marshman.

An enjoyable trip, despite adverse weather conditions. Hatherill got Bath’s first try after a clever dribble.“……….the Old Boys took the lead on two occasions, and until Hope’s brilliant run, which gave Shewring his try, it was not at all certain that Bath would win.”

“On Saturday the outstanding man on the Bath side was Hope. His runs fairly electrified the Birmingham people – players and spectators alike – and how the Bath boys in Birmingham cheered! It was really wonderful the way he wriggled past man after man, cutting all shapes and steps, and still keeping a foot on the slippery ground.”

“Harry Shewring’s worth as an experienced player was again exemplified. He seems exactly to know which man to take, and how to take him, and as to punting to touch he is still in International form.”

As usual, the Old Boys entertained the visitors in grand style.



v Gloucester Regiment, Home. Won 22-13. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, A Hatherill, H Vowles, S Head, E Russell, D Fisher, B Hurst, F Cashnella, A Marshman, F Froude, and W F Warde.

Tries from Hope and Coates, and again a lovely try from skipper Hope, who also obliged with the conversion. Warde got another try, again converted by Hope. In the second half Blanchard went over in the corner after “Shewring cut through wonderfully.” This completed a particularly memorable afternoon, during which the Bath backs were outstanding.



v Bristol, Home. Won 9-0. Team:- C Whittaker, A F Kitching, Dr. Beck-Cluckie, P P Hope, V H M Coates, H Vowles, L Hatherill, S Head, F Cashnella, D Fisher, E Russell, W F Warde, B Hurst, F Froude, and A F Marshman.

Bath respected Harry Shewring’s wish not to play against his old Club. Blanchard was struggling for form and preferred to play for the ‘A’s. To the supporters’ delight, A F Kitching stepped into the breach. “The Bath forwards started very hotly and did well in the loose.” After battling with the wind in the first half, they did well to run in three tries in the second spell.



v Penylan, Home. Won 6-3. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, A F Kitching, Dr. Beck-Cluckie, A Hatherill, H Vowles, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, F Froude, B Hurst, Wardle, F Cashnella, and A F Marshman.

A somewhat poor crowd was cheered at the news that Kitching was selected.

Hope again handled the greasy ball “in wonderful fashion, and then got in a champion run, feinting and beating the opposition very surely.”

“Vowles was noticed for two clever punts, but again when the Bath three-quarters handled they made a poor show, twice in quick succession.”



v Pontypool, Home. Lost 0-5. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A F Kitching, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, A Ford, F Cashnella, A F Marshman, J Froude, G G Powell. “It rained in torrents, but the standard of play was high.”

Pontypool came here as Welsh champions and took Bath’s ground record. Despite valiant forward play, Bath’s game broke down with frequently sloppy passing.



v Penarth, Home. Won 9-8. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, E Russell, W F Warde, F Froude, F Cashnella, A Ford, G G Powell, and A F Marshman.

“A fine round of passing led to the first score. The ball came from the scrum finely, and all the Bath backs handled, Harry Shewring doing splendidly before he gave Blanchard the pass from which he scored in the corner.” Following more pressure, Shewring dropped a marvellous goal. “Great amusement was caused a moment later when Hope would persist in going on after the whistle had gone. He beat all the opposition and scrambled over without his jersey.”



v Coventry, Away. Lost 3-14. Selected Team:- C Whittaker, E Miles, P P Hope, A Blanchard, W Porch, A Hatherill, H Vowles, S Head, E Russell, D Fisher, F Cashnella, W F Warde, A F Marshman, G G Powell and F Froude.

Bath held Coventry to one try up to half time, but could not hold them in the second spell, when they ran in three more. Blanchard played well at centre, frequently sending back the Coventry forwards, with huge kicks to touch.



v Middlesex Hospital, Home. Won 9-3. Team:- Moffatt, R Penley, E Walwin, P P Hope, W Porch, E Simpson, H Vowles, S Head, F Cashnella, F Froude, Sachett, B Harding, S Mayell, G Chivers and Jones.

There many last minute team changes. Bath’s first try followed clever work by Vowles, sending in Cashnella, for Moffatt to convert. Following some outstanding work by Hope, Walwin dropped a beautiful goal to make Bath comfortable winners.

