1902 to 1903

Match Reports by Peter hall and Colin Gale




Frank Cashnella was keen to get pre-season training under way and there was an encouraging turn out at the first session. W Grischotti, the old Oxford Varsity full-back (1889), was in excellent condition, and gave an early display of his running, fielding and kicking talents. He was not immediately available; he was an officer in the South-East of Scotland Militia Artillery, and was first to complete his exams for entry into the regular Army.

At this preliminary ‘run-out’ there was the following line up: W Grischotti, Crisp, Biddulph, Parkinson, Russell, Meister, Andrews, Langford, Marshman, Q Phillips and Way, versus

W Bruton, Francis, Baker, Cashnella, Curtis, E C Plummer, Brokenshaw, Tutton, Dando, T Ruddick and George. Mr. W Dolman kindly took the whistle.

First Trial Teams: E Holvey, Biddulph, Meister, Grischotti, Parkinson, Russell, Bence, Cashnella, T Ruddick, Dr. Plummer, Francis, A Clark, Brokenshaw, Andrews, and Phillips.

Stone, H R Lewis, A E Bruton, P Heath, W G Hooper, O Edwards, Bishop, Greenhill,, M Hooper, Dando, Bristow, Hobbs, Eames, Way, Roberts and Langford.


A Welsh back, Biddulph, had learned his rugby with the Maindee Club and had met up with Bath’s Parkinson in the South African War. Dr. E C Plummer was back, and keen to start. Also Dr. Jim Long was in easy distance and might re-appear. There were generally encouraging signs of a new Club effort, and the Final Trial sides lined up as follows:

Probables:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, W G Marsh, Biddulph, G S Parkinson, Russell, Bence, W Watts, H R Tutton, G Ruddick, T Ruddick, A Clark, J S Andrews, J Godwin, A Baverstock and Dr. Plummer.

Possibles:- W G Soane, P Heath, Llewellyn Edwards, L R Surten, H Turtle, W Bruton, H Bishop, D R Hooper, J Brokenshaw, W Wootton, Bristow, Hobbs, Curtis, Langford, Puddy, George, H R Lewis, Greenhill and Francis. (Cashnella had an injured foot, caused by slipping on the pavement)



v Penylan, Home. Won 8-0. Team: G Parsons, G Parfitt, S W Crisp, R Meister, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, Dr. E C Plummer, J S Andrews, A Clark, T Ruddick, and Bristow.

“Penylan kicked off, and the Bath forwards showing up well, the Welsh quarter was at once invaded, and the ball coming out of the scrum over the visitors’ line, Russell was on it like a flash of lightening, and scored the first try of the season for Bath.”

“After some tight packing Russell secured the leather, and passing back, Crisp was left in possession. He sprinted finely and ran in a try, which the scorer also converted …………”

“Though not a brilliant exposition of footer, the general opinion was that it might have been far worse in an opening flutter.”

“Cashnella’s damaged toe soon gave him trouble, and though he was limping before half-time he stuck gamely to the business, and is to be congratulated on having led his side to victory.”


“Cheering conditions combined to make Bath’s inaugural match on Saturday against Penylan successful and encouraging. It is always desirable to start with a win, as it puts both players and onlookers in a good humour, and with the former there is the incentive to keep on winning, which inspires them to increased keenness.”



v Bridgwater Albion, Away. Lost 0-8. Team: Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, J Biddulph, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, G Parfitt, Dr. E C Plummer, W Watts, J Godwin, and P J Cooling.

Despite losing, Bath put up a good show, although there was: “a little slackness in the tight packing, but all the men pushed, kept right on the ball, never lost sight of it in the loose, and tackled splendidly.”

At the end, there were no signs of flagging, and that in itself was a hopeful sign.

The Rev. A H Price, a local curate played in the Bridgwater pack; of splendid physique, he was much in evidence, “but rather spoilt the Albion’s game by picking up the ball when dribbling was the correct thing.” Russell and Bence outplayed their vis-à-vis.


v Exeter, Home. Drawn 0-0. Team: Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, I B Surten, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, G Parfitt, Dr. E C Plummer, W Watts, J Godwin, and P J Cooling.

