1907 to 1908

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale

1907- 1908



CLUB TRIAL at Bohemians’ Ground, Red Lion Field, Odd Down. Tram from Old Bridge, 3 o’clock; change at Red Lion Inn. (Bath’s tenancy of the Rec. did not commence until September 16th., in consequence the match with Bridgwater was switched to an away fixture 14th September)

“A fair number of spectators undertook the hill climb to Odd Down, and the scene on the ground was an animated one.”

1st XV:- J Hodges, H J Lewis, T West (Capt.), H Cross, Davis, H A Hatherill, A J Rowe, L Hatherill, A Ford, Morton, H Perry, and Mullins.

The Rest:- C Brown, Brooks, Read, H J Johnson-Shellard, F J Cashnella, B Wakefield, Broadhurst, Hallett, Chivers, Mayles, and Brooks.

1st XV won 39-3. Tom West, Bert Lewis and A Hatherill showed early form and Morton, Cashnella, Broadhurst and Brown did good work.

Researches discovered Bath Bohemians mentioned in 1902-03 season, and certainly a number of their players appeared in the Bath 1st XV from time to time. They were an independent club, based on Odd Down, and became attached to the Bath Combination, appearing through until 1908.

There is a mystifying 1906-07 Team photograph in Bath Club strip. In their struggle to survive, it is concluded that the kit was borrowed for the occasion!



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 3-16. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, T West, H J Johnson, B Shellard, W Curtis, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, L Hatherill,

G Perry, A B Morton, T B Timmins, S A Nethey, and W Abraham.



v Taunton, Away. Lost 0-18 Team:- C Brown, H J Lewis, T West, H J Johnson, G Rummings, B Shellard, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford,

L Hatherill, G Perry, H Trew, E J Hodges, S A Nethey, and W Abraham

Taunton included some young recruits, who proved too fast for the Bath backs.

(Results quote 0-16, report records 3goals and one try. i.e. 0-18)



v Bridgwater, Home. Lost 6-8. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, T West, W Reed, A Hatherill, F Russell, F J Cashnella, A Ford, Cambridge, W H D Adkin, G Perry, E J Hodges, H Trew, and C Brown.

Bath tries by Perry and Brown. “Brown picked up in the loose, and supported by a knot of men in white, quite had the line at his mercy. He threw off the one man obstructing by feinting a pass, and ran in alone.”

“Casting my mind back over the match I really cannot recall more than two or three bits of passing- and they were not characterised either by neatness or despatch. As a rule the battle was fought out by the forwards, and the ball being kept close, the backs had to make their own openings, if they could.”

“Hatherill got knocked about a good bit, but he stuck to his work Pluckily, and his saving was at times very good.”



v Wellington, Away. Lost 3-14. Team:- G S Parsons, H J Lewis, C Brown, R Meister, W Reed, T West, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, H Trow, G Parfitt, G Perry, W H K Adkin, J Fussell, and E Williams.

Hatherill secured Bath’s only try after rushing in close to the touchline.

“The Wellington back division was far superior to Bath, whose three-quarters did not take advantage of all the openings and halves gave them. The forwards were pretty well matched, and George Parsons at back did some fine tackling.”



v Penarth, Home. Lost 0-8. Team:- C Brown, H J Lewis, T West, R Meister, A E Cleall, F Russell, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, E Thomas, A K Adkin, L Hatherill, G Perry, Abrahams and G Parfitt.

Just fifteen minutes from the start: “H J Lewis put his arm out and retired in company with the ambulance men to the pavilion.” Bert Lewis returned after treatment, only to drop out again, for the whole of the second half.

“To this inequality of numbers did Bath primarily owe their defeat.”



v London Harlequins, on Wandsworth Common, Lost 8-49: C Brown, Fred Smith (Oldfield Park), T West, R Meister, A E Cleall, F Russell, W Curtis, F J Cashnella, W K Atkin, E Thomas, G Perry, A Ford, H Trew, L Hatherill, G Parfitt.

