1888 to 1889

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale



Bath scored 87 tries, 48 of which were converted; their opponents crossed 29 times and kicked 9 goals.

Their biggest win was 23 points to nil at the expense of Batcombe Rectory, whom, at the start of the following season, they ‘walloped’ by 43 points to nil!


Two pre-season trials arranged, W A Walker elected as Captain, and F W Anderson Secretary.

T N Parham, A L M Swabey, H Lavis chosen for County trials.



Bath v Clifton, on Kensington Meadows. Won by 2 tries to 1. ( 2-1) Team:- Horsford, C J B Moneypenny, F S White, W A Walker, H T Vincent, C B Moneypenny, B C Helps, C W Hayward, Storrar, V Soane, F Soane, Bailey, Thompson, Clerk and Winckworth.

“The Bath 1st XV. commenced their season this afternoon, and played a strong fifteen from Clifton at Kensington Meadows. Clifton kicked off against the wind, and the ball being carried into the Bath quarters a try was obtained by Baker from a loose ‘scrum’ near the touch-line. The Bath men then played up, and after a good piece of passing C J B Moneypenny secured the leather and ran over the touch-line, but was collared by a Cliftonian who touched down the ball. The game for some time afterwards continued pretty equal, but near the call of half-time a try was obtained by Vincent, but the kick at goal by C B Moneypenny failed. At the commencement of the second half Clifton, having the wind in their favour, pressed their opponents greatly, but some steady play by the Bath forwards relieved the pressure, and Walker obtaining the ball made a good shot for a try, but was splendidly tackled by one of the Clifton team. Till within about five minutes of the end of the game there was no alteration in the score, and it looked as though a drawn game was inevitable, but this was averted by a try being secured by C J B Moneypenny. The shot at goal, however failed. The Cliftonians played up grandly at the last to try and equalise matters, but their efforts were unavailing, and Bath were left the victors by two tries to one. For Bath the two Soanes and Hayward were especially prominent in the forwards and the 3 three-quarter backs all deserve praise for their play. For Clifton the three-quarters were very good, their passing being worthy of imitation by their opponents, and in the forwards Baker and Leonard lent great assistance to their side.” ( BATH HERALD)



Bath 2nd XV v Redcliff House

The Bath second string commenced their season with the following selection:- S Caple, B F A Farnham, A E H Pinch, F S White, F W Anderson, T N Parham, B C Helps, F Burt, H Lavis, J Dawson, Milsom, J Doveton, A Waller, J T R Thompson and E Pike. They beat the Bristol side by four goals and two tries (14 points) to nil.



v Swindon Rangers. Won 11-10. Team:- Horsford, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, F W Anderson, T Parham, White, F Soane (Capt.), T Vincent, B Vincent, Lavis, Clerk, Thompson, Bailey, and Swabey.

“The Bath men played their second match on Saturday, when, with one man short, they defeated the strongest team that Swindon could put in the field. For the first half of the game Swindon had a distinct advantage, but playing a fast game and making the best use of their fine passing, successive tries were obtained by C J Moneypenny, Soane, White, C B Moneypenny and Anderson. Swindon, however, was not far behind, and were only in the end defeated by three goals and two tries (11points), to three goals and one try (10 points)”.



Oct 18th 1888

R H Hare 1st XV Cap on his departure for India.



v Widcombe Institute, Home. Won 17-0. Team:- Horsford, C B Moneypenny, Walker, Anderson, Parham, White, F Soane, V Soane, F Vincent, B Vincent, Lavis, Clerk, Bailey, Thompson and another.

“The Widcombe men visited Kensington Meadows this afternoon and retired defeated by an indifferent Bath XV, by four goals and five tries (17 points), to nil. The visitors were quite outmatched, and tries were obtained for Bath by Parham, T Vincent, White, Anderson, Moneypenny and Walker.” (BATH HERALD)

Anderson added four conversions.




First Bath Bristol game   –  Bath v Bristol . Won 1goal and 2 tries to 1goal, (5-3)

Bath won 5-3. Tries by Anderson, Moneypenny, F S White and a Moneypenny goal.