Bath showed, that with a bit more combination and dash, they had the makings of a fine team. “Bence’s burst away from the pack and tricky run was one of the most meritorious individual efforts witnessed on the Recreation grounds for a long period.”



v Knowle, Home. Won 19-3. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, I B Surten, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F J Cashnella, W Watts, H R Tutton, J Godwin, T Hanney, A Baverstock, Dr. E C Plummer, and P J Cooling.

Parkinson, Meister and Cashnella. Conversions Crisp (3), Jimmy Godwin a goal from a mark.

“Seldom has the second half of a match differed so completely from the first as it did that on Saturday. Had Bath continued in the same mood after the interval there would have been a record score to register, but apparently regarding the result as safe, several members of the team allowed their ardour to cool down after lemons.

The long awaited jerseys had arrived, and bath once more, played in their blue and black.



v Swindon, Home. Won 23-0. Team: W Holmes, Parkinson, Biddulph, Heath, “Tich” Emery, Bence, Curtis, J Godwin, (Capt.), W Watts, George Ruddick, T J Hanney, P J Cooling, A Baverstock, G Francis, and H R Tutton.

The ‘Railway Town’ was welcomed back after several years. Unfortunately, their fortunes had waned over the intervening period, and they were no match for Bath. Nevertheless, Bath made several mistakes, and as a result of poor passing, Emery was unable to hold many of the transfers. Parkinson, on the wing, missed opportunities through being out of position. However, he made up for it with a dashing touchline run, to plant the ball under the posts.

Curtis scored an early drop goal under pressure. Tries by Emery (2), Parkinson (2), and Heath. Conversions by Holmes (2).



v Penarth, Away. Lost 3-11. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, J Godwin, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, W Watts, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, A J Taylor, G Parfitt, P J Cooling, and T Hanney.

The suburbians scored a goal and two tries, to one (Cashnella). For once, Bath travelled with a strong side, but before they had even settled into the game, Penarth whipped in with a try, a goal was kicked and Bath were five points down. Meister had a better game and Russell was singularly unlucky, with no reward for his efforts. The former Treasurer, A J Taylor, came in as a replacement, warmly applauded by team-mates and friends.



v Taunton, Home. Lost 3-7. Team: G Parson, S W Crisp, R Meister, C Naish (Oldfield Park), G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, W Watts, J Godwin, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, Dr. E C Plummer, P J Cooling, G Parfitt, and T Hanney. A disappointing encounter. The only highlight was Parkinson’s fine run for his try.



v Sherborne School, Away. Lost 11-13. Team: G Parsons, W T Webb (Clifton), R Meister, I B Surten, Llewellyn Edwards, W Bence, W Curtis, J Godwin, A Baverstock, S Bristow, J S Andrews, S Greenhill, Samuels, Thompson, and Young. Bath scored a goal and two tries.

This “proved a more severe test than was looked forward to.” However, the Bath team were well entertained after the match, and looked forward to reciprocating on Christmas Eve.



v Dinas Powys, Home. Won 11-0. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, I B Surten, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, Dr. E C Plummer, W Watts, H R Tutton, P J Cooling, J Godwin, A Baverstock, and T Hanney.

Mr. J E Henshaw, Mayor of Bath, and for many years esteemed Chairman of the Club kicked off.

Bath provided some stylish outside work, while the forwards gave a taste of their ability at footwork. Tries from Surten, Cashnella, and Russell. Conversion Crisp.

“Cashnella’s meteor-like dribble was about the finest thing of the kind ever seen on the ground, and had some of the Somerset match committee been present, I fancy they would have regretted that he is not included in the front rank against Gloucestershire.”



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 0-22. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, W Emery, W F Long, G S Parkinson, F Russell, W Bence, A Baverstock, J Godwin, P Cooling, T Hanney, H R Tutton, Fox, Andrews, Dr E C Plummer and Thompson.

Bath travelled with a number of substitutes, and sustained a heavy loss against a strong Gloucester side.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost 3-6. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, F Russell, W F Long, G S Parkins, W Bence, W Curtis, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, A Baverstock, T A Hanney, Tutton, Andrews and James.

