1904 to 1905

Match Reports by Peter Hall and Colin Gale





1st XV: Lilley, F Smith, H Tudgee, L White, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, Cashnella, Marshman, Brown, Hickory, Hulbert, Hodges.

The Rest: W Porch, Francis, Simpkins, Applegate, Ashman, T Curtis, Hales, Biss, Bristow, Clark, Wheeler, Bushnell, H Porch, Arnold, F James, and Dando.

1st XV trialists won by 25-18.



v Cardiff Romilly, Home. Won 25-3. Team: G Parfitt, T West, R Meister, G Parsons, F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, H R Tutton, F Marshman, R Hulbert, C Brown, H Hickory, W Watts and P J Cooling.

Bath had the best of the early exchanges and Meister soon scored in the right corner. Minutes later, Smith went over in exactly the same spot. Marshman tumbled over for a third try in a kickable position, but the vice captain failed to make the leather rise towards goal. “Bath were continually on the attack, and the next try resulted from a brilliant piece of back play. White secured from Curtis, Smith raced on, and then transferred to Meister. ‘Dicky’ putting on a pace had no difficulty in eluding all opposition, and ran in between the posts. White again failed at close range.”

Second half tries from Smith, Meister and West. White converted two of the seven tries. Popular performer, Tom White had an outstanding game at outside half, and served to get the backs moving throughout the game.



v Lydney, Away. Lost 6-11. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, F Marshman, R J B Hulbert, N Wilton, J Bushnell, H Hickory, and E Hodges.

Bath fielded only half the pack that faced Cardiff Romilly, the previous Saturday.

The Lydney Club, renowned for their keenness and combination were kept at bay with two early tries by Smith and White. It was a good performance compared with some previous ‘out game’ encounters.



v Cheltenham, Home. Won 8-0. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, F Marshman, R Hulbert, H Hickory, C Brown and J Bushnell.

After an earlier breakaway White was again in action: “After some hard forward business White ran into Cheltenham’s 25 and then kicked, Daunter took the ball and punted, but the ball was charged down, and White, gathering beautifully, jumped over in the right corner, perilously near the touch line.”

Parsons made a lot of ground and handed to Meister and on to right winger Smith, who scored under the sticks. White added the conversion, with a short, sharp kick.

Bath were jubilant at this result. Bath backs found it difficult to keep up with White: The truth is they have not been accustomed to a half who is off in a flash and scores of yards away before most people appreciate what has occurred.”



v Sherborne School, Away. Won Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, Lieut. Geoffrey Biggs R.N., G Parsons, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, A F Marshman, R Hulbert, W Watts, H Hickory, J Bushnell, C Brown and Norman Haigh.



v Bristol North, Away.( Bath’s second visit to Stapleton) Won 24-3. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, G Parsons, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, F Marshman, W Watts, R Hulbert, H Hickory, P Cooling and J Bushnell.

West 2, Meister 2, Parsons 2, and White 3 conversions



v Bridgwater, Home, Won 5-0. Team: W Hughes, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, Lewis (Walcot), T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, A T Marshman, R J H Hulbert, H Hickory, C Brown and P J Cooling.

Curtis scored a ‘brilliant’ try in the first half, with White converting from a difficult position. However, the game hung in the balance to the end, as Bridgwater responded in spirited fashion. Bridgwater’s strength was in their pack: “who never thought of stopping while they could rush, bustle or dribble the ball a foot or two.”



v Newport Thursday, Home. Won 21-0. Team: J Prosser, Cecil Biggs *(Cardiff Club Captain), R Meister, G Parsons, T West, T White, R A Gibbs, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, A F Marshman, W M Unwin, C Brown, P J Cooling, H Hickory and J Fletcher.

* Cecil Bigg’s first game following previous appearances from his brother’s Norman, Selwyn and Geoffrey. The game was watched by a good many Bath College students and they cheered their Old Boy heartily. “From a pack in the centre Gibbs doubled away grandly, and after clearing his man, handed to Biggs, who raced over in the right corner. White converted with a fine shot.” West was quick to follow with a try, following Newport’s poor clearance kick. Further tries from Parsons, Gibbs, and finally another from guest player Biggs. ‘C.B.’ had an outstanding game, putting his remarkable speed to good effect. White’s final tally was three conversions.

Bath were a man short for half the game, due to Marshman’s injured knee.



v Taunton, Away. Lost 0-8.Team: W Porch, R Meister, G Parsons, Lewis (Walcot), T West, E O Evans(an Old Malburian), W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Brown, W Watts, H Hickory, R Hulbert, J Hobbs, and J Prosser (Oldfield Park).