This was a difficult game against the “top nobs” – Harlequins were unbeaten under the direction of the renowned A D Stoop. It was the first meeting of the two clubs.

Harlequins experimented with three three-quarters and two stand-off halves. Uniquely, the stand-off positions were occupied by Adrian Stoop and his younger brother F M Stoop. Adrian Stoop gained 15 caps for England, won an MC during the War, and was destined to become President of the R.F.U. 1932 –33.

Bath actually led in the early stages, when Harlequin’s Hemingway slipped fielding a ball; West kicked up field, beating his opponent for speed, to score a somewhat lucky try. The Stoop brothers figured in much of the play, in a runaway victory. Near the end, West was again in with a try, and Brown added the conversion. The Harlequins tally was 8 goals and three tries, to Bath’s 1 goal and a try.



v Clifton, Away. Lost 0-15. Team:- C Brown, T West, R Meister, G Parsons, H Jones, A E Cleall, J C Davies, A Ford, F J Cashnella, G Perry, W Holman, L Hatherill, F W Abraham, H Trew, and G Parfitt.

Late cry-offs contributed to Bath’s seventh successive defeat. Replacement Davies did not shape up well and the back division suffered accordingly.



v Racing Club de France. Drew 6-6. Team:- C Brown, C D Scott, R Meister, M Harding, A F Kitching, T West, J C Davies, A Ford, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, L Hatherill, E Williams, Johnstone and G Perry.

Debut game for winger A F Kitching.

.“The Frenchmen were heavy, fast and dashing, but clumsy when handling.”

“……..Cashnella almost single-handed placed Bath on level terms, by scoring on the extreme corner after once being enveloped in the embraces of two Frenchmen.”

In the second spell, Harding made a mark, enabling Brown to kick a capital goal; Bath seemed destined for their first win of the season. However, there was a general scramble for possession and a Frenchman scored. Thus, the teams remained level when the referee called time on an exciting encounter.



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Lost 0-4. Team:- C Brown, C D Scott, M Harding, R Meister, A F Kitching, T West, T Curtis, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G St. Clair Johnson, L Hatherill, C Holman, G Perry, T B Timmins, and W K K Adkin.

After the previous day’s excitement, this game was somewhat of an anticlimax. In a disjointed game, Bath lost to a Weston drop gaol. Charlie Brown played well at full back. By half time, the Bath backs showed a lack of confidence and a commentator adjudged that Bath were “quite out of it.”

“I shall never grumble at a side when down on their luck, and if I point out shortcomings it is not in a carping spirit, but simply and solely in the hope that a little criticism may act as a tonic. It has in the past, and may do so again.”



v Stroud, Away. Lost 11-17. Team:- C Brown, R Ascott, R Meister, M Harding, T West, A Hatherill, Len Edwards, F Cashnella, E Thomas, G Perry, E Williams, J Prosser, F Clifton, R Edwards, and A Ford.

Early tries by West and Harding, but Bath were already 6-14 down at half time.

The second stage opened in semi-darkness. “Bath worked out of danger, and Harding, breaking through from a scrum sent the three quarters going in beautiful style, and Meister got round behind the posts. Brown converted.”

Despite some improvement in general play, this was Bath’s tenth game without a win.



v Wellington, Home. Won 10-3. Team,:- C Brown, T West, R Meister, M Harding, A F Kitching, Capt. Pagden*, W Curtis, A Ford, F J Cashnella,

W H K Adkin, W Watts, G Perry, J Prosser, P Broadhurst, and E West.

* A former Cheshire half back, lately returned from Burmah.

Wellington objected to a Bath man as referee.

“Within three minutes Bath scored their best try of the season on the ‘Rec.,’ and it put enthusiasm into everyone. Kitching picked up in the loose and running across to West’s wing gave the captain a pass which enabled him to show his pace and get clear in first class style. At the right moment he tossed the ball to Meister, who romped over and did not plant the leather until he had made a goal as secure as he could. The applause was just terrific, but Brown missed the goal. Quietude succeeded this storm and Brown was busy.”