Despite wet weather and greasy ball, the Bath forwards gave their backs ample chances, but often the ball rolled to ground and the seasiders rushed the play away from their line. Parsons at full back was a tower of strength in difficult situations. He repeatedly nipped in on the ball and saved danger. He held on to every ball and never miss-kicked.

“For his size he is a marvel.”

“ Bath’s try came when Bence got the ball to Russell who burst away at a brilliant pace, and wound up a yard or two opposite the Weston goal by giving Joe Long a short sharp pass, which sent him over. It was as pretty a try as has been obtained for Bath for many a long day.”

Bath felt they were the victims of indifferent refereeing.

The Weston Mercury: “Every fair minded spectator of the match with Bath on Saturday will be prepared to admit that the smarter team lost.”



v Cheltenham. Cancelled due to frost.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 4-16. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, B Meister, W Grischotti, W F Long, F Russell, W Bence, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, Dr. Plummer, A Baverstock, P J Cooling, Fox-Andrews and T A Hanney.

Jim Godwin was pulled out of the pack as extra cover for the backs. It proved to be a mistake, as the seven forwards were unable to stand up to the Bristol onslaught. Playing his first game for Bath, Grischotti dropped a magnificent goal, but Bristol were again too good for the visitors.

“Meister did well at centre, dodging capitally when he had the ball, and Godwin never made a mistake. Once he intercepted very finely and started a capital rally, while his kicking and tackling left nothing to be desired.”

CHRONICLE COMMENT: “The Bristol papers put it all down to a falling-off in their own men. That is a funny way they have. The fact that the reduction in the score was due to any improvement in Bath does not appear to have occurred to them.”


“An attempt, I hear, is afoot to initiate a Rugby referees’ association for the Bath district, and if this could be arranged it would be of undoubted advantage.”



v Clifton, Home. Won 12-0. Selected Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, J T Timmins, W Grischotti, W F Long, F J Russell, R Meister, F Cashnella, W Watts, A Baverstock, P J Cooling, Dr. E C Plummer, T A Hanney, F Marshman and J S Andrews.

W (Billy) F Long played a ‘dashing’ game. “He sprints for the goal line with almost his old time spirit and pace, and had hard lines in not being a scorer on Saturday. There was too much cross running by his companions which ran him on to the touch line before he received the ball. Timmins delighted the onlookers with his adroitness when he scored, but once in a game is generally often enough for that dodge and towards the end he would have done better to have passed to Crisp; ‘Billy’ was well to the fore with two tries; he owed the second to the smart style in which Cooling gathered Hanney’s pass and then passed back to the scorer.”

Tries:- Crisp (2), Curtis and Timmins.


v Old Shirburnians, Home. Won 14-0. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, J T Timmins, W Grischotti, W F Long, Curtis, Owen Edwards, F Cashnella, Dr. Plummer, T B Timmins, Andrews, Marshman, Hobbs, Taylor and T Curtis.

J T Timmins (2), Long and Taylor. Grischotti one conversion.

“There were some exhibitions of Association football in the subsequent movements, Long putting in several scientific cross kicks.”


About this time, it was reported that Meister was departing to work and play his rugby in Gloucester.



v Pontyminster, Home. Won 7-4. Team: Parsons, Crisp, J T Timmins, Russell, Meister, Bence, W Curtis, Cashnella, T B Timmins, Plummer, Godwin, Andrews, T Curtis, Baverstock, and Marshman. Bence dropped a first half goal. In the second spell: “The Bath forwards got down the ground in a capital burst, and the, after fine passing, in which Russell, Timmins, and Bence were prominent, Meister got over on the extreme left.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Won 13-0.

“In every department of forward work the Bathonians were far superior; they packed more compactly, pushed harder, marked with greater accuracy in the line-out, were sharper in following-up, cleverer in dribbling, when they tried wheeling they took the ball with them, whereas their opponents generally left it behind, and as to the staying powers, the last ten minutes of incessant attack on the Weston goal line told who had the most wind left.”



v Lydney, Away. Lost 3-17. Team: G Parsons, R Meister, W F Long, J T Timmins, S W Crisp, F Russell, W Curtis, F J Cashnella, J Godwin, W Watts, Fox Andrews, Porch (Fairfield), Stanley Wilton * (R.N. College) and F Marshman.