Bath were without the injured White and Parfitt, and other first choice players. It was a deserved win for Taunton, who were at the top of their form.



v Knowle, Home. Won 12-0. Team: G Wheeler, T West, P J Cooling, G Parsons, F Smith, W Curtis, W H West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, H Hickory, Norman Haigh, Highfield (Post Office) and Wheeler (Post Office).

Tries by Timmins and West. Conversion Brown. Curtis dropped gaol. From the start, the Bristolians were a beaten side, and a makeshift Bath side were grateful to place another win on record.

Bath were depleted with County calls and started with fourteen men. After half an hour, Wheeler, a Post Office player made up the numbers, and joined the game in soccer kit.

Perhaps he had just finished his deliveries!



v Weston-super-Mare, Home. Won 23-10. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, A Cooling, R Hulbert, W Watts, C Brown, H Hickory, and N Haigh.

Tries by Smith 4, Parsons, Tom White, and Tom West. White one conversion.

“Bath’s genius, Tom White, was the keystone of success. The baffled visitors tried to mark him, stifle him, and otherwise render him ineffective, but he baffled all these laudable endeavours, and was a veritable thorn in the flesh. He had a hand in so many of the tries that the spectators were delighted to see him get three points of his own.”

White initiated most of the moves and the build up to Smith’s try: “was generally considered one of the finest efforts ever seen on the ground, the ball being taken the length of the field.”



v Bristol, Away. Lost 3-12. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, P J Cooling, C Brown, H Hickory, R Hulbert, and Prosser.

Played on compacted snow. Bath started the second half eight points down. Then came a brilliant run by White, dodging past numerous defenders, but so far ahead, he could find no one to receive his pass. He also featured in a number of lengthy touch-finders, as fog enveloped the ground. Meister eventually got the try, but it was invisible to the majority of those watching. Despite these conditions, it was a ‘capital game’ – or rather as much as could be seen of it, as in the latter stages, spectators on one side, could not see what was happening on the other!

As usual in these local derbies, the Bath forwards were unable to compete with the Bristol eight, who kept up a steady supply of oval to their eager backs.

“No praise would be too lavish for the game Tom White played. F Soane described it as ‘brilliant, and likened White to Parham at his best.”



v Gloucester, Away. Lost 5-8. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, G Parsons, T West, W Curtis, A E Wood (Guest from Bristol), T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, R Hulbert, H Hickory, P J Cooling, C Brown and C Wyer.

Attendance 2000. Cashnella scored for Bath, with Wood converting. The teams were evenly matched and a draw would have been a fair result.




v Neath, Home. Won 5-3. Team: G R Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, G parsons, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, J Jones, P J Cooling, R Hulbert, C Brown, J Bushnell and J Hobbs.

Hobbs scored the try, with White converting. It was Bath’s first ever win at Neath.


Almost on time, the visitors claimed a try, which referee did not allow. “In their excitement some of the visitors pushed or struck Mr. Palmer, who held the whistle, and he promptly declared the game at an end. So the Welshmen lost any chance they might have had of winning by their hot-headedness.”



v Bristol, Home. Drawn 3-3. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, G Parsons, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, P J Cooling, C Brown, R J Hulbert, J Prosser and LR B Bond.

“It had been a strenuous first moiety, in which the play had been equally divided with a shade of advantage in favour of Bath.”

Bristol’s forte was: “clinging together in clusters and elbowing, bustling, pushing each other, and the ball with them, towards the Bath goal line. At dribbling, however, Bath were the smarter, and the familiar appeal of the captain to his men to use their Trilbies has had an excellent effect.”

Right on time, Cashnella led a forward dash to score. Unfortunately White could not convert, and the result was an honourable draw after a hard fought, exciting contest, played in the best of spirit.

“The attendance was far better than last year, and about £60 was the total of the receipts, including the grand-stand. So eager and excited did the spectators get that the barriers in the sixpenny side collapsed, but no one was hurt.”

“It was the first time they had escaped defeat at the hands of Bristol for seven years.”



v Old Shirburnians, Home. Won 22-3. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, R Meister, O Edwards, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, J Prosser, C Wyer, N Wilton, and J Dury.

