1903 to 1904

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




33 players turned up for first trial: “in raiment of almost every conceivable hue.”

Cashnella’s side (17 players) :- G Parsons, G Parfitt, R Meister, W Grischotti, G S Parkinson, W F Long, T West, F Cashnella, Lieut. Rogers, N Haigh, W Gunning, A Baverstock, S Greenhill, J S Andrews, Myles, and Hodges.

Hobb’s side (21 players) :- H Vanstone, H Hignell, P Titley, H Goldsworthy, J Lilley, R Edwards, W Hales, A Cleall, Murray Wilson, J Hobbs, S Bristow, H Hulbert, S Biss, C Clements, W Dadds, S Eames, T Dando, E W Robins, R Lewis, T A Morgan and L George.

“Under these circumstances football on scientific lines was impossible and the scene was absolutely kaleidoscopic when all the many-coloured jerseys were in motion.”



CLUB TRIAL. Bath v Rest of Bath. Bath won 20-0.

Bath:- G Parsons, P Titley, W Grischotti, G Parfitt, S W Crisp, F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, J S Andrews, R J Rogers, F Marshman, A Baverstock, R J Cooling, and Norman Haigh (Harrogate and Yorkshire).

Rest of Bath XV:- H Vanstone and F Smith (Oldfield Park), E Holvey (Walcot), E Fisher (Combe Down), W Rixon (Combe Down), A Large (Batheaston), W Hatherall (Walcot), W Gunning (Capt.) (Walcot), W Comley, F Fear (Oldfield Park), S Neate and R Hulbert (Batheaston), W Vennell and S Williams (Combe Down), and Jones. P Titley severely injured his shoulder. Meister injured his knee.



In the second half Vanstone sliced the ball into the river. “Crisp, amid the applause of the onlookers, who crowded to the bank, jumped in the Avon after the ball, which he successfully recovered. He was too wet for football now, and Cashnella left the pack to deputise as three-quarter.”

Later comment: “Crisp’s appearance was welcome, as he had said he could not play. His aquatic exhibition greatly delighted the crowd.”

……….and later: “Crisp as we all know, has been in strict condition as a swimmer, so fond of the water is he that he may almost be classified as amphibious.”

In 1901 Samuel William Crisp was the Somerset 100 yards Swimming Champion. He won the Western Counties freestyle title in 1903 and 1905. An outstanding member of Bath Dolphin’s Swimming Club, he also won numerous prizes at running, hurdling and jumping.



v Taunton, Away. Lost by 0-13. Team:- G Parsons, H Hignell, W F Long, D J Francis, G Parfitt, F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, J S Andrews, R J Rogers, P J Cooling, W Gunning, A Baverstock, and R Hulbert. Francis came in at short notice. Cooling cried off. Hignell was asked to meet the team at Bristol. Marshman had to attend a wedding etc. Taunton ran in 2 goals and a try. Reporting on Taunton: “They got together in clusters and used their feet with great effect.”


This game highlighted the impossibility of pre-match conditioning in those days.

It is observed that Bath were consistently off form in ‘out games’. Much might be attributed to cumbersome methods of transport; trains were often delayed, and road connections difficult. In some cases players turned up direct from their workplace, and everything was done in a rush. Following the example of the Lydney Club, a proportion of the players had commenced some sort of training. Coaching was either totally absent, or confined to basic running and passing practice. Some facilities were provided, but if the players did not avail themselves of the opportunities, then it was their own fault. “………. the majority of Bathonians appeared inert and lethargic and the consequence was disaster. It was really far too hot an afternoon for football and after stewing for an hour and a half in the train, the visitors were rather at a disadvantage.”