* Son of J G Wilton, a previous Bath captain.


“And it was a slough; every time a player planted a Trilby down with emphasis he was ankle deep in slimy, clinging ooze, while at several points of the field water stood in miniature lakes.”

Lydney got a soft early try, again demonstrating their keenness and enthusiasm for the game.

“Cashnella deserves unstilted praise for his efforts to put a different complexion upon matters. He frequently dashed off with the ball either at his toes or in his hands, but never once a backer, and being unable without support to get the better of two or three opponents, the movement died when he was stopped or, as often happened, the ball was brought back, and all the ground he had gained lost to the visitors.”

“There were repeated prognostications of the defeat of Bath on Saturday…….” It was not ‘parlour football’. Again, Cashnella led by example, and the visitors were matched up front, and the whole team did their best to salvage the game, but it was not to be.

J T Timmins was of immense service in defence.



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 3-0. Team:- G Parsons, W F Long, S W Crisp, A E Bruton, Smith, F Russell, W Curtis, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, T A Hanney, F Marshman, A J Taylor, H R Tutton, J S Andrews.

The pitch was temporarily re-aligned and marked out away from the flooded area.

Cashnella scored under the posts: “Crisp took the kick, and to all appearances converted, the ball going over the cross-bar, but for some incomprehensible reason the referee decided it was no goal, though Bath’s touch judge gave his word that it was a goal.”

Grischotti was expected to play, but had been badly knocked about when a horse he was riding bolted.



v Taunton, Away. Lost 0-9. Selected Team*:- Parsons, Crisp, Long, Grischotti, A.N.OTHER, Russell, Curtis, Cashnella, Watts, Godwin, Marshman, Tutton, Hanney, Baverstock, and Andrews.

*Due to late uncertainties in frosty weather, Bath sent a scratch side to the Assize town. In considerable doubt as to whether the game would finally be played, there were cry-offs from W F Long, W Watts, J Godwin and T Hanney. Replacements Hobbs, Francis and Bristow were keen but of lesser stature. Bruton, Parfitt and Russell were recruited for the three-quarter line, which was completed by bringing in Oldfield Park’s T. White. Russell only turned up at the last minute, entering the train as it was moving off. White teamed up with Curtis at half-back, and Murray Wilson of the seconds joined the party.

It really was no way to sort out a side for a major fixture!

A loss by 9 points to nil seems pretty reasonable in all the circumstances. As to the game, it was described as “an incoherent scramble from start to finish.”



v Clifton, Away. Draw 3-3. Team:- W Macarthy, W F Long, S W Crisp, Goldsworthy, G Parson, F Russell, W Curtis, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, T A Hanney, A Baverstock, P J Cooling, H R Tutton, and J S Andrews.

A try by Tutton in the last few seconds saved this cliff-hanger. It came after Tom Hanney burst away from a loose scrum, bustled Wills out of the way, and fed to Tutton to leave honours even. With a greasy ball, Crisp just missed with the conversion attempt.



v Neath, Home. Lost 6-12. Selected Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, E Meister, W F Long, Dr. J Long, F Russell, W Curtis, J Godwin, A Baverstock, W Watts, H R Tutton, P J Cooling, T A Hanney, F Marshman and A Taylor. (Skipper Cashnella and Timmins playing for the County)

“The first try gained by Neath was decidedly lucky, and this should have inspired the Bathonians to have stuck closer to their opponents. Dr. Long would have done much better had he kicked oftener instead of holding the ball. Joe missed his man frequently, while the forwards did not seem to have that continuous dash which has marked previous displays. The Welsh halves were smart, particularly Birchell, whose try was gained by really clever play” Godwin kicked an exceedingly fine penalty goal, and Russell got Bath’s try.



v Lydney, Home. Lost 3-6. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, J Godwin, W F Long, C Rixon (Combe Down), F Russell, W Curtis, F J Cashnella, W Watts, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, J S Andrews, P J Cooling, A J Taylor, and F Marshman.