It was then Kitching’s turn to ground the ball under the posts, but again Brown failed with the kick. In the second spell Meister added a: “pretty four pointer –the first drop goal of the season for Bath.”


“Bath did not check their run of defeats this season until the then Mayor (Mr. S W Bush) came down to the ground to see them drawing with Racing Club de France, and they reserved their first actual win until today when the present Mayor (Mr. T H Miller) honoured the game with his presence.

It is evident that the team play best when there is civic patronage, hence we shall all hope his Worship will frequently come down to see matches.”


v Pontypool, Away. Lost 3-21. Team:- J Prosser, T West, R Meister, M Harding, Ascott, W Curtis, T Robinson, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, W Watts, E West, G Perry, H Broadhurst, A Ford, and H Cross.

Bath’s first half try was by Curtis. Cashnella figured strongly in a number of foot rushes, and although Bath had an equitable share of the closing play, their hosts ran off worthy winners.


v Bristol, Away. Drawn 0-0. Bath Team:- C Brown, A F Kitching, R Meister, M Harding, T West, W Curtis, F Robinson, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, G Perry, J Prosser, P Broadhurst, W Watts, L Hatherill and E West.

Bristol fielded a reserve side, made up of the best 2nd XV players and some Saracens.

Owing to a fixture mix-up, the senior Bristol side had to fulfil a commitment with the Cardiff Club. Nevertheless their ‘reserves’ were a capable lot. “Bath were very earnest in their endeavour to at least stave off the indignity of defeat.”


“Bristol missed by a hair’s breath when Phelps raced to the dead ball line in vain, and hard on this followed a series of harrowing escapes from scoring on Bath’s part. ‘Moral’ tries were scored in rapid succession during a fateful 10 minutes during which the incidents were so frequent as to bewilder the Pressmen. At half time the blank score book was an impartial indicator of the games’ character.

As to the trend of affairs after the lemons had been sucked, the honest chronicler is bound to admit that Bath for 20 minutes, (were) hardly off the defensive, and during this trying period the Bristol spectators underwent torture as chances came to nought. Strong defence helped always by mistakes, resulted in a pointless game.”


“Not to probe into history too remote to interest many it may be said that of the last 30 games Bristol have won 26 and drawn three of the other four. Bath’s one ‘ewe lamb’ was in the 1896-97 season, the margin being only a try scored by Long. Those 30 games have produced for Bristol 30 goals, and 62 tries, for Bath only 6 goals and 13 tries.”



v Clifton, Home. Won 21-0.Team:- C Brown, R Eskett, T West, R Meister, A F Kitching, A Hatherill, T Robinson, H Broadhurst, F Cashnella, E Thomas, G Perry, E West, W Watts, Williams and L Hatherill.


The ground was under Avon water at one end, but the problem was solved by the simple expedient of shortening the playing area into four ‘21’s’ instead of four ‘25ths.’ As the press commentator quipped: “It was a case of threeparts of a loaf being better than no bread.”

“…mudlarking was very much in evidence.”

Clifton defended their ‘swampy’ allotment, but soon: “…fine passing by the Bath backs, in which West did well, sent Kitching in with a try which he put down right in the flood, sending the spray everywhere, no goal resulting.”

Cashnella splashed down with a second and a third try, for Bath to lead 9-0 at half time.

In the second moiety, Eskett scored a splendid try, followed by E West (2), and finally Tom West for try number seven.



v Lydney, Away. Lost 6-18. Team:- C Brown, A E Cleall, M Harding, R Meister, T West, J C Davis, F Robinson, A Ford, E Thomas, F J Cashnella, W Watts, G Perry, J Prosser, Powell and Cambridge.