Bath played four three-quarters for the first time.



Bath v Bristol:-


27 October 1888

Bristol v Bath at County Ground, Horfield, Bristol.

These clubs met at the County Ground Horfield, Bristol, on Saturday Afternoon, and the local club, which was but poorly represented, sustained another reverse.

The teams were:

Bristol: Derham, Back: Rev J.M Bastard, V.W Davies, I Huxtable and H.B Turner: Three-Quarters: R.D Cruickshank and E.T.S Badger, Half Backs: A.Gee (Captain), B Gee, S.W Brown, M.Thompson, W.Cogan, C Giles, R Bryan and P.Loxley Forwards:


Bath: G.Horsford, Back: C. J. B. Moneypenny, F.W. Anderson, F. S. White and H.T.Vincent: Three-Quarters: T.N.M. Parham and B.C. Helps, Half Backs: R.J Hare, T. Alexander, A.S. Clerk, T.R.Thompson, F. Soane (Captain), V Soane, G.Bailey and H.A Spencer, Forwards.


Bath kicked off and Derham returning, a scrum was formed in neutral territory and the first five minutes were occupied with some passing and collaring amongst the forwards, varied with an occasional scrum. Bristol seemed hardly to be playing a combined game and got rather the worst of the scrums, these disadvantages causing the game to be carried on in unpleasantly near proximity to their goal line, although the collaring which appeared to be the best part of the home game, prevented scoring.


Bath also secured a free kick, somewhat close to their opponents’ goal but the difficulty of the angle relieved the danger and the strong wind took the ball across the ground. Moneypenny made several endeavours to effect a run in but Derham bought off some good collaring. White however succeeded in getting the ball over the line very close to touch, but the place kick from such an awkward position failed.


Bristol kicked out and rushed the ball into their opponents quarters where some very even play took place, which resulted in Brown securing a try for his side and Derham converting it into a goal. This success proved to be the play off the home team and although the score was has not increased at the half time, their had considerably improved.


On restarting Anderson obtained a try for the Bath men and Moneypenny, who took the kick at an awkward angle sent the ball in a straight line for the posts but without sufficient impetus to send it over the bar. The same player, however made amends for this by taking the ball right behind the posts and this time the kick which he undertook himself was successful.


No further points were scored and at the call of time Bath were left the victors by a goal and two tries to one goal. Bastard, Badger and Brown did some useful work for the home team, but the combination generally seemed hardly to play sufficiently and once or twice the introduction of a little punting would have considerably relieved matters.


The umpires were Mr W.C Chandler and Mr Davis and the referee Mr W.J Crosby. There were several hundred spectators.


Bath centre, Frank S White had the honour of scoring the first try. In a letter to the Club dated 17th January 1939, he recalled that Players wore black and white jerseys, with a blue cap and silver tassel “Anything in the shape of shorts “did” but it was not done in those days to show too much knee.” Frank’s try was achieved without any shorts! They were left in the hands of the Bristol full back: “ as, however, I wore bathing drawers underneath, Bristol was not unduly horrified.”



BATH HERALD 29th October 1888

These teams met on the Gloucestershire County Ground on Saturday, and attracted a fair number of spectators, estimated roughly between 700 and 800. The Bristol men still want more combination before they will be seen to advantage, but they improve weekly, and will doubtless continue to do so. The Bath men are certainly stronger this season than they have been for some time. Walker, the captain, was absent, but F. Soane, who took his place, exercised capital control over his men, who really play with a wonderful combination. Moneypenny and Anderson at three-quarters, Parham at half, and F. Soane, Clerk and Alexander forward, did excellent work. Special mention must be made of Parham. Gee won the toss, and elected to play with the wind, and at 3.45p.m. Bath started the ball; Durham returned and play commenced in neutral ground. Bath had a free kick soon after the start, but nothing resulted from it. White at length got away, and scored the first point for Bath. Moneypenny failed at goal. The leather was restarted, and Brown scored a try for Bristol, which Derham by a capital kick converted into the converted three points. After half-time Gee kicked off, and after some good passing behind, Anderson by a good run notched the second try for Bath. Moneypenny tried the place, which was again a failure. Both sides then played up with spirit, and Bastard got away with a dashing run, made a good deal of ground but was collared, and passed blindly, enabling Moneypenny, who was on the spot, to get clean away and score a third try for Bath, which he managed to convert into a goal. Gee started the oval once more, and directly after Vincent kicked into touch-in-goal. The remainder of the play was of a give-and-take description, and when “no side” was called the score stood:- Bath, one goal, two tries, and one minor; Bristol, one goal. Bath thus winning one of the fastest games we have seen by five points to three. The teams were:-