An early forward rush was rewarded with a try for Brown. Watts added another, which was converted by White. To close the half, Prosser crossed the line after a brilliant bout of three-quarter play. At the restart White broke through, and dodging cleverly, scored a brilliant try. It was observed that Cashnella was frequently doing heroic things. Then a Tom White try which he converted, and finally a late try by Meister. Played in a holiday spirit, the game was fast, if a trifle ragged.



v Treorchy, Home. Lost 0-13. Team: W Rixon (Combe Down), F Smith, T White, T Smith, Lt.George Biggs R.N., W Curtis, Owen Edwards, T B Timmins, Cashnella, Watts, Brown, Hulbert, Lt. N S V Wilton, Wyer and Parfitt.

With so many changes in the line-up, Bath were unable to maintain their unbeaten ground record, and were well thrashed. Treorchy included Welsh Internationals, the brothers Dick Hellings and Ramsey.



v Old Tonbridgians, Home. Won 15-3. Team: W Rixon (Combe Down), F Smith, T White, T Smith, JT Timmins, W Curtis, Owen Edwards, T B Timmins, Cashnella, Watts, Brown, Hulbert, Lt. N S V Wilton, Wyer and Parfitt.

This game: “yielding stirring, clever football, and the manner in which the home side acquitted itself put the onlookers in a more pleasant frame of mind than they were after the unexpected reverse of the previous Saturday.”



v New Tredegar, Home. Won 37-0. Team: Parsons, F Smith, T White, Percy Cox, J T Timmins, W Curtis, Owen Edwards, T B Timmins, Cashnella, Watts, Brown, Hulbert, Lt. N S V Wilton, Wyer and Parfitt.

Tries by Smith 3, White 2, J T Timmins, Cox, West, and Brown. White added 5 conversions.

Describing Bath’s fifth try, at the restart: “But spectators soon had something more to their liking to see, for White, fielding cleanly, went careering away in his own best style, dodging man after man. In fact, he bested everybody who attempted his downfall, and scored under the crossbar.

He also engineered the next try, running through players for three parts of the ground.



“The Bath football team have now scored 228 points in 18 matches-probably just half of their season’s programme. Their opponents have scored 88 points only. Figures before me covering the last nine seasons show that during that period the Bath club had twice (1896-97, 1900-01) scored 235 points in an entire season. Other totals have ranged from 209 to 147. In winning 12 games in the half season Bath have recorded more wins than in four entire seasons out of the preceding nine.”



v Clifton, Away. Lost 8-10. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, D Francis, J Prosser, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, Hodges, R Hulbert, P Cooling, C Brown, N Wilton, and C Wyer.

Try by Prosser (He had decided to quit Oldfield Park and throw in his lot with Bath).

Curtis added Bath’s second try after a Clifton’s Cecil Baker tried to dribble the ball away from his own line. White converted magnificently from the touch-line, the ball striking the left upright and glancing over the cross-bar. Bath missed Watt’s weight in the pack.



v Old Edwardians, Away. Won 5-0. Team: Parfitt, Smith, Meister, Parsons, Prosser, T West, F R Cobb, T B Timmins, Cashnella, Cooling, Watts, Hulbert, Brown, Dury, and Wyer. With their traditional hospitality, the Old Boys invited Bath to dinner after the match. Meister scored a first half try, which Parfitt converted.

In the second half, Meister and West figured prominently in the backs, and Cashnella was outstanding in close forward play.



v Clifton, Home. Won 21-0. Team: G Parfitt, Fred Smith, R Meister, G Parsons, T West, W Curtis, P J Cooling, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, T Hanney, R Hulbert, C Brown, Joe Prosser, A E Hodges, and C Wyer.

Tries by Prosser, Cooling, West (2), Hodges, Smith, and Meister. All conversion attempts were missed, on a ‘mucky’ ground and in a ‘trying wind.’ A feature of the game was: “the dash and power manifested by the home forwards. They held their own in the packs. Clifton did get the ball back, but not more frequently than Bath, and it showed that there was some genuine pushing being done by the white robed-octette.

There was no mistake about their superiority in the loose.”



v Pontypridd, (First season on a Home and Away basis).

Home. Drawn 3-3. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, R Meister, G Parsons, T West, W Curtis, P J Cooling, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, R Hulbert, C Brown, J Prosser, A E Hodges, and J Hobbs. Playing a vigorous game, Pontypridd started in great style; nevertheless, Parsons intercepted beautifully and went straight to the visitors’ line. He also figured well in defensive play. However, they were unable to keep Pontypridd at bay throughout, and Culverwell finally crossed for the visitors. The play was suspended after 50 minutes, due to bad ground conditions. The end was accepted with undisguised relief. “Considering that the ground was bony the Welshmen’s tackling seemed unnecessarily vigorous, and the spectators resented the force with which they upset some of the Bathonians especially as it generally happened in the shadow of the grandstand, where the turf was hardest. However, taken as a whole Pontypridd played a decent game, and there was little to grumble at.”