“T B Timmins set his men a laudable example and was found an energetic colleague in Rogers, while Baverstock worked hard, but the other forwards have evidently not settled down to serious football. Cashnella had been at work all night and in consequence did not show his true form.”



v Exeter, Home. Lost 3-5. Selected Team:- G Parsons, F Smith* (Oldfield Park), W Grischotti, W F Long, R Meister, W Curtis, T West, F J Cashnella, R J Rogers, F Marshman, A Baverstock, J S Andrews, P J Cooling, T A Hanney and R Hulbert. Crisp agreed to play in place of Smith. Curtis came in for Russell, who was getting married. After being 0-5 down at half time, Long outdistanced the opposition for an unconverted try. “It was a rare good game, and though Bath were two chalks short when the curtain fell, the style in which they stood up to their redoubtable opponents, and the desperate fight they made should fill their supporters with hope for the future, and assuredly there can be no walk-over for Bristol next week if the Bathonians are in the same mind as they were today.”

Of Grischotti: He was ubiquitous and ever present where the fray was thickest.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 0-14. Team:- G Parsons, W F Long, W Grischotti, A B Green, G Parfitt, F Russell, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, R J Rogers, F Marshman, A Baverstock, P Cooling, J S Andrews, T A Hanney.

“It was a deplorable exhibition of football, the halves being unable to open out the game, and when they had chances they were too quick in smothering each other.”

Bath were out-weighted, and out-manoeuvred. Bristol packed tightly and lifted Bath front row off their feet. Former Bath front row forward Norman Moore was outstanding, and his England Cap announcement was imminent. (He joined Bristol and was capped against Wales. Ireland and Scotland 1904)



The Rec. in Flood. Swindon game postponed.



v Cheltenham, Away. Lost 0-13. Team:- G Parsons, W F Long, W Grischotti, S W Crisp, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, R J Rogers, J S Andrews, W Watts, P J Cooling, R Hulbert, and F Marshman. Long missed the train and Bath started with fourteen men. Despite valiant forward work, they were never able to combine in the backs.

“Towards the end of the game it was almost dark, and it was extremely difficult to follow the movements of the leather, while the rain pelted down mercilessly.”



v Lydney, Home. Won 8-7. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, W Grischotti, H Goldsworthy, W F Long, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, R J Rogers, J S Andrews, F Marshman, P J Cooling, R Hulbert, and G M Greenwood.

Crisp scored a try in the first half. In the second spell, and after overruling his first decision, the referee awarded Marshman a try and Grischotti, amid great excitement, put the ball ‘between the sticks’ with a ‘no charge’ conversion,

Bath showed a vast improvement, as in resolute style, “every man on the side stuck to his guns till the ‘cease fire’ sounded……….”

“The cheer that went up when Grischotti’s place kick gave Bath a one point lead was so resonant that a friend who lives on the hills a long distance from the ground told me he was quite sure Bath had won before he heard the score. It caused quite a flutter among the Abbey jackdaws and the Guildhall pigeons.”



v Bridgwater Albion, Home. Lost 0-6. Team:- A W Vanstone, H Goldsworthy, J T Timmins, W Grischotti, S W Crisp, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, R J Rogers, P J Cooling, F Marshman, R Hulbert, W Watts, and G M Greenwood.

“Could the forwards pack, push, and heel with sufficient smartness and strength to give the three-quarters the opportunities of showing their quality? This was the question, and the game afforded an answer decidedly in the negative.”


On November 23rd, the Bath Chronicle ran a report of a letter from the County Secretary, stating that the referee Mr. Satterley, had reported on the bad conduct of Bath spectators. “Never in his refereeing experience had such offensive language been used towards him.” His statement was corroborated by the Bridgwater touch judge. An official warning on behaviour was to be posted.



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 0-30. Team:- J F Lilley, F Phipps, Morgan-Davies, W Grischotti, H Goldsworthy, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, J S Andrews, F Marshman, R Hulbert, N Haigh, J Hobbs, E Lansdown, and M Hopper. Bath sent a scratch side, as the final selection was not established until one hour before the train was due to start. Gloucester scored 3 goals, 4 tries and a penalty.



v Weston-super- Mare, Away. Lost 4-10. Team:- G Parsons, W E Holmes, H Goldsworthy, W Grischotti, F Smith, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, J S Andrews, W Watts, R Hulbert, J Hobbs, P J Cooling, and J Clow.