“The captain made desperate, almost superhuman efforts to put his side ahead, and his brilliant try will not be forgotten in a hurry.” It was a great disappointment, failing to halt a run of defeats against the Forest of Dean side.

In the second half: “Marshman burst off in a strong run, and then gave to Cashnella, who also forged ahead. The captain scored for Bath by a marvellous effort. He dashed along the right touch-line at a terrific rate. Once or twice he seemed to be checked, but it was only momentarily, and he was off again, and wound up a grand run by a try in the corner.”

Once again, Lydney “demonstrate the advantages gained by consistent, careful, and constant training. Every man on the side is in the pink of condition.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Won 3-0. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, W F Long, J Godwin, G Parfitt, W Curtis, W Bence, F J Cashnella, W Watts, H R Tutton, A Baverstock, P J Cooling, J S Andrews, F Marshman, and J Griffiths.

This was Bath’s first away win against Weston since 1900. Bath feel they were handicapped by West, the opposing scrum half putting the ball in crooked. When it was mentioned to West – he was more careful! Weston continued to put up a strong defence, but Bath scraped home with another Cashnella try.



v Exeter, Away. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, W F Long, F Russell, G Parfitt, W Curtis, W H West, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, A Baverstock, H R Tutton, F Marshman, J S Andrews, and Cooling.

Bath considered themselves unlucky to lose. “They came uncommonly near victory as it was. It is always playing a team at a disadvantage to rush down the fastest stretch of the Great Western line in a saloon swinging and rocking at the tail of the Cornishman, like a small boat on a rough sea, to change en route, jump into an omnibus, and be whisked on to the ground before they have recovered from the railway oscillation.”

Our intrepid travellers arrived at the St. Thomas’s field at 3.50pm for a 3pm kick-off!

“………….the Devon officials were not in the most amiable mood, and although they said little perhaps, like the monkey, they thought more.”



v Penarth, Home. Lost 0-8. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, F Russell, Dr. J Long, G Parfitt, W Curtis, H W West, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, A Baverstock, H R Tutton, F Marshman, P Cooling, and J S Andrews.

“Absolute failure to accept opportunities, and lack of finish in their play were the chief causes for Bath’s defeat on Saturday. Though West and Russell got the ball out of the scrum time after time and passed to the back division, the chances that went astray were terrible. The three-quarters seemed quite unable to handle the ball and knock-ons were very frequent. Dr. Jim at times was very conspicuous in this offence, for had he gathered the ball clearly once or twice, he might either have scored himself or sent someone else in. But at the critical moment he failed, though he was by no means alone in this defect.”



v Barry, Home. Won 14-3. Team:- G Parsons, C Nash (Oldfield Park), Llewellyn Edwards, F Russell, W Crisp, W Curtis, H W West, F Cashnella, W Watts, J Godwin, A Baverstock,, G Parfitt, C Williams, F Marshman, and T Hanney.

Few people knew any game was taking place. Early indications were that it would be cancelled, but ground conditions improved on Friday and teams were hastily put together. Whatever the defects of this game, it gave an opportunity for Llewellyn Edwards to shine. He showed he could gather the ball magnificently, and with greater readiness to part with it, he could keep the backs moving.

Cashnella, Nash, Curtis and Parfitt got the tries and Crisp one conversion.



v Cheltenham, Away. Lost 0-14. Team:- Parsons, Godwin, Meister, Crisp, J Long, Russell, West, Cashnella, Baverstock, Tutton, Marshman, Cooling, S Andrews, Williams and Melluish. The home team scored in the first five minutes. Unwin, the old English player figured strongly in much of homesters’ play. He had a calm and agreeable manner, which was in marked contrast to the rough nature of some of the other men in the Cheltenham ranks.