“George Parson’s try was a most meritorious accomplishment.”



v Bristol North, Home. Won 40-0. Team: G Parfitt, T West, G Parsons, Percy Cox (Walcot), F Smith, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, R Hulbert, P J Cooling, C Brown, J Prosser, and A E Hodges.

“The ground was in a fearful pickle, and to assist them in holding the greasy ball, the Bath backs wore white gloves.” “White did some passing on the right wing, but it went wrong in the muck.” There was a delay when the referee’s whistle fell into the mud and got choked!

Tries: Cashnella (3), Timmins, Smith, Cox (3), White(2), Parsons and West.

Conversions: White(2)

“It was an easy ‘walk-over,’ Bath wanted to get their 300 points, and did so, with five to spare. Never before in the history of the Club have 300 points been scored in one season, and ‘Capt.’ Timmins is very elated, and talks about getting 400 before the campaign closes.”

Tom White played well, after a long absence through injury in the County game.



v Weston-super-Mare, Away. Lost 3-6. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, P Cox, G Parsons, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, P Cooling, C Brown, R Hulbert, J Prosser, and A E Hodges.

Smith was fortunate to be awarded a dubious try, after an apparent knock-on.



v Lydney. Home. Won 6-0. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, P Cox, F Greenhill, T West, T White, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, P Cooling, R Hulbert, C Brown, J Prosser, and A E Hodges. White and Smith got the tries, Bath having much the better of the game. Tom White was here there and everywhere. Curtis was also improving against better opposition.



v Exeter, away. Lost 0-19. Team: J Prosser, Percy Heath (then with Paignton), G Parsons, P Cox, J Heaton (Durham and Pontypridd player), W H West, A E Cleall, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, R Hulbert, C Brown, A E Hodges, C Wyer, and Allen. Greatly weakened by County calls, Bath were badly beaten in front of a 3000 crowd.


v Taunton, Home. Won 21-3. Team: G Parfitt, J Prosser, G Parsons, P Cox, F Smith, T West, W Curtis, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, H Hulbert, C Wyer, A Baverstock, and A E Hodges.

Tries: Timmins, Curtis, Smith, Prosser and Cashnella. (+ one unknown scorer) Parfitt had one success, when he kicked a penalty goal.

Taunton had protested at Bath’s decision to play forty minutes each way, so the game used up more valuable time, while they quibbled over the matter. Bath had the best of the scrum work, but the ball was repeatedly sticking in the back row, and the back’s early handling was thwart with mistakes. They then concluded they were standing too far apart. When they closed up, : “the machine moved without a hitch.” ………..“Attempts to convert tries into goals were often laughably feeble.”



Referring to Cashnella’s try: “The strength with which he handed off the unfortunate Tauntonian who tried to bar his way to the visitors’ line was an eye opener, for in the present generation there is very little recourse to this method of clearing your path to the goal.”



v A Cardiff XV, Home. Lost 3-6. Team: G Parfitt, P Cox, D Francis, J Prosser, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, R Hulbert, C Wyer, A E Hodges, and A Baverstock.

Mr. M H Biggs ,* Hon. Sec. Of the Lisvane Club, brought a team containing several of the Cardiff regulars.

* M H Biggs was not from the Batheaston ‘Biggs’ family fraternity, but Bathonian Cecil Biggs did played for Cardiff that day.

Both Brown and Cashnella claimed the surprise try, and Bath were 3-0 up at half time. The Cardiff side came back strongly with two good tries in the second spell.



v Rosslyn Park. Home. Won 6-0. Team: Prosser, Smith, Cox, Parsons, Lilley (Bohemians), Curtis, West, Timmins, Cashnella, Brown, Hulbert, Wyer, Hodges, Cooling, and W Curtis.



“Smith had to make a brief retirement to replace torn knickers, and reappeared in conspicuous white flannels. Play remained very ragged and scrambling, neither side relishing the slimy conditions underfoot”



“Impetuous, speedy Cashnella made the tactical blunder of trying to grasp the pigskin when a continuation of the brilliant footwork which had enabled him to draw clear of the great majority of his opponents was the policy he should have paid.”