Bath’s only score was a Goldsworthy drop goal. “It was a poor game, but Bath might have drawn level, or even have won had their half-backs been smarter. They were slow in getting rid of the ball, and continually hampered each other’s movements.”


It was reported that Tom White had left the Bristol Club. Along with many other Bath artisans – he had been out of work for a long spell. The ex-Oldfield Captain had evidentially obtained employment in Bath and might be returning to his old club.



A Bath XV v Sherborne School, Away.



v Swindon, Away. Lost 0-12. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, R Meister, H Goldsworthy, W E Holmes, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, W Watts, P J Cooling, J S Andrews, F Marshman, R Hulbert, S Greenhill and N Haigh. Swindon ran in a goal, a try and dropped a goal – all in the first half. Bath had no reply.



v Penarth, Away. Lost 0-5. Selected Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, W Grischotti, J T Timmins, R Meister, T West, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, R J Rogers, W Watts, J S Andrews, F Marshman, V Biss and R Hulbert. “Curtis played for Bath, and it was lucky he started from the Bath Station, as neither West or M Wilson were on the platform at Stapleton Road..”





“Though fairly seasoned in football campaigning, never have I witnessed a match played under such miserable and depressing conditions as that at Penarth on Saturday. Though so close to Cardiff, Penarth is difficult of access. In former years the Bathonians used to drive across the dreary moor, which on Saturday was a vast swamp-but it was such a frightfully chilling ride that of late, when visiting Penarth, the citizens have trusted to the oddly inconvenient service of the Taff Vale railway, with its primitive rolling stock. This on Saturday entailed a dreary wait of half-an-hour on Cardiff platform, and then apparently the locomotive was not equal to the extra load cast upon it by the party from Bath, for ascending the gradient at Cogan it stuck, and the train was at a standstill until another engine came to the rescue and pushed behind.

It had just commenced to rain when we left Bath, but in Wales, from the look of things, it seemed to have been raining incessantly for weeks, it was still drenching down, and a keen East wind pierced every marrow of your bone. The changing loft is half a mile from the station, and the ground three-quarters of a mile further on; by the time the players got to the field they were wet through and shivering with cold. Then they had to wait for some belated members of the home team. But the ground! It was unfit for football, indeed, football was impossible and none was seen. But the thirty men rushed about in frantic efforts to warm themselves, sprawled in the bog and flood, and tried to kick the ball when their mud-plastered optics would allow them to see it. The Penarth Executive should have scratched the fixture. Water had collected on the clayey soil to the depth of nearly a foot in many places, and it is certain the Bath officials would never have allowed a team to spend seven or eight pounds in making the journey with their ground in such a frightful state. There was nothing to gain from the Penarth point of view. Not a spectator was to be seen on the field. A few crouched under the meagre cover of some bushes at the ends of the ground, and about thirty were huddled together in the most sheltered part of the grand stand, and probably wished themselves at home.”

The referee blew ‘ no-side’ fifteen minutes into the second half.

“To add to the misery of the situation there was a lack of hot water and towels when the benumbed and drenched Bathonians reached the changing quarters again. So utterly sick of it all were the players that they vowed they would never visit Penarth again, at least, not on a football bent..

“Next Saturday, should the Recreation Ground be above water…………….”



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Won 14-3. Team:- G Parsons, S W Crisp, W Grischotti, J T Timmins, R Meister, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, T A Hanney, F J Cashnella, W Watts, F Marshman, J S Andrews, P J Cooling and R Hulbert. T B Timmins got a first half try, which Grischotti converted. (Although the Weston-super-Mare touch judge declined to raise his flag).

In the second spell, Meister, Cashnella and Crisp scored further tries.