Bath – Horsford, back; Moneypenny, Anderson, White and Vincent, three-quarter-backs; Parham and Helps, half-backs; F. Soane, V. Soane, Bailey, Clerk, Thompson, Alexander, Hare and Spencer, forwards.

Bristol:- Derham, back; Rev. J. Bastard, Turner, Davies and Prout, three-quarter-backs; Badger and Cruikshank, half-backs; A. Gee, B. Gee, Brown, Cogan, Lockey, Thompson, Bryan and Huxtable, forwards. Umpires – Messrs. H. Davies and W.A. Chandler. Referee – Mr. W. J. Crosby.




Date Venue Result For Against

Try = 1pt. Conversion 2pts

27/10/1888 1st County Cricket Ground, Nevil Road, Horfield W 5

(3t 1c) 3

(1t 1c)

2/2/1889 2nd Kensington Meadows, Bath W 5

(3t 1c) 0

9/11/1889 3rd Horfield D 0 0

7/12/1889 4th Kensington Meadows W 4

(2t 1c) 1


6/4/1890 5th Horfield L 0 3


Hereon a Try = 2pts. A Try and Conversion (Goal) = 5pts.

18/10/1890 6th Horfield L 2

(1t) 7

(1g 1t)

15/11/1890 7th Kensington Meadows W 16

(2g 3t) 0



v Batcombe Rectory, Home. Won 23-0. (7 goals and two tries). Team:- Horsford, C B Moneypenny, F W Anderson,, W A Walker, B Helps, Saville, Parham, Clerk, Thompson, F and V Soane, Alexander, Lavis, Spencer and Vincent.

Tries were gained by Parham (3), C B Moneypenny (2), Walker, Saville, Soane and Anderson, AND Money penny kicked the goals.

On the same day Hermitage School beat Bath 2nd XV by a goal and three tries to a try. (6-1) on the scholl pitch at Lansdown. It is appropriate to record the school team, as it contained several schoolars who were destined to become Bath Club stalwarts.

Hermitage School: F Swabey, L Strachan, R Fanshawe, J MacTier, H Maule, B Codrington, C G Charlton, T Graham, R De C Peppin, A Nell, S J MacTier, G Protheroe, H Kennedy, H Northey and G Yate.

Bath 2nd XV: McManus, Vincent, F Blanchard, T Blanchard, Waller, Lodge, Tarr, Doveton, A Morris, S Goodland, W Ford, Dawson, Benson and Bryer.



v R.A.C. (CIRENCESTER). Won 12-0. This match was played at Henrietta Park this afternoon in the presence of a large number of spectators, and after a fast game ended in a victory for Bath by 3 goals and 3 tries to nil. The Cirencester team played the first half of the game against the wind, and soon after the commencement had the misfortune to lose the services of their capt. who while running fell and injured himself. Walker obtained the first try after a splendid run from near the half way flag, and this was converted into a goal by White. Walker also obtained a second try, the ball being passed to him by Parham, who was singularly unfortunate at being unable to get over the goal line. The place kick, however, failed. A third try was registered to Bath just before half-time, by Hodson and another goal was the result of the place kick by White. No other point was made up till half-time when the score was, Bath 2 goals and a try, Royal Agricultural College, nil On changing sides the visitors played up well, but without result and at quarter past four, amidst the ringing cheers of the spectators, Walker secured another try which White converted into a goal. Soon after this White made a brilliant run, and grounded the leather behind the visitors goal line, but this was not improved upon by Hodson, who undertook the place kick. Walker obtained his fourth try just before the conclusion of the game, which ended in a victory for the home team by three goals three tries to nil. The Cirencester team worked hard to avert defeat, but they were heavily handicapped in losing the services of their captain. In the visitor’s team the play of W Parlene and H Castle was very conspicuous. The Bath team played well together, and it was a matter of general remark how very much they had improved in passing. The forwards worked well to a man, Soane and Thompson being especially prominent. The play of the backs and half-backs was also very much admired.” ( BATH HERALD)