“The game up to the last 10 minutes was anybody’s. The Bath forwards played remarkably well in the first half, and their backs executed some very pretty passing, the two tries obtained by Robinson being splendidly worked for.”



v Taunton, Home. Won 12-5. Team:- C Brown, T West, R Meister, M Harding, J T Timmins, A Hatherill, F Robinson, A Ford, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, W Watts, A B Morton, G Perry, L Hatherill, and J Prosser.

Robinson, Timmins, West and Timmins were Bath’s scorers. “The game fell short of the high standard set by the Clifton match a fortnight ago, and in the first half particularly there was a lack of ‘vim’ about the play of the locals.”

“Once again the partnership of Albe Hatherill and Robinson proved very successful.”

It is significant to note, that Bath had scored 11 unconverted tries in succession.

Oh! for someone who could “lift the leather.”



v Mountain Ash, Home. Lost 5-8. Team:- C Brown, T West, R Meister, J T Timmins, H J Lewis, A Hatherill, F Robinson, E Thomas, F J Cashnella, A Ford, W H Watts, G Perry, E West, A B Morton, and L Hatherill.

Bath were without score in the first half. Then Meister got a try, converted by Alby Hatherill. Both sides shared the honours in an open game, Bath defending valiantly against skilled opposition. The home eight had a keen struggle with the Welsh forwards, who were described as an ‘aggressive brigade.’



v Old Edwardians, Home. Won 11-3. Team:- C Brown, T West, M Harding, J T Timmins, H J Lewis, A Hatherill, F Robinson, E Thomas,

F J Cashnella, A Ford, E Arnold, G Perry, E West, A B Morton, and L Hatherill.

An exhilarating game, played in sporting fashion, but in bitterly cold weather.

Over a half season of eighteen games, it was Bath’s fourth victory. There was a first half try by H J Lewis which Alby Hatherill converted. Harding and E West obliged with tries in the second spell.


A frosty start to the New Year as Lydney, Penylan and Weston-super-Mare matches were cancelled.


v Stroud, Home. Won 6 –0. Team: C Brown, A F Kitching, Ascott, R Meister, T West, J C Robinson, J C Davies, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, A Ford, W Watts, L Hatherill, G Perry, E West, and G St. Clair Johnstone. (First game since December 28th!)

As Stroud play in white, Bath played in the old blue and white.

Bath played well, perhaps benefiting from the enforced rest.

However, they delayed their scoring, until early in the second half, and then came two tries in succession, both stemming from well-judged cross-kicks from Ascott. Meister scored from an in-goal scramble, and Cashnella plumped on the leather soon after.



v Cheltenham, Home. Lost 3-13. Team: C Brown, A F Kitching, R Meister, H G Atkin, F Smith, R Ascott, T West, J C Davies, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, A Ford, L Hatherill, W Watts, E West and G Perry.

A much revised side could not hold out against in-form Cheltenham.

“Meister did most of the work which led to Kitching’s try, and it was as pretty a piece of play as could be desired.”


v Penarth, Away. Lost 0-3. Selected Team: G Parfitt, T West, H G Atkin, J C Robinson, E Holvey, C Brinkworth, J C Davies, F J Cashnella, A Ford, E West, W Watts, C Wyer, G Perry and two substitutes.

Bath departed with only twelve players, with Wyer to join them on Cardiff Station.

“The Bath team entered the wrong train at Cardiff and found themselves at Barry.”

Consequently the game did not kick-off until 4-15. Parfitt played a valiant game at Full-back and it was a creditable performance, to hold the score to 0-3, with only thirteen men.



v Weston-super-Mare, Home – In Somerset Cup. Lost 3-6. Team: G Parfitt, J C Robinson, R Meister, R Ascott, T West, F Russell, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, E West, W Watts, C Wyer, G St. Clair Johnstone and E Cambridge. Bath faced a big bustling bunch of forwards on a wet and windy day.

“Meister, jumping for the ball in a throw out, got clear and, dodging cleverly, ran over with a try in the left corner.” Bath were deemed unlucky to lose, considering a tremendous effort in the closing stages. They again bemoaned the absence of an efficient place kicker: “With constant practice almost any intelligent player can acquire the art of place kicking, so there is no excuse for not having one able to obtain points in this way.”