In winning by 11 points, Bath demonstrated some strength and vitality. In fact, their home results had not been too bad at all, and spectators could find little grounds for complaint. Their only irritation was another late start. This time it was the referee’s fault – he forgot to bring his whistle!



v Old Shirburnians, Home. Won 16-3. (two goals, two tries, to 1 try) Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, W Grischotti, J T Timmins, W Curtis, W Bence, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, R J Rogers, F Marshman, J S Andrews, W Watts, R Hulbert, and Lt. Stanley Wilton R.N.

A bright and open game in which Grischotti and J T Timmins combined admirably, to create many openings. In Grischotti, the Club had the advantage of a good tactical player, and set piece kicker.

Bath tries: T B Timmins (2), Hobbs and Marshman. Grischotti converted two.



v Old Tonbridgians, Home. Won 13-7. Team: G Parsons, F Smith (Oldfield Park),

JT Timmins, W Grischotti, S W Crisp, W Curtis, W Bence, T B Timmins, R J Rogers, F J Cashnella, F Marshman, J S Andrews, W Watts, R Hulbert, and Lieut. Stanley Wilton R.N.

Tries;- T B Timmins, F Smith, and Cashnella. Grischotti dropped a goal.



v Exeter, Away – Cancelled on account of no team!

In frosty weather, the Bath team was due to assemble at the G.W.R. station for the 12.05 to Exeter, and the indications were that the match was on. In the event, only ten turned up on the platform – and two of those without kit!

The brothers Timmins were not there, because they thought the team were on the 12.23 and arrived too late! Bence was away in Brighton and Grischotti could not get a suitable connection from Cardiff. All in all it was a Team Secretary’s nightmare; the ground was fit, but the game did not take place. Exeter sent a ‘moderately worded’ telegram asking what Bath intended to do about their loss of gate money!

They felt they had lost around £80 as a result of the fixture not being fulfilled.



v Weston-Super-Mare, Away. Lost 0-3. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, F Russell, J T Timmins, F Smith, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, P J Cooling, W Gunning, R Hulbert, T Hanney, and J Hobbs.

Cashnella made some spirited runs, but generally ended with the ball going forward or not being passed. J T Timmins was strong in defence and made several attempts to break through the Weston line, but was stopped by stout defence. Bath were aggrieved at the referee’s non-observance of the ‘play the ball’ rule and attempts to wrest the ball from the holders were greeted with cries of ‘Yon brutes’ from the spectators.



v Cheltenham, Home. Drawn 6-6-. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, H Goldsworthy, J T Timmins, F Russell, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, F Marshman, J Andrews, P J Cooling, R Hulbert, and T A Hanney.

A heavy fall of sleet made the ground extremely slippery. Tries from Goldsworthy and Clifford.



v Bristol North, Home. Won 14-4. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, J T Timmins, R M H Bell, Meister, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, Marshman, Andrews, Cooling, Hanney, Hulbert, and Hobbs. * It was Bell’s first game, and he figured in several promising movements,. His debut try came in brilliant fashion: “He picked up in the loose, handed off several opponents, and putting on fine speed, circled round for a delightful try.”

“Considering the mire it was a capital game to witness…..”

Tries by Crisp, J T Timmins, Curtis, and Bell. Bell converted Timmin’s try, after the ref’s ‘no charge’ ruling.

“All the forwards were at concert pitch, and responded with a will to the captain’s frequent cry of ‘feet feet!’ Cashnella cross-dribbled smartly, and Marshman was always in the thick of it, while Cooling used his head as well as his ‘trilbies’ with the best of results.”


30/1/1904  GATE MONEY £3!

v Bridgwater, Home. Won 3-0. Team: G Parsons, T West, J T Timmins, R Meister, P Cox, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, F Marshman, P Cooling, A ‘Johns’, R Hulbert, T Hanney, and J Hobbs.

Played in continual rain, few supporters braved the conditions. The gate money totalled a ‘handsome £3.

