1906 to 1907

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale




v Bridgwater, Home. Won 26-13. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, T West, R Meister, H Trew, A Hatherill, F Russell, F J Cashnella, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, J Bushnell, R Loader, and T B Timmins.

Bridgwater were leading 8-0 until near half time, then after a scramble near the touch line, Ford was credited with a try. Very soon after: “Trew put in a grand piece of work, getting right down on the wing and then cross-kicking – a real beauty, and quite up to the sample of some he has been putting in on the Oldfield Park ground this month. Cashnella darted up and easily scored.” Happily, Hodges converted to level the score. In the second spell Ernest Williams, Timmins, Loo Hatherill and Fred Russell got tries, and Hodges converted three.



v Taunton, Home. Won 8-0. Team:- G Parfitt, P Cox, R Meister, T West, H Lewis, F Russell, A Hatherill, T B Timmins, E J Hodges, E Williams, A Ford, L Hatherill, R Loader, J Bushnell, and B Wakefield.

Bushnell and Russell got the tries and Hodges converted one.



v Bridgwater, Away. Drawn 3-3. Selected Team:- G Parfitt, H Lewis, S R Nicholson, T West, F Russell, C Holroyd, A Hatherill, T B Timmins, E J Hodges, A Ford, R Loader, J Prosser, J Bushnell, L Hatherill and E Williams.

Bath were without Cashnella and Meister. In the first half, West scored a smart try, which was not converted. With Hatherill off the field injured, they held on until well into the second half. Then Thomas scored for the ‘brick town,’ after a move initiated by Jackson.



v Lydney, Home. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, H C Johnson, T West, F Russell, A Hatherill, E Williams, A Ford, E J Hodges, L Hatherill, J Bushnell, R Loader, J Prosser and C Wyer.

Bath lost for the first time that season , by a Penalty goal to nil.



v Clifton, Home. Won 14-8. Selected Team:- G Parfitt, T West, S R Nicholson, H C Johnson, H J Lewis, A Brinkworth, A Hatherill, F Cashnella, L Hatherill, A.N.OTHER, E J Hodges, J Bushnell, E Williams, R Loader, and J Prosser.

Bath were weakened by County calls, but nevertheless – come the end – gave a good account of themselves. After an indifferent first half, they ran in three ‘rattling’ tries, which silenced the early grumblers.

Club Captain R Meister played on the wing for Somerset versus the Springboks at Taunton. Somerset lost by 2 Goals (1 Penalty) and 2 Tries (14Points) to Nil.



v Wellington, Home. Won 14-3. Team:- Napier, H J Lewis, G Parfitt, R S Nicholson, T West, J Bushnell, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, A T Ford, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, F Reynolds, E Williams and Graves.

“Lewis was standing handy, and he burst through the centre. A long swerve to the left enabled him, with his great speed, to get round the full-back, and the fast man, for the second week in succession, planted a pretty single handed try…………Hardly a minute later Lewis scored again.

In the second half: “Play gradually veered nearer and nearer the line, and all in a moment, Cashnella, whose popularity with the crowd seems unbounded, appeared in full view, crossing the line by the flag, and leaving the ball under the cross-bar.” Despite this, Hodges missed the kick!

Finally, Alby Hatherill dropped on the leather, just short of the dead ball line, and despite protestations, was awarded the try, which Williams converted.



v Neath, Home. Won 5-3. Team:- G Parfitt, H Lewis, R Meister, Mark Harding, T West, A Hatherill, C Hall, F J Cashnella, F Reynolds, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, R Loader, and V Biss. Bath did exceedingly well to win this encounter, despite a magnificent performance from the Neath forwards. R S Nicholson was absent, assisting Somerset against Cornwall.

Following a good half-back break, Davis opened with an unconverted try for Neath. The ball was difficult to handle and when the ball appeared in the loose, Hatherill was content to dribble on. “The Neath full-back failed to gather as did another Welshman with the result that Bath had matters all their own way and Meister who was prominent among the followers up scored behind the posts. Williams goal was a good kick thus Bath were two points ahead.”