Following the game, the referee, H Smith of Bridgwater, reported the conduct of certain spectators. They had closed around him after the game had finished, hotly questioning his failure to award a Bath drop goal by Robinson. The Somerset R.F.U. were also to consider the sending off of W Watts of Bath, and Perkins and A Fear of Weston in this match. As a result, the Somerset R.F.U. suspended the Bath ground for two Saturdays.



v Cheltenham, Away. Lost 3-13. Team: G Parfitt, G Johnson, Len Edwards, R Meister, R Ascott, J E Robinson, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, E West, C J Hodges, J Walker, E Cambridge, and G Powell.

With a near gale at his back, Alby Hatherill kicked Bath’s goal ten minutes from the start. They held on to their lead until half-time, but Cheltenham came back strongly with two goals and a penalty.



v Pontypool, Home. Lost 6-14. Team: C Brown, T West, G Johnson, R Meister, A F Kitching, J Robinson, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, W Watts, E West, E Cambridge, G St. Clair Johnstone, and B Williams.

On this leap year day, the Rec. was under an inch of snow at nine a.m., but strong sunshine had cleared the “wintry visitation” by kick-off time. “A dribbling movement in which Johnson, Robinson, and Hatherill figured, ended with Hatherill picking up and giving to Robinson, who scored…….”

Bath started the second half with a bang “……Kitching made a fine effort on the left. He was tackled, but recovered himself and tackled the Welshman who had got the ball, and Pontypool were hard pressed. Then passing was started on the right, all the backs handled practically, and Johnson, receiving from Meister, dashed over on the right.”

Bath gave the Welshmen a hard game. “The tackling was immense. St. Clair Johnstone’s white hair always causes him to be distinguishable, but his keenness on the ball and general sturdiness would make him a marked man without any such poll mark.”



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 8-16. Team; C Brown, G Johnson, T West, A Jones, F Hale, R Meister, R Ascott, F J Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, E West, W K Adkin, E W Abraham, F S Morton, and E Cambridge.

‘Old’ Knowle players Jones and Hale joined up with the Bath team at Bristol

Bath faced a heavier and vigorous pack and did well to hold their opponents until the last ten minutes.

Tries from Meister and Johnson.



v London Harlequins, Home, Won 9 –8: G Parfitt, R Ascott, R Meister, T West (Capt.), G Johnson, J E Robinson, A Hatherill, T J Cashnella, A Ford, E Cambridge, E J Hodges, E Thomas, G Perry, G West, G St. Clair Johnston.

Cashnella two tries, Johnson one: ”Those two veterans Thomas and Cashnella managed the first try by taking advantage of a sharp throw-in from touch by Hatherill before most of the Harlequins were up for the line-out.”

“Hatherill has seldom played in better form for Bath. He was ubiquitous.”



v Penylan, Home. Won 8-3. Team: G Parfitt, A F Kitching, R Meister, G Johnson, H J Lewis, J Robinson, J C Davis, F Cashnella, A Ford, G Perry, E West, E Cambridge, F S Morton, W Read, C Brown.

A somewhat tame game after the Harlequins struggle. In strong sunshine, both sides seemed somewhat lackadaisical at the sudden appearance of Spring.

Penalty by Robinson. Try by Cambridge, converted by Robinson.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 3-13. Team: W Emery (Oldfield Park), T West, R Meister, J T Timmins, G Johnson, J E Robinson, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, G Perry, E West, E J Hodges, W K K Adkin, L Hatherill and E Cambridge.

“It was the old tale over again. Bath put in an abundance of spirited strenuous work, but when it came to the finishing touches which spell tries they were sadly deficient.”



v Clifton, Home. For the benefit of Bath Schools Union. Won 14-0. Team: J Green, T West, R Meister, R Ascott, A E Cleall, J E Robinson, A Hatherill, A Ford, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, E West, E J Hodges, G Perry, E Cambridge and W Read.