J T Timmins made a ‘clinking’ run, passing at the right moment to Tom West. The winger held on to the slippery leather, dodged Sealey and dashed over among cheers, that must have echoed hollowly ‘round the ground. Some supporters offered 50-1 if the Captain could convert. They kept their money in their pockets!



v Lydney, Away. Lost 0-3. Team: G Parsons, H Goldsworthy, J T Timmins, R M H Bell, T West, W Curtis, H W West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, F Marshman, P Cooling, J Andrews, R Hulbert, and J Hobbs.

“Though not so watery as last year, and free from miniature lakes, the field was in a frightful state of sloppy mud, and a squish-squash was heard as the players ran about.” Bath backs could do little in these conditions. Bell was constructive in attack, only to slip in the sticky mire. Lydney’s try stemmed from a kick and chase, leaving Bath floundering in the quagmire.



v Clifton. Cancelled due to flooding “A laudable effort on the part of the Bath Committee to provide a home match in preparation for the Bristol fixture, and also a little gate-money, was frustrated by the unappreciated generosity of Jupiter Pluvins, whose innings has been so long and prolific that he might well retire with advantage to everyone in general and footballers in particular. The heavy rain of Wednesday, coming upon a river already gorged, proved too-much for the long suffering Avon, whose channel was not sufficient to cope with the rush of water, and on Thursday morning the depression in the Recreation Grounds was a shimmering lake. Clifton regretted the enforced scratching as deeply as Bath, for the meetings of the Clubs also yield pleasant games.”



v Bristol, Home. Lost 0-19. Team: G Parson, R M H Bell, W Grischotti, J T Timmins, S W Crisp, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, F Marshman, J S Andrews, P Cooling, R Hulbert and T A Hanney.

Played in a steady, depressing downpour, just enough to keep hundreds away. Bearing in mind the previous frost and floods, it was nevertheless remarkable that the Recreation Ground area had recovered sufficiently to permit play. The gate amounted to just under £40, which was £20 down on the corresponding game the previous season.

The following table shows the Gate Money totals for previous seasons:_

£    s   d

1895-6   85  11 8

1896-7   92   7  6

1897-8   86   8  6

1898-9   89  10 3

1899-0   33   4  0

1900-1   55 18 6

1901-2   22 17 0 * Extra match spoilt by rain.

1901-2   36   4 6

1902-3   60 18 0

1903-4   37 17 6

After holding Bristol to a three points margin, Bath were being outplayed forward, and capitulated after erratic passing between Grischotti and Crisp. A poor tackle from Parsons allowed the Bristol left winger a clean run home.

“Bristol, taking advantage of the depression which had seized their opponents, piled on the points with a vengeance, adding another goal and two more tries in the last quarter of the game.”



v Clifton, Away. Drawn 3-3. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, R M H Bell, R Meister, P Cox, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, P Cooling, R Hulbert, H E Clarke, J Hobbs and W Gunning.

Cox scored Bath’s try on his debut appearance. A hard fought draw, but another poor performance from the Bath forwards. To look on the bright side – it was the first away game that Bath had not lost! H E Clarke turned out at short notice after six or seven years absence from rugby.



v Bridgwater, on the Malt Shovel Field, Bridgwater. Lost 3-15. Team: P J Cooling, D J Francis, J T Timmins, R M H Bell, H Goldsworthy, Meddick, F Cashnella, T B Timmins, F Marshman, R Hulbert, V Biss, A Hodges, W Gunning and two substitutes.