“These players probably would not be so bad but for the incitement of an ill-conditioned crowd, whose foul language even called forth a reprimand from an indulgent referee. They were blind to the questionable tactics of their own players, one of whom, a big forward, thought it necessary to roll the little Bath back over and over on the gravel cycle track (and this after Parsons had been laid out with an injured shoulder) when he had already touched down. But when a Bathonian legitimately charged down their custodian when a high catch was coming to him, they shrieked and howled with rage. The crowd pushed Tutton down just as our team were entering the Sydney Arms, but a sturdy Bath forward had satisfaction for this, as he forthwith toppled over four or five of the rowdies with his fists.

It will be gleaned that the proceedings partook somewhat of the nature of the memorable game in Bath several seasons ago, when the Belson-Craddock episode occurred.””



(Thursday) Old Crocks match in aid of Bath Combination Knock Out Cup funds..

Bath Won 19-3.

Old Bathonians selected Team: F G Morgan, Norman Biggs, Dr. J Long, S W Rowse, C Banks, E H Seers, E A Sheppard, C Williams, G Ruddick, H Edwards, J W Gibbs, Ricketts, H E Clarke, A Unwin(Cheltenham) and W England.

Bath:- Holmes, Crisp, Llewellyn Edwards, Meister, A J Taylor, Russell, Cooling, Cashnella, Godwin, Baverstock, Cooling, Andrews, Marshman, Tutton, and Hobbs.

The old hands played in capital style



v Bristol, Home. Lost 5-6. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, J T Timmins, W F Long, F J Russell, H W West, F J Cashnella, J Godwin, T B Timmins, J S Andrews, A Baverstock, P J Cooling, F Marshman, and H R Tutton.

In the second half Bath were six points down, then: “The Bath crowd now had something to cheer about. The ball was heeled out and given to J Timmins who raced away. After making a lot of ground he passed to Meister who accepted beautifully, and then handed to Crisp who ran over near the posts amid deafening cheers which renewed as the scorer converted.”

“There was but one exclamation on the lips of every Bathonian at the conclusion of the game. ‘What hard lines!’ And this scarcely implies what was in the minds of all. It was the cruellest of cruel luck that the home team had to leave the field a solitary point to the bad.”

“Every man was at his best and the game excelled any predecessor in the intense excitement which it evoked.”

It had been a gloriously exhilarating struggle.

“It was a grand game and a grand gate for, without the stand, over £60 was taken. The Bath treasurer is smiling.”

“It was in philosophical anticipation of a drastic reverse that the South Wales trip was made.”



v Neath, Away. Lost 3-17. Team:- Parsons, Hughes, Meister, Godwin,

T Davis* (local sub.), Bence (picked up at Cardiff), A J Rowe(never played at half-back before), Watts, Baverstock, Tutton, Hobbs, Andrews, Gunning (Walcot), Humphries, and Bristow.

(A number of substitutes “were picked up on the platform”)

Local substitute T Davis played for Bath wearing a Llanelly jersey: “for the visitors’ outfitting department was not equal to such heavy demands as the emergency nature of the team necessitated.”

Neath had the best of the game and were superior in all departments. Hughes scored for Bath close on time.

“I wonder if it is ever dry at Neath? They cannot be troubled with water problems over there. Every time the Bathonians visit the place, the Welsh hills that tower behind the town are enveloped in watery clouds, and the ground is running with sticky grimy mire.”


“Bath never do well on a pitch like a muck heap.”


“So mud besmirched were the men that it was difficult to spot the forward who led up to Bath’s try. but I fancy it was Hobbs; when he had dribbled clear of the opposition he booted the ball to the left for the benefit of Hughes. The Neath back gave a flying kick to touch but ‘Hughes’ rushing up, gathered the leather grandly, and raced round in his best sprinting style amid the cheers of the crowd, for it was a pretty bit of play. Godwin could not lift the heavy ball.”



v Weston-super-Mare, Home, Won 5-0. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, Godwin, G Parfitt, F Russell, O Edwards, F Cashnella, W Watts, S Way (Walcot),

A Baverstock, H R Tutton, P J Cooling, F Marshman, and J S Andrews.

“As anticipated the soaking ground prevented anything like decent football, and the men slid about like skaters on the slippery turf.”

Cashnella got the try, which Crisp converted.