Tries by Ascott, Meister, Cleall and Thomas. Conversion by Robinson.



v Bridgwater Albion, Away. Lost 6-8. Team: J Green, A E Cleall, T E West, R Meister, G Johnson, F E Robinson, J C Davis, Cashnella, Thomas, L Hatherill, E Williams, E West, G Perry, Cambridge and Nelson.

In a fast and good tempered contest, Loo Hatherill and Tom West got Bath’s tries. West’s was a fine effort after holding a long, raking pass from Meister; at full speed, he swerved around the full back to score amid cheers. Many chances were spoilt “by inability to handle the leather smartly. The new ball on the hard ground seemed to bother them.”



v Leytonstone, Home. Drawn 8-8. Team: J Green, A E Cleall, R Meister, T West, R Ascott, J C Davis, J E Robinson, F J Cashnella, E Thomas, W K Adkin, E Cambridge, G Perry, E West, L Hatherill and E J Hodges.

Following desultory play, Cleall was the first to score, with a try converted by Robinson. A few minutes later, Robinson completed Bath’s scoring with a fine penalty goal from close to the touch line.



v Old Millhillians, (First appearance at Bath) Home. Won 14-0. Team: E Hodges, H J Lewis, R Meister, T West, Johnson, J Davis, Robinson, F J Cashnella, Reed, G Adkin, C Wyer, J Lye, E West, Archard, and Perry.

Tries by Meister, Johnson, and Cashnella. Conversion and Penalty Robinson.



Old Crocks match played 24/4/1908 and proceeds to injured Widcombe F C player Mr Hawkins. Bath won 3-0, with a try by Cashnella. Captain G A Perreau of the Gurkha Regiment, who last played 7 years previously, turned out for the Old Crocks. Also Councillor W F Long and Dr. J E Long

Bath XV: E F Gooding, E West, A E Cleall, R Ascott, H J Lewis, J E Robinson, J C Davies, F J Cashnella (Capt.), L Mullen, J Archard, B Wakefield, E Cambridge, G Perry, and T Walker.

The Old Crocks XV: P Cox, Dr J Long, J Lewis, Capt. Perreau, A Cannings, W F Long, F Russell, W Curtis, J W Gibbs (Capt.), W England, T Hanney, C Clement, F Barnard, H Cross, J Lye and A Baverstock.

Referee: Mr. W Dolman


SEASON APPEARANCES (Includes Bath v Old Crocks match)

F J Cashnella and G Perry played in every match.

Full backs- C Brown 19, G Parfitt 7, J Green 3, J Prosser, W Emery, E J Hodges and E F Gooding 1 each.

Three-quarters – R Meister 27, T West 24, H J Lewis 11, G Johnson 11, R Ascott 11, Mark Harding 10, A F Kitching 9, A E Cleall 7, J T Timmins 4, W Read, G Parsons, F Smith, C D Scott, H G Atkin, and JE Robinson 2 each, B Shellard, J Rummings, Len Edwards, F James, Hale, C Brown and E West 1 each.

Halves – J E Robinson 18, A Hatherill 15, J C Davies 12, W Curtis 8, T West and F Russell 4 each, B Shellard, A E Cleall, Len Edwards, H Pagden, C Brinkworth, R Ascott and R Meister 1 each.

Forwards – F J Cashnella 33, G Perry 33, A Ford 26, E Thomas 19, E West 19, L Hatherill 17, E Cambridge 14, Watts 12, W K K Adkin 10, J Prosser 6, E J Hodges 6, G St. Clair Johnson 6, E W Abraham 5, E Williams 5, H Trew 5, G Parfitt 4, A B Morton 4, C Holman 4, P Broadhurst 4, J Archard and C Wyer 3 each, A Nethey, C Brown, R Edwards, H Clifton, J B Wakefield, W Read, F S Morton, J Walker, J Lye and T Powell 2 each, P Fussell, L Mullen, E Holvey, E Arnold and H Cross 1 each.




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