Bath travelled two men short and an exceptionally weak side. T West was ill and W Curtis sent word that he had been working all night. The solitary try came from Bell.



v Weston-super –Mare, Home. Won 3-0. Commentator very unhappy about Weston’s late arrival the match had already been put back to 4-30 in order to accommodate the ‘stickers’. (Hockey team on adjacent pitch) Many kick-offs were geared to the availability of suitable trains, and sometimes the players had to change en route. It was his opinion that the Committee should take the matter up, and that the authorities should consider fining visiting teams for delayed starts. The following season, they were to revert to a single fixture. He did not think that the seasiders’ rugby was sufficiently attractive to warrant double fixtures.



v Penarth, Home. Lost 6-13. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, J T Timmins, R M H Bell, H Goldsworthy, W H West, T West, T B Timmins, J F Cashnella, W Watts, P Cooling, F Marshman, R Hulbert, W Gunning and J Hobbs.

Parsons worked hard in defence, but along with Bell tended to cling on to the ball too long to set any back moves in motion. Winger, Goldsworthy once confronted with three attacking backs, dealt with the ball carrier “in A1 fashion.”

T West got a try after ‘conspicuous dribbling’ by Cashnella, Marshman. J T Timmins and Bell joined forces in another rush: “and between the two centre three-quarters a try was scored in a fairly good position.”



v Bridgwater. Away. Lost 0-20. Team: G Parsons, S W Crisp, J T Timmins, W F Long, S Stevens, T West, H W West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, R Hulbert, D Brown, S Neate, and A Hodges.

There was a continuing reluctance to visit the town on the Parrett. Over so many years, Bath had taken a weak or under strength side and suffered a drubbing. In contrast, Bridgwater normally arrived with full muster. The key to all this, appears to have lain in the train timings. Unless there was a train at noon to Bridgwater, the next departure was at 1 o’clock or even later. With any delays, this could mean a 5 o’clock arrival at Bridgwater.

Bath showed a lack of cohesion and the ‘Citizens’ came a cropper.

As an illustration of selection difficulties, Brown of Walcot and Neale of Batheaston were recruited, then Cooling, Watts and Marshman dropped out. Hodges from the ‘A’s filled one place, and ten minutes before the train started, Wilton and Heath were chanced upon and pressed into service. These last two were backs, one at Bath College and the other on holiday from Stoke.

In the circumstances the scratch side put up a good fight, but could not match the Albion for hardness and splendid physique.



v Exeter, Away. Lost 5-9. Team: G Parsons, R M H Bell, J T Timmins, R C Thomas, Cecil Biggs, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, Norman Moore, W Watts, A R Chichester, W N Unwin, R Hulbert, Wilton and Brown.

31/3/1904 CHRONICLE COMMENT: “W H West, Curtis, J T Timmins and Meister all made excellent efforts, but they were too isolated to be of any tangible value. T West on the left wing, only handled the ball once or twice in attack and W F Long, on the right, seldom obtained it.”



v Clifton, Home. Lost 5-12. Team: Parsons, Cox, J T Timmins, F Smith, T West, W Bence, Meddick, Timmins, Cashnella, Marshman, Comely, Wilton, Brown, Neate and Bushnell. (Oldfield Park). Cox scored the try and Bence converted from wide out. It was Clifton’s first win at Bath for eight or nine years.

“It is a good thing for citizens that the season has well nigh run its course, as their front rank has become so impoverished through a variety of causes that it is almost impossible to raise a pack which can give hope of victory.”



v Broughton Park, Home. Lost 8-9. Team: J T Lilley, T West, M Harding, R Meister, S W Crisp, W Bence, L Edwards*, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, F Marshman, P J Cooling, T Wilton, G Brown, G Knight and T Hanney.

*Very much a re-arranged team; Len Edwards had already played for the ‘A’s before lunch. J T Timmins dropped out, allegedly because the team had lost to Clifton on Saturday. Actually, it was probably to conserve his energies, as he played for London Welsh on the Easter Tuesday.