“For Bath, Moffatt was fairly safe at back, and put up a good display; his goal kicking is capital. Hope and Walwin were splendid at centre, and Penley was great at stopping the opposing three-quarters. Vowles is developing into a splendidly partinacious half. Cashnella was the most noticeable of the ‘ups.”



v Clifton, Away. Won 15-0.



v Devonport Albion, Home. Drawn 3-3. Team:- W Porch, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, V H M Coates, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, F Froude, E Russell, F Cashnella, G G Powell, W T Warde, and H Harding.

Bath’s only score was a Blanchard penalty at the end of the first half.



v Exeter, Away. Lost 6-9. Team:- C Whittaker, P P Hope, H E Shewring, A Blanchard, R Penley, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, F Cashnella, A Ford, W H Royal, G G Powell and F Froude.

Despite wretched conditions, Shewring, Blanchard and Penley were prominent in early passing bouts. Hope intercepted in splendid fashion, raced past the full back and scored between the posts. Blanchard missed the easiest of kicks. In the final stages, Shewring fed Hope, who scored another fine try wide out. Bath forwards did not perform well, perhaps hindered by the state of the ground


v Llanelly, Home. Won 5-0. Team:- C Whittaker, S Pratt, Dr. Beck- Cluckie, H E Shewring, P P Hope, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, E Russell, W Royal, F Cashnella, G G Powell, W F Warde and F Froude.

Llanelly arrived with practically their strongest side, including three Welsh Internationals, including the Rev. Alban Davies, that season’s Welsh Captain. Llanelly started well, with a splendid open game, but the home defence held, and “Cashnella especially bringing down Watts in capital style.”

“Bath’s forwards did well in bringing out when Llanelly were pressing hotly, and Vowles was noticed with good footwork so that Bath got into the visitors’ 25, and then heeled, but made little ground, for Shewring was brought down before he could give to Cluckie. More good loose work by Bath’s forwards carried play almost to the visitors’ line and here again Vowles was noticed in spoiling Fowles. When Bath heeled again Hope appeared to have a fine chance, and made a rare effort, but went towards a mob of opposition, and was brought down about five yards out. Llanelly were forced to save again when Cluckie kicked over, and there was a pause for injury to Burchell, who was winded. Play settled for some time at halfway, when Watts cross-kicked nicely, but Fisher marked, and just after Hope had bad luck in missing the ball when it bounced badly. Thus play continued at a frantic pace, with Bath forwards playing splendidly in the loose. Nevertheless, there was no reward for either side at the change over.

Into the second spell, and a Welsh three-quarter dropped the ball. “…Hope picked up in really marvelous style. His run down the popular touch line was immense and he went over the line, and then beat several to go almost behind to score amid tumultuous applause. It was a really brilliant effort, and Shewring made the most of it by majorising with a good kick.”

In the closing stages: “…. Hatherill gave out smartly to Pratt, who made off, and then gave to Froude, who handed to Vowles, the little half being brought down just outside. Vowles had one more dive to get over from a scrum, and then the end of a very fine game came with Bath deservedly winners by 5pts.”



v Bridgwater Albion, Home. Won 6-3. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, N H Coates, H E Shewring, P P Hope, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, F Cashnella, W H Royal, W F Wardle, G G Powell, F Froude and A Ford.

Norman Coates was home for the holidays and joined his brother Vincent in the three-quarters.



v Cheltenham, Away. Won 8-3. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, N H Coates, L F Burt, P P Hope, H Vowles, H E Shewring, A Ford, D Fisher, S Wood, F Cashnella, W H Royal, F Froude, G G Powell and W F Warde.

“Then Bath healed and Shewring slung out yards to Norman Coates, Vincent was nicely placed but Norman beat the opposition on his own, and scored a champion try, which the crowd were bound to applaud.”

In the second half: “Bath heeled from the scrum, and Vowles did wisely in feeding Hope on the blind side of the scrum. The Bath captain was only about a yard from the touch line, and went over while Cheltenham were wondering what had happened. Norman Coates kicked a good goal.”



v Coventry, Home. Won 41-10. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, N H Coates, H E Shewring, S Pratt, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, S Wood, F Cashnella, W H Royal, J Froude, G G Powell and W F Warde.