v Bath College, Away. Won 19-1. Team:- Horsford, C J B Moneypenny, White, Hodson, Parham, B C Helps, Thompson, F Soane, Lavis, Alexander, V Soane, Vincent, Clerk, M Swabey and Saville.

Within two minutes Moneypenny gained an easy try, but White could not improve. Then a forward rush left Alexander to touch down, and this time White converted. This reversal seemed to make the College boys play with even more spirit, but Vincent got in with a try, which White again improved. Next Parham gained possession and with a typical dodgy run, planted the ball under the posts and White again improved. At last, Harris got in for the College, but it was too far out for Garrett. (Half-time 3 goals and a try to Bath)

In the second moiety, the college came close to scoring, but the Bath line held. Moneypenny scored with a run from the half-way line, which White improved. Vincent score again and further tries followed by White, Parham and Vic Soane. All the Bath men played well, their passing being remarkably good.



v Bridgwater, Away. Drawn 0-0. Team:- G Horsford, C J B Moneypenny, F S White, G B Hodson, F W Anderson, T M Parham, B C Helps, F Soane (Capt.), G Bailey, A Clerk, J Thompson, H T Vincent,

T Alexander, F Saville and M Swabey. “Played at Bridgwater this afternoon. Bath who were without

C B Moneypenny, Walker and Lavis, after a great game, secured a draw in their favour by 3 minors to 2. Parham was asked to play for the County against the Scottish, but elected to represent Bath.”

“Time was then called, and the exceedingly well contested game ended in favour of Bath.” (BATH HERALD)



Bath 2nd XV v Fishponds played on Middle Common, as the Bath ground was under water. Bath 2nds lost by 2 goals and a try to nil.



v Weston-super-Mare, Won 4-0 at Home (Henrietta Park) in a steady downpour of rain.

Team: G B Hodson, W A Walker, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, F W Anderson, T N Parham, F S White, C W A Hayward, F Soane, J F R Thompson, A E Clerk, G L Strachan, H T Vincent, T Alexander and J W Hooper.

“C B Moneypenny kicked off and the first scrum was formed in Weston’s 25. The visitors’ forwards forced the ball back to the centre, where it remained for some time. At last, however, the Weston forwards with a combined rush carried the ball near the Bath goal line. The home team proved equal to the emergency, and from a long drop into touch the ball on being thrown out was carried over the Weston goal line and F S White scored the first try for Bath shortly before half-time. The “place,” by C B Moneypenny, was unproductive.

After half time the Weston men tried hard to score, and kicking the ball over the Bath goal line forced Hudson to “save.” Following up a drop out, the home forwards carried the game into Weston’s 25, and the ball being kicked over the line, Walker charged the Weston man who attempted to touch it down, and Strachan scored another try for Bath, from which C B Moneypenny kicked a goal. “No side” was called soon after, leaving Bath the winners by a goal and a try (4points) to nil. All the home team played well, but Walker, C J B Moneypenny, White and Hayward deserve special mention.”



v Westbury Park, Away on County Ground, Bristol. Won 19-0 (6 goals and 1 try) Team:- Hodson, F S White, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, F W Anderson, T Parham, Gwyn, Vincent, Swabey, F and

V Soane, Bailey, Hooper and two others.

It was an easy victory for Bath, with tries scored by C B Moneypenny (2), C J B Moneypenny, Anderson, Hodson, Parham and White.