Tries from W Curtis and F Smith.



v Newport Thursday. Away. Won 6-0. Team: G Parfitt, D Applegate, W Stevens, H Lewis, D G Francis, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, P J Cooling, C Brown, J Prosser, A Baverstock, A E Hodges, C Wyer, and J Dury.

Francis scored immediately, and Bath continued to have the best of the play. Wingman, Lewis added a second try after a round of brilliant passing in greasy conditions.

“Curtis was immense at half, and behind the scrum he and West were altogether too good for the Newport pair.”



v Penylan, Home. Won 6-3. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, P Cox, G Parsons, J Prosser, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, W Watts, P Cooling, C Brown, R Hulbert, C Wyer, and A E Hodges.

Smith scored two tries.

“It was one of the fastest matches seen on the ground for many a day, there never being a dull moment, and I think everyone was pleased with the entertainment the game provided.”



v Treorchy, Away. Lost 0-7. G Parfitt, J Lilley, P Cox, M Harding, J Prosser, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, A E Hodges, C Brown, C Wyer, G Phipps, G Allen, Cook, and M Hooper.


This match was billed as “The first visit of Bath to the Rhondda” and team members were unanimous in sentiment – that it should be their last! Leaving Bath at 12.25, they did not reach Treorchy until after 4pm.

“It was situated high up in the Rhondda, among the Welsh mountains, with the blackness from abundant coalpits permeating everything. To make the surroundings more miserable, drenching rain descended, the stream which runs down the valley alongside the railway was a dark, black torrent, and everything seemed so cheerless. On the way up it looked as if play might be impossible, for one football pitch en route was abandoned to a flood, while on another seen from the train ducks and geese held possession.”

Mark Harding and Cox made one memorable dribble: “but lost the leather in the slush.”

Parfitt had a remarkable game, given the conditions, and the Treorchy spectators frequently applauded his saving touch-finders. They liked him so much, he was invited to join their ranks.

“Parfitt declined the invitation, and it would need some especially strong inducement to persuade a man who has been used to civilization to stay at Treorchy.”



v Bridgwater, Away. Lost 3-15. Team: J Prosser, F Smith, P Cox, G Parsons, D Francis, Hatherall (Walcot), T West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, Phillips, C Brown, W Watts, R Hulbert, A E Hodges, and C Wyer.

Francis scored after good work by Prosser. However, it was a decisive defeat by three goals to one try. Nothing went right for Bath, who gave one of their poorest performances of the season.

“From the facility with which Bridgwater heeled out in the first half of the game, it was apparent that there were shirkers in the Bath front rank With every man pushing his share, Bridgwater would not have got the leather from every pack in the way they did, To play the passenger game that some of the Bath forwards were content with on Saturday is a sorry sort of sport.”.

Prosser was perceived to have late tackled Nurton as he scored, and there was:

“a furious howl from the crowd, who applied the most opprobrious epithets to the Bath full-back.” The referee also shared some of the abuse, as the spectators called for a sending-off. Mr. Banwell, of Weston-Super-Mare: “had warned and appealed to the yelling onlookers, who were urged to the most barbarous acts by their partisans, who advised the home team to break Prosser’s neck when they had the chance.”

The game calmed down somewhat, but a few of the Bath team were pelted with mud and orange peel at the finish.



v Bristol, Home. Lost 5-7. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, P Cox, Ralph C Thomas, D Francis, W Curtis, T West, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, P Cooling, J Prosser, J Hobbs, and A E Hodges.

Played on a Thursday, this was an extra match in aid of the Rugby Schools Union. It attracted a gate of £30. Bristol fielded a somewhat scratch team, bringing in W Hale, the Knowle veteran at full-back. Tom West was an early casualty after a clash of heads, and Ralph Thomas, the Somerset three-quarter took over at outside half. Thomas was the next to retire, with a badly bruised shoulder. “Bristol were attacking, when Smith snapped up the leather in his own 25 and went away brilliantly. He swerved past the Bristol wing man and also tricked the full-back. Several opponents tried to reach him, but the speedy Bathonian obtained a try in the corner amid deafening cheers.” Hodges converted from the touch-line. Bristol scored a goal from a mark and a try to win a close game, in which Bath were hampered by injuries. Smith was shouldered into the pavilion by a cheering crowd.



v Exeter, Home. Won 16-3. Team: W Grischotti, F Smith, P Cox, D Francis, G Parsons, W Curtis, Fred Russell, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, C Brown, P J Cooling, J Hobbs, A E Hodges, Hulbert and Wyer.