A one sided game in which brought tries for Vowles(2), Fisher (2) Norman Coates (2), Vincent Coates(3), Shewring, and Warde.

Conversions Norman Coates (3), and Hatherill.

A large crowd yielded a gate of about £60.



v Leicester, Home. Won 14-3. Team:- C Whittaker, V H M Coates, N Coates, H E Shewring, L F Burt, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, S Wood, F Cashnella, W H Royal, J Froude, G G Powell and A Ford.

Leicester were without their international half back pairing.

Bath scored twice in the first half:-

“Norman Coates shot through and gave Vincent Coates the ball in good position, and the wing went over in his old style.”

“Suddenly Hatherill was given the ball in his own 25 from the scrum, swerved past Ringrose and others, and handed nicely to Shewring, who transferred to Burt, and the wing man raced in finely, jumping out of the way of Sutcliffe and scoring.

In a vigorous second spell, Norman Coates sent in his brother Vincent, but Hatherill just failed with the kick. “Play became very exciting.” Near the end, there: was a good run up the line by Burt, and soon after the ball came nicely out to Vincent Coates, who shook off Wynn, and on reaching the full back sent in nicely to his brother, who scored behind the posts, and Hatherill converted after ‘no charge’ was ordered.”



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 3-10. Team:- H E Shewring, V H M Coates, N H Coates, S Pratt, P P Hope, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, D Fisher, F Cashnella, E Russell, W H Royal, F Froude, G G Powell, W F Warde.

On a sunny afternoon, a splendid crowd watched Bath’s last home game of the season. Unfortunately it was not so ‘sunny’ for Bath, as Gloucester were five points up, just three minutes from the start. “After ‘lemons’ Bath territorially had much the better of the play, but apart from a penalty goal scored nothing, whereas Gloucester got another opportunist try. Bath twice appeared to have scored, but the referee had other ideas.”



v Penarth, Away. Lost 0-16. Team:- C Whittaker, P P Hope, W Porch (St. Stephens), V H M Coates, N H Coates, H Vowles, A Hatherill, S Head, A Ford, W H Royal, D Fisher, F Froude, G Cottle, E Russell and W F Warde.

Penarth kicked off and had scored within the first minute. Moreover, Bath were six points down within six minutes. Nevertheless, Bath played reasonably well at times, but could not crown their efforts with a score. They were eleven points down at half time, and the second half was against the slope



BATH CHRONICLE 25th April 1914

“The past season has been the most ambitious in the history of the Club. The list of fixtures contained the names of most of the leading English sides, and not a few of the best Welsh ones. Under these circumstances it speaks well for the club that it preserved an unbeaten home record for well nigh six months. As the full list of results will be found below it is a unnecessary for me to dilate at length on the outcome of the various matches; suffice it to say that wins away from home were rare, like defeats at home, and that the management should see to it that if the players will not or cannot undertake long journeys the area in which matches are fixed up must be circumscribed accordingly. This is no new question and has existed for years, but I do think that in justice to other sides Bath ought not to be content to expect to get famous teams to visit the Queen City of the West, and only send remnants of a real local side to face the out engagements.

And now for a word about the team. The full-back position has caused no trouble at all, for with Whittaker at hand – he has but rarely been absent – no other custodian was thought of or desired. The ex Combe Down player is coming on well. His defence is good, for he fetches down his man with precision, while his long raking touch-finders, and his consistently clever gathering and fielding bid fair in the course of the season or two to make him Bath’s best custodian, at any rate in modern times.