Bath started well with Meister snapping up the ball on the visitor’s 25 line, cutting through to send in Timmins for a try converted by Bence. “Then when Broughton were on the attack near the Bath rut, Dicky secured, dodged several opponents, and running grandly, nearly the whole length of the field, scored close to the sticks. Had Bence converted the match would have been won.” Broughton replied with a try and a goal from a mark. “So Bath had to submit to defeat by one pip.”



v Gloucester, Home. Drawn 8-8. Team: W G Stone, E F Gooding, S W Crisp, R M H Bell, T West, G Parfitt, Meddick, Cleall, T B Timmins, Marshman, W N Unwin, Wilton, Brown, Hickory and Hulbert. Bath played only seven forwards and five three-quarters.



v Bristol North, at Eastville. Lost 0-6.Team: W G Stone, Bartley (Bristol North), Cooling, R M H Bell, P Cox, , W H West. T West, T B Timmins, Wakeman (Knowle), W Watts, P Cooling, R Hulbert, Wilton, Hickory (Knowle), and J Hobbs.

It seems astonishing, that for a comparatively local game, Bath had to scrape around for Bristol District players to make up the numbers.

Chronicle Commentator: “A worse game it has seldom been my lot to witness; scrambling, ragged and destitute of any movements that make Rugby attractive.”


A report that Cashnella had finally decided on a preference for a bedroom suite for his wedding present, and Somerset Rugby Union had sanctioned the gift. At his request, there was to be no formal presentation.



v Taunton, Home. Won 16-8. Team: E F Gooding, T White, M Harding, A L Jefferies, S Stevens (Oldfield Park), F Russell, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, R Halls, P J Cooling, G Brown, J Wilton, J Hobbs, and Baverstock.

Altogether – six Walcot men were in the home fifteen. Tries from White, Baverstock, T B Timmins and Stevens. White converted two.


Games Played:- Full backs- G Parsons 23, J T Lilley 2, W G Stone 2, W F Long 1, H W Vanstone 1, P J Cooling 1, E F Gooding 1.

Three-quarters – S W Crisp 19, J T Timmins 17, W Grischotti 13, H Goldsworthy 11, R M H Bell 10, R Meister 9, W F Long 5, T West 5, F Smith 4, G Parfitt 4, P Cox 4, W E Holmes, F Russell, P J Cooling, Mark Harding, D J Francis 2 each, R C Thomas, Llewellyn Edwards, R J Rogers, J Phipps, Morgan Davies, A B Green, H Hignell, P Titley, E F Gooding, T White, A L Jefferies, S Stevens and Bartley and Cecil Biggs – 1 each.

Half-backs – W Curtis 20, T West 14, H W West 11, H Meddick 5, F Russell 4, W Bence 3, O Edwards, Len Edwards, F J Cashnella, A E Cleall and Murray Wilson 1 each.

Forwards – T B Timmins (Captain) 30, A F Marshman 25, R J Hulbert 25, F J Cashnella 24, P J Cooling 20, J S Andrews 18, W Watts 15, J Hobbs 12, R J Rogers 9, T A Hanney 9, W Gunning 6, J Wilton 7, G Brown 6, A Baverstock 5, N Haigh 3, H Hickery 3, M Greenwood 2, Lieut. Stanley Wilton 2, W N Unwin 2, V Biss 2, A Hodges 2, S Neate 2, P Heath 2, J Holls 2, Norman Moore, A R Chichester, W Comely, G Knight, J Bushnell, J Clow, S Greenhill, H E Clarke, E Lansdown, H R Lewis and Wakeman 1each. Also two substitutes at Bridgwater and one at Cheltenham.


Try scorers – F J Cashnella 6, R M H Bell 5, S W Crisp 4, T B Timmins 5, W Grischotti 2, R Meister 2, T West 2, F Marshman 2, G Parfitt 2, P Cox 2, H Goldsworthy, W N Unwin, W Curtis, F Smith, W F Long, A Baverstock, T White, S Stevens, and J T Timmins 1each.

Conversions – R M H Bell 8, W Grischotti 4, W Bence 2, T White 2 and S W Crisp 1.

Dropped Goals – H Goldsworthy and W Grischotti.



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