Llewellyn Edwards would have been selected, but was unable to get away early from Prescott’s Bank in time to play.



v Knowle, Won 24-0. Team:- Parsons, Parfitt, Meister, Bence, Crisp, Bence,

Owen Edwards, Cashnella, T B Timmins, Godwin, Watts, Baverstock, Marshman, Cooling, and Tutton.

Cashnella(2), Parfitt(3), Russell, Watts and Crisp were the Bath scorers. Knowle were outplayed in all phases of the game.



v Pontypridd, Home. Won 9-0. Team: G Parsons, G Parfitt, W Bence, R Meister, S W Crisp, F Russell, L Edwards, F Cashnella, W Watts, T B Timmins, J Godwin, A Baverstock, H R Tutton, F Marshman and G Knight (Oldfield Park).

The Easter holiday period was a mixture of sunshine and snow. Only £21 was taken at the gate.

Tries from Cashnella (2) and Meister. “Pontypridd were more in evidence after lemons, but the game was very slack, all the play being scrambles and scrummages.”



v Gloucester, Home, Lost 0-26. Bath went down to 4 goals and 2 tries.



v Rest of Bath, Home, Won 13-0.

Bath Team:- Parsons, Holmes, Crisp, W F Long, Parfitt, Cashnella, Murray Wilson, Wills, Godwin, Baverstock, Marshman, Bristow, Griffiths, Rowe, and Webb.

Rest of Bath:- Lilley (Bohemians), Tudgee and Simpkins(Walcot), Lowe and Rixon (Combe Down), Large (Batheaston), Fisher (Combe Down), Gunning (Captain), Bright and Jones (Walcot), Hulbert (Batheaston), Williams and Allen (Combe Down), Hunt and Porch (Fairfield).

Webb, Long and Cashnella got the tries and Crisp converted two.


CHRONICLE 20th April 1903

“Not even the most enthusiastic Rugby footballer is sorry that April 20th had arrived, and that the season of 1902-3 has followed its many predecessors into the records of history.

With frosts by night, parching east winds and hot sun by day, the turf had become far too hard to be pleasant and safe, and the long list of ‘crocked’ in the closing stages is mainly due to this.”


55 tries were scored by:- F J Cashnella 12; S W Crisp 6; G Parfitt 5; W F Long, F J Russell, R Meister, G S Parkinson 4 each; J T Timmins 3; W Curtis, H R Tutton 2 each; W Emery, P Heath, W Bence, Llewellyn Edwards, W J Taylor, T A Hanney, J Long, A Naish and Watts 1 each.

The goals were scored by S W Crisp (12), W E Holmes (2), W Grischotti, Llewellyn Edwards 1 each. J Godwin, W Grischotti, W Bence, W Curtis dropped one goal each, and J Godwin kicked a penalty goal.

Sixty-five players took part in matches:- 2 (full)backs, 22 three-quarters, 9 half-backs, and 31 forwards.



(Full)Backs – G Parsons 33, W E Holmes once.

Three-quarters – S W Crisp 32, W F Long 21, R Meister 18, S Parkinson, G Parfitt 10 each; J Godwin 8; F J Russell 7; J T Timmins 5; Llewellyn Edwards, W Grischotti, J Long 3 each; F Smith, A E Bruton, A Naish, B A Biddulph 2; W Emery, P Heath, F Webb, H Goldsworthy, W Rixon, W E Holmes, J Davis 1 each.

Half-backs – F J Russell 21; W Bence 18; W Curtis 16; O Edwards 2; T White, A J Ross, E Cleall, F J Cashnella, Murray Wilson one each. (H W West 5 ?)

Forwards – A Baverstock 32; F J Cashnella 29; H R Tutton 24; W Watts 23; J S Andrews, P J Cooling, J Godwin, F Marshman 21 each; T A Hanney 16; E C Plummer 14; A J Taylor, T B Timmins 5 each; T Curtis, S Bristow, G Parfitt 4 each; S Thompson 3; Stanley Wilton, J Griffiths, J Hobbs, G Francis, C Williams 2 each; F Webb, S Way, J Jones, W Gunning, H Porch, S Greenhill, Young, G Ruddick, A Clark and T Ruddick. 1 each.


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