Turning to the three-quarters, it must be admitted that the withdrawal of Norman Coates exercised a very materially prejudicial affect on the Bath attacking department for a long time. He had managed to mould the three-quarter unit into a harmonious whole, and he ‘fed’ his brother well. Philip Hope, for all his brilliance, is individualistic pure and simple, and at centre or stand-off half he did not make for combination. He is a wizard three-quarter, and even he himself does always know what he is he is going to do. Late in the season – a last month – the experiment was made a placing him on the wing and the experiment was a pronounced success, and on the wing Hope should remain to make his scintillating dashes for the line. Vincent Coates played very regularly, and his assistance was generally appreciated. He was not always blessed with a centre who could give him the ball, but when not starved he was as dangerous a try getter as ever. A F Kitching only assisted by fits and starts when a player was wanted, but he proved himself still facile princeps in the art of a dodging try getter, and his score against Bristol is one of the abiding memories of the season. Harry Shewring at last made up his mind to a throw in his lot with Bath and this most loyal of Somerset players proved of the greatest assistance. His knowledge of the game, his savoir-faire, his brilliant drop-goal propensities, and his hardy defence, combined to make him a great utility. Blanchard, after striking a bad patch, found his real position as a centre and in his hefty kicking was often of great use. R Husbands and J W C MacBryan also did splendid deeds until laid aside by accidents, and the former should be a great success next season – the jubilee season of the Bath Club. Dr. Beck-Cluckie at times filled a position on the line with credit, while R Penley always tackled like a Trojan when called upon to deputise for some three-quarter standing down.

At half-back the old firm – Billy Fear and Albe Hatherill-started the season strenuously, but the former found the claims of Anno Domini to powerful to be resisted, and he eventually gave up regular playing and disappeared from the side (save for a casual appearance, such as at Clifton last month when he donned the jersey as a forward and not for the first time) and made room for Harry Vowles, the ‘A’ team half, who with growing confidence, has become quite a promising scrum-half of undoubted pluck, and one who worries his vis-à-vis with rare pertinacity. I have always contended that Bath need not look any further for a successor to Fear than Harry Vowles, for he is a player with a future. As to Albe, he wears well and often puts in most electrifying runs and dribbles. Still, I am disposed to think that a weak spot in the attacking department has been want of combination between the stand-off and the centre three-quarters. That must be remedied next fall.

Turning to the forward division, it is pleasing to be able to say a good word for this department of the team, which has been quite one of the strongest in the modern history of the club. S Head, the scrum leader and deputy captain, has developed into a hefty bustling forward, Powell is not far short of the pick of the bunch, and Russell has earned his place by his slashing tactics. Royal, although unfortunate in the manner of injuries, has shown progressive development, and Warde is quite a multum-in-parvo. Cashnella has weathered one more season – and although in the veteran stage his heart is still in the game, no one breaking away from a scrum or a line-out better than he, while as an emergency three-quarter he is often useful. A F Marshman donned the doublet and hose of ‘Rugger’ once again with a good effect, and D Fisher has never failed to make his presence felt. Harding is another good ‘up’, ditto Froude, and Chivers. Penley and others should not be forgotten as possible recruits to this – the best balanced of octets. “



F Froude 35, Sid Head 33, Cashnella 31, C Whittaker, E Russell 30, G G Powell and H Vowles 27, D Fisher 26, P P Hope, A Hatherill, and W F Warde 24, A Blanchard 22, V Coates 19, H E Shewring 18, W H Royal 15, B Hurst 13, A F Marshman 12, A Ford 10, R H Husbands and Dr. Beck-Cluckie 9, W Fear 8, W Worger, N Coates 7, A F Kitching 6, T Pyatt 5, R Penley, C Walwin, B Harding, J Johnson, S Pratt 3, F Burt, H Burt, J Moffatt, J W C MacBryan, F Russell, S Wood, W Porch 2, E Hodges, S Harris, D Hooker, Saunders, H B Simpson, H Hamilton, G M Thomas, Kew, C MacBryan, R G Perkins, Gibbs, E R Pridsley, E Walwin, E Simpson, A Porch, G Keen, Sachett, S Mayell, E Chivers, and Jones one each.


Tries:- Vincent Coates 15, Philip Hope 9, Harry Vowles 9, N Coates, Blanchard and Pyatt 5 each, A F Kitching and R H Husbands 4 each, Cashnella, Fisher and Russell 3 each, Shewring, Warde and Fear 2 each, Hatherill, Powell, Froude, H Burt, L F Burt, Head, Hamilton, Worger, R G Perkins, and A Porch 1 each.

Converted Goals:- R H Husbands 8, Blanchard 7, N Coates and J Moffatt 5, Hope and Hatherill 2, and Shewring 1.

Shewring scored 3 penalty goals and 2 drop goals, and a mark goal, while Hope, Husbands and Vowles each scored penalty goals. Vowles and Walwin were credited with 2 drop goals each.




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