G Horsford received 1st XV Cap



v Clifton, Away. Won 1t 4 minors to nil (1-0) Team: F W Anderson, W A Walker (Capt.), D G Astley, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, T N Parham, R Gwyn, F Soane, T Alexander, G Lavis, C W Hayward, H Coningham, A L M Swabey, L Strachan and W Hooper.

About 200 people attended the Clifton ground despite overcast conditions. Bath were late turning up and the game kicked off at 20 minutes to four. There was some good work involving C J B Moneypenny, Walker and Gwyn.

Astley had a particularly fine run, eluding several would-be tacklers, before scoring Bath’s try. Soane and Hayward worked hard at forward.



v East Gloucestershire, Home. (Grammar School ground) Won 6-1. (2g 2minors to 1 try)

Team: R Swabey, Walker, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, Astley, Parham, White, V and F Soane, Lavis, Hayward, Alexander, Strachan, Hare and A L M Swabey.

Bath tries from C J B Moneypenny and White, which were both converted by C B Moneypenny. Parham nearly succeeded with: “…. a splendid attempt for a try; he secured the leather in the Bath 25, and by dodging, almost succeeded in reaching the visitors’ goal line, but was collared a few yards from it.”

“Moneypennys were as usual conspicuous, and Walker and White rendered good service, while Parham’s collaring was all that could be desired.”

About 400 spectators entered the ground, and an equal number watched from the railings and the bridge.


An additional holiday game, was cancelled: “Owing to the united wish of the members both the Bath FC and the Widcombe Institute.”



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 0-5 (Five tries and eight minors). Team:- F W Anderson, C J B Moneypenny, W A Walker, R M Battye, W G Astley, C B Moneypenny, T N Parham, F Soane, J W Hooper, G L Strachan, A E Clerk, S Swabey, T Alexander, C W A Hayward and C Neave.

“As Bath has an open day on Saturday next it would be a good idea for Walker to take his forwards out and give them an afternoon’s practice at dribbling.” BATH HERALD




v Cardiff 2ND XV, Home. Lost by two tries to nil. (0-2) Team:- Strachan, C J B Moneypenny, C B Moneypenny, Anderson, Walker (Capt.), White, Gwyn, Lavis, Spencer, Hooper, Swabey, Alexander, Doveton, Hayward and V Soane.

C B Moneypenny kicked off for Bath and hardly a minute had elapsed before Biggs got in for Cardiff. There was a period when the game seemed in the balance and both sides were forced to save. Anderson took over at back at re-commencement. Moneypenny and Walker came close to scoring, but were collared by the Cardiff men. Prolonged play near the Bath line, led to Elsworthy crossing for a second try. Walker, Soane, the Moneypennys, Alexander, White and Gwyn were conspicuous for the Bath side.



( 2nd game with Bristol.) Bath won 5-0.

First Bath v Bristol at Bath (WESTERN DAILY PRESS)

The Bristol team journeyed to Bath on Saturday, where they met the local club on Kensington Meadows. Shortly after the ball was set in motion, the ball was passed by Moneypenny, who received it from Parham and got in. The attempt at goal failed. Bristol then took the leather down the ground near the home goal line and Bath had to touchdown in self-defence. Play was however forced up to the visitors’ territory and some of the Bath three-quarters looked like getting in, but the collaring of Bristol was good. Play was in the centre of the field when half time was called.


On changing ends, Parham by a dodgy run took play into the visitors’ 25,’ but Bastard and Cruickshank returned the leather to neutral territory. Parham again got the ball dangerously near the Bristol goal line, but a free kick awarded the visitors temporary relief.


Parham passed to White, who in turn handed the ball to Anderson and another try was recorded in favour of Bath, Anderson improved the advantage. Not long before the game ended Pattinson getting possession from Parham who was collared when near the goal line scored a try, but Anderson’s kick, a difficult one failed. Bath won by a goal and two tries to nil.


Cruickshank, Lockey, Thompson, Bastard, Brown and Winter were most conspicuous for the visitors, while Parham played splendidly for the local team for whom White, Pattinson, The Soanes, Moneypenny and Strachan also rendered capital service.