“At the restart Neath pressed, but their attack was only transitory, for West brought relief and after some loose play Bath were seen hotly on the attack and Neath were compelled to save.”

“The closing stages of the game were waged vigorously and Bath had to strain every nerve to keep out their opponents. This they successfully accomplished, and Bath won by two points.”



v Penarth, Away. Bath lost 4-28 to “the suburban XV “ at Penarth. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, Charlie Brown (Walcot), T West, A Hall, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, G Williams, F Reynolds, E J Hodges, L Hatherill, A Ford and Bushnell. Nicholson was hors-de-combat since the Somerset game.

Penarth fielded the New Zealand formation of seven forwards and two halves.

The seasiders were in fine fettle and Bath’s undoing was described as their: “old fault of high attempts at tackling that led to disaster.”

Later comment: “R Meister, the Bath captain, frankly acknowledges that most of the team played a poor game at Penarth last week, and that no player in particular could be signalled as having done particularly badly.”

Bath had started well; the forwards took the leather up to the Penarth 25, and Parfitt, dropped a neat goal. They then lost Williams through injury and their fortunes changed dramatically. Most significantly – they were beaten in the scrum and trailed 4-8 at the interval.

In the second spell, Penarth resisted any Bath pressure and finished with a tally of 6 tries, with one converted, to Bath’s early drop goal.



v Pontypool, Home. Lost 3-5. Team:- C Brown, H Lewis, R Meister, F Russell, T West, A Hatherill, C Hall, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, F Reynolds, E J Hodges, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, and J Bushnell. Rain was most unwelcome, reducing the crowd to a minimum.

Bath put up a plucky fight, but were just edged out of the game by a skilful side.

“Bath kicked off and the ball was sent back to Meister, who was legged before he could make any progress.” “The citizens, however, went away through a good, hard, forging run on the part of Cashnella, and Bath were almost over.” For long periods Pontypool were confined to their half. Charlie Brown then took a nasty knock: “through putting his head down and not looking where he was going.”

“There was keen tackling by Bath, and West did a brilliant bit of work. He jumped for the ball and, intercepting, raced clear. When confronted by the back he punted on, Jones got to the leather, but West tackled him. He, however, stopped the leather, but the Bathonians, who came up, overran the ball. Play was carried to the Pontypool half, where A Hatherill got away, but was pulled down by the visiting full-back. Several Pontypool forwards came away, but they were overtaken by the Bathonians, who made a grand forward rush down the left touch.” Later Meister tried hard to get through, but the Pontypool defence was resolute. There was no score at the interval.

“Bath forwards had a chance immediately after the kick-off, but they overran the oval.”

Then Pontypool’s Carr ran in a soft try, which was converted by Morris. The game continued at a hot pace with some fine running play from the visiting backs. Finally, Pontypool were penalised for off-side and Williams made no mistake with the kick. Bath tried hard to wipe out the arrears, but could make little impression on a well organised defence. For Bath, stand-in full-back Charlie Brown had a grand game, and saved the line on several occasions.



v Bristol, Away. Lost 3-6. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, M Harding, T West, C Hall, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, F Reynolds, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, and J Bushnell.

Bath were late arriving and then got off to a bad start as Bristol commenced in sensational style. Bath were three points down in as many minutes. Then Bath were lucky to get on level terms as Hall hit the corner flag in grounding the ball; nevertheless a try was given and the teams were level at the change over.

Bristol gained the winning try in outstanding fashion: “Receiving the ball from Larcombe, Spoors dashed between the two centres, then flanked by a couple of colleagues he raced left-handedly to Parfitt and on getting abreast of the player, passed to Down, who went over with West just behind him. It was a brilliant try, the credit for which rested with Spoors.”



v Penarth, Home. Lost 0-5. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, M Harding, T West, C Hall, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, Donaldson, F Reynolds, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, and J Bushnell.

“The game was anything but ‘ladylike’ and the collaring was decisive, every Welsh overthrow delighting the crowd.”

“Rough, tumble, and vigour, were still the characteristics of the game.”

Feelings ran high at times, and it was not a game that Bath or its support enjoyed.



v Clifton, Away. Won 5-3. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, H C Johnstone, M Harding, T West, R Meister, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, F Reynolds, A Ford, E Williams, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, and J Bushnell.


“Bath kicked off, and with plenty of opportunities at the start their three-quarters got the ball but every thing went wrong. Meister gave to Lewis on the left wing, but the wing man knocked on. Then Harding had a chance, but he, too, blundered. Meister also gave West an opportunity, but he knocked on.”

Later: “Harding broke through prettily, but his pass was forward, and nothing came of several other three-quarter movements. Clifton also bungled the ball when it came to their backs….”

Bushnell was hurt by a heavy tackle and the referee moved to blow for half-time. However, Meister objected and the game was resumed. “From the scrum the ball came out to Mark Harding, who gave to A Hatherill, the half back running round with a pretty try, which E Williams converted, his kick going in by the right upright, which it grazed in passing.” (Half-time 5-0)

Play resumed with Bath a man short and there was a lot of “up and down play.” Eventually, Clifton were awarded an unconverted try, although the transfer pass was forward. There was an exciting last ten minutes as Bath held on to their two points lead.



v Neath, Away. Lost 0-17. Team:- C Brown, T West, R Meister, M Harding, H C Johnson, A Hatherill, C Hall, F Cashnella, E Williams, F Reynolds, J Donaldson, F Trew, D Hunt, E Cambridge, and E Arnold.

One try down at half time, Bath could not hold the marauding Neath forwards. Jack Thomas then scored a particularly fine try for Neath, dodging through half a dozen opponents. The final deficit was one goal, four tries to nil.



v Mountain Ash, Home. Won 9-3. Team:- G Parfitt, T West, R Meister, M Harding, H J Lewis, Hatherill, Russell, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, H V Hunt, A Ford, F Reynolds, V Biss, E Williams, and Drew.

“From the drop-out Bath went to the other end in good style, and inside five minutes Russell after drawing men on him cleverly, passed to Bert Lewis, who had a safe journey. The kick was too long for Williams under the slippery conditions, but a minute later Cashnella started a forward dribble which others carried on. When the full-back threatened Timmins adroitly took a turn to the right and the Bath forwards had the line at their mercy. Timmins appeared to be the scorer, but it was a collective try, initiated by ‘Cash.’ An electrifying five minutes thus produced six points for Bath…………..”

“After ‘lemons’ Mountain Ash bucked up wonderfully, and the home defence had a very warm time, but by hook or crook the visitors were kept up……”

“Just before the end five forwards got clear in a cluster, and Reynolds scored an easy try beneath the posts.” Bath retired handsome winners of a good sporting game, by three tries to one.



v Old Tonbridgians cancelled, as Recreation ground unfit.


v Wellington, Away. Lost 0-6. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, S H Nicholson, T West, A Hatherill, M Harding, F Cashnella, T H Timmins, E Williams, ‘E James,’ F Bushnell, E Ford, F Reynolds and V Biss.

Following on eighteen days enforced rest, Bath played a hard and fast game but could not get through, in a finely contested game.



v Pontypridd, Home. Won 3-0. Team;- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, R Meister, M Harding, T West, A Hatherill, F Russell, F Cashnella, T B Timmins, R Ford, F Reynolds, E J Hodges, H Perry, Donaldson and F Bushnell.

“…………pandemonium announced the scoring of a try, Tom West being the operator, Hodges, however, could not convert. This bolt from the blue put spectators and local players on excellent terms and the side were a different brigade from the first 15 minutes.”



v London Welsh, Home. Scratched due to frost.



v Lydney, Away. Scratched.



v Pontypridd, Away. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Parfitt, Trew, R Meister, M Harding, T West, A Hatherill, F Russell, J Cashnella, E Williams, A Ford, F Reynolds, J Bushnell, H Perry, T B Timmins and Donaldson. A large crowd appreciated a splendid game at Pontypridd. Ground conditions were dreadful, as the surface was extremely muddy following a rapid thaw. The home side won by a single penalty goal.



v Wellington, Home. First Round Somerset Cup. Won 19-0. Team:- G Parfitt, T West, A E Cleall, M Harding, H J Lewis, A Hatherill, F Russell, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, Loo Hatherill, F Reynolds, J Bushnell, E Williams, E Ford, and E J Hodges.

Tries;- Alby Hatherill (2), Reynolds, Fred Russell and Lewis. Conversions by Hatherill and Williams.

“Near the end Wellington showed some expiring enthusiasm……”



v Old Edwardians, at Selly Park. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Parfitt, T West, A E Cleall, M Harding, H J Johnson, A Hatherill, W Brinkworth, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, L Hatherill, F Reynolds, J Bushnell, E Williams, E Ford, and E J Hodges.

The 1st XV ground was completely frost bound, but play was permissible on the 2nd XV pitch with a 4 o’clock commencement. The Old Boys were the more aggressive side and were able to hold on to their narrow lead throughout generally scrappy play.



v Pontypool, Away. Lost 0-31. Team:- H J Johnson, Jordan, R Meister, A E Cleall, H J Lewis, A Hatherill, F Russell, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, H Perry, J Donaldson, L Hatherill, E Williams, A Ford and E J Hodges. Bath’s line was crossed nine times. It was the worst defeat of the season. Bath started well enough; the forwards were playing excellently and controlled most of the scrummages. Pontypool’s first attack was driven back by Meister’s kicking. However, the game turned just as Bath were pressing on their opponents’ line, when Pontypool’s Jack Jones scored a brilliant run-away try. Nevertheless, the Welshmen were restricted to a three nil lead at half time. Afterwards it was a different story. Bath could not hold the opposing backs, and by the finish, Pontypool had run in a total of nine tries, two of which were converted.



v Bridgwater. Somerset Cup Semi Final. Away. Won 8-5. Team:- S R Nicholson, T West, A E Cleall, M Harding, H J Lewis, F Russell, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, L Hatherill, E J Hodges, E Williams, E Ford, F Reynolds and F Bushnell.

Following a splendid run, Russell scored Bath’s first try, to the great delight of the visiting supporters. Near the close, Bath made one more effort and Lewis scored after a round of passing, to enable Williams to goal with a fine kick.



v Mountain Ash, Away. Lost 0-3. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, S R Nicholson, M Harding, F Trew, A E Cleall, A Brinkworth, F J Cashnella, A Ford, H Perry, E Williams, E J Hodges, C Wyer, F Bushnell and W Donaldson. Bath travelled with a greatly weakened side and were beaten by a single penalty in quagmire conditions.



v Bridgwater Albion in SOMERSET CUP FINAL. Away lost 0-5.

Bath Beaten in Extra Time.

Bath would have preferred the match to be played at neutral Weston-super –Mare. It was felt that the new Taunton ground venue was too close to Bridgwater, giving the brick-towners an unfair advantage. The Committee arranged an excursion at 3/- per head, which encouraged the Bath faithful to travel to Taunton. Bridgwater folk were put at around 1500.

Team:- G Parfitt, T West, M Harding, R Meister, H J Lewis, F Russell, A Hatherill, F J Cashnella, T B Timmins, F Reynolds, A Ford, J Bushnell, E J Hodges, E Williams and L Hatherill.

At the end of a hard fought 80 minutes, and with Bath a player short for most of the game, the score stood at 0-0.The Rules allowed for an extra ten minutes each way. In the first period of ten minutes, Bridgwater’s Pippin scrambled over and converted his own try. It was nearly dark at this time, and Bath alleged that their protests were brushed aside by touch judge Mr. Donne (President of the Somerset Union). Astonishingly, Bath’s Hatherill, who had been ordered off earlier in the match, was allowed to play in the extra time. There was further exasperation, as it came to be acknowledged that the referee had acted in error in the first half sending off and no player penalty was subsequently imposed. Unsatisfactory aspects of the match were to lead to a letter of protest to Somerset County. (dated 12/4/1907 – Copy attached)

The protest was disallowed by the County Committee, but their case was referred to the Rugby Union.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 0-14. Team:- G Parfitt, T West, R Meister, M Harding, H J Lewis, F Russell, A Hatherill, T B Timmins, A Ford, F Bushnell, L Hatherill, E Williams, W Donaldson, H Perry and H Trew. “There was a large attendance on the Bath Recreation Ground on Saturday, for the return fixture between Bath and Bristol, and it was such hot weather that people lay about on the grass waiting for the game to begin. Tom West was an absentee, having joined Gloucester. In the first five minutes Bristol scored, Llewellyn running in a soft try, which Shewring goaled. Nothing more was scored up to half-time. On resuming Scott and Spoors got over with tries for Bristol, and Shewring dropped a penalty goal, the result being a win for the visitors by q4 points to nil. Bath were not clean at handling, and after their forwards were beaten in the scrummages for possession Bristol had endless chances.”



v Leytonstone, Home. Won 12-0. There was a good attendance for this Bank Holiday fixture, in which the Bath forwards rose to the occasion, and there was some excellent three-quarter play. All combined for a fairly easy win. Lewis ran in two tries, Russell and T B Timmins also scoring, but none was converted. (Team selection not published)



v Penylan, Home. Lost 3-18. Team:- G Parfitt, H J Lewis, M Harding, R Meister, Ascott, Garraway, A Hatherill, T B Timmins, A Ford, F Bushnell, E Williams, G Donaldson, H Perry, H Trew and Caple.

It was Penylan’s sixth visit. Previously, Bath had won three and the Welshmen two. The hard ground had been softened by the Fire Brigade. Penarth winger Spencer scored a largely unopposed try within three minutes.

Bushnell scored for Bath after some loose play on the line, to trail 3-5 at half time. However, Penylan were clearly the better team, adding three tries in the last fifteen minutes. “The Bathonians appeared very stale after their trying holiday programme, and several players were not sound.”

Penylan scored 3 goals and a try. Bushnell scored a try for Bath.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost 3-5. Selected Team:- C Brown, H J Lewis, M Harding, H J Johnson, R Ascott, A Hatherill, A.N.OTHER, W Donaldson, H Perry, H Trew, A Ford, L Hatherill, F Bushnell, W Adkin and E W Williams.

“The Bathonians arrived with a weak team and also one short, but despite this fairly held their own and the issue was in doubt right to the finish. Play was dull and uninteresting and the only points scored in the first half were the result of smart play by Saunders, who also converted. After the resumption Bath improved, and frequently taxed the home defence. Williams scored an unconverted try, but this was all that was done, and Weston won as above stated.”



v Clifton, Home. Lost 0-9. This Thursday match was played for the benefit of the Bath Rugby Schools’ Union. “Unfortunately rain descended in torrents just before the kick-off, spoiling the gate and the game. Bath, who had much difficulty raising a team, were defeated by three tries (nine points) to nil.”



v Taunton, Away. Won 8-0. Selected Team:- Dixon, H J Johnson, C Brown, Bushnell, Rummings, A Hatherill, F Russell, T B Timmins, A Ford, E Williams, W G Donaldson, H Perry, F Bushnell, A Adkin, and a St. Stephen’s forward. Russell scored twice and Brown added two points.

Both clubs fielded weakened sides.



v Cheltenham, Home. Drawn 0-0. Team:- D Dixon, R Ascott, M Harding, W Stevens, C Brown, F Russell, A Hatherill, F Cashnella, E Ford, W G Donaldson, F Bushnell, W Perry, Morgan, E J Hodges and F W Abrahams.

“By consent it was the dullest first half of the season, but it began to be realised that Bath had done extremely well in keeping out the opposition, who had a strong wind in their favour.

Cheltenham, on the whole were lucky to escape, for Bath had decidedly the best of the second moiety. No scoring having occurred the season finished with an uninteresting pointless draw.”



Old Crocks Charity game in aid of the Mayor’s Hospital Fund. (R.U.H.)

Old Crocks Team:- J Godwin, A Cannings, A Stiles, Dr. J Long, P Cox, B C Helps (Capt.), W Curtis, A E Sheppard, C Williams, T Hanney, F Phipps, J H Westing, T Ruddick, J W Gibbs, E Dyke and W England.

Bath XV:- D Dixon, C Brown, M Harding, W Stevens, R Ascott, F Russell, A Hatherill, F Cashnella (Capt.), T B Timmins, F Bushnell, E Ford, E Williams, E J Hodges, H Perry and F Morgan.

Referee H T Bernard Hodges. Mayor had kindly consented to kick off.



“At the outset of the season, which concluded on Saturday, it did not appear probable that the campaign would close with a record of more defeats than victories for the Bath fifteen. The opening matches against Bridgwater and Taunton were won in a style which augured well for the success of the ‘All Whites,’ as the team was dubbed in consequence of the change of jerseys sanctioned at the last annual meeting. But when it has to be related that no fewer than 56 players have taken part in 28 games, the reason for the early promise not being fulfilled is not hard to discover. Of the first seven matches five were won, one drawn and one lost, the latter against Lydney by the small and unsatisfactory margin of a penalty goal. This and the match with Pontypool were the only home engagements that resulted adversely before Christmas, and ‘Pool’ could only claim a win by 2 points, a converted try to a penalty goal, on the Recreation Ground. The most disastrous fixture in the first half of the season was that at Penarth, which was lost by 28 points to 4, and was a decidedly disappointing display, considering that a representative team undertook the journey. One of the most unsatisfactory points of the record of 1906-7 is that Bath did far worse on Welsh grounds than in the previous year, the display at Neath, but particularly at Pontypool, not being calculated to maintain the favourable impression the Citizens created across the Severn in 1905-6, for, with the exception of a goal dropped by Parfitt at Penarth, the Bathonians did not bring back a single point from Taffyland. At Mountain Ash and Pontypridd, however, they had hard lines in being beaten, in each instance a penalty goal giving the verdict against the visitors. About one of the most inspiriting and creditable games put in by Bath was against their old rivals, Bristol, at the County Ground, Ashley Hill, where they had the better of the play and hard lines in being beaten by 2 tries to 1. This was in pleasing contrast to the poor show made at home against our neighbours on the Saturday before Easter, though on this occasion the Bathonians were suffering the effects of a stiff gruelling experienced in the notorious county cup final against Bridgwater Albion on the previous Saturday. Somerset Cup matches yielded Bath a couple of excellent victories, the rout of Wellington coming as a surprise after an unaccountable loss at the serge town three weeks earlier, while the brilliant fashion in which the game at Bridgwater was pulled out of the fire provides one of the most agreeable memories of the season. The final stage at Taunton will be long remembered on account of the remarkable manner in which referee, luck, bad judgement, and other considerations combined to rob the Bath team of the verdict. But the final word as to this fiasco has yet to be recorded. Towards the end of the season there has been a regrettable, though to a large extent unavoidable falling away of what might be regarded as the regular Bath side, and under these conditions the win at Taunton, where Bath had not claimed the victory for a long series of years, stands out as a bright and gratifying incident. Frost applied the closure to two home matches of a peculiarly attractive character, depriving the Bathonians of seeing the London Welsh perform here for the first time, putting out of question what was always a favourite fixture, the Old Tonbridgians, while it also deprived Bath of a probable win over Weston-super-Mare in this city.

Coming to the players, it was satisfactory to have such speedy three-quarters as Meister, Lewis and West with which to commence the season. There was no regular fourth man until Mark Harding permanently joined the city team in November. By injury and illness Meister was prevented from captaining the side in several important fixtures, but Lewis, Harding, and West turned out with praiseworthy regularity until the exigencies of employment transported the last-named to Gloucester, where his speedy absorption into Gloucester premier fifteen was a compliment not overlooked by his Bath friends. Nicholson, Johnson, and Cleall have been the deputies most often called upon, and all have rendered good account of themselves. But for an interlude of about six weeks, when C Hall was playing, F Russell and A Hatherill may be said to have been the recognised Bath halves, and they have co-operated admirably. A capital set of forwards has generally been forthcoming, their names readily occurring to those who have followed the doings of the team. If there were one defect it was the absence of weight, which told adversely in meeting such sides as Bristol, Bridgwater Albion, Neath and Lydney, and one of the urgent needs of the Club is younger men of goodly proportions, speed and cleverness to take the place of two or three of the present pack, whose football days are declared by themselves to be at an end. George Parfitt bore the brunt of many a stiff contact at full-back with resolution and sound defence, maintaining his reputation for putting in good games against strong sides.

Scoring has not been prolific, the place of honour for this season being held by H Lewis as top scorer, although it is no particular mark of distinction to have actually run in tries, the essence of the game being combination, while self-almegation on the part of a player has often caused the success of his side.”


Try Scorers:- H Lewis 8; F Russell 7; A Hatherill and T West 5; F Cashnella 3; E Williams, T B Timmins and J Bushnell 2 each; A Ford, L Hatherill, R Meister, C Hall and F Reynolds 1 each.

Conversions:- B Williams 7; E J Hodges 6.

Penalty by E Williams and Drop Goal by G Parfitt.

Most matches played:- A Hatherill, with A Ford and E Williams one behind him.

6 Full-backs:- G Parfitt 21, C Brown and D Dixon 2, W Napier, L H C Johnson and S R Nicholson once each.

16 Three-quarters:- H Lewis 24, T West 21, R Meister and Mark Harding 18, H C Johnson 9, S R Nicholson, A E Cleall, R Ascott, and F Smith 4, C Broyn 3, F Russell, P Cox, G Parfitt, W Jordan, W Rummings, J Bushnell and W Stevens once each.

11 Half-backs:- A Hatherill 27, F Russell 15, C Hall 6, A Brinkworth 3, M Harding, R Meister, J Bushnell, B Shellard, F Garraway, C Hales, and A E Cleall once each.

28 Forwards:- A Ford and E Williams 26, F Cashnella and E J Hodges 23, T B Timmins 21, J Bushnell 20, L Hatherill 19, F Reynolds and G Donaldson 13, H Perry 10, R Loader 6, H Trew and C Wyer 5, Prosser and V Diss 3, M V Hunt 2, J Warefield, T Curtis, W Fletcher, C Graves, E Arnold, J Cambridge, E Holvey, R Meister, W Watts, F Morgan, H Caple and W Abraham once each.

The Executive Committee met on 28 occasions and the attendances were as follows:-

A F Florian 26 W Messer 24 F J Cashnella 14 C H Warman 26 C C Clement 23 R R Stephenson 13 A Loxley 25 E F Simpkins 21 D Applegate 12

C E Williams 25 H E Clarke 18 A F Marshman 11 R Meister 25 A E Millett 18 A E Cleall 9 H T B Hodges 24 T B Timmins 18 D G Francis 1

G A Roberts 24 J T Piper 17


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