Tries by Curtis (2), White and Russell. Brown kicked a marvellous drop goal from near the centre line. Fred Russell, the Walcot captain played an outstanding game; on one of his forays, it took three or four men to bring him down.

Total wins had now reached 21, which was the largest number ever recorded for the Bath team in a single season.



v Clifton. Home. Drawn 3-3. Team: G Parfitt, P Cox, G Parsons,

D Francis, W Curtis, F Russell, T B Timmins, F Cashnella, W Watts, C Brown, A E Hodges, J Prosser, J Hobbs, and C Wyer. Hodges crawled over for his try.

“Brown’s knickers were curtailed in a scramble, and he played on with shortened apparel. The game was waged with a will till the finish.”



v Neath. Away. Lost 0-26. Team: G Parfitt, F Smith, G Parsons, J Prosser, W Rixon (Combe Down), T West, A Hales (Oldfield Park), T B Timmins, F J Cashnella, C Brown, A E Hodges, H Johnson (Heaton Moor, Manchester), H Holman (Batheaston), and H R Lewis and T Morgan (both Bohemians).

Bath took a deplorably weak side to Neath and suffered the consequence of being beaten by a goal and 7 tries without reply.



v Percy Park, Home, Lost 12-15. Team: Parfitt, Smith, Cox, ‘A N Oldun’, H Lewis, West, Rivington, Timmins, Cashnella, G Vickery (Aberavon, Somerset and England), Brown, Hobbs, Hodges, Johnson and Prosser.

G Parsons was unable to play, having burnt his face trying to light the Pavilion gas geyser. Tries: Smith (2), Cashnella. Bath’s guest International – Vickery claimed the final try!



v Gloucester, Home. Lost 6-11. Team: E Parfitt, Smith, Cox, Francis, Smith, West, F Phipps (Bohemians), Timmins, Cashnella, Johnston, Baverstock, Way, Hodges, Hobbs and Prosser.

Gloucester had the best of the early play with ‘Whacker’ Smith almost over in the corner. Tom West’s speed then got him past several ‘Cestrians’ only to be bundled into touch. Johnson and Hodges managed to fall on the ball for a first half try. West’s speed again carried him through for Bath’s try in the second half. It was a win for Gloucester, but both players and Bath supporters were well pleased with a successful season, in which 400 points had been exceeded for the first time in their history.


67 Players appeared for the 1st XV, with Club Skipper T.B.Timmins playing in every match.

Backs:- G Parfitt 29’ J Prosser 5; W Grischotti, W Porch, W Rixon, G Wheeler and G Parsons once each.

Three-quarter backs:- F Smith 31, G Parsons 30, T West 24, R Meister 17, P Cox 16, D C Francis 8, J Prosser and H Lewis 5, J T Timmins, C Biggs and J Lilley 2, P Heath, G Biggs, R C Thomas, T White, Mark Harding, O Edwards and J Heaton once each.

Half-backs:- W Curtis 32, T White 18, T West 12, P J Cooling and F Russell 2, R Gibbs, E Evans, O Edwards, A E Wood, C S Rivington, A Hatherall, F R Cobb and F Phipps once each.

Forwards:- T B Timmins 39, C Brown 36, F J Cashnella 35, R Hulbert 28, W Watts 27, A E Hodges 22, C Wyer 19, P J Cooling 18, J Prosser 14, H Hickory 11, J Hobbs 8, F Marshman 7, J Bushnell and A Baverstock 5, W Allen and W Dury 2, H Highfield, A Wheeler, W N Unwin, N Haigh, S Wilton, R H Tutton, W Fletcher, S S Bristow, Ivor Bond, G Vickery, H Holman. O Phillips, W Hatherall, G Phipps and T A Hanney one each.


Try scorers:- F Smith 24, T West, R Meister and T White 11, F J Cashnella 8, G Parsons and W Curtis, J Prosser, P Cox and C Brown 4, T B Timmins 3, A E Hodges, J T Timmins, W Watts, C Biggs, D J Francis 2, P Cooling, J Hobbs, R Gibbs, F Marshman, H Lewis, G Vickery and F Russell one each.

Goals kicked by T White 23, C Brown, A E Wood, G Parfitt, A E Hodges 1 each.

C Brown and W Curtis dropped goals, and G Parfitt kicked a penalty goal.



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