The teams were:

Bath: H.T Vincent Back: F. Anderson, F. S White, C.J.B Moneypenny and W. Pattinson: Three-Quarters: R.P.J Gunn and T Parham, Half Backs:

F.Soane (Captain), V Soane, B.H Vincent, G.L Strachan, T. Alexander, J.W Hosper, G Bailey and A.L.M Swabey :Forwards.

Bristol: Derham, Back: Rev J.M Bastard, V.W Davies,

Thomas and P Lockey: Three-Quarters: R.D Cruickshank and F.Hill, Half Backs: A.Gee (Captain),W.J Davies, Winter, Luffman, Bryan, Vosper and Thompson,


The umpires were Mr W.C Chandler Bristol and Mr H.J Davis Bath.




v Cirencester R.A.C. Away. Won 2g 1t – 2t. (7-2) Team: G Horsford, W A Walker, C J B Moneypenny, F W Anderson, T Yockney, T Parham, R Gwyn, F Soane, T Alexander, W Hooper, H Vincent, G King, L Lloyd, G Bailey and Smith.

In the first half, Bath played defensively against a strong wind. The College secured a try through Chambers, which was not improved upon. From the restart, play moved swiftly into the opposing half and Alexander was quick to score and Anderson goaled. Pareham and Anderson scored successive tries, one of which Anderson goaled. Following some loose Bath play, the College replied with a second try just before the end was called.


v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Won 4-0. Team:- Horsford, W A Walker (Capt.), Bryan, Pattinson, Parham, Helps, H T Vincent, Vincent, F Soane, T Alexander, Haynes, J W Hooper, Waller, Bailey and D Doveton.

“Played in the Recreation Grounds, Weston-super-Mare, on Saturday, a splendidly contested game ending in favour of the visitors by 1 goal and a try to nil. During the first half, Vincent from a pass was enabled to register a try for Bath, but the kick at goal failed. On restarting, after a series of scrums, the ball was passed to Walker (Bath), who after a sharp run, obtained a try, which H T Vincent ‘goaled’ magnificently. The remainder of the game was exceedingly fast, but no other point was scored.(Bath Herald)



Bath v Widcombe. Selected team:- Horsford, Walker, C J B Moneypenny, Pattinson, Anderson, Parham, C B Moneypenny, F Soane, Swabey, H T Vincent, Bailey, V Soane, H A Spencer, H H Vincent and J Doveton. Reserve A E Boyce.

“G Horsford got badly hurt in the Widcombe match putting out his shoulder. One of the Widcombe men broke his collar bone and a small boy that got in the way got hurt.” (Away, fixture then cancelled by match committee, due to disagreeable wrangling and general unfairness)



v Bridgwater, Home. Won 5-0. (Goal and two tries and two minors, to a minor) Bath team:- Anderson, back; Pattinson, C J B Moneypenny and Walker, three-quarter backs; Parham and C B Moneypenny, half-backs;

Alexander, F Soane, V Soane, B T Vincent, B H Vincent, Bailey, Swabey, Hooper and Doveton, forwards.

“The return match between Bath and Bridgwater came off to-day at Kensington, in fine weather, and was witnessed by a large number of spectators. The encounter has been looked forward to with a great amount of interest, as the first match ended in a draw. To-day the Bath men have again showed their skill by winning an exciting and brilliant game by one goal and two tries to nil. C B Moneypenny kicked off for Bath, the visitors defending the city end goal, and having the wind in their favour. The ball was well returned, and by a series of light scrimmages it was taken into the home team’s 25. Give-and-take play followed, the Bath forwards showing their superiority in the packs. The first try was registered by Pattinson from a pass by C J B Moneypenny, but the kick at goal, a difficult one, failed. Walker soon after made a brilliant run, and being collared, passed to Parham who, dodging his opponents in his usual clever manner, got in near the post, and C J B Moneypenny converted. On changing sides, Bath continued to press, and from a scrum, after good play between H T Vincent, Alexander, and F Soane, the latter registered a try, which was not improved upon. C J B Moneypenny was ‘marked,’ and failed to get fairly away during the afternoon.” (Bath Herald)

Moneypenny, Soane and Parham were the most conspicuous for